BDA Drug Council Names Non-Compliant Sports

April 2, 2010

Bermuda Council for Drug-free Sport [BCDS] has released a list of National Sport Governing Bodies [NSGB] they have red listed as they are considered to be non compliant.

The sports include archery, boxing, martial arts, target shooting and tennis.

They have been red-listed for a variety of reasons including:

  • Not providing membership lists for the random programme for more than 18 months
  • Insufficient notice for pre event testing
  • Non compliance by athletes for whereabouts information
  • Not making the change to the constitution to include the adherence to the WADA and BCDS Rules and Procedures

Chair of the Bermuda Council for Drug-free Sport Jon Beard said:

Achieving Compliance is not a onetime effort, it must be maintained. The NSGB’s must adhere to regular provision of pre event notification; a calendar of events; ensure that their athletes attend education sessions on the illicit programme and provide at least an annual membership list for the Domestic Programmes.

For National and International level athletes, athletes must ensure that they provide whereabouts on a quarterly basis in a timely manner; and NSGB’s must ensure that their high level Athlete Support personnel, such as Coaches or Managers attend the Coaches course; ensure that their Elite and National athlete list is kept up to date and ensure that their athletes understand and adhere to their responsibilities.

The Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sport is the independent body appointed by the National Sport Governing Bodies responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of programs and policies associated with achieving a sporting environment free of illicit substance abuse, including counseling, research, education, appeals and arbitration.

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