2010 Cup Match Teams Selected

July 25, 2010

The 2010 Cup Match teams were selected, with St. George’s Cricket Club selecting Misheal Paynter, Allan Douglas Jr. and Rudell Pitcher to make their Cup Match debuts, while Challengers Somerset Cricket Club recalled Kwame Tucker. Pictured below is Somerset Captain Jacobi Robinson on the left, and St George’s Captain Oronde Bascome on the right.

Jacobi and Orande

St. George’s Cricket Club

  • Oronde Bascome – Captain
  • Chris Foggo
  • Misheal Paynter
  • Jason Anderson
  • OJ Pitcher
  • Delyone Borden
  • Lionel Cann
  • Alan Douglas Jr.
  • Rodney Trott
  • Justin Pitcher
  • Rudell Pitcher

Somerset Cricket Club

  • Jacobi Robinson – Captain
  • Janeiro Tucker
  • Malachi Jones
  • Jordan DeSilva
  • Kwame Tucker
  • Dwayne “Sluggo” Leverock
  • Chris Douglas
  • Stephen Outerbridge
  • Jekon Edness
  • Deunte Darrell
  • Joshua Gilbert

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  1. terry says:

    I always enjoyed Cup Match.

    Just imagine if East played West.

    PLP and UBP put up 5 MP’s and the clubs put up 5.

    1 referee from the BIU and the BDA.

    Security provided by ‘Yoo-Garz-R-Us’

    Youth and Sports provide ‘Drive Buy’

    And……Desmondo Tootoo will turn up because Ewart is waxing his car.

    (edited to add….BPS waxing whilst Furbert Wanes)