Oracle Team USA Skipper: Fantastic To Get Here

January 20, 2015

America’s Cup team Oracle Team USA are starting to set up their base in Bermuda, with skipper Jimmy Spithill saying “it’s been fantastic to get here and feel the energy and see the welcoming we’re getting here from Bermudians.”

Oracle Team USA, the defending champion, is one of six teams set to compete for the 35th America’s Cup, alongside Artemis Racing from Sweden, Ben Ainslie Racing from Great Britain, Emirates Team from New Zealand, Luna Rossa Challenge from Italy and Team France.

Jimmy Spithill said, “The objective of being here this week is to start work on setting up our base, our home, in Bermuda. It’s been fantastic to get here and feel the energy and see the welcoming we’re getting here from Bermudians. It’s very, very exciting to see where we hope to be going out and defending the America’s Cup.”

“Our plan at Oracle Team USA is to be sailing out on The Great Sound at the beginning of May. It’s important for us to hit that deadline, so we’re working to put a plan in place to achieve that,” added Mr Spithill.

“Our team members, the designers, the athletes, their families and kids, we’re all coming here from now onwards really – looking for houses, schools, getting integrated into the local community.

“For me personally having been here the past couple of days, the local people here are really behind it. I have no doubt it’s going to be a fantastic America’s Cup here.”

Renderings of the future Oracle Team USA base in Dockyard  provided by the America’s Cup:

oracle base 3

oracle base 2

oracle base 1

americas cup click here 2

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  1. NCM says:

    Welcome, Skipper Spithall and Team Oracle. Can’t wait to see you out foiling in the Great Sound!

  2. Nicholas Scaife says:

    Oracle Team USA may have brought the America’s Cup here to Bermuda but Ben Ainslie Racing of Great Britain are going to take it by a whisker, like a thief in the night!

  3. Gombey Liberation Partier says:

    Nice idea but where will the oil tankers and cement ships dock to discharge?

  4. Dread says:

    Let’s go Team Britain!

  5. I hope the fall out from all of this is not going to be that millions of dollars are being spent and made through this event, but our own suffer greatly,sorry I am not enthusiastic about all the hoop la that is being made while no real dent is being put into education of our youth, along with the families that are in dyer straights in this country, give a true balance and you will find that most can rest easy, but when you really look at all the emphasis being placed on and around making this event successful it rather disheartening, so I have to agree with the President of the teachers union and say this government should really get their priorities in order, This even t will benefit more of the elite then it will main stream Bermuda so let’s be real, yes you will have the trickle down effect of how much of the funds will be gained by the man on the bottom, almost nothing at all.

    • justin says:

      No money = no education (teachers’ salaries, books, etc…), no scholarships, no social assistance, etc… Get the picture?

      Money makes the world go round. Snap out of fantasyland, Duane.

    • It's about time! says:

      Seriously???? Answer this….exactly how much work will the man on the bottom actually be putting forth to EARN the funds you speak of?? An honest days pay for an honest days work….nothing more and nothing less…if you work for it you will earn it!

      You piss and moan about the lack of education of our youth…and yet you have it all twisted. The bottom line is that the responsibility for our youth’s education lies within the family first!! We, as parents, are ultimately responsible for our children’s education….not the government. We, as parents, are the ones who should get their priorities in order…first and foremost.

      If you would take the time to look past the nose on your face you would realise that we, as Bermudians, should indeed do EVERYTHING in our power to make this type of event an overwhelming success. The benefits it will bring for years to come are obviously way beyond your scope of rationalisation.

      Sir John Swan had it right when he said….done right, this event will change Bermuda forever!

    • sebring says:

      oh shut up!!!!!!

    • Poltiticsagomy says:


      I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. We spend much more per child in public school than any of the private schools. Have you been to Berkeley and Cedarbridge and seen the tools and technology that the students and teachers have available to them? Again, better than the private schools!

      If they have the tools, tech and money and that isn’t working then what is the problem?

      a) students?
      b) teachers?
      c) curriculum?
      d) parents?

      • Poltiticsagomy says:

        Many parents that Homeschool get far better results with almost no fancy equipment, tools, technology and no teaching degree?

      • Sickofantz says:

        I would be interested to see the attendance figures of the public schools that we all pay for and compare them against the private schools.

  6. whatya talking bout willace says:

    Should be an exciteing event in bermuda for bermudians and the world to see how beautiful this island and its people are. We welcome you Skipper Spithall

  7. bluebird says:

    @ duane
    You had better go back to school or night school and “LEARN”
    the Golden “RULE”he who has the “GOLD RULES”

    Government produces “NOTHING”it is Private Enterprize that produces
    revenue so that the BLOOD SUCKING TEACHERS and Civil Servants can
    use abuse and waste it.
    Why do parents struggle to send there children to Private school ???
    Because they want their children to get and Education. DAH!

  8. Big Eyes says:

    The OBA Gov’t can find money for this America’s but cut assistance to all Bermuda College students for September 2015. Dont they know most students who attend the college are students whose parents cannot afford to send their children overseas. Watch enrollment drop in September especially since 500+ more people lost jobs in 2014.

    • Mockingjay says:

      They found the money because the people are weak and soft, if they had any b@lls they would make demands that benefit the people or start strategizing for the next couple of years.
      Then we would see which is more important, America’s Cup or The People of Bermuda.
      Get serious or suffer.

  9. iabingi says:

    Is there anyway that we can separate the America’s Cup Sailing discussion from our social issues? How many more years before the event?

  10. Pat Adderley says:

    God bless us all…these people who are coming here for these Americas Cup events…will eat, and sleep here and pay for those things. They will be buying items from our stores and grocery stores where Bermudians are employed, they will rent places and who owns the places they mostly will rent…come on let’s be positive and think positive about all this.
    Maybe just maybe this will be a turning point for us.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Exactly Pat this is how the island raises money to pay for the social issues. One would be really shooting oneself in the foot to stop developing business on the island to pay more towards social issues. Where would that put us 10 years down the line?