Another Flare Report, Likely Atmospheric Event

December 24, 2014

A reported flare sighting last night [Dec 23] resulted in a police land unit requested to make observations but reported nothing unusual, and Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said “what was observed may have been atmospheric,” markin the second report of this nature in the past few days.

A spokesperson said, “On Tuesday 23rd December 9:56pm, a member of the public reported an apparent distress flare observed from Rural Hill in the direction of Blackwatch Pass.

“Though the colour was not described as consistent with a marine distress flare, Bermuda Radio made broadcasts requesting any vessels in need of assistance to contact Bermuda Radio in relation to the possibility of a flare launch. Also, a police land unit was requested to make observations in the area but reported nothing unusual.

“There were no RADAR contacts observed consistent with the sighting and no other sightings reported nor vessels reported in difficulty or overdue. It was concluded that what was observed may have been atmospheric.”

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  1. steve says:


  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Maybe an expert on the subject could tell us exactly what sort of meteorological conditions can produce a phenomenon that looks like a flare and is not a meteorite , or a UFO for that matter.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Somebody has a supply of those mini hot air balloons. If it flickers, is rising & going in the same direction as the wind….hot air balloon.

    • Micro says:

      It has to be people sending up lanterns, saw a bunch over North Shore this evening.

      Pretty traditional for this time of year.