Photos: 2011 Remembrance Day Parade

November 11, 2011

[Updated with additional photos] The inclement weather did not stop crowds from coming out for this morning’s [Nov.11] Remembrance Day Parade on Front Street, which serves to honour those who served during the two 20th century World Wars and other conflicts — especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

There are no Bermudian veterans of the First World War [1914-1918] still alive, and only a handful of Bermuda’s veterans of World War Two [1939-1945] remain. The Second World War vets marched today alongside veterans of other conflicts including the Vietnam War [1955-1975] and Korean War [1950-1953].

Those taking part in the parade in addition to the war vets included the Bermuda Regiment, Bermuda Regiment Band & Corps of Drums, Bermuda Regiment Gun Troop, Bermuda Cadet Corps, Bermuda Police, Bermuda Sea Cadets, Salvation Army Band, North Village Band & Somerset Brigade Band & Bermuda Islands Pipe Band and the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

There was a cannon shot to mark the start of the two minutes’ silence which marks the official beginning of the Remembrance Day observation at 11 a.m. And then after the silence, a lone Bermuda Regiment bugler sounded The Last Post.

Wreaths were laid by dignitaries including Governor Sir Richard Gozney, Premier Paula Cox, Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, Mayor Charles Gosling, Bermuda Regiment Commanding Officer Brian Gonzalves, Chairman of the Defence Board Wendell Hollis, 1st Battalion Caribbean Regiment’s Barbara Richardson, President of the War Veterans Association Jack Lightbourn, Phillip Lamb of the Royal Air Force for the Bermuda Militia Artillery, Acting Commissioner of Police Mike Jackman, and Chief Fire Officer Vincent Hollinsid.

The flag [the Governor's Standard] was flown at half-mast as a mark of respect. It stays like that during the Two Minute Silence, Last Post bugle call , the service, and rises again when the bugle blows Reveille.

The silence was first observed at 11 am, the time the Armistice ending hostilities in World War One was signed on November 11, 1918.

On the first anniversary of the Armistice, November 11, 1919, the two minutes’ silence was instituted as part of the main commemorative ceremony at the Cenotaph war memorial in London.

The silence was popularly adopted and it became a central feature of commemorations on Armistice Day around the world, including Bermuda.

A Bermudian officer serving on the front lines in France, Allan Livingstone Cooper, recorded the reaction of troops on the Western Front when the Armistice between the Allies and Germany was signed and the guns fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare.

“There was a sort of tension in all ranks as rumours of an early peace were in the air: Bermuda didn’t feel too far away at this point,” he wrote in his journal.

“Finally the rumours were a concrete fact — an Armistice was to be signed at 11 am. The tension was eased and we paraded as usual as if nothing had happened. Whereas the world was celebrating the joyous event, we were taking it in our stride. Inwardly we felt a great calm that the bloody thing was over.”

In the two World Wars, 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945, about 600 Bermudian men volunteered and served overseas in Bermuda military contingents.

All the soldiers who went overseas had to specially volunteer because under Bermuda law, then as now, no Bermudian soldier could be sent overseas into a combat zone without a special Act being passed by Bermuda’s House of Assembly.

The Parade this morning was under the command of Major C.R. Wheedon with Adjutant, Captain B.L. Beasley and RSM, W01, LG Lee. Officiating clergy were Pastor Yvonne Ramsay, Reverend Eldridge Burrows, and Bishop Robert Kurtz

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  1. I gotta be me says:

    WTH does Paula Cox have on? It wasn’t that cold! A little dignity puhleeze! especially today. But I suppose we have to be thankful she didn’t throw on “her colours”. jeeze.

    • st. geo resident says:

      where you there in hamilton i was and it was chilly…you always have negative appear to be a fashion expert/polictcal guru..
      and no i am not PLP either..

    • Lion says:

      You disgust me. This is not about fashion be about our Veterans. That is why you will not be the next government – hater.

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      you just a fool…have no local connections on island only taken paycheck to your broken down country….you have never had it so good…

  2. Fire the mongrels says:

    Paula Cox looks like she has been mugged by a Racoon.

    • Lion says:

      I have seen you guys dress. You have no idea of colour. The best you can do is kakee pants and blue blazer. You really forgot the reason for the day. Well it is to honour those blacks and whites. PLP, UBP (there was no OBA at that time) that fought for us and I respect them all. Our heroes

  3. OBA is out to lunch says:

    Oh go lay down! Focus on the real reason of todays’s holiday! You guys propably dress significantly worse!

  4. YES MATE! says:

    I wonder if it was SPCA approved?

    • Lion says:

      Have you had a look at your OBA. The only thing you will govern is the SPCA. As long as Mr. Cannonier and Mr. Dunkley hate each other and keep the internal fighting you better keep your eye on that. Now that’s free speech.

      • Terry says:

        Stop telling lions.

        Feel the love, spread the hate.

        • Lion says:

          If you think I am lying ask them. You all think all is well but check it out for yourself. This is not hating it is fact. You will see very soon how they clash and what will eventually happen. Mark the Lion’s word.

  5. Red Flag says:

    Even on a day such as today which is reserved to honor our Vets, you guys can’t resist spewing your hate. SMH

    • Terry says:

      Yo Red Flag. Shut your chops. We would not have free speech if not for the Veterans and the ones that lost their live to keep us free.

      She’s a Politician and were free to comment. Your just stating that because you think were all racists like the Browns and Cabinet. Get over it.

      She looks like a bottle of black seal……………………………………..get it?

  6. The hat was too much says:

    I believe people do realize the importance of the day but you cannot not miss that hat!!!! It is now offical…she needs to hire with her own money a dress consultant. As public officials you have to beware of what you wear. Look at Kate, Michelle and the like, it will always be a part of people thoughts no matter the occassion.

    • Terry says:

      And whats “SMH” mean.

      Show my Hat?

      Show my Hair?

      Shake my Hamster?

      No Seal Pups were harmed during this show of Shake my Hootie…….

    • Lion says:

      Neo Colonist. We are not royalty like that. Who care about Kate and Michelle? What have they done for you lately? I would like to see you dressed up. Probably look like a bull dog with a cat fur coat.

  7. Terry is silly says:

    Name required is enough! Oh Bitch Away (OBA) thats all you guys can do! Craig looked lost as usual!

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      did he (Craig)ever look lost…please Michael (deputy leader)over throw him …cant wait til he reads the OBA’s reply throne speech on Friday … should be an experience: nobody is home!

    • Lion says:

      That will be funny. Let’s see just how much impact Craig has with his Throne Speech response. What’s more interesting is to see him in the house. He never even visited the house when he was not a politician. Should be interesting. You are so desperate for a leader. You would have done better with Dunkley or Bob but Cannonier. Give me a break.

  8. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    That whole outfit from top to bottom was a gift of appreciation from the Russian Government after she signed off on the historic TEAI between our countries . It was delivered earlier this week on the Super Yacht that recently graced our waters .The coat is made of authentic Siberian Spotted Gombey .

  9. Graham Maule says:

    I am the trombonist pictured marching in the Somerset Brigade Band which accompanied the War Veterans, the North Village Band, and the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band. I am not afraid to use my name by hiding behind a pseudonym.
    To each and every one of you who resort to insulting the Premier, or who may believe that they are justified in doing so because they believe that it is humorous, or because they are not PLP supporters, or who are only making comments on this site to try and score political points, I recommend that you spend less time pursuing negativity and more time pursuing positivity.

    My Scottish grandfather fought in the trenches in World War One so that you could be free to make your comments today.

    I wish that there were more people on here who were more focussed on honouring the sacrifices of our veterans.

    If you want to take pot shots at me, feel free.

    I am a fifth generation Bermudian who has served the local Bermudian community in the Somerset Brigade Band for nearly 30 years. I am also the current Vice President of the Somerset Brigade Band. Both of my parents remembered World War 2, and they ensured that I was aware of their experiences during the War.

    I completed my military service in the Bermuda Regiment, and was also a guest performer in the Edinburgh Tattoo with the Bermuda Regiment in 2003.

    I salute each and every War Veteran who was prepared to make the sacrifice for future generations in our society.

    • Terry says:

      Thank you Graham. I worked with your Father.

      Youv’e done well.

    • Lion says:

      Thank you for putting things in prospective. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I salute you SIR.

  10. Shark Hash says:

    Yes, a heartfelt thank you to our veterans.

  11. Rumandcoke says:

    I completely agree with all the ‘hat haters’ regardless of
    how trivial it may seem to some.
    A simple black hat is protocol for a female leader
    at such a ceremony anywhere in the Western world.
    White fuzzy Cossack hat and wooly grey mammoth coat
    just does not cut it. Still better than the green
    meringue with the chopstick poking out of it last Friday.
    And yes I do appreciate the significance of the ceremony.
    My father fought for our freedom in WW2.

  12. Hello says:

    Premier showed a lack of respect to the rememberance day, to the lost men and women of war. It was not a fashion parade, it wasn’t about her, but she had to try to steal the thunder. Disgraceful behaviour from our leader.

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      its not about her,you fool…you have no respect to the leader of my country nor the men and women who served……a disrespectful fool you are.

  13. Graham Maule says:

    To rumandcoke and Hello, I would like to point out that the Premier was not the only leader in the Western world sporting a white hat yesterday, the website address attached below shows a picture of HRH The Queen wearing a white hat and a light pink ensemble yesterday.

    Quick, let’s alert the Protocol Police and have both The Queen and The Premier thrown into the Tower of London!

    This discussion is not only negative, it is now bordering on ridiculously insane.

    • Hello says:

      The Queen wore black for the parade and wreath laying ceremony. RESPECT. Paula showed zero respect with her outfit.

      • Lion says:

        You don’t know Premier Paule Cox or the Queen. You probably get your outfits from Emoo or the Salvation Army. On the other hand how about the Barn. Old Boys Alliance (OBA) hating again.

      • Graham Maule says:


        The political bickering on this website is ridiculously insane, and you have succeeded in earning my contempt.

        If I am ever unfortunate enough to meet you in person, please introduce yourself as “one of the ignoramuses that posts on Bernews”, and I will be sure to completely ignore any words that you may say after that.

        I note with interest that your website address opens a page with several dozen stories posted on it, and finding any picture of the Queen on there will require several hours’ worth of investigation. I doubt that you were interested in posting a useful page.

  14. Graham Maule says:

    I have also attached a web address showing HRH The Queen with Prince Philip at a Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey. Perhaps somebody posting on here would also like to criticise the Queens’s choice of outfits?

    If you are the relative of a War Veteran, like I am, can I suggest that instead of wasting your time on here being negative, you spend more time honouring your relative’s memory by becoming involved in a positive activity that benefits our community?

    I have said this time and time again, if you are not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

    • Lion says:

      Thank you Graham. I will shake your hand when I see you. Restor.

  15. Common Sense says:

    Right on Graham. The insulting comments about the Premier’s outfit demean this moving ceremony during which we pay our respects to those who have served in our Armed Forces, many of whom gave their lives so that we would all have freedom of speech. Yes, we have freedom of speech in our democracy, but with freedom comes responsibility, and this pernicious constant sniping by ignoramuses on one side or the other is setting a terrible example to our young people because we finish up losing respect for everyone.

  16. Albert Tatlock says:

    If the best you can do is criticize Madam’s hat, then you guys are slipping. I think its rather fetching actually! Great for those blustery days – like yesterday.

  17. Rumandcoke says:

    Just for clarification, there is a complete distinction, Graham Maule, between an official solemn ceremony of Remembrance at a Cenotaph with the laying of wreaths versus the Queen’s activities on any November 11th. In the UK the two minute silence is held on November 11th but the official laying of wreaths/tributes is held on the Sunday of that week.
    Please note protocol that is seen today for the official Remembrance Day Ceremony in London that the Queen wore a black hat and black coat as she always does. Your links do not show the Queen at the official wreath laying ceremony but rather what functions she happened to be attending on November 11th.

    • Lion says:

      Rumandcoke you are drunk again. Don’t drink and write because it is am offense. Graham was talking about November 11 and both events occured on that day. The Queen has been around for 100 years and she has all our colonial money. Respect your current leader and how she dresses. I have had a look at your leaders from UBP, the other and the OBA. They really are no fashion atatement. On another note who are you voting for? The UBP, the Independent UBP, the other group that was formed to try and than the Old Boys Alliance (OBA). A lot of choices for you. You fragmented fool.

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        A service honoring our veterans has degenerated to a slanging match between members/supporters from our political parties. SHAMEFUL!!

    • Graham Maule says:


      Your comments make it apparent to me that you are not interested in honouring the contribution that any War Veteran made. I seriously doubt that you have a War Veteran in your family, and I would like to suggest that anyone who is reading your comments take it with a grain of salt, since you appear to be taking liberties with the Truth.

      You have succeeded in earning my contempt, and if I am ever unfortunate enough to meet you in person, please introduce yourself as “One of the ignoramuses that posts on Bernews”. I will ignore anything else that you might say after that.

      As I indicated earlier, I am not afraid to use my real name on this page. When you have a chance, research the phrase “testicular fortitude”, so that you can understand why I value your opinion so much.

  18. Graham Maule says:

    I would like to make it clear to everyone that reads this that I am one of those people that agree that some things are more important than politics. I believe that recognising the contributions that our War Veterans have made is more important than resorting to the name calling and smear tactics that are unfortunate symptoms of the political scene in Bermuda today. This is the reason why fewer and fewer young people seem to be politically active in Bermuda. Many have grown apathetic due to the lack of dignity that some of their older contemporaries exhibit.

    My aim is to provoke action which strengthens our community. I don’t seek to be political, but the reality is, politicians will always state that they want to improve their communities. There are different methods or strategies employed as they seek to do this, but I am one of the ones who will acknowledge that there can never be an ideal solution which makes everyone happy.

    I have a duty to represent each and every member of the Somerset Brigade Band, as the Vice President of the Band, and I find that the members of the Band can work best together if they leave behind the negative political shenanigans and comments which are becoming a regular feature of Bermudian society.

    I am speaking out against this negativity because it does not help our community, it only hurts it, and ultimately, the more fragmented the community becomes, the harder it will be to continue in the proud tradition that was established when the Somerset Brigade Band was formed in 1930.

    I will continue to strive to strengthen my community through the positive works of the Somerset Brigade Band.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my words today. We may not agree on a variety of points, but I am heartened to see how many have posted comments on here in support of the War Veterans.

  19. LMFAO says:

    It would have been nice to see pics of the Army and Sea Cadets as well. The young mena and women also did a great job!!

    • Pat says:

      Please feel free to send any in and we will be sure to post them. We are always open to photos and encourage people to send anything in, as our cameraman does an excellent job everyday getting tons of photos and videos but cannot get every last aspect of every event, so we always welcome sent in photos and/or videos…some of the best galleries we have were sent in, had some great videos as well. Our email is, and photos of any genre are always welcome.