Video: “Devonshire Marsh Under Threat”

March 28, 2012

The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has created a video presentation “Devonshire Marsh Under Threat,” detailing their objection to any proposed development in the area. The presentation originally aired last night [Mar.27] on VSB.

A statement from BEST said Devonshire Marsh’s unique marshland area offers some of Bermuda’s finest arable land and it it is refuge to one of the highest bio-diversities of freshwater aquatic life in Bermuda

“Devonshire Marsh is recognized for its aesthetic, scientific and economic value through zoning restrictions and Protected Species Order 2012,” said BEST. “Despite this recognition and protective orders a developer is trying to irrevocably convert several acres of this best remaining example of extensive marshland into an industrial zone.”

Last year BEST rendered their objection to the proposed building on the area by Island Construction, which is owned by Cabinet Minister Zane Desilva. The application was originally rejected by the Planning Department but approved on appeal by then Environment Minister Walter Roban.

Mr Roban resigned from his position as Minister for Public Works in November after coming under fire for his decision to allow the planning appeals by both Minister Desilva and Minister Wayne Furbert. Government said his decision on the appeals was void because Mr Roban had already left the Environment and Planning portfolio before his Parliamentary colleagues had been notified.

In mid-November the newly appointed Minister of the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean said he will review the planning files, and make a decision on the appeals. The decision is still pending.

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    Marc Bean should have no difficulty rejecting the planned development….Zane should resign….

  2. My two cents says:

    This really is unreal. By the way, there are already brand new empty warehouses over by Ornamental Ironworks. Why can’t Zane rent those instead of building more. I am at a complete loss for understanding why we are destroying the last bits of land on a 22 square mile island. I just don’t understand why you want to destroy everything that God gave us. Are we as taxpayers not allowed to have any greenery left to look at on this island? Why do we never have a say in decisions that affect us? Minister De Silva should be ashamed of himself. Go rent the warehouses down the street man.

  3. Paul says:

    Your move, Zane………..

  4. really... says:

    Well done Stuart and BEST. If anyone has been down at the site, can they comment on the recent activity to fill in the land on the west side of this property? All the foliage is gone and about 8 feet of fill has been piled in. If I didn’t know better, it almost looks like the old “easier to ask forgiveness than permission”. If for no other reason (and there are many) this should be refused due to a lack of compliance and respect for the process and thus the people of Bermuda.

    • Stuart Hayward says:

      Thanks, really.

      I think the area your referring to belongs to the National Trust and is/was leased to the DeSilva outfit. I don’t know the details but for sure the fill isn’t healthy for the wetlands…

  5. Family Man says:

    I guess Zane now has to “tweak” his plan.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Well done Stuart & BEST.

  7. Kevin Comeau says:

    This video presentation by Stuart Hayward and BEST was one of the most professional and informative presentations I have even seen. Bermuda owes them a debt of gratitute for all their hard work and for their clear love of this beautiful yet fragile island.

    • pepper says:

      I agree with you Kevin, the video presentation was fantastic…we need more people like Stuart,

  8. marsha says:

    I grew up around Devonshire Marsh. Such a damn shame to allow Zane DeSilva to even get near that land. He will ruin it because he does not care.

  9. Bermudian Overseas says:

    totally farcical
    maybe Paula Cox will announce Zane as minister of environment

  10. The Grim Reaper says:

    I just can’t figure out why LaVerne Furbert, Betty Trump, Rhonda et al. aren’t all over this article claiming it’s Zane’s his land and he can do whatever the heck he wants with it… They have very selective memories – able to recall injustices that were done against islanders two centuries ago but conveniently amnesiac and struck dumb when it comes to those done in more recent times.

    • 32n64w says:

      Simple. Reality (and facts) have an anti-PLP bias.

  11. Jim Bean says:

    Zane MUST resign.

  12. me says:

    it just shows you when you join the PLP you get what you want. NOT THE WAY LIFE WORKS THOUGH!!! i would like there to still be land with out crap on it when i have children so they can enjoy bermuda’s beautiful greenery. but i guess thats not goin to happen if PLP stay in power. we need to vote the RIGHT way this time, its not about black and white this time its about whats right and what the people of bermuda deserve, not just family members, cousins, uncles, aunts of people in government. WE NEED A CHANGE NOW!!!!!

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Labour Governments traditionally do not care a sot for land and its aesthetic qualities,
      they see land as a place to develop and /or create an income from.
      This and the Warwick monstrosity are typical examples. Why ICS would need to destroy this land during what must be slower times in the construction business anyway, is beyond anyone.
      We allow this to happen by our inaction and because too many of our friends are too comfortable right now. They haven’t felt the pain as yet and dont want their pleasant dinner disturbed by talk of such ‘negative ‘ things. They say we get what we deserve in life. Next time BEST puts out a call to arms, how about we all turn up for once and see these destroyers of life off and out of business. No loss. Again this is not just Zane, he got the go ahead from his Gummint mates and it’s time to call an election and put this crew in the unemployment line.

      • My two cents says:

        Here is the listing for the empty warehouse monstrosity just down the street from Zane’s company. Now, why is it he needs to build another warehouse? Buy this one Zane, you certainly have the money we all know this. What is your logic behind all this? Not logical at all man.

  13. verbal kint says:

    Thanks to Stuart Hayward. Why the silence on the part of Zane DeSilva and Marc Bean? I hope they don’t think that this mess will just go away if they ignore it long enough. Time for SOMEONE to take action on this.

  14. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Well done B.E.S.T., I agree all the way Bermuda must be protected if the planning process is followed.

  15. Steven De SIlva says:

    Speculative development at its worst. Sure, I can see the wisdom in installing large volume storage on the outskirts of Hamilton, prior to the inevitable dismantlement of the Hamilton (Freight) wharves, BUT…………willingly contributing to the destruction of wetlands speaks of people who are callous and above all, very greedy. Zane, you are not thinking of our future. The Government you support are not thinking this through either. SHORT TERM GAINS. Those not yet born will look back at us with disgust and hatred, because the natural environments importance will only increase.