OBA St George’s & St David’s Recovery Plan

December 10, 2012

The OBA has released their St George’s & St David’s Recovery Plan, which calls for a fully operational CCTV system in the town, reeopening the St. George’s police station full-time, securing a cruise ship for St. George’s and re-opening the St. George’s golf course.

The OBA plan says: “For far too long, the Government has made promises to the East End they haven’t kept. A new hotel, a 24/7 police station, a dedicated cruise ship—all are Government promises not kept.

“They promised to be strong partners with the Corporation of St. George, but instead they passed a Municipalities Act and made it more difficult to maintain the town and provide important services to residents and visitors.

“Service on the St. George’s to Dockyard ferry—a good idea—has been inconsistent. Before the last election in 2007, the Government promised to improve bus and minibus service to St. David’s. It hasn’t happened.”

Some of the OBA concepts include:

  • Implement a fully operational CCTV system in the Town
  • Reopen the St. George’s police station on a full-time basis
  • Work with operators to re-establish a reliable minibus service in St. David’s
  • Make a new hotel development in St. George’s a reality.
  • Secure a cruise ship for St. George’s
  • Re-open the St. George’s golf course
  • Facilitate a St. George’s community garden
  • Relocate more Government services to Southside & St. George’s to increase economic activity

The document continues: “The One Bermuda Alliance believes all Bermudians should be able to take pride in St. George’s distinguished status as a World Heritage Site and the uniqueness of the St. David’s community. We have a vision of what the East End could be with the right Government as a partner.

“With adequate marketing dollars for promoting St. George’s World Heritage status, we see increased tourism and a lively town square filled with satisfied visitors who will spread the word.

“We see a bustling waterfront with a boutique hotel and world-class marina that attract yachts from around the world. Southside can be a new center for business development, with all the services and new opportunities that will bring to St. David’s Islanders.”

The OBA St George’s & St David’s Recovery plan is below [PDF here]

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  1. Argosy says:

    This is long overdue and welcome news.

    It’s inconcievable that Dame Jennifer can walk around St. Geroge’s and not hang her head in shame.

    • Black Soil says:

      St. Geo has turned into a ghost town. Let’s change this!!!!

      • OH Please says:

        Do you even live in St. George? Or you just trotting out OBA talking points?

        • Eastern says:

          I’m not an OBA supporter, but I must admit that Dame Jennifer Smith should be ashamed of what has happened in St. George (nothing!) since she has been the MP.

    • Voter C2 says:

      Kim Swan has represented St. George’s & Bermuda with Integrity and on December 17th, I will be voting for Mr. Kim Swan.

      • navin johnson says:

        and what has that done for us?

        • Voter C2 says:

          Everything. Have you called him? If you need anything call him, he will return your call and attend to your needs.

          • navin johnson says:

            Bermuda first…..he will be able to accomplish very little as an independent….

            • Yng Black Mind says:

              @Navin Johnson:

              It is that type of thinking which has caused the issues we are facing as a nation – - that stupid party politics ideal.

              We understand that you are OBA – fine. But you should be able to recognize that Mr. K Swan is the best candidate in St. Georges – hands down. His passion and love for the old towne is unquestionable.

              Here’s a short story for you – - I was invited to a party in the St. George’s area by a friend. When driving into the old towne, I spotted Mr. Swan standing with a lady outside the closed Police station. I stopped and he informed me that she had been mugged and he was going to stay with her until the police attended – - THIS IS THE POINT – The party I was attending was one which Mr. Swan was suppose to attend.

              His love and support for the people of St. George’s come before self – unlike any of the other cnadidates in the area – include your candidate, Mr. Bascome.

              Get your mind out of the murk that is party politics and realize you should be doing what is best for the country – PLP, OBA, BDA, WHATEVER – - are simply letters – remember that!

              Yng Black Mind
              (those who know understand)

              • Argosy says:

                Navin’s right – he should not cross the Swing Bridge westwards if all he can run on is “passion & love for the old towne”.

                BTW, how can a mind be black? Would you be comfortable with a blogger signing “Old White Mind – those who know understand”?

                Thought not….you’d say he/she was racist.

                • Concerned says:

                  Kim Swans passion and love for the old towne runs so much deeper to a lot of the Towne folk than Jennifer’s lack of appearance in the towne. To bad the community of St. George’s can’t grip Kim and Kenny’s spirit and don’t forget the young ladies as their love for their community runs hot through their veins as well.

              • Petra says:

                Yng Black Mind I totally agree that Kim Swan is wonderful, BUT………………

                The party system is here whether we like it or not, therefore I believe he will be ineffective as an independent.

                The OBA’s plans make sense to me, and may just get my beloved St George’s out of the doldrums and starting to bloom once again. Unfortunately mr Swan just can’t do this on his own, even although in my heart I know he would be the better candidate.

              • Eastern says:

                @ Yng Black Mind

                I agree with you that Kim Swan is 100% behind St. George and will help anyone he can and is great at bringing attention to the problems of St. Georgians (and Kenny Bascome is not far behind him). However he only has one voice and with out a party affiliation he has absolutely no clout on his own.
                I agree that party politics in Bermuda is murky, but the only problem is that it would be against the right of freedom of association to ban political parties. And even if you did ban political parties it would only be a matter of time before the politicians will brakle off into groups of like minded individuals. This problem will never be solved and independants will never have a majority in the House of Assembly.

                • St. George Resident says:

                  Point to all: Kim Swan and Charlie Swan in the house of assembly’s last session brought forth more motions and take notes than the OBA/UPB MPs combined. They spoke and got answers for us in the community. The OBA I think made 2 motions whislt Mr. Kim Swan and Mr. Charlie Swan did 14? Their voice was heard. I will be voting for Mr. Swan.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Good choice ..!!!

  2. GOD 1st says:

    Brilliant!!!!! O.B.A all the way!!!!!

    • St. George Resident says:

      Seriously, what has Mr. Swan done? All candidates pale in comparison to Mr. Swan, honesty and passion for St. George. When last have you all tried to help out the Club? When last have you all tried to help out the youths, seniors and residents of St. George Swan the man. Me , I’m am voting for Mr. Kim.

  3. GOD 1st says:

    LOOK at the front four a strong team. constituency no# 1 ,2 ,3,4

  4. navin johnson says:

    few of the PLP Ministers are capable of feeling shame…..

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    I’m sure the PLP will respond by saying that most of these are not new ideas. Maybe so, but they have had 14 years to actually do something on them. Seen anything besides talk & promises?

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Triangle Drifter
      The OBA continues to drift! You are correct that most of these ideas are already being actioned by the PLP. Securing a dedicated crusie ship is probably the top priority but anyone in the industry will confirm that it will be a ‘difficult nut to crack’.

      • A Bermudian says:

        @ Vote for me,

        You make a very valid point. I’m not sure if many remember, but when the PLP were looking to widen Town Cut, the people of St. George voted against it. Sadly, in order to keep up with the cruise ship tourism industry, we need to move with the times, but we didn’t, so this is what happens. This has presented an opportunity for businesses in Dockyard, being there is way more cruise ships arriving at their ports. Maybe we can revisit this issue, and see if the people of St. Geo would like to widen Town cut, because I believe it would be very beneficial to them and the country as a whole.

        • Hey says:

          So because it was not cost effective to widen Towne Cut for bigger cruise ships, the PLP said stuff you then.

          • A Bermudian says:

            @ Hey,

            No, I didn’t say that. I said the people of St. Georges voted against having cut opened wider, so this has played a part in their decline with regrd to cruise ships.

            The PLP wanted to widen cut, but the people didn’t. This is why I feel it needs to be revisited, because this can help bring some life and revenue to St. Geo.

        • Eastern says:

          I don’t know if you saw all the destruction that was done to the town of St. George after Hurricane Fabien, but one of the main reasons for not openning the town cut was because theopenning of the cut would increase the devastation to the town in the event of a major hurricane. Remember that, unlike the rest of the island; the entrance to the town cut is NOT protected by the islands barrier reefs and it is the only part of the island where there is not barrier reefs (that’s why ALL ships must enter Bermuda waters from the East.
          If Town Cut was opened by 150ft; during a hurrican you would have 30 to 40 ft seas rolling out of the South-East into the unprotected town!!!

          • #That is All says:

            I would just like to point out that the PLP made their position clear when they proposed widening the Town Cut. They told us that cruise ships are getting larger and larger and that no ship would be able to fit in St. Geo. NOW the PLP can miraculously “secure” a ship for St. Geo.

            You know what I say…. YOU ARE FULL OF SH!T!!!

            The fact of the matter is, YOU let St. Georges go to sh!t! St. Georges has been on a downward spiral for 7 years… You may have also proposed to “secure” a ship for St. Geo.. But I’d rather give the OBA a chance to do what you should have done years ago.

          • M3ke says:

            Was this the only reason? We still need to get a cruise ship down there. We need money to circulate in St. George’s town?

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          Widening the cut would have the benefit of allowing larger ships in, but, as has been mentioned, the impact of severe storm weather pouring in would be devastating.

          Do not think that the PLP put larger ships in Dockyard, because St. G rejecting widening the cut, that plan was already a go ahead as it meant more monies to a Government quango, WEDCO, rather than the Corporation of St. G. The PLP has been trying to take over both the Corporationss’ revenues to bolster their governments failing accounts and if they succeed, you can be guaranteed the services in the Corporations will suffer.

          It would be better to focusing on getting several smaller cuise ships in for multiple visits, say once a month each, and develop a marina with fractional ownership villa/complex for luxury yachts. Marinas could be done on both sides of the harbor, as there is so much rotting waterfront real estate across from the Southside Police Station.

  6. OH Please says:

    1) OK so.. the OBA are going to take Bermuda independent, so they get control of the police and then direct them to open the police station in St. George.

    2) The OBA will build thier own cruise ship that can fit through town cut, and market it so that it can some to st. George. These are the same people that are saying there are too many cruise passengers.

    3) They are going to take govt departments out of buildings they own and move them to southside….

    All while cutting the budget and reducing debt.

    If you people believe this crap, then this country is doomed.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Oh Please: I guess when it hurts so much to know that the people you look to for honesty, transparency, and responsibility can break their word without shame or explanation, it is a natural reaction to be sarcastic, negative and just a bit ridiculous.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        It’s a shame how the origins of the OBA are founded on dishonesty , cloaked in secrecy , and has irresponsibly ruined the future aspirations of Mr.Craig Cannonier and others who were duped into believing that the OBAs motives are altruistic .

        • Hey says:

          It’s all the PLP have got, and it isn’t even true…keep spouting your devisive Markham based strategy…IT WILL LOSE YOU this election, people are clued into what the PLP is doing and not doing.

        • We the people says:

          Divide and distract. Divide and distract. You have nothing more than that.

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            What use will you have for Mr.Cannonier after Dec.17th ?

            • Hey says:

              How can you support the PLP in st Georges, when they have DONE NEXT TO NOTHING..I’ve been down there 4 times this year…Ghost Town is accurate.

        • Argosy says:

          Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s back to the plantation we go!

      • Come Correct says:

        I think its pretty clear by now that those aren’t the top priorities of their(plp) supporters.

      • frank says:

        you don,t sound like you want my people to be free

        • Hey says:

          strategy 101 divisiveness, them and us …. Markham type stuff…scary that it is all you got.

    • The Truthsayer says:

      “1) OK so.. the OBA are going to take Bermuda independent, so they get control of the police and then direct them to open the police station in St. George.

      2) The OBA will build thier own cruise ship that can fit through town cut, and market it so that it can some to st. George. These are the same people that are saying there are too many cruise passengers.”

      You may, just may be the biggest moron in Bermuda if you believe that trash!

      • OH Please says:

        That’s what they said, not me…

        You can’t tell the police where to put a police station and where to put their people. So ask the OBA why they are making promises they CAN’T KEEP!

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          Then why does the PLP attempt to take credit for improvements in crime stats and what not (but then when something goes wrogn blames the Governor)?

        • The Truthsayer says:

          SHOW me where they said those things. You’re just talking $hit just to talk $hit.

          1. The island is not going independent anytime soon regardless of who’s in power.

          2. The police station is already in St. George’s dummy.

          3. I still cannot wrap my mind around the most idiotic comment of the year on Bernews. You get the award.

          >”The OBA will build thier own cruise ship that can fit through town cut”

          WHAT promises have the PLP made to the town of St. George that they’ve kept?

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          Actually, the government is responsible or he police’s budget, and as such, can facilitate to make sure the station can remain open full time by working with the governor toward such a goal. The PLP have just never tried to work with the governor, they just like to take credit when the police do well and when they don’t, they blame it on their lack of authority over police operations. Frankly I’m glad to have the police’s authority independent of any government, it allowed them to investigate things like BHC. Shame our laws weren’t up to date, it would have ensured those conducting ‘unethical’ behaviour to have been prosecuted as criminals like in other more modern legislations. But then government is responsible for setting the laws… have they ever updated them to make sure that corruption can’t happen again? Oh well, maybe they will eventually be able to look into other things like Faith Based Tourism and the new TCD construction. I could also suggest the Global Hue contracts, the cement silo leasing inconsistency, the former hospital head hiring, who changed the cruise ship dock design to something cheaper and faulty, the BLDC consulting contract practices, etc……

          • Building a better Bermuda says:

            In ’98 we were promised justice, what we got was ‘just us’

    • Liars says:

      the country is doomed under the PLP because they still can’t understand the most simple concepts!

    • rockfish says:

      Imagine those who retired in St Georges 14 years ago to the promises made by the current government. They lived their last treasured years in hope of change to their community. Those years are now lost forever and they are too old to enjoy the benefits of any change tomorrow. For those who have recently retired and live in the town of St Georges we cannot afford to make empty promises to them. We need a MP who will champion those needs for this community. I will be voting for the OBA because the PLP and Mr Swan have not made change a priority for St Georges.

      • A Bermudian says:

        @ rockfish,

        Would you not admit that when St. Geo opted out of opening the Cut, that they kinda of caused traffic to slow down in the town of St. Georges? For the sake of the town, I think the cut needs to be opened, because cruise ships will not be getting smaller anytime soon. I remember this being an issue in 2004, but the people at the time did not want to open the cut, so this is what happens (ask Dockyard if they mind, they have all the ship traffic now).

        With regard to a hotel in the area, this is something that can be looked at. Also, I think it is fair to note that most hoteliers are building hotels with casinos in them, so this is something the PLP need to address. It isn’s like we do not have forms of gambling on the island already.

        The only way forward is together, so I hope both parties will put the people first, and get to work. Whether you are the GOV. or the Opposition, please do your job, and hold each other accountable, so that we can move forward. Most strong Governments around the world have a strong opposition, so I hope this is what we can have after the dust settles.

  7. Will says:

    A new hotel is all fine and dandy but what about filling that new hotel? People are looking for lower prices when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. Bermuda needs to consider a lowering of costs in order to encourage more visitors to our island.

  8. Tom D. says:

    Good Luck on finding that cruise ship!!! OBA love to play into fantasy because they know what people want to hear. We are not dumb you know!!

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Hard to tell, when you keep voting in a Party that is rampantly racist and has overseen the decline of Bermuda in both social and economic terms.

      But hey, zealots only see what they want to see. Soon enough (yes, I am not dumb enough to believe that the PLP will be voted out) you will feel it and then I can proudly say, “don’t blame me, cause you made it happen.”

      Can I ask you PLPers a simple question? What makes you think that the same lot that assisted in getting us into this mess has any idea of how to get us out? It is a serious question. Do you think that they had an epiphany recently and now all of a sudden they have the answers to reverse Bermuda’s downslide?

      Remember the 2010 Throne Speech in which Premier Cox stated that Bermuda was on the road to recovery? And yet you still think they have any idea of what they are doing at this point? Absolutely amazing.

      • OH Please says:

        Oh yeah, thats right.. PLP caused the Global Financial Crisis.

        PLP responsible for Lehman, PLP responsible for Butterfield, PLP responsible for Madoff, PLP responsible for XL, PLP responsible for AIG….

        Get a grip. Get a Clue.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          Well if you really believe that the Government has played no part of our current economic malaise then the term zealot fits you to a T.

          Do you think that the millions-upon-millions of so called project “overruns” was caused by the global crisis or simple poor economic management or even something more sinister?

          Did the global economic crisis caused only 28% of our public school children to achieve a C or higher in their 2011/12 GCSE examinations?

          Did the global economic crisis create the numerous scandals, qualified audit reports (i.e. failed), the disregard for established Government protocols, issuance of Government contracts to F&F as well?

          I could go on and on, but for some reason I do not believe that you can be debated with rationally (zealots rarely are rational).

          Good day to you sir and continue to vote strong…I will support Bermuda, while you will simply support your Party.

          • Tom D. says:

            So the construction project overruns impacted the world economy? Get a grip. Have you ever taken a project management course if you did you would know that 70% of projects either finish out of scope, over budget, or over schedule.

            So the PLP are directly responsible for CedarBridge and you think grades will magically be higher with the UBP/OBA in power? Why don’t you go talk to the principal there. They have a great facility. Or is your plan to fire all the teachers because its their fault? Or better yet, you should introduce a plan to change the mindsets of all the mothers and fathers that fail at parenting and don’t make sure their children get good grades in school.

            • Let me get this str8 says:

              Pick and choose what you answer I see.

              What I said was that the global economy did not create massive “overruns” on capitl projects. You say it is normal for 70% of projects to runover budget, but the PLP’s record is 100% of over the initial budget. And when they do they usually run millions and millions over budget (i.e. Berkeley, TCD, Dockyard Pier, Dame Louis Courthouse (which also has a blind trust behind it)). So it is either total incompetence on the Government’s part or like I said something more sinister.

              So I take it you are happy with the fact that the PLP stated that our public school students are “thriving” while also announcing the dismal statistic I mentioned above. But I do understand that many PLPers love to be deceived, over and over again. And if Cedarbridge is such a lovely facility (which I agree with) then why do you PLPers constantly bitch and moan about the facility and claim the UBP built it knowing the children will fail.

              So nothing to say about the numerous qualified audits, unaccounted for funds and basic cronyism that occurs on a weekly basis? Did the global recession (which isn’t so global anymore and hasn’t been for quite some time) force the politicians to hand out contracts to their F&F?

              And let me guess the global economy has also created the rampant racism that is the backbone of the PLP nowadays?

              Like I said vote the way you want, but you cannot continue to ignore the truth. But zealots usually do…

              • Tom D. says:

                You keep reiterating the same. So what if the projects went over budget. Like i said before 70% of projects either finish out of scope, over budget, or over schedule for many different reasons. Especially construction projects due to the nature of the business. There are so many variables, unknowns and risks. Contractors can be very spiteful and always claim they need more money because they mismanaged their own business. I don’t know exactly why they went over budget, but from your write up. YOU DON”T KNOW EITHER!! Lets get something straight I’m not defending the PLP. I am stating what I know as far as my experience within the construction industry and projects I’ve managed.

                Now back to education where you failed to give a reason how under the UBP/OBA children who attend CBA would have better grades. You know why you didn’t answer it. Because you don’t know. Again, yes the facility is great. But that doesn’t equate to a better education. Education starts at the home and this is something the UBP/OBA nor PLP can fix. We have a much bigger cultural problem that needs to be fixed. The UBP’s idea to put all the children in one mega school crippled the education system and instigated violence which has now escalated.

                I’m not racist but the way UBP/OBA and its supporters talk in relation to blacks and the PLP is out of tone and disrespectful. That is the reason why switched from being an OBA supporter to PLP not to mention I don’t like their campaign. The PLP have accomplished more in 14years then the UBP have accomplished in 30yrs. Things in this country that should have been maintenanced or rebuilt were overlooked because of a government that didn’t care.

                • Let me get this str8 says:

                  You honestly think that the PLP isn’t a truly racist organization?

                  Now I just can’t take you seriously and know that you are pretending to be something you are not.

                  Like I said vote the way you want, but you cannot continue to ignore the truth. But zealots usually do…

                • Who wrote the report? says:

                  One minute you’re saying that its not an government’s fault for poor education standards and in te same breath you blame the UBP? And how is it any government’s fault that these kids can’t seem to get along with one another? Why can’t the children of an extremely small island to to school together without having to fight one another? Who’s fault is that, that they can’t get along?

                  Like the guy said above, please stop pretending to be someone you’re not. You’re PLP and that is fine, but stop trying to portray that you were even considering voting for someone else.

                  And you talk about OBA supporters talking trash as the reason for putting you off. So was it te PLP’s reference to some fellow black Bermudians as being house ni$$ers and hanging up on white people simply because they are white turned you on to vote for the PLP?

                  Stop pretending.

                  • Tom D. says:

                    “One minute you’re saying that its not an government’s fault for poor education standards and in te same breath you blame the UBP?”

                    The answer varies there’s not just one reason. There are many and you know this already. Education starts at the home, and yes at the time putting all the children in one school instigated the violence. Additionally, the media is at fault too and along with what they see growing up in their community.

                    ” And how is it any government’s fault that these kids can’t seem to get along with one another?”

                    In social cliques or groups there is always rivalry –it’s human nature. Since the island is small it tends to concentrate and instigate it. Think of tribes in Africa thrown in one area together.

                    Like the guy said above, please stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

                    - I’m not pretending to be anyone; I don’t know what hat you pulled this out of.

                    And you talk about OBA supporters talking trash as the reason for putting you off. So was it te PLP’s reference to some fellow black Bermudians as being house ni$$ers..”

                    – The PLP have never said house Ni%%ers. Again you are racist one for even making this up. They did how ever use the word surrogate.

                    • media says:

                      Here you go Tom D:

                      Bermuda’s Broadcasting Commission has decided that Lt. Col. David Burch’s infamous “house ni##ers” comment was “in violation of the spirit” of the Broadcasting Act.


                      You must have let that one slip your memory. Not the nicest thing to say to a caller on a radio show is it? Yes, it did actually happen and a complaint was made to the Broadcast Commission. So it is a fact. I suppose that is why he has been muzzled until after the election and then he will spew his filth upon us.

                    • media says:

                      The worst part about the incident below, apart from David Burch saying it in the first place was the wall of silence from the PLP at the time. It was absolutely mind boggling that a Minister could say that and get away with it. Literally in any other Country he would have been fired immediately. That kind of episode and it was not the only one, made a whole lot of people in the community very uncomfortable with this PLP Government. The PLP can only blame themselves for the lack of trust that’s out there towards them and they certainly can’t expect people to forget and just accept that they have changed their ways so easily. It will take years, even if they have a genuine change of heart, to get people to trust them.

        • Argosy says:

          The PLP has been the Government for the past 14 years.

          The buck stops with them, period. That’s what Governments do – govern and recognise that they are the place where the buck stops.

          Follow the advice you give others – get a grip & get a clue (sic).

      • status! says:

        @letmegetthisstr8!—-get this straight, its impossible for the plp to be racist! They have never claimed their race to be more superior and so have not oppressed you on that level, why don’t you explain your comment about what you call, their racism? so I can get it straight exactly what you mean..

        • media says:

          It depends on how you classify being racists. Someone can still exhibit racist behaviour and not be white. They don’t have to claim to be superior and they don’t have to have oppressed to be a racist either. Discrimination based on skin colour is the basic definition of being a racist. If it is not, what is your definition of discrimination based on skin colour?

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            Kinda like having a black man like Mr.Cannonier as the leader , while the white guys Dunkerly , Grant , Gibbons and Smith are in charge . Why can’t Mr Cannonier be in charge ?

            • Argosy says:

              Back to the plantation….

            • media says:

              Believe what you want to believe. I know that Craig Cannonier is the Leader in charge of the OBA. The others are part of a diverse Team that bring a lot to the table.

              • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

                That’s a lie .

                • media says:

                  How on earth would you know anything about the workings of the OBA. You are obviously entrenched in the PLP and by your own admission in an earlier post you don’t know anyone that takes the OBA seriously. Craig Cannonier is the Leader of the OBA.

                • RFK JFK MLK says:

                  Just like every word that comes out of your sh#t-filled mouth.

                  • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

                    Ummm I’m typing …Or it must be that you are hearing me shout as I roam freely and stomp around in that empty head of yours ? Thanks for allowing me that freedom !

                    @media…Prove It . Prove that I know nothing about as you say ” the inner workings”. Prove that Mr.Cannonier is the legitimate leader of the b@st@rd child of the UBP !

        • Eastern says:

          Racism has absolutely nothing to do with superiority or oppresion and has every to do with hating someone because of the color of one’s skin or their enthicity.

          Buy a dictionary!

    • Joanne Smith says:

      I don’t know, last election sort of proved you were??? PLP Promise of free ferry, free college, free ….

      • HSM says:

        … daycare, free medical for seniors. “I’m gonna vote PLP ’cause they’re gonna give me lots of free stuff” was all I heard going into work each morning before the last election…

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          I remember quite clearly the same sentiment.

          And subsquent to the election the free day care became the day care allowance for means tested persons. Actually the PLP just reduced the minimum threshold for eligbility thus cutting more people off for this program. Standing strong hey?

          That free Bermuda college tuition lasted all of 2 years?

          Free public transportation for all turned into free public transportation for school children and seniors.

          Futurecare now costs more than double than its original premiums issued.

          That’s what PLPers just don’t get. Nothing is free in this world.

          But hey continue on with the Greek style economics. You ain’t see nothing yet…

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        Don’t forget the Platinum Period of tourism with the numerous hotel developments in the pipeline…

      • fred says:

        Nothing in life is ‘Free.’ Remember that… See what debt has been incurred to provide ‘Free?’ And you will see increased taxation in many forms to recoup payment of our debt for all the ‘Free’ stuff. At to what end? Just so that could buy votes…

    • Clive Spate says:

      The latest education results suggest otherwise.

  9. GOD 1st says:

    @ will do you know how much tourist ST.georges attracts ,their will be no problem filling this hotel.

  10. GOD 1st says:

    @ Tom D this is reality for the OBA and people of bermuda , but a fantasy for the PLP.

    • Tom D says:

      I don’t discredit the OBA. Just some of the stuff they claim is a bit over the top and unrealistic. On the other hand, some of the objectives they have come up with are good.

  11. GOD 1st says:

    @ will ships wouldn’t be a problem contract smaller ships until the channel undergoes reconstruction.

    • A Bermudian says:

      @God 1st,

      It’s not that simple. Most of the smaller ships are being fazed out. The mega ships are the new trend in Cruise ship industry. They need to widen the cut, and they will get more cruise ships.

  12. CHEEKUMS BIE says:


    • Let me get this str8 says:

      So anyone that disagrees with the PLP are racist?

      How about a half-intelligent rebuttal to these points?

      Or is that beyond you?

      • The Truthsayer says:

        Cheekums doesn’t have one. They spout the same $hit he/she always does.

      • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

        A racist comment, a known fact that racist people always attack a person and try to insinuate that they are not intelligent
        (╯°益°)╯ 彡┻━┻

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          So then by you calling all OBA supporters stupid all the time and/or puppets (i.e. someone not intelligent enough to know they are being used) makes you no different than the supposed “racists” that you are always attacking?

        • Dee Wvite man says:

          Yup I’m racist and um comin to get you and bring ya back to dee plantation if you don’t wvote Pee Ahl Pee.

  13. Liars says:

    let me guess, you’d rather have this guy in power?


  14. haha says:

    Kenny Bascome – nothing accomplished as Mayor

    Nandi Davis – nothing accomplished in press conference

    Gaylynne Cannonier – never heard a peep out of her.

    Sure I believe these guys will be strong advocates for St George’s.


  15. GOD 1st says:

    @ haha are you aware that PLP supporters in constituency number #3 want Lovitta Foggo removed.They are waiting for the outcome of the election and if the PLP wins she will be replaced by Shawn Tucker.

    • Concerned says:

      OH no – I would rather go down to Lord’s and call up the spirits and talk with them. You don’t see Sean in St. David’s, you see more of him in the paper discussing the pool that can’t be used by everyone.

      Lovitta arranged for St. Luke’s lane to be two way from the junction of Texas Road and the Lane to a point and one way up from the junction of St. Luke’s lane and Lighthouse Road just there by St. Luke’s A.M.E. Church and didn’t tell anybody via newspaper or tv/radio – oh wait, it was mentioned in the Throne Speech. Any serious accidents, you should be held responsible. Lovitta you are the weakest link and it is now time for you to go.

  16. Tired says:

    Getting tired of answering survey calls at least 4 times a week.
    December 17th needs to hurry up.

    • media says:

      It’s strange we have not seen any poll results released to the media yet. I have a feeling it is very close on both sides. Normally we would have seen one by now with only a week to go.

    • More Confused says:

      You’re right there! I had 3 calls yesterday from the same number in Florida. The first 2 didn’t connect. On the 3rd, I was greeted by name then wanted to tell me what great things my Progressive Labour Party MP had done. Told him he had the wrong number and hung up.

  17. Tired says:

    I hope whoever does get voted in thinks about other Bermudians and not just their own pockets. I have seen Nandia Davis several times and not once has she spoke or made a gesture. She looks sad smile as well it helps.

    • Hey says:

      Very busy working for the future and the benefit of Bermudians and Bermuda…obviously little time for show biz and publicity stunts. When a surgeon is trying to save a dying paitent they have to remain focused. I’d be concerned if it was all happy slapping smile and wave like the PLP. You are going to love the change in the East End. At Last !

      • Tired says:

        Not saying she should be walking around looking goofy at all but at least great people with a smile. Just a observation. My party has my vote already.

  18. St. George Resident says:

    The biggest joke of the year is your post for OBA #3 candidate. That woman is weak, uneducated and has she ever held a real job? Ms. Foggo taught my children and they all are successful because of the interest Ms. Foggo took in them. She works hard for St. Davids – Urgent care, St. Davids School and pre school. I can’t vote there but all my relatives are voting for Ms. Foggo!

    • Terry says:

      It’s a family thing.
      You just supported by opinion of the PLP.

    • Concerned says:

      Do you know the connection between Ms. Cannonier and Ms. Foggo. Family is family no matter what side of the line they are on and the nerve of you to call Ms. Cannonier weak, I guess you never met her grandmother and her mother, uneducated – perhaps you should read her information and yes she has held a job – she was self employed owning her own business and i am sure you walked in, purchased and didn’t know who owned the business – self supporting, confident, committed and wise.

  19. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    What does the OBA and a Christmas tree have in common ? They’ll both be tossed out after December !

  20. media says:

    You know we could all make silly comments about the PLP too, but they only make the person making them look more and more foolish. If you can’t make an honest and informed contribution why bother? Who exactly are you trying to reach with your silliness?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Tell you the truth , Very few people are taking the OBA serious right now … We’d rather have the Ol’UBP back . What a travesty to abandon the UBP as of it was a relic , a party to be ashamed of . Is this honest and informed enough for you . You people have no idea .

      • Argosy says:

        ….but you do, right?

        IMHO, a party that elected a leader who behaved unethically has plenty to be ashamed of.

      • media says:

        You seem to be spending plenty of your time trashing the OBA. So you must be taking them seriously enough to be devoting your day to this mission. I imagine you are surrounded by hard core PLP supports who wouldn’t dare think about voting anything other than the PLP, so naturally they wouldn’t be taking the OBA seriously. The OBA are focused on the swing voters that are totally disillusioned with the state of Bermuda and are carefully considering who to vote for.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          When the swing voter looks for the UBP on the ballot sheet and don’t see it , they’ll be confused . They won’t recognise the OBA , so they’ll either spoil the ballot or vote PLP . Some might even vote for a independent if one is available .

      • Terry says:

        How much they pay you a#$hole.

  21. The Truth says:

    St georges is ruined. Plp hasnt done a thing. Ewart sucked the east dry. Its time for change! To bad Renee Ming has it won already. Nandi who? Lol. Kim Swan laydown!

  22. GOD 1st says:

    @ resident lovitta works part time for St.davids some of her own supporters want her out. She has ignored quite a few people although they will vote for her again and have her replaced by MR.Tucker.

  23. GOD 1st says:

    @ resident your family is only a certain % of constituency # 3 do you know how many households that are not voting for PLP in constituency # 3. Talk to some more folks

    • St. George Resident says:

      You are wrong, that’s 4 they are not voting because they just can’t vote for low morals such as Susanne H.

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        What has she done (except be white I imagine) that has led you to believe that she has low morals?

      • RFK JFK MLK says:

        LOL, so instead they’re voting for LeRoy Bean, yep, that guy has great morals…

  24. Hmmmmm says:

    Implement a fully operational CCTV system in the Town – how much?
    Reopen the St. George’s police station on a full-time basis – why and how much?
    Work with operators to re-establish a reliable minibus service in St. David’s – what a joke; they’ll want you (the government) to pay for the gas, the tires, the driver and provide the vehicle; that’s why the last service failed.
    Make a new hotel development in St. George’s a reality. – how? What would you do that hasn’t been done already?
    Secure a cruise ship for St. George’s – how? what would you do that hasn’t been done already?
    Re-open the St. George’s golf course – with or without the much needed upgrades ?
    Facilitate a St. George’s community garden – good idea
    Relocate more Government services to Southside & St. George’s to increase economic activity – really ? have you checked with your core supporters who reap the $12m in annual rent paid by the Government for being in their buildings in Hamilton? They might call you “anti-business”.

    St. George’s have been their own worst enemy. They have failed to grasp the changing times and now that things are passing them by they’re casting blame everywhere except where it belongs. They were told that smaller ships weren’t being made anymore and that they needed to get into the mega-yacht business but chose to demand someone find their special little town a ship just for them. Well newsflash, it doesn’t work like that. As for the hotel, who would want to come to Bermuda after the way our media and some politicians have treated developers over the years? While we in Bermuda are obssessed by who brings whom to the table, deals die and projects never happen because of our pettiness. Meanwhile, Turks&Caicos, St. Kitts and Grenada are making deals that should be done here. No allegations of corruption, no nastiness because of who might be friends with whom and no sick headlines that make money run in the other direction. They want hotels and understand what it takes to make deals work. We’re too special for that, and so we continue to lose out. St. George’s has gotten just what it deserves.You reap what you sow.

    • Terry says:

      And you are a PLP Troll.
      Be blessed.

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      Did you really say that T&C is free of allegations of corruption?

      Does Misick ring a bell?

      • Hmmmmm says:

        The hotel deals they’ve signed in the last few months are. And devlopers don’t give a rat’s ass about internal stuff like TCI’s problems as long as they’re free to make money. Not like Bermuda where they’re required to have the right friends and wear the right underwear and on and on and on to please people like you.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          They were free to make $$$ because they were forced to pay off the politicians like Misick to get a piece of the pie.

          That is unacceptable in any right minded democracy. When the 40 thieves did it, it was corruption. But nowadays it is acceptable business practices?

          And if they don’t give a rat’s ass then why haven’t built in Bermuda. Having the right friends equates to knowing PLPers. So why aren’t they befriending these individuals?

          • Hmmmmm says:

            Wake up and read a little. TCI has signed several new hotel deals under the British and very few details of the concessions provided have been forthcoming. You see, when the British keep secrets its called “sound business practice”. When we do it call in the Royal Commission. And i think you have it in reverse; what the 40 Thieves did is what the OBA is calling “prudent stewardship”. Its the PLP that’s corrupt for doing some of the same things. They haven’t built in Bermuda because they can’t get past all the hold-outs from the bad old days in areas like Planning and Finance…..true story.

  25. Let me get this str8 says:

    “St. George’s has gotten just what it deserves.You reap what you sow.”

    Just like the Bermudian electorate

    • V. O. Rosenbaun says:

      Fact is Mr. Swan in c2 brings experience, integrity, honesty, transparency, intelligibility, sincerity, genuineness, substance, legitimacy, validity all combined with a passion not only for St. George but for the man in the street whose voice needs to be heard.

      Why would I want to consider any other candidate?

      Poor you all that don’t have the choice of an Independent Candidate, We do and we will support Swan in c2 thank you very much.

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        I think Mr. Swan has more integrity than any other candidate in the whole election.

        My quote was just sayying that the Bermuda electorate gets what it derserves, reaps what it sows during election time. It was a dig at the PLP, not Mr. Swan.

  26. Joe says:

    M.P.Mountbatten?? That an attempt at a joke….pretty poor. Plus the OBA have to be in already, to be thrown out….

    I did hear the PLP were going to put on their version of the Nativity Play at this festive time of the year…..

    soon gave up on the idea when could not find three wise men, but there were plenty of asses to fill the stable….

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Well the OBA stole our thunder and beat us to the punch ! Dunkley , Gibbons and Smith were the three wise man ; and you know the rest of the cast , I mean asses .

      Oh Oh the UBP was thrown out by the same people , remember ? Go lay down with your tired self Joe count !

      • Terry says:

        Your boring Monty.
        The Python has struck.
        Taken all.
        Go to hell you payed Ewart rat.

  27. Play Ground says:

    It is true some of these things are already going on the comunity garden is one. Golf Course the other and its not government who is stopping the course its persons working for them who should be getting the job done but civil servants drag their feet. Also the people of st george need to do somethings themselves. Kenny has done nothing for the town as mayor. Jennifer has done lots for my children and education and she care.

    • media says:

      She might care but in the meantime St. George’s is dead. The place is like a jewel that has been discarded at the bottom of the drawer. The PLP have neglected what should be the crowning jewel of Bermuda for too long. Jennifer Smith has failed to implement anything substantive for St. George’s as the Premier and as the area representative. It is self evident. She might care but she has been largely ineffective.

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Yep, excellent education results for this generation of children under the Great Dame. Glad to see so many kids are able to get a G or above in GCSEs.

    • Concerned says:

      I love to shop in St. George’s it is unique, The Delicatessen makes the best beef/lettuce/mustard/mayo/tomato sandwich on toasted multigrain bread ever. But I feel the people of St. George’s are afraid to be imaginative, afraid of change and new ideas and as Mayor, Kenny can only do so much, his Committee(s) can only do so much and when you have one such as Ewart Brown who comes in like satan to steal jobs, kill the spirit of the Towne and destroy it’s services and it’s growth – who was willing to stand up to this man. You saw how Kenny met with the gentleman who is going to build the new hotel – great job, at least he got more information from him than from gov’t. Come on people of St. George’s open the windows of your minds and spirits – turn the lights on, be creative in your businesses (a few of the T-Shirt places need to be overhauled)and take back what is yours and your families, for Bermuda and our visitors. You have been stripped almost bare of your dignity and pride. What has Dame Jennifer done to help St. George’s in all the years as your representative. I remember years ago she was filled with spirit, vitality, great pride for our community – one would have thought she would have moved like a mighty wind when she became Premier. Ashamed and disgusted!

  28. Pzjgr Mike says:

    Interesting revelations…I manage an annual environmental testing program here, and started coming to the island in ’95. I was here every year (sometimes several times a year) until 2003, then I allowed other team members to take my slot on the project. This is the first year I have been back since then.

    St Georges was always my favorite Island to visit. I am crazy about history, especially military history, and St Georges always satisfied my craving for both.

    I finally had the chance to go and poke around St Davids and St Georges today, and my thoughts after visiting the Old Town was “Gee, it seems like a ghost town, a lot of shops are gone” and to be honest its looking a little run down compared to what I remember from ’95-’03.

    One of the first things I mentioned to one of the other guys when I got back to our apartments was my observations. I thought maybe I was being too critical, but apparently my assessment is unfortunately true.

    Now I know part of the reason behind the decline….there was no cruise ship wharf at the Dockyard last time I was here. I was actually a bit surprised to find out about that. I can see where no regular cruise ship docking can indeed really put a crimp into the economy of St Georges.

    I will not dare to really wade into Bermuda politics as it seems very confusing to an annual visitor, but I have to say, in my experience nothing good ever comes from political groups that have the words “Progressive” or “Labor” in them. And it seems to me that after looking into some of the changes in Bermuda as of late, that a lot of observers who understand Bermudian politics seem to think the letters PLP has much to do with it.

    Regardless as to reasons or fault, I hope St Georges can fix the issues, and bring itself back. It truly is, IMHO, one of the most beautiful and interesting pars of Bermuda. I love the history and architecture of Old Town, and the Forts dotting the landacape.

    I wish you all luck.