Bermuda Not Listed In 2025 Sail GP Calendar

July 9, 2024 | 10 Comments

[Updated] The SailGP organization has released their 2025 season schedule, and Bermuda is not listed as a location.

The announcement from the organization said, “SailGP, the most exciting racing on water, has today unveiled its 2024/2025 Season calendar, featuring new events in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and Auckland, as well as a return to Great Britain and New York. Unfolding over a 12-month period – beginning and ending in November (2024-2025) – the season will be the league’s most expansive to date, with 14 events across an increased five continents.

SailGP 2024/2025 Season Schedule 

  • Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix, presented by P&O Marinas // Nov 23-24, 2024
  • ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix | Auckland // Jan 18-19, 2025
  • KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix | Sydney // Feb 8-9, 2025
  • Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix // Mar 15-16, 2025
  • San Francisco Sail Grand Prix // Mar 22-23, 2025
  • Brazil Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced // / May 3-4, 2025
  • Mubadala New York Sail Grand Prix | June 7-8, 2025
  • Great Britain Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced // July 19-20, 2025
  • Germany Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced // Aug 16-17, 2025
  • ROCKWOOL Italy Sail Grand Prix | Taranto // Sep 6-7, 2025
  • Rolex Switzerland Sail Grand Prix | Geneva // Sep 20-21, 2025
  • Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalucía – Cádiz // Oct 4-5, 2025
  • Middle Eastern Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced // Nov 7-8, 2025
  • Mubadala Abu Dhabi SailGP 2024/2025 Season Grand Final, presented by Abu Dhabi Sports Council // Nov 29-30, 2025

The official notices – under the listing of Bermuda Tourism Authority’s contracts — previously stated the F50 League [Bermuda] Limited had a “multi-year Sail GP Hosting Agreement” from 18 Jan 22 to 31 May 24 at a stated cost of $4,000,000. Bernews asked the Bermuda Tourism Authority for comment this morning, and we will update as able.

Update 3.27pm: BTA CEO Tracy Berkeley said, “Bermuda hosted SailGP in 2021, 2022 and 2024, and we are proud of our multi-year partnership with this growing international brand. While we are not positioned to host the SailGP competition in 2025, we have our sights set on reprising our host status in 2026.”

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  1. sailor says:

    well the govt never wanted sailing here….you got your wish

  2. Packman says:

    This is not what I would consider to be good news and ask the question and speculation to be asked for what real reason we have we been excluded. Our sailing venue in the Great Sound is considered to be one of the best if not the best on the planet.

    We as sailors know that sailing is dependant on ideal weather conditions

    Was it all too good to be true ? or Are they not telling ?

    Have we learned the lesson that nothing is promised !

    Does this beg for speculation where it is far too easy to look for the negativity, or do we just have to grin an bear it .

    On the plus side, Bermuda still have the finish line for Marian Bermuda race and the NYC Bermuda long standing yacht race and a golf classics.

    The tall ships event seem to have gone their separate ways.

    However, SAIL GP with out doubt is big business in which Bermuda has invested large quantities of our tax payer dollars .
    The world economy is as thin as paper these days.
    Then again ,changing venues has in benefits but is it financially practical under present circumstances ?
    I sincerely hope it was not another investment gone south for Bermuda Sports Tourism , too the point, we conuld have easily invested in our own boat then again could we financially sustain that exercise which competes with our other issues.
    This is a sad loss for Bermuda,however with the view for true sportsman ship I am sure we can hope and wish SAIL GP every success in their future endeavors.

    We hope that our glory days are not over?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Sail GP is Americas Cup light. It is costing us millions. Supporting it means Bermuda giving money to foreign billionaires. The PLP have been telling us that for a decade.

  3. Packman says:

    My comment regarding the exclusion of Bermuda from the SAIL GP list of selected of countries cause me great concern ,as we have no been given a justifiable reason for such as my speculation requires answers.

    However , I recognize that Bermuda has receive considerable international advertizing we at least should be greatfull for that.

    If that encourages Bilionairs to come here with the yachts then so be it.
    By the way we are making cold lemon aid from lemons one or two cubes sir?

    It is said that Bermuda streets are paved with gold ! are we too lazy to pick it up?

    If the Government have been blamed for lack of interest in this, then I must ask you Mr Sailor in your wisdom, what do they want ?
    As in the game of chess Mr Saillor it is your move and it better have a pink bow on it.

    There is absolutely nothing to stop Bermuda having it own SAIL GP on a small scale using a smaller class of cat boat all it takes is vision.

    Mr. Bloggs .The key to any running any successful Business is marketing, there is always price to be paid for any thing worth having in life .

    Ten years ago the other half of the World never knew Bermuda even existed.

    Sport Tourism is our golden key to open the door to a prosporouse future provided that we all work together.

    Did you not know that they are paying us to be miserable .

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “The key to any running any successful Business …”

      Bermuda has not been run like a business since David Saul was our Premier. He called our government “Bermuda Inc.”.

      My comments were meant to be tongue in cheek. I happen to believe the KPMG report that says the Americas Cup will provide benefits to Bermuda worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The PLP has a different perspective and the PLP, even in opposition, were far better than the OBA at getting their message across. Hence my comment above.

      • Hilarious! says:

        Refresh my memory on the KPMG report. As I recall, most of those “hundreds of millions of dollars” were not hard money, but imaginary projections.

        For example: putting a dollar value on marketing/advertising Bermuda to countries around the world. The audience numbers were horrendously skewed. If ten people watched on 5 different days, 50 viewers were counted. If a story appeared in say the NY Times regardless if the story was read, that was classified as “reach” or something similar based upon page views where the story was shown, but not clicked on.

        BTA reports since America’s Cup do not show hundreds of millions of hard dollars generated in Bermuda from tourism directly attributable to the America’s Cup. If I am incorrect, please point me to the money.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          It was based on “imaginary projections”, the same as any other expert report.

          • Hilarious! says:

            You admit KPMG’s report contained imaginary projections – end of story. The report is basically junk designed to give politicians credit for what might, but will not happen. And the gullible public ate it up.

            Bigger question: Why is KPMG not following up on the report and providing quarterly updates to verify their imaginary numbers? (sarcasm)

      • Yes Sir says:

        That’s the oba biggest problem. Getting messages across because they’re weak weak and weak.

  4. Packman says:

    All said and done, in reality, Bermuda has lost more than SAIL GP in favour of others.
    If they come back do welcome the with open arms.
    In the sport of sailing there are no grudges .

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