Requests About Camps….Not Working Too Well

May 24, 2010

may 24 camp markThe plans to have locals not mark out their camps along the May 24th parade route hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.

From early this morning [May 23], spray painted, chalked and taped out sections could be seen, with some sections of the route almost entirely marked out.

The City of Hamilton had asked that “Spray paint, duck tape, permanent markers or any other substance cannot be used to deface buildings, sidewalks or streets”, and asked that camps not be set up before midnight.

Bernews took a brief drive-by of the parade route at 7am this morning, and saw numerous camps marked out, and in something that one can file under “only in Bermuda”, people have spray painted their names, and organizations on the sidewalk. One football team appears to have quite the setup planned, judging by their huge marked out area.

In something anyone mildly familiar with Bermudian culture could have predicted, the requests not to set up camps before midnight also appears to have not been taken note of.

As of 11pm this evening, Bermudians were out in full force, with people all along Front Street, many wrapped in blankets looking to be settled in for the night. Entire families, blankets, chairs, tents, electronics and much more could be seen.

Follow our up-to-the-minute May 24th Holiday coverage here, where we will providing live updates all weekend.

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