CableVision Provides Storm Restoration Update

October 21, 2014

[Updated] Following the damage from Fay and Gonzalo, Bermuda CableVision have now completed the repair to their main distribution plant, and have three larger teams working in the eastern, central and western areas of the Island to bring customers back online.

CEO Terry Roberson said, “Bermuda CableVision has been working into the night to restore service to our subscribers in the aftermath of both storms and we have now completed the repair to our main distribution plant.

“Since Tropical Storm Fay, we have had five crews working island-wide. Today, we loaned one of our bucket trucks to Belco to support their overseas team that has just arrived. As a result, we now have three larger teams working in the eastern, central and western areas of the Island to bring our customers back online.

“Today, our crews worked in St. George’s between the entrance of Ferry Reach and the end of Cut Road and all streets in between in the east. In the central parishes, our teams worked in Paget, between Southcote Road and Ord Road, up to Paget Primary School. They also worked on Middle Road in Paget from Valley Road and Manse Road.

“In the western parishes, the crews worked in Warwick from Middle Road near Belmont Hills Golf Course to T.N. Tatem Middle School and everything in between, including Cedar Hill and Spice Hill Road. We will finish each area before moving on to the next street.

“Tomorrow, our crews will continue to work in St. George’s. St. Monica’s Road to Friswell’s Hill and all neighbouring streets will be addressed in the central area. We will also work in Khyber Pass and the whole Spice Hill area in Warwick to restore service.

“Although these are our designated areas, we expect additional houses to come back online in addition to these areas. We are also bringing in eight generators to help to restore service to our customers. We continue to apologise to our customers for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience while we carry about post-hurricane restoration.”

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog where we are bringing you continuous live coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

Update Oct 22, 5.23pm: Mr Roberson provided an update on today’s work and said, “Work continued across the island today to restore service to our customers. The cable plant in the central area now has full services, providing both video and internet to the majority of our subscribers.

“Because the eastern area is so large, our team will continue to work from the entrance of Ferry Reach down to Cut Road tomorrow. We will also work on Friswell’s Hill, Glebe Road, Roberts Avenue North, Border Lane North and Crane Lane. In the west, we will also work on Middle Road, Warwick, including Warwick Lane, Warwickshire Road, Lightbourne Lane and Spicery Road area.

“We are focused on these designated areas and will continue to update the public on our progress. We know it is frustrating for customers to be without service, and so we are continuing to work extended hours to restore service and we would like to thank our customers for their patience.”

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Comments (18)

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  1. I wonder says:

    I wonder if customers will see a reduction in their bill next month for the days they are without service? I don’t see why people should have to pay for what they have not used.

  2. Craig Mayne says:

    I probably more than most, truly understand the weather damage and keeping customers happy, but if Cablevision does not put in place a system that their customers can actually talk to someone by tomorrow, I will with no hesitation switch all my business ( Cable and Internet) to Logic TV and Internet!! being directed to a voicemail box that is full, does not cut it!!

    • lhbermuda says:

      Try finding someone to talk to at Logic :(

    • ya right says:

      Logic and Cablevision are like brothers and sisters anyway. You should have said WoW and TBI.

  3. Greta says:

    And any comment on pro rata refunds please? Customers should not be paying for a service they are not receiving, Cablevision are not a charity.

  4. Rivio says:

    ?? my cable was working after Fay but went out early thursday long before Ganzalo….does a refund apply??

    • Runner says:

      Me too! Went out Wednesday morning morning at 4:50am on Oct. 15th and when called in to report that morning was advised that service would be restored by 9am Oct. 16. Still waiting and like others, tired of being directed to a full voice-mail box. Alternative service strongly being considered! And i see no mention of any work being done on South Shore road east of Trimingham Hill through Smith’s where all poles have been up for a week!!

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    Cablevision have been the failure story for Gonzalo.

    • Yahoo says:

      They are a failure story most of the year… nothing new here.

    • ya right says:

      Other carriers failed too. Big time and even worse!! My Cablevision was turned back on last night in St. George.

  6. Sexy Blacque says:

    Crews need to be posted in the Sandys parish area. Warwick is nowhere near West.

  7. Umm.... says:

    People expecting refunds? From this company? Sorry, but I just laughed.

  8. Franklin Jr says:

    Is there a number to talk to someone to get a timeline? Or just cancel? That WOW all in 1 package was looking tempting before, and is looking VERY good now!

  9. Former Union Member says:

    My cable service (and internet access) went down on Saturday the 18th, BEFORE Fay hit us. Still not back in the Mizzentop area of Warwick. While there may be some storm related issues now, the original outage was something else that no one seems to talk about. It is time to look at alternatives that are more robust…so I am researching anything that stayed up and running during the storm. Time to change.

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      We’re on the St. Mary’s side of the hill and had cable service up and down prior to Fay. It was actually down when Fay hit. It did come back, about two hours before Gonzalo took the power out.

      When the power came back, so did cable, however today when they’re working in the area, it’s gone again.

      Thankfully, we don’t get the internet via cablevision.

      • Sandinthehourglass says:

        I was considering doing the Cablevision cable/internet package, but forget about it now! Cablevision has proven to be extremely slow and unreliable! Had our northrock/logic internet up several days ago!

  10. Former Union Member says:

    Sorry…typo. Service went down on Saturday the 11th before Fay.

  11. drew says:

    WOW cable and Internet has been up and running so I understand