RUBiS Launch New ULTRA TEC Diesel

May 2, 2013

Today David Rose, General Manager of RUBiS Energy Bermuda, announced the launch of their new ULTRA TEC Diesel.

He said, “Our new ULTRA TEC Diesel targets and cleans up injector fouling in diesel engines created by carbon deposits and can be used in all diesel vehicles and engines.”

“Carbon deposits usually occur in the fuel injectors in the combustion chamber and inside the chamber itself, causing the engines to run less-efficiently. ULTRA TEC advanced technology is a fully synthetic, multi-functional additive package that enhances our Diesel fuel to clean up deposits and maintain a clean environment in the fuel injection system.”

RUBis said the benefits of the new ULTRA TEC diesel are: Superior performance in injector cleaning; cleans up injector deposits to significantly reduce loss of injector flow; restores power lost from injector clogging; maintains clean injectors; improvement in fuel economy; significant reduction in undesirable exhaust emissions, especially carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons; excellent control of corrosion reducing the risk of filter blockage; prevents emulsion formation; effective control of foam formation and reduces time to fill your tank.

Mr. Jermaine Simons, Sales & Marketing Manager said, “ULTRA TEC Diesel enables the consumer to utilize a more efficient fuel, whilst unleashing the performance of their vehicle. ULTRA TEC Diesel is the choice for consumers who wish to maximize their engine’s performance, enhance the life of their engine, improve their fuel economy, and reduce emissions.”

ULTRA TEC Diesel will be available at all RUBis network stations as of tomorrow [May 3].

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