Photos: World’s Largest Yacht Docks In Bermuda

January 29, 2013

[Updated with video] The world’s largest super yacht  – which is estimated to be worth over a billion dollars — arrived in Bermuda this morning [Jan 29] and is presently docked in St George’s. The ‘Eclipse’ is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and features a staggering array of luxurious on-board amenities.

The  Motor Yacht  Eclipse  Roman Abramovich St George's Bermuda, January 29 2013 (14)

Mr Abramovich — the owner of the English Premier League Chelsea football team — is said to have an estimated net worth exceeding $12 billion, and is is listed as the 68th richest person in the world by Forbes.

The superyacht is over 500 ft long and is reported to be the largest private mega yacht in the world. The Russian tycoon owns other yachts – the 377ft Pelorus, 282ft Ecstasea and 160ft Sussurro – and also owns the world’s biggest private jet, a Boeing 767.

The  Motor Yacht  Eclipse  Roman Abramovich St George's Bermuda, January 29 2013 (5)The  Motor Yacht  Eclipse  Roman Abramovich St George's Bermuda, January 29 2013 (17)

The Eclipse is reported to have at least two helicopter pads, several jacuzzis, two swimming pools, steam room, disco hall, library, three larger tenders, a private submarine, six-foot movie screens in all guest cabins, 20 jet skis and some 6,000 sq ft of living space.

There are numerous reports about the motor yacht’s various high tech security technology, which is said to include motion sensors, armour plating, a special missile detection defense system, and missile-proof windows. The yacht has been billed as a ‘floating fortress’, with the crew of 70 said to include former SAS and Special Boat Service personnel.

The reported cost of the yacht varies from $500 million to $1.2 billion dollars, with various reports citing different values. It appears possible to charter the yacht, that is assuming one has the $4 million per week price tag the service is listed at.

It is unclear who is aboard the yacht — which is Bermuda-flagged — and how long it will be staying on the island. It arrived in St George’s at approximately 8am this morning, with Bermuda Yacht Services serving as the agents handling its arrival.

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  1. nooneinparticular says:

    makes me sick. what a waste.

    • That_Bermudian_Guy says:

      Why hate? If you got it spend it. You cant take it to the grave!

    • nottomention says:

      Somebody’s jealous!!!!! Not a waste at all! If you have the money, do what you like with it! I highly doubt you are working in soup kitchens in your spare time!

    • Huh says:

      Why does it make u sick because u don’t have it? I agree with thatbermudianguy you can’t take it to the grave so why not spend it bet you anything you won’t be sick if it was you. Your hating a**would be visiting as many places to show it off just like him.

    • Jealous? says:

      If money were meant to be held onto, it would come with handles…

    • nooneinparticular says:

      no, i’m not jealous. and no, you’re right, i don’t work in a soup kitchen. i’m an educator in a broken system where celebrities and athletes get rich for playing make-believe and children’s games, while people that bleed and sweat for their living (or are responsible for educating the next generation) get dirt. personally, i don’t believe a single human being needs $12 billion dollars, especially when it appears most of his gains have been ill-gotten. i believe in hard work for the greater good. the concentration of that much wealth in one person’s hands is symptomatic of a global problem.

      • art says:

        Well said Nooneinparticular!! You don’t see Warren Buffet acting like this, instead he lives in the same house he’s always lived in and is giving most of his money to charity. Pretty faked up world we live in and pretty sad some of the comments on here. Check out this article on an old couple who gave away their lotto winnings to various charities, if people acted more like this the world would be a better place:

    • swing voter says:

      get used to it…..St George needs the cash

    • Unknown says:

      Look who’s jealous.

    • That_United_Fan says:

      Ok so y r you hating on Roman for??? I bet his smallest one can make most of our houses look like shacks so leave him he has the money to buy one cause I’m sure if you had billions of dollars you wouldn’t want people to hate on your stuff…. Even though I strongly dislike Abramovic and Chelsea FC

    • Poetic Justice says:

      Waste is the money he pours into CFC LMAO

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Why don’t you risk your money as he did and maybe you could be wasteful with your money. You don’t know about his charities so why question what he does with his money. It is his.

    • Learn says:

      This man was an orphan in a poor area of Russia, he’s now a billionaire. He had his struggle an now he’s flourishing with success. He can do what he wants he paid his dues!

    • Islander says:

      Hi Hater…smh

  2. Shhhh says:

    He must be in town looking to sign the next Chelsea manager haha.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    How many rod holders? Can I get it into Paradise Lake to pawty wiff my ace byes? Looks tippy. How fast does it go? What kinda sawnd system does it have?

    Why have something that big?

    There sits Bermudas debt at over $1b & this guy has it as a toy.

    • windwater says:

      We need people like that to invest in Bermuda..

      • Voter says:

        YES!!!! An intelligent blog!!!!!

        Let’s not envy him. Let’s try and get him to buy a house here, employ some Bermudians..

        • The Cormorant says:

          But he isn’t even on the boat! How we gonna do that, be real.

          • The Cormorant says:

            btw, god i hate chelsea, where were you when you were $h1t….COYS

          • Voter says:

            Rather than bashing him try to welcome him…..

  4. ButICanDream says:

    I wouldn’t mind if he dropped me a jetski or two.

  5. ... says:

    That boats mug…so is Chelsea FC

  6. ONION GAL says:

    In my next life . . . LOL

  7. ONION GAL says:

    Incidentally, these are the VISITORS Bermuda needs!!!

  8. Really? says:

    Coming to talk to Nahki Wells about reviving Chelsea next year hahah

  9. Vulpes says:

    Leave them alone so they enjoy themselves and they might spend some money here – a good test for the Monaco theory that Sir. John and others are suggesting for Hamilton. But what if Abramovich and Co like St. Georges so much that they decide to buy it – may have bet on the wrong horse guys.

  10. ppl are Haters says:

    Wtf does he care about Bermudas debt? His from Russia! He has got Billions so y have something small? Ya’ll needa stop hating cause if u was worth 12billion would Care what ppl say or think? No ull jus do as u Please…stop F**kin Hating u Hating ass Bermudians!

    • Hmmmm says:

      Ha ha ha I agree with ppl are haters, im laughing at all of the negative comments stop hatin geesh!

  11. mixitup says:

    I’d be happy with the life boat… lol

  12. Ronnie says:

    What is really sad is the thousands of abandoned children in those rundown Russian orphanages. I wonder if he sends any of his billions that way.

  13. Kam says:


    That’s a nice a$$ boat though…idc who owns it.

  14. la la dy says:

    It doesnt seem fair for one person to have all that money. Not knocking him at all – he’s earned it. But still……….

  15. Observer says:

    Ok…the yacht is here…does that mean his plane(s) will follow?

  16. Bda1 says:

    Mercy so much haters; respect the mens boat and his purchases it ain’t none of ya business what he does with his money! I bet all you that are hating haven’t donated or went to help the poor of bermuda … Typical Bermudians. On the other hand that boat is a BEAUTY!!! I wish he’ll have his Chelsea team looking that pretty lol

  17. HeyBye says:

    These are the visitors Bda needs.More yachts of this caliber brings on ancillary spending, to the benefit of Bda.
    When it becomes a trend that Bda is a super yacht port, others will follow to be seen, as in Monacco and St Tropez. Brings in a lot of money into those communities
    Bda is a great way point between the Med and the Caribbean.
    We should be going after the super yacht crowd.

  18. Looking ahead says:

    This is exactly what Bermuda Tourism needs and why
    St. George’s should get the marina they want.
    If Bermuda could encourage more of these sort of yachts to
    stop off here, it would help St. George’s to become the
    sought-after destination it deserves to be.
    Be nice guys!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yeah, how could we welcome more mega yachts like this? It would be really good for our economy and tourism.

      • Islandgirl says:

        The ships port of registry is Bermuda. Therefore, I believe that it must be in Bermuda waters for a period of time on order to keep its registration here

  19. Justine says:

    Can’t we just be grateful that the boat is here and money is coming into the country! If I owned that and read some of the comments above, I certainly wouldn’t be coming back!

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    Some of you talk like nobody got paid to build that boat, nobody gets paid to run it, nobody gets paid for all the paperwork that goes into keeping that boat, no clue as to how many jobs this guy has created just to maintain & run his toys.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      It takes someone who thinks beyond their own selfish desires to understand what you just said. I’ll bet any one of them would love to have a job on that yacht. They forget that wealthy people have to BUY the things they enjoy. Which Khans someone is making money from them everytime they spend. A billionaire’s boat docks on our front waterporch and these DUMB@$$€$ are complaining that they are bringing their money here. I swear some people need to be protected from their own stupidity. Please snobs just STFU.

  21. Jango. says:

    What a way to welcome a visitor. We need to pay attention to comments that we post.

    • art says:

      Something tells me he’s got more important things to do than read the blog posts of the Bernews. He like many other people in the world probably don’t even know or care where Bermuda is.

  22. Mindo says:

    #HATERZ⚽⚽⚽…. Go play wit yaself….

  23. Judge Dredd says:

    If any of you slave mentality hating n!&&€®$ lifted your lazy fingers and did 30 seconds of research you’d know that this man has given billions in charity and is not very vocal about it. Your hate only exposes that if you were rich you’d give nothing. That’s why you project this belief onto rich people, because “I know I wouldn’t give $#!+ so I know all rich people are like that too”. WRONG! Do you realise that there are people way waaaay poorer than us in Bermuda and they may look at us as rich snobs who have too much wealth and spend it on stupid, unnecessary, extravagant things and don’t give enough charity just like you’re judging this man? They’d probably be right too. Jealous snobs. It’s a beautiful boat. I wish I had money like that, I’d do a lot of good and I’d enjoy fine things too.

  24. hear hear says:

    Let me teach you all some wisdom:

    You don’t get a billion dollars out of nowhere
    you get it out of the pockets of other people
    it is not like it is HIS money, since it came from everyone else
    he is like the leech that sucked out the blood from its host, and now bathes in its swollen, crimson glory.

    same goes for any rich person. They don’t earn every dollar. They may EARN a portion of it from hard work, and time devotion etc.

    But NO rich person EVER earns all that money they have. They just find a smart way to obtain the dollars from other people’s pockets.

    So really they don’t deserve to spend it all on whatever they want.
    And that is why they SHOULD BE OBLIGED to pay back into the communities they obtained the money from!

    Otherwise, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    A rich person can open a business, and get richer. A poor person? Nope

    This cycle was DESIGNED like this centuries ago by prominent men, and this cycle makes them all RICH and makes us all POOR.

    So the next time you revel in awe at the wealth of rich people, and their meaningless posessions, realize what DISSERVICE you are doing to yourself and your dignity.

    That is, of course, you are one of the “rich people”.

    If I ruled the world, I would erradicate Capitalism as it is no better than a ravenous devil which is feasting on the hard work and time of billions of human beings and animals.

    “Smart” people who really just know how to confuse “dumb” people with their big fancy words, like to obscure the perception of what is going on. But in reality, some people like me are intelligent enough to see through the smoke screen of their concussion grenade.

    I see you rich people milking us, the poor cow. You want every drop. And when the cow is done, you kill it and eat it, and its own children grow up to replace it on YOUR factory line.

    Life is so convenient for you, isn’t it? You get your huge houses and cars and boats, while millions of children die every day from bloated stomachs due to starvation. Where if you had to miss one day of meals, you would bemoan your situation with fervency.

    So while you eat your caviar and sip your bubbly, and laugh about the stock market and price of oil, I know deep in your bitter hearts you don’t really care about the poor cows, whom you milk dry.

    Because if you REALLY did, you would put that cow out to pasture, and never milk it again. And this, you will NEVER do, because, Sir, you are Greed embodied in the flesh. You are what is wrong with this world. You are the poison which cripples the living cells of this organism we call earth.

    Money is not evil. Wealth is.

    And I hope all of you are smart enough to learn the moral of my story. Maybe one day you will see what I see, and we can help take down the program of where rich will ONLY EVER get richer and the poor will ONLY EVER get poorer.

    Did you know the middle class never existed centuries ago? It was CREATED by the WEALTHY in order that Industrialism may start and MAKE THEM RICHER!!!!!!!!!!

    The only reason middle classers are what they are and have what they have is because they are just FATTER COWS WITH BIGGER UDDERS!

    But guess what, Billy, every udder runs dry some time. And when it does, POOF! Bring in the replacement!

    The middle class is slowly disappearing, being purposely amalgamated into the background noise of economy and society. Soon, there will only be peasants and lords like there used to be.

    Mark my word. WATCH it happen.

    What can stop this monster? Not poor people. Ohhh no. That would be too easy. That is why the rich ones have DESIGNED everything to make it IMPOSSIBLE for any poor person to change it.

    I have to give it to them, they are crafty. Their system has worked for a very long time.
    There is only ever ONE DOLLAR. Any other concept is pure delusion.
    The rich have 95 cents, and the rest have 5 pennies. You can spread the coins around all you want, but no matter whose hands they are in, there is only ever ONE DOLLAR.

    “They” make you believe that there CAN BE MORE THAN ONE. And THIS trick has fooled mankind for centuries. “Get richer!” they say. “Go to college”. “Acquire more assets”. “Invest”……


    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      It amazes me that someone takes the time to write this idiotic nonsense.

    • 5 cent, 10 cent says:

      Then how does Bermuda have a 2 dollar bill?

    • Groundhog says:

      So, if someone tossed a million bucks your way, would you refuse to accept it because you didn’t earn it yourself? Right…I thought so!

    • Voter says:

      Rich people open businesses and get poorer, too

    • Blu_topaz says:

      A#@. You should hear yourself.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      As a PLP supporter, I think you have got to be the most ignorant, confused, fool to ever write on this blog. Yes, a little research would reveal where Roman got his wealth from…he is a Russian oligarch, which means he profited from the fall of the soviet union. Are his hands clean? No. bUT, to attack capitalism and wealth from the perspective of a Marxist, is totally ignorant of what real life is. Do us a favor and stfu with your dumb sh.t! The boat s here, it’s gives our economy a boost, and your jealous asssssss is hating. When you need a job, I bet you depend on a capitalist to provide one for you! So again, STFU!

  25. Judge Dredd says:

    My comment above is directed at people like you. The reason why our people are eternally in the state we are I’m is because people like you make it impossible to be wealthy and moral simultaneously. You use your gift of articulation to demonise all wealthy people making those less intelligent choose between righteous squalor or condemned prosperity. Immediately those who want to escape poverty assume they have to be evil to get out and that is exactly the attitude that that makes them fail every time. You are more evil and a bigger problem than any wealthy person. I bet you wouldn’t give up your Bermudian lifestyle to trade places with someone less fortunate than you in a poor country. Rather than condemning the wealthy you should befriend them and encourage them to continue doing good with their wealth. Encourage poor people to work collectively to become wealthy and do good and STOP inadvertently teaching them that nincompoopery that they must be evil to be wealthy. That’s very irresponsible.

  26. Logic says:

    Nicompoopery. What a great word.

  27. Family Man says:

    Did customs take the dogs through the cabins?

  28. Serious though says:

    show him, the former club Med.. he may do something….

  29. cassan says:

    We welcome them to Bermuda! We have great stores and restaurants in St. Georges. We hope that you will visit Hamilton and visit our stores, restaurants and banks. Bermuda has international banks where you can invest your funds nation wide. We look forward to serving you in any way possible.
    Again, welcome to Bermuda and enjoy your stay with us.

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      Thank you for the warm welcome “cassan.” The people of Bermuda are very friendly. :-)

  30. Man Of Business says:

    I love haters keep hating I’m gona keep getn it $$$$$ big up chelsea buy mr. wells that’s a god idea actually

  31. charity of BDA says:

    Being he is kind 2 help charities in his country he should the Bermuda Charity :)

    • Blu_topaz says:

      He’s docked here. He’s spending money. He’s helping Bermudas biggest charity. Bermuda itself

  32. Catch 22 says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Suga Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Need a piece of the rock lolol

  33. ohyea! says:


  34. gobmint! says:

    de new GP1 finally arrivin pon de rock!

  35. Blu_topaz says:

    Does anyone stop to think this man could hv worked for his money. Made good investment choices. I say more power to him. He has staff. He buys goods for his boat. Amongst other expenditure. We don’t know if he donates to charity. Who he may help. That’s what’s wrong with people today. Always negative. There could be a lot of positive behind this man.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      They’re worried about how much people who have more than them give to the less fortunate but they forget that there are less fortunate than themselves. How much of their wealth do they give to the less fortunate? The only reason they do that to the wealthy is so they can exempt their own selves from giving their wealth. Lay it all on the “money man”.

  36. Real fren says:

    #CFC 4LIFE

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonder if customs has been onboard to confiscate the weapons? Want to keep yachts of that calibre away? That is all they would have to do. Word would get out quick. Avoid harassment. Stay away from Bermuda.

  38. hear hear says:

    all you people who complained bout my commment got your blind deaf heads stuffed up your arses

    thats the problem when your IQ is less than 150, your too common-brained

  39. RichardU says:

    His taste in yachts is better than his taste in football players, Love the yacht.

  40. Mr. Rupert Davis says:

    That is an enormous (pardon my French) Bitch! …. Money makes the world go around!

  41. rocketcat says:

    I saw that ship while vacationing in St. Maarten. After looking at it for over a week if I owned it I would have named it “PHUCKAUF” just because I could!