Stabbing Incident: Possible Gang Connection?

April 18, 2010

Yesterday lunchtime a 17 year Somerset man was stabbed multiple times in the upper body during an altercation at the bus stop opposite Traditions Restaurant in Middle Road, Southampton. He is presently hospitalized, with the last condition released being critical, but stable.

A 17 year old St Georges man was arrested in connection with the alleged incident.

A quick check of a social network profile belonging to one of the two 17 year olds shows photos highlighting what could be perceived as a gang connection, or attempting to give the impression of a gang connection.

Of under 40 photos there are:

  • At least 2 showing attire which appears to belong to the individual emblazoned with a local gang’s name
  • At least 3 photos showing the individual throwing what appears to be a local gang sign
  • At least 1 photo of a person pictured with the individual wearing gang emblazoned attire
  • At least 1 photo of a person pictured with the individual throwing what appears to be a gang sign
  • All attire and signs belong to the same gang, which is based in the same area the individual resides
  • Overall, about 25% of the photos show what could be perceived to be some form of gang culture

The photos listed are on the individual’s profile as of 6am Sunday Apr 18. Bernews has noted that following altercations, some social network profiles belonging to the person[s] involved are edited, made private,  and/or have photos removed.

The police have not made any mention of the incident being gang affiliated.

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  1. Sal says:

    Bernews is doing a better job than local media or police, and this do nothing govt . Give em good old hard work to reform these idiot hoodlums,instead they get prison /holiday resort time with free room and board while being indoctrinated into hate groups . Bermuda’s streets are bloody thanks to 11 years of PLP “softly, softly” and Ewart Brown’s gang of racists, liars and frauds .

  2. jredmond says:

    I know it may seem taboo, but names need to be mentioned. It seems like you lot double check all the facts and have the truth before you publish, so I don’t feel like y’all should hold back information. These dudes need to be aired out.

  3. bernews says:

    @jredmond…We would post more, but like all media, we have to adhere to legal ramifications. We are still new, so err on the side of safety, but definitely cannot name suspects, even the Police rarely officially release their names.

    And thanks, we do double and triple check facts, time consuming lol, but we take pride in accuracy..