Saltus Students Score Way Over Global Average

August 8, 2016

Graduating students at Saltus Grammar School scored well above the global average in their summer Advanced Placement exams.

Two students got perfect marks in eight exams. Liam Peniston, is heading for Prince William’s old university, St. Andrew’s in Scotland, as a medical student; and the other student, Harshith Kayam is heading to Georgia Tech to study Aerospace Engineering.

Head of School Ted Staunton said: “The class of 2016 was another success story for the school. Seventy students from both the Junior and Senior Years sat these demanding exams. They took a total of 186 examinations and averaged 3.37; the global average is 2.87.

“Saltus is delighted to report that a record number of 22 students of the graduating class have been awarded the designation of Advanced Placement [AP] Scholars by the US College Board.

Saltus has offered Advanced Placement [AP] courses and exams for over 40 years. Advanced Placement [AP] courses are first-year university level courses taught at high schools throughout the world. 2.6 million students worldwide took AP examinations.

Saltus Liam Peniston Bermuda  August 2016

Success in the AP exams can earn placement, credit or both in many North American universities. They are also used for entry to UK and other European universities.

AP examinations are graded between one and five, with five being the highest grade possible. Students who are particularly successful are awarded the designation of AP Scholar.

Harshith sat eight AP exams and scored a perfect five in eight of them and last year achieved a four in English Language – he also has an SAT Math Subject test score of 800/800. Liam sat eight AP exams and achieved a perfect score of five in every one.

Both of these excellent students have received the Collegeboard designation of AP Scholar with Distinction, and AP National Scholar.

Other students who share the prestigious designation of AP Scholar with Distinction and AP National Scholar are:

Linda Amaral, who will be attending Queens’ University in Canada; Gianluca Cacace who will be attending Cardiff University in Wales; and Cathal Rynne who will attend McGill University in Canada.

Students who were designated AP Scholar with Distinction were: Ruskin Cave [Royal Veterinary College, England], Tyler Irby [Wharton School of Business, UPenn, USA], Sofia Montarsolo [Nottingham University, England], Elizabeth Parsons [Wagner College, USA], USA], Sam Wehmeyer [Wilfrid Laurier Univ, Canada], Zoe Wright [University of Bristol, England], Aiden Young [Wilfrid Laurier].

The Collegeboard designation of AP Scholar with Honours was awarded to: Jonas Schroder [University of Colorado], and Dale Tangalo and Kelsey White both of who will be attending Queens’ University, Canada.

The AP Scholar designation was awarded to: Nathan Figureido [Wilfrid Laurier Univ, Canada], Chan Richardson [Manchester Metropolitan University, Ryley Tannock [St Mary’s Univ, Canada], Jamie Sayers [University of Sussex, England], Zhanae Simmons [St Mary’s University, Canada], Kayla Tavares [Stonehill College, USA], Cecelia Wollmann [University of Southampton, England]. Cecelia managed this whilst also training for the Rio Olympics!

Mr Staunton added: “We are extremely proud of the class of 2016 in obtaining outstanding AP results. Their success is due to the hard work and effort of both the students and staff.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Congratulations to the Saltus students yet again. The private schools are consistently ahead of world averages. The public schools are consistently way behind in world averages for exam results.

    You would think that the Government administrators would request a sit down with the private schools to see what they are doing so right & the Government schools are doing so wrong.

    Better still, abolish the public system & do it by education voucher.

  2. JCS says:

    Congratulations Saltus students! I don’t think the public schools have the dedicated teachers that the private schools have, nor the dedicated parents that the private schools have. There are many people struggling so their children can have a private education, because their child’s education means more than a BMW!

    • susan t says:

      I honestly can not tell if you are trolling. Im going to err on the side of caution and say you are. If you are not… you are a colossal fool.

    • Stop says:

      How dare you insult the Public School teachers like that. Saltus have pushed people out of the school who were doing poorly academically, where do you expect those students to go for their education?

      Nothing wrong with going for greatness but education isn’t all about having a full class of doctors and engineers, it’s about helping each student be the best they can be. For some students barely passing is a massive success because of learning difficulties, yet you judge them and act as if their parents selfishness is somehow to blame for them not getting straight A’s at Saltus.

  3. Vegan hunter says:

    Body achieves what the mind believes. No excuses. Teachers show you what to learn, it’s up to you to learn it. No excuses.