Burt To Receive GWBAA IMPACT Award

September 15, 2011

senator david burt bermudaSenator David Burt will be honoured by the George Washington University Black Alumni Association [GWBAA] during their IMPACT Awards on Saturday, September 17.

The GWBAA IMPACT Award is given to “black alumni who have demonstrated a history of commitment to the George Washington University and/or whose contribution and influence has made a significant impact on the community in the areas of research studies or publications, community service, entrepreneurship, academic/scholarship achievement, leadership, education or arts.”

The other two recipients will be McClain Elizabeth Bryant, an associate with the Husch Blackwell law firm in Kansas City, and Omar Woodard, former GW presidential administrative fellow and principal at Venture Philanthropy Partners.

Senator Burt, 32, received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Information Systems in 2001 from George Washington University. He was awarded The George Washington University Presidential Administrative Fellowship and received his Master of Science in Information Systems Development in 2003.

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  1. Seventeen says:


    Come on now……………..we all love your site for first in the media breaking stories and such like but how is David Burt getting an award from his us college newsworthy?

    if he plans to contest a seat in the general election and needs some press coverage shouldnt he be a man and come tell us what he represents for the voters and give some other gimmick to get our attention and votes

    the season has started and every cat and dog wants to be an mp with a bit of power


    • Believe it says:

      When Michael Dunkley and Kim Swan spoke at their universities they both had loads of press coverage. Shame on the new OBA members to attack this young man. David we are very proud of you and extend congratulations to you from your Bermudian and yardie friends. OBAers – take note support don’t hate – comments like that show you all are the old boys association to the core.

    • specialgirl4 says:

      Wonderful !! Wonderful !! Brillant! ! Great ! Great !!! David,

      Yes, it is newsworthy and more. We should always take the opportunity to congratulate a young black man that has achieved so much. Why not praise a young man that has accomplished so much and still pushing to do more for his community. So stop the hating, and praise this young man.

  2. Browns Follower says:

    @seventeen this is like those awards his mate Dr. Brown used to fly away and collect to justify a trip away

  3. haha says:

    Well done Senator Burt.

    To the other commenters, why not be proud of a successful young man? This is not political, why bring that into it?

  4. Investment says:

    Ok, so let me get this right

    Every young bermudian man and woman who gets an award from their alumni or the industry groups related to their employment gets recognised on Bernews for that award right.

    What you should do is ask Bernews how they even picked up this story as i can guarantee you they did not get it from GWBAA, this story was fed to Bernews as part of raising Davids profile just like how you see Patrice and many others getting a story run for every time time they smile

    Haha declare your interest instead of the this is a young man doing positive things line

  5. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Well it’s because they have not been awarded anything…it is a medical condition called AWARD ENVY^^

  6. LICKS IS TRUMPS... says:

    Step aside Minister Butterfield … This is the Dawning of the Age of The New Generation . Check You later , warn the rest of the Old Guard , tell them that it’s time to be pensioned off .

  7. proud of my people says:

    Investment and Seventeen – do you prefer to read about young men shooting and carrying on? Stop hating and be happy to see one of our own doing well and being recognized for his accomplishments. Even better, get up and do something noteworthy yourself.

    • Believe it says:

      yes they do especially Dunkley – so he can go point fingers at how bad the PLP is doing.

  8. sad says:

    It is sad that a young man gets recognized for an award and some of you cannot just congratulate him and leave it at that, or just not comment at all. Instead you try and make everything political. it is sickening. Senator Burt is already making a name for himself. he is one of the best assets in politics right now. This story wasn’t needed to raise profile. it was done to show recognition. I am sure if there are other people in public that had these similar achievements that bernews would report it. Bernews has always said it is not just a strictly news website, but also deals with culture etc.

    Some of the people out there are just so closeminded and ignorant.

    • S Brown says:

      I agree… I’m sure if it was a robbery or shooting 50+ people would be commenting on how lost the youth are etc..

      Well done and congrats David, keep up the good work and show the masses that there are many young people doing positive things.

  9. Haters says:

    PLP all the way vote for David he achieves.

  10. Disingenuous says:


  11. What says:

    He is one of three people receiving the award. It is from an alumni group set up in 2004. It appears to be a clubman of the year type award. Definately not national newsworthy, but still a credit to David. Congratulations !

  12. Billee The Kidd says:

    Congrats Senator!

  13. Leisurely says:

    Friends giving awards to their friends. Awesome!

  14. specialgirl4 says:

    Well done Burt, you are an intelligent and brillant young black man. Keep pressing on !!

  15. Hmmmmm says:

    A Government Senator is recognized by his university, an international honour and its not newsworthy. Saul Froomkin is recognized by Taiwan, an international honour and its just fine. (page 10 of the Gazette). Some of you haters had better call Froomkin’s story “not newsworthy” quick, or else this angry black man will call this hating what it is. And you wonder why the demographics at Fairmont on Saturday night were what they were?

    • Bermuda is truely another world....(SMDH). says:

      I 2nd that. Its obvious who the haters are. Well done Mr. David Burt!! Congratulations on yet another personal achievement.

  16. UBP supporter says:

    I don’t vote PLP, but the OBA haters are out in full force. We were making strides to smash the racially divided politics in Bermuda, but this new OBA is taking the party 30 years back on racial discussions bashing a young black progressive young man. I am proud of him and send my congratulations to his family, they should be proud of David’s accomplishments!

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ UBP supporter- wur does it say dey r OBA supporters. u like to twist ppl’s words it seems..get a life! WHO is WE and wat r dey doin bout smashin it…lmao!

  17. Price line says:

    They are oba supporters! They are because they are the hateers of anything PLp