Ministry: Corporation’s Remarks Are Misleading

September 11, 2013

In response to yesterday’s [Sept 10] announcements made by the Mayor of Hamilton, the Ministry of Home Affairs wanted to clarify some facts, particularly as it relates to meeting with members of the Corporation of Hamilton.

A Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson said, “It should be clarified that the Minister of Home Affairs, Sen. Michael Fahy together with Premier Craig Cannonier, met with the Corporation of Hamilton regarding the Waterfront Project within the first few weeks of taking office. A follow-up meeting with the Corporation’s Development Team was planned pending the receipt of the lease and other related documents.

“In fact the Minister has met on numerous occasions with the Corporation and its representatives during the period. Concerns regarding the Request For Proposal [RFP] process, the work flowing from the Ombudsman’s investigation and Municipalities Reform have all been topics of discussion. And the Ministry anxiously awaits the outcome of the Ombudsman’s submission.

“The public will already be aware that the Ministry confirmed receipt of the outstanding waterfront lease in June this year, and due diligence work is now in progress.

“Any suggestion that the Government failed to meet with the Corporation of Hamilton on this matter within the first nine weeks of its tenure is therefore misleading and untrue,” the Ministry spokesperson concluded.

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  1. Bermewjan says:

    Still comparing length it seems.

  2. jt says:

    The election result threw a spanner in the works.

  3. Amazed says:

    Who exactly is A Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson. Any release should come from the PS who should be clearly identified!

  4. Who that cap fit says:

    De Nightmayor continue!