Kim Swan: ‘Polarization Of Party Politics’

December 3, 2012

The unprecedented number of Independent candidates signals a “real disquiet of persons dissatisfied with the polarization of party politics,” according to Independent candidate Kim Swan.

This election will see a total of 15 Independent candidates contest 12 different constituencies. By comparison two Independents ran in the 2007 Election, one Independent contested the 2003 Election, three Independents ran in the 1998 Election, and five Independents ran in the 1993 Election. The last time an Independent won a seat was 23 years ago, when Stuart Hayward won the Pembroke West Central seat in 1989.

The Independents running in the 2012 Election are:

  • C#1 St. George’s North: Cornell Fubler
  • C#2 St. George’s West: Kim Swan
  • C#4 St. George’s South: Kingsley Francis
  • C#7 Hamilton South: Gershwyn Smith
  • C#8 Smith’s South: David Tavares
  • C#18 Pembroke West Central: Philip Perinchief
  • C#19 Pembroke West; Erwin Adderley & Meredith Stapff
  • C#20 Pembroke South West: Jonathan Starling & David Petty
  • C#21 Pembroke South East: Tillman Darrell & Leyoni Junos
  • C#24 Warwick South East: David William Burch
  • C#27 Warwick North Central: Roderick Simons
  • C#31 Southampton West Central: Charlie Swan

Mr Swan said: “An unprecedented number of Independent Candidates, 15 in total, signaling a real disquiet of persons dissatisfied with the polarization of party politics, has started a movement in Bermuda.

“With 14 days remaining before Bermuda goes to the polls – the debate in Bermuda must shift to the issues and also about the value that the 15 Independent candidates bring to the political arena at this time.

“Bermuda has never faced as many challenges at once both economically and socially. Thankfully, the Independent Candidates profiles reveal an abundance of experience in politics, business and community service.

“Essentially, it is conceivable that a group of two or more Independents could be returned to Parliament on December 17th. Thus making one or more of them an ideal candidate for Speaker &/or Deputy Speaker whose role demands neutrality.

“In addition, they present a unique opportunity for Bermuda to have its first Coalition Government – presenting a real opportunity for unity – especially with coalition governments operating in Trinidad, United Kingdom, Guyana and has functioned in many other modern democracies.

“While all indications are that this election will be close – it is becoming increasingly probable, with the choice of quality Independents, that more persons will consider an exodus away from the stereotypical norm of voting for a party and vote for the best person in their constituency.

“Truth be told, many Bermudians are fed up with politics as usual that party politics has reinforced and are truly looking for real solutions for Bermuda’s myriad of problems.

“At this time in Bermuda, the nomination of 15 Independent candidates presents our people a real opportunity to take a giant step away from stereotypical voting patterns in Bermuda,” concluded Mr Swan.

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    So now we have it… Swan wants to Speaker of the House.

    • Black Soil says:

      A vote for any independent is a vote for the PLP. This is why their bloggers heap praise on them.

      • Vote 4 Independents says:

        A vote for an Independent candidate is not a vote for PLP. Stop it NOW. OBA/PLP are running on their records, the oba running on the UBP doctrine of putting black man up front and pull his strings from behing. where as the plp are friends and family favors.

    • Jane Powers says:

      No matter what you say, you can’t call Mr. Kim Swan nor Mr. Charlie Swan nothing but men of Integrity. Look at the others, all of them, and with they did to regain power. yES, THEY SOLD THEIR SOULS. They are satisifed to be black pawns. They are satisfied with hoodwinking us. Shame on me, I was really honestly going to vote OBA.

  2. Plato says:

    Why do we use this old outdated Westminster system?

  3. Vote 4 Independents says:

    And why not? Who in the house of parliament has been the consistently HONEST, RELIABLE and experienced and to top it off, with integrity?
    We all heard him on Gary Morano and he was asked a question and answered honestly about the “consultant report to the UBP” . There is no coincidence that the break off into the BDA with Crockwell, Pettingill and Hunte following the reconnection with Barritt only as an interim leader of the OBA, and a Black new surrogate leader emerged, Dunkley only in the background is all in the “UBP” leaked plan is a reality in forming of the loyal opposition party .
    The only person I can trust is Mr. Swan. He did not lie when asked if the plan existed. He obviously did not follow the plan. Mr. Kim Swan and Mr. Charlie Swan are the only 2 UBP members that stayed true to form representing the party that elected them into the house of assembly. My vote will go to the independent candidates, yours should as well!
    The BDA/OBA has attacked Kim Swan time and time again with negative comments and Mr. Swan has never responded negatively. Even now they are trying to ruin his political career. “No weapons cased against me shall prosper” comes to mind
    Yes, vote in an Independent for Speaker of the House!

  4. Mr. B says:

    How many of them are being paid by the PLP to help take votes that may have gone in the OBA’s favor in close constituencies though?

  5. craig looby says:

    the real movement in bermuda is to get rid of the westminster systm, party politics, and politicians and have the people of bermuda directly govern via an elected governeing council. and bermudians are organizing to make this a reality.

    • Black Soil says:

      Stopping talking rubbish and just call it a “Central Committee”….just like the commies do.

  6. swing voter says:

    An unbiased speaker? good idea. When he was an independent, stuart hayward should have been the speaker.

  7. jim bean says:

    kim is a joke also i hear that plp may have paid some imdependents to run….

  8. Blurt says:

    Quality independent candidates…. Seriously. The independents in some cases are egomaniaical crazies. Not all, as some have some interesting things to say and offer, unfortunately, most of theses things are not what Bermuda and Bermudians NEED in the next 5 years. I think Swan would make an excellent Speaker of the house..definately call him up regardless. My problem is that Indepenents don’t stay independent if they lose an election, their indpendence DEPENDS on if they are IN. I like Swan, if he won his seat, I would not be surprised…the fed up PLP voters could put their vote to good use instead of wasting it.

  9. Argosy says:

    Stop & let me out, Kim!

  10. Terry says:

    I reade the first few lines. I gave up.
    Gives a new meaning to singing the Swans Song.
    Poor man.
    No complaints when he had control and was part.
    Go play golf Kim.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    Another vote for a no party political system from me too. Some sort of proportional representation method whereby everyone gets multiple votes, 5-10, & the top 36 are in. They then have to sort out among themselves who is minister of what based on who is best suited for the job i.e. a construction boss does not head up the health ministry. Somebody with a medical background does. A medical person does not head up Tourism. Somebody directly involved in tourism does. Without political partys Government boards would no longer be infested with party loyalists looking out for party first.

    One can only dream.

  12. UBP Caucus member says:

    Are you serious Terry? Ask all, colleagues, UBP members and everyone who was the loudest most vocal person in the ubp caucus about changes the UBP needed to make. Ask them all! If truthful will reply Kim Swan. I have heard the passion this man has for a better bermuda a ONE Bermuda. A Bermuda for fairness and equality! He is just not a turncoat nor benedict arnold.

  13. Funny Bone says:

    WOW…………..Kim is now a HERO why did he not join the PLP when Furbert did and why did he bother holding on to UBP banner……..guess Kim was so loyal to his Document he felt he would use it as a wager when he had NO where else to go.

    It was apropriate timing for Kim to release a False document and who should be his backup Furbert………the Dinamic Dual (Batman & Robin)

    Oh lets not forget the riddler (Darius) …..But of course they all want a Batmobile like everyone else……….and Gothum City will pay for them to ride around saving the day.

  14. theothersidebda says:

    Kim has shown his true colors when speaking on a confidential document for his own political gain. Plain and simple, cannot be trusted.