Photos: Tree Crashes On St George’s Roof

September 15, 2011

At approximately 4:30pm this afternoon [Sept.15] a tree crashed into the roof of a beauty salon in the Tiger Bay, St George’s area.

Tiger Bay tree Tropical Storm Maria hurricane weather Bermuda September 15 2011-1

Cheveux nail technician Shakirah Brangman was inside the building when the tree fell. She described hearing a loud crashing sound that sounded like lightening had struck the building. She went outside to check and found the tree resting against the roof outside the business door. She said there was no visible damage to the inside of the building.

Tiger Bay tree Tropical Storm Maria hurricane weather Bermuda September 15 2011-1-5

Corporation of St. George employee Theodore Davis worked to cut down the fallen tree this afternoon; he was in a nearby building when he heard the sound of a crash. He came outside to investigate and found the tree resting on the roof of the nearby building.

Tiger Bay tree Tropical Storm Maria hurricane weather Bermuda September 15 2011-1-12—–Tiger Bay tree Tropical Storm Maria hurricane weather Bermuda September 15 2011-1-14

The tree falling was presumably caused by the increased winds from the passing of Tropical Storm Maria this afternoon. Maria’s closest point of approach was at approximately 1pm today, when it was 101 nautical miles to the west north-west with maximum sustained winds of 65mph. After passing its closest point to Bermuda, Maria was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane.

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  1. The Messenger says:

    Probably could have saved the tree by lifting it off the building and selling it using the money to repair the roof.

    • Mbaya Avunaye says:

      Tree too old to be replanted. look at the roots It is a miracle that kept it standing. The wood is seasoned enough to be converted into lumber and the nuts for handi-craft.

  2. What says:

    Glad all are ok

  3. wondering says:

    glad all are well. the chainsaw man has no training or just like to play dangerous. no helmet, no chaps, no gloves……hope he doesn’t work for any organised landscaper. that is a hung up tree and very dangerous. we already had the guy out fairylands die trying to do “his job”

  4. LICKS IS TRUMPS... says:

    Beauty salon now needs a make-over .

  5. DArn Hurricane says:

    Dang storms uprooting thye community again.

  6. Strawberry says:

    @wondering maybe you should read the article again because clearly you didnt have on your glasses… it says: he is a “EMPLOYEE” of Corporation Of St.George not a qualified landscaper.. no next time read the right words before trying be RUDE!!!

  7. It is what it is says:

    @ Strawberry you know with every article there has to be at least one critic.. this time it was ‘wondering” matter what good deed someone tries to do there is always one to complain proving yet again that no matter how hard you try you can’t please everybody!!!! Hats of and a resounding THANK YOU to Mr. Davis who even though
    he didn’t have to, took the initiative to assist!!!..

  8. 1minute says:

    Who said he wasn’t a qualified landscaper. Don’t you think the C of St G has need for landscapers for the gardens etc in the town? If the C of St G gave him the chainsaw, without the safety equipment and he got hurt, they would be responsible.

  9. trees says:

    Got safety glasses, ear defenders would be useful. Helmet nah… gloves maybe

  10. Mars says:

    Glad no one was hurt or injured.

    Off topic: I wonder what they did with those water coconuts. Send them my way please :-)

  11. Think about it says:

    I know this may sound silly, but looking at these pics, the tree looks like it was moved and placed there. Where is the uprooted soil from where the tree was planted/standing all this time? All I see is undisturbed grass.

    • Black Pearl says:

      “Think about it” I was thinking the same exact thing. Where is the hole where the tree was uprooted???????

  12. US Observer says:

    Breaking News!!! a tree “crashes” on top of a Bermuda limestone roof?

    I guess the entire structure is a write-off now. Call BF&M to collect your check…

    Hmmm – Looks like the roof is still standing strong…

    Really?? #ImJustSaying

  13. Just Saying says:

    Is this news? really?………..

  14. drunken ursula says:

    I’m glad everyone is ok,I still need my hair n nails done… Well I go st8 happy hour now!!!

  15. observer says:

    I noticed the guy cutting the tree where is the safety equipment and things, proper training may be needed at the corporation maybe the mayor will get that in place.

  16. In Mark's opinion says:

    Don’t blame the worker , blame the tree and the wind .