Supreme Court Gun Trial Convictions: 5 for 5

October 15, 2010

The Bermuda Police Service has noted that in the last few months, of the five gun crimes that have been charged in the Supreme Court, all five have resulted in convictions.

The Police say that the sentencing of Dwayne Signor yesterday [Oct 14] to ten years in prison for his role in the RAA shooting in April of this year should “serve as a strong deterrent for those that seek to undermine the traditionally peaceful way of life in Bermuda.”

Mr. Signor is the second such person to be sentenced, with Mr. Cervio Cox having been sentenced to seven years for his role in a shooting on Court Street.

Other recent convictions for gun related offences include the October 5th conviction of Alvone Maybury on a number of firearm charges relating to an incident in December 2009, and the September 16th conviction of Anthony Swan in relation to the December 16th 2009 attempted shooting of Troy “Yankee” Rawlins. In addition on October 1st Omari Gordon, best known for being a fugitive for over a year, plead guilty to the charge of discharging a firearm in a public place.

There are presently 14 persons awaiting trial in the Supreme Court for charges of Murder, Attempted Murder, and related charges.

The Police say that the “outcomes of recent trials demonstrate the commitment of the Police, DPP, and Judiciary to address the criminal use of firearms. The Bermuda Police Service continues to work extremely hard along with and on behalf of law-abiding members of the community to make Bermuda safer.”

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    • enough says:

      You can’t just be satisfied with this recent set of good results?
      I say well done to the investigators, prosecutors and jury members for their skill, dedication and courage.
      Long may it continue.

  2. DISGUSTED says:

    And WHAT?!

  3. true story says:

    These are all triumphs, and I hope to see this trend continue. Well done to those involved.

  4. Peace and Love says:

    Ok! well and good that you have garnered convictions..but one needs to look clearly..are the convictions based on evidence or emotion.. I say this because in one of the most recent trials a star witness gave 6 different accountsof the event that had transpired..I say emotion simply because everyone is tired of what is happening. Is prison really the answer? In todays edition of the Bermuda Sun it speaks of rival gang members having different recreational times so that nothing “pops” of while they are incarcerated..but this boils down to No RECREATION, means no SOCIALISATION, therfore no MEDIATION and thus no REHABILITATION!!! so is the problem really solved? while they may be receiving sentences of 5, 7, 10 or 15 years they are not in a position to form a bond because they are seperated..what happens when they are back on the streets? the bad blood is still going to be there and the cycle will repeat its self all over again!!! You can’t lock them all up because eventually the prison will be full..Than what!!! all this that is going on now started in 2000 or probably before and it is still ongoing..Statistics show (and this is coming from the Bloods and Crips) that each time one is taken away (be it murder or prison) there’s another bodywilling to fill that vacancy! I don’t know what the solution is or what the end result will be but if they can’t co-exist in prison which is a small environment how can we expect them to co-exist once they are thrown back into the mainstream of society? .. Just saying…

    • Sara says:


      Peace and Love, I understand your point, but dang if somebody shoots a person with a gun which, is illegal in Bermuda, they MUST GO TO JAIL. End of story

      • Peace and Love says:

        @ Sara as usual its always one person that misses the point and today it is you…nowhere in my posting did I say that they shouldn’t go to jail what I said is, and I will break it down for you since you didn’t understand they are not allowed recreational time together therefore there is no interaction so they don’t sit down and discuss whatever beef that they have so after time served the animosity is still there. My point was basically there should be some sort of mediation so that there can be a resolution and the circle of violence will cease,, as it stands the circle of violence will resurface because there has been no discussion to resolve it. Next time read with FULL understanding,.f*(&%^g irritates me when somebody tries to put words in your mouth …again I repeat if you missed it the first time nowhere in my posting do I disagree with their being’s they fact that being incarcerated is just a short term quick fix….a band aid solution if they are not receiving any form of rehabilitation!!!

        • Scott says:

          “. Is prison really the answer?”
          “so is the problem really solved?”
          “You can’t lock them all up because eventually the prison will be full..Than what!!!”

          no peace and love, you were making a point that they shouldn’t go to jail. she understood you.

          I agree that rehabilitation/meditation, whatever, is best, but at hte end of the day, some people with bad blood/intentions will simply not change. Some may, but some will not. No matter how humane you think it is to try to change their ways, and their hearts… and no matter how many lie on parole interviews, whatever.. or how many do programs instead of jail time.. at the end of hte day there are some that will just keep reoffending.

          frankly in my mind, a gun crime is such a strong offence in bermuda, that anyone associated with handling one should be locked up.

          • Peace and Love says:

            @ Scott if they locked up every gang member,@ last count the prison would be full as all are involved in the crimes one way or another be it by planning or actual participation.. there would be no more room and just as they’ve done in the past in order to make room you get those who are released early…please stop thinking for me or saying what you think I mean….

    • D says:

      Strong points there. Separation is one the underlying factors of the whole problem. It’s easy to hate someone that you’ve never met.

  5. terry says:

    What do you suggest “Peace”.

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ D thank you for catching the point!! @ Terry in order to reach a resoulutional, something we all agree that needs to take place, there needs to be some form of communication. If there is no communication there will be no way to solve the problem. As part of my occupation I do mediations and when we get to the bottom of who, what, why and where do we go from here? in most of the mediations its turns out sometimes that they don’t even know the other person it’s just because their “ace boy” or “ace girl” don’t like them and like ‘D’ said, “It’s easy to hate someone that you’ve never met” ..we have disputes because they don’t like how the other person looked at them and folishness of that nature. All I’m saying is that somehow we must get these young men on some sort of common ground and let them hash out their differences with words rather than with weapons..There are plenty of people on the island like myself that are trained and equiped to act as mediators..I myself am a Certified Associate in Theraputic Crisis Intervention (TCI). So the resources are there! We all know that if they are “beefing” on the streets then they are not “breaking bread” with one another whilst incarcerated, but to hear that they are isolated from one another speaks volumes to me, the problem is not being addressed.

      • Peace and Love says:

        @ Terry typo first sentence I meant “resolution” …

  6. OMG says:

    can anyone shed some light on who was charged today with defrauding the Bda Govt?


    • OMG says:

      thanks much

    • Scott says:

      lol sorry have to find the humor in this.

      firstly, i love bernews..

      but the amount of people i see posting on bernews things like “omg you destroyed RG yet again”, etc etc, and then post to RG fb, “wow rg, slooow as usual” drives me mental… see somoen request info, and get an RG link here makes me chuckle a bit

  7. Truth is killin' me says:

    @ Peace and Love. Why do all the criminals spin everything around and become victims on this island? Because people like you treat them with cotton gloves and allow these hooligans to keep perpetrating their actions again and again and again! You break the law then suffer the consequences. This island lets too much go unpunished and people are tired of it. I kill someone down Elbow Beach and get slapped on the wrist and do the same sh*t all over again. Where is the justice fool. Certified or not certified…STFU!

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ truth killin me you do not obviously understand the basics so therefore it’s no sense trying to get a point across to you..mediation doesn’t turn one into a victim it gets to the root of the problem. wow in looking at your comment all I can say is wow!! you really don’t have a clue!!!! if you don’t agree with my comment finr and dandy IDGAF!!!! but be respectful..It’s not about handling with kid gloves..the whole point is that if you have no resolution to the problem when they are back out on the streets in 10,15 years time the same problem is going to exist, and the cycle will repeat it’s self.. I have made my point and if you don’t agree than that’s your damn business!! I refuse to let someones lack of knowledge intimidate me! You sound as if you have lost someone to violence, and if you are referring to the gentleman who lost his life at Elbow Beach, than you and I feel the same pain because he was my cousin!!!!!!! So instead of venting your anger towards me for expressing myself direct it towards the judge and jury..I am not responsible for the verdict or the sentence metted out!!! so in closing why don’t you STFU and KMA while you are at it!!!!

      • enough says:

        @P+L Do you bring the same aggression to your mediation sessions?? You might want to consider another moniker.

        • Peace and Love says:

          @ enough I handle myself quite professional and have received many accolades for my success rate. My responding the way I did was simply to show how easy it is to display sone point of agression at someone that you don’t even know. This is the same thing that is happening on the streets. Theses boys don’t all know each other but the same amoubt of agression is being displayed. By your reponse I can once again say that I was successful in what I was trying to prove.. Was I mad at “truth killin me” not at all!!!

    • D says:

      @ Truth is killin’ me

      We’ve all lost family and friends. It hurts. The violence has become a cycle. I would like to think that when the individuals involved are released they won’t go back to what they were doing before. If we can help the people in the prisons, perhaps they can help those outside the prisons when they visit them.

  8. US Observer says:

    I just wanted to know if the police have confiscated any of the guns. We have caught the persons doing the shootings but were the guns shown in court as evidence?

    • Peace and Love says:

      I know that in the RAA shooting the weapon was never recovered. In the Court Street shooting (maybury & swan) a weapon was recovered but I am not 100% sure if it was the same weapon used during the crime. I would be interested in knowing if the same calibre weapon has been used for any of the shootings/murders or are different weapons being used each time? are the weapons being shared? or do we have that many guns on the island? Even if the same calibre weapon is being used forensics would be able to determine if a different weapon was being used as each would have it’s own unique set of characteristics.

  9. Reality Check says:

    @Truth has a really valid point and Peace & Love – you have to learn to agree not to agree. That is how you can get success and solutions. No disrespect but there is nothing more destructive than anger. Once released you really don’t make a point you express your inner most feelings and there is NO PEACE & LOVE. We all have strengths and weaknesses so let’s employ positive energy for the better of our people. Peace & Love live by example of your titling and express a positive message, the island needs it. The island is only 21 square miles and this is not the US. A lot of these boys/men need to mature, they are cousins, neighbors and few citizens of this very tiny TINY island and to keep them separated is not the answer under any circumstances. Relationships can be mediated and controlled behind bars but not ignored which is what happens in separation. The prisons need to take a pro-active approach to rehabilitation because what they have been doing is clearly not working and will continue to fail. Employing people to keep the status quo is not efficient, productive or beneficial. It may reduce conflict but it resolves nothing. I repeat – It resolves nothing. NOTHING ! Learn to be open so that comments can take on a productive influence to the people that are making these bad decisions which affect our families, children, visitors and the rest of the good citizens of Bermuda. Follow the right views, right ntention, right speech, right attitude, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration and you will reduce the suffering that we all have.

    Keep it positive ! Think before you write and put the ego aside. We all can make positive points.

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ reality check..see it really is useless for anyone to express their opinion because there is always one who has a problem with what you write..if you had read my responses following you would have seen that I was not angry @”truth… if you read carefully what I had written instead of reading the acronyms (IDAF, STFU & KMA) you would have seen that I was explaining to him what I was saying…but all you saw were the acronyms and immediately thought anger and aggression..But again I say it was merely to show how easy it is to become angry at someone and not know who they are and this is the same things that I see when I mediate..I ask questions like why don’t you like so and so and the response I get 99% of the time is, “because I just don’t like them..then further into the mediations it is revealed that they don’t even know the person but it’s because their “boys” have a problem with them and they automatically take on the issue even though it does not relate to them..I agree we can all make positive points but I would also like to add that if someones point is not on the same page as yours than don’t jump all over them because that doesn’t solve anything either. I’m easy I can handle constructive criticism …..

      • enough says:

        Given people’s (including mine) confusion over your intent with these tricky, teaching posts of yours, I sincerely hope your oral facilitation skills are less ambiguous.
        Whilst I don’t know you or these accolades you’ve gotten for your skill in the mediation field, I’d assume to apply mediation to the current topic you’d only be talking about voluntary mediation without inducement to engage? In terms of those serving cutodial sentences at any rate.