Election: Sylvan Richards to Run for the BDA

November 8, 2010

This morning [Nov 8] the Bermuda Democratic Alliance [BDA] announced that Sylvan Richards will stand as their candidate for Constituency 26, Warwick South Central.

Saying “We need new leaders who will listen to the community and work to create innovative ideas, programs and methods to get Bermuda and its’ people back on the track to success,” Mr Richards said “I am ready to provide that leadership.”


The bye-election will be held on December 15th to fill the seat vacated by former Premier Dr Ewart Brown. The UBP has not yet announced a candidate, and the PLP has put forward former Senator Marc Bean to contest the seat.

Mr Richards attended West Pembroke School, Warwick Academy and the Bermuda College. He attended Howard University in Washington D.C, graduating in 1985 with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in insurance studies.

Mr Richards is pictured below with BDA Leader Craig Cannonier:


After working in various capacities including running a Domino’s Pizza franchise in New York, Mr Richards was recruited as an assistant underwriter at ACE Insurance Company Ltd in 1995. He joined Allied World Assurance Company Ltd in the capacity of Assistant Vice President, General Casualty underwriter in their casualty department in 2001, and is currently employed by the company.

Married and the father of two daughters, he is a member of the Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, and traveled to Haiti in January of 2010 with a group from Cornerstone in order to provide relief efforts after the devastating earthquake there.

Mr Richards’s full speech from this morning’s announcement is below:

My name is Sylvan Richards Jr. It is an honor to speak before you today. This part of Warwick is dear to my heart. My maternal grandmother, Alouise Stovell, lived on Khyber Pass right across from the Amis Funeral Home. Some of my fondest early childhood memories include riding my pedal bike up to my grandmother’s house just up the hill from here. I would run across the street to buy treats from Simons Grocery Store and play with the children in the neighborhood. When I was 15 years old, my family moved from Paget to Hillview Warwick where we lived for a few years while my Father built his house on Warwick Lane. My parents, my sister and her family still live there today.‪ I know this area, and its people.

The good, hardworking people of constituency 26 deserve integrity, transparency and accountability from their elected representative. They deserve leadership that is both accessible and in turn, responsive to their needs. As a son of the soil and someone with lifelong ties to this community, I will be honored to serve the people of constituency 26. I will listen to your concerns and embrace your ideas for improving the neighborhoods of this constituency, and in turn the country.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to run as the Bermuda Democratic Alliance’s candidate in the by-election for constituency 26, Warwick South Central.

I want to tell you a bit more about why I’ve chosen to run as a candidate for the Bermuda Democratic Alliance in this by-election. I was born in 1959, a pivotal year for our Island. It was the year of the Theatre Boycott, which resulted in the integration of Bermuda’s hotels and theatres. When I was old enough to understand the significance of my year of birth, I understood that one day, I too would do my part to shape and ensure Bermuda’s future.

Bermuda, our island home is facing daunting challenges. We face many pressing issues such as the loss of jobs due to the downturn in the global and local economy, the increase in gun crime which threatens our families safety, and the failure of our educational system to adequately prepare our young people to compete in the new economy to name a few. We need new leaders who will listen to the community and work to create innovative ideas, programs and methods to get Bermuda and its’ people, back on the track to success. I am ready to provide that leadership.

I believe that one of my responsibilities is to hold the current government accountable and to demand transparency, integrity and accountability from myself and all of our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation.

External forces that are reshaping our economy demand new Bermudian leaders who put people and doing the right thing, over party politics. All of our citizens, especially young Bermudians who are the future of this country, are looking for something to believe in again. They need hope! Our people need jobs, security in our neighborhoods and a sound, rigorous educational system that will prepare our young people to compete on a global level.

We as a country, have come a long way, but if we are to go from strength to strength, it is going to take the involvement and participation of all of our people. Bermuda’s greatest attribute has always been its people. Therefore, we cannot afford to ignore anyone and we must embrace diversity, for it is through our diversity that we become stronger.

The challenges we face require a different way forward, a Better Way. I humbly request your support in serving as your member of parliament for Warwick South Central. Together we can create a New Bermuda for ALL Bermudians

Thank you.

Photos by Only the Best from the announcement, click to enlarge:

Update 11:30pm: Video of Mr Richards candidate announcement here.

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  1. TT says:

    Impressive!! Glad to know one of my brothers friends wants to make a difference in Bermuda’s community!! I am proud and feel so great that he has thrown his hat in the ring!! To all young black males, you can do it!! Here again is another example of a black male success story!! Follow in these foot steps!! Look at this leader as a success and esteem to be like him!! God is Good!!

  2. Dragging A Lure says:

    Wish you the best. Since you are not a member of the team in Constituency 26, Warwick South Central I definitly will vote to see that you don’t win. Outside of politics, I know and have the utmost respect for your entire family.

    See you on Dec. 15th and God Bless You

    • r j jones says:

      Lure – Would you please, in between voting to ensure that Richards is not elected, ask the new Minister of Health or the Premier for that matter ( since the following is contained in her Throne Speech ) what is the deal with her stated desire to open up the Bermuda market to Generic Drugs.

      I am hearing some rather interesting comments, from those who would know, that a certain recently departed person, formerly siting in high places, has a deal with Indian based companies to supply such drugs to Bermuda.

      It would be good to know, in this new atmosphere of transparency, if there has been any discussions, preliminary or advanced,about this matter.

      Given the new Minister of Health’s ability to affect changes in procurement of such drugs at KEMH, this is a reasonable question to ask.

    • Mark Pettingill says:

      So Draggin a Lure wishes Sylvan the best, asks God to Bles him, thinks he is a great guy but will make sure he votes to stop him beating a PLP candidate who is not as qualified for the job ( hey and I like Marc Bean just keeping it real!) Sounds like solid PLP thought process to me…we know Party before Country! Like Terry Lister has said, time for BRMUDAS TURN….your lure is snagged in the rocks along with the Government…time for real change, not moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic and trying to convince people it’s a new ship….lol, with your lure fishing off the stern like nothings going on!

      • mark says:

        Mark Pettingill, if you lived in the UK or the US, which parties would you support?

        • Peter Barrett says:

          What’s your next question “Mark”, his favourite colour of the rainbow?

      • Scott Pitcher says:

        The PLP have a lot of people in place who are not qualified. Just look at our Health Minister!! I’m sure he’s a great businessman in his field but his field is not Health or medicine. I hope for all our sakes he don’t totally screw things up in that Ministry!

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        Come on Mark Pettingill,
        I’m pretty sure that you are clever enough to know that I support the PLP and Dragging A Lure will definitely vote for the PLP canidate on Dec.15th. Why are you wasting your time and effort disputing my freedom of expression? I really believe that this high school-drop has used the right bait and hooked a trained an experienced lawyer like yourself by getting under his skin. My comments was based on the good and bad cop theory. Expected that reaction from the UBP surrogates. Now go on and try to insult me. Does not work. By the way, I heard that the problem that your other party is having in selecting a canidate is due to the following 4 persons that want to run. QE, JA, RS and PF.

        Offer your assistance.


        I know what I’m doing. LOL a few times

        • insiDe man says:

          Marc Bean looks far more qualified on paper. What were his acheivements as Junior Minister of Tourism and Transport?

      • Cordell W. Riley says:

        Who gets to determine who is more or less qualified to be an MP? And the qualifications are compared to what? Just asking…

    • Peter Barrett says:

      I’m sorry “Dragging A Lure”, but did you have anything positive to say about anything?….seems not…seems the Legacies of the Past have you blinded towards the good of our futures generations. The government needs to check into Rehab…and everyone knows it. You are in Dragging Denial.

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        Reveal the schools and periods that you attended and I will be able to tell you why you never or will ever support the PLP. The Legacies of the Past have you blinded towards the good of our futures generations. Be honest why you support the UBP than BDA and stop being a hypocrite. Looks like the whole BDA voting block in 26 have responded.

        • Peter Barrett says:

          I, and the rest of the BDA are proud to reveal our full names, and talk the truth. Now you want me to reveal the schools and periods that I attended”?…all the while you call me names behind a pen-name? Well you have nothing to fear from any of the BDA membership. Just the contrary, I welcome you to attend a meeting of the BDA. Meet our membership and lets talk about how we can make Bermuda a better place. Today at 6pm we meet at the St. Mary’s church hall in Warwick, and I will be pleased to listen to all of your concerns, and you I hope mine.

          • Dragging A Lure says:

            Thanks for the invitation. Can’t make tonights meeting (same ole, same ole). Dragging a Lure makes the first on line official prediction/forecast/outcome of the By-Election results.

            PLP 383 votes
            BDA 259
            UBP 172
            If the results are reversed between the 2nd. & 3rd. Goodby to the BDA.

            Have fun tonite.

      • Todd says:

        ‘Dragging A Lure’ = Trolling…. at least he/she is honest in his/her moniker. Its obvious what the intent is in all his/her posts.

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          Signing your name is your thing and I respect that. Signing your name, does in my opinion, not hide the fact “The Legacies of the Past have you blinded towards the good of our futures generations” fits your past. I can assume the reasons why but you be honest and explain why you haven’t or will not ever support the PLP.


          • Optimistic says:

            “Dragging a Lure” -

            “Legacies of the Past” are you blind to the fact that the PLP are riding the tail coats of their forefathers – no pun intended. The poli-tricks of today are ones mastered and sadly played out from the past, of which the UBP and PLP are both part of? Correct?

            A vote for the BDA is a vote for the future of Bermuda and all Bermudian’s! Real-Talk!

            Why not embrace the revolution?

          • James Simmons says:

            Hey Lure,

            You and I are probably on the same page on some items for sure. But you can’t expect others to take you seriously or answer your personal questions to them if you aren’t at least willing to give your name! Stand behind your comments without the cover. Only then can true fruitful discussion be had.

            I support the PLP but I have some problems with many decisions and actions. I’m hoping there is a change with the new administration or there will certainly be a change in my vote next time around. With all the flack we supporters need to stand together, I can’t stand by you if I don’t know your name mate.

            Have a good day.

  3. rick olson says:

    Lure- Team or sinking ship ?

  4. Tinee says:

    Congratulations Sylvan – I wish you the best. Continue to be who you are and strive for what you belive and you will be a succcess. I know you will be a benefit to that constituency and I know that you will be a a devoted and loyal servant to the people who put their faith and trust in you.

    May God continue to bless and guide you.

    Go BDA!!!!!

  5. Optimistic says:

    Sylvan & Team BDA – Congratulations on your candidacy – now is the time for the Bermudian’s of #26 to stand up and vote, not from the past, but for the FUTURE!

    Thank you for beginning to pave a better way and stepping up to the challenge – you have our support and we wish you the best of luck!

    We remain, Optimistic!

    • Peter Barrett says:

      And I know Optimistic that there are many behind you! Stepping up and voting for the BDA is the beginning to a better Future!!

  6. Peter Barrett says:

    Who can deny Sylvan’s message? We know it is the truth. We want to break our silence, talk about Solutions and finally start putting future generations of Bermudians first; first before the interests of the political Elite. We all know that the dysfunctions of the Legacy Parties are not the way forward. We all want real change. And we want to talk about how we can make Bermuda a better place; a place where dialogue replaces threats and Retribution. The political Elite has enjoyed their summer of love. It is now time to speak out, join the BDA, cast aside the legacies of the past, and work towards a better future.

  7. amarsh says:

    Sylvan, Guys like you give Bermuda the potential for unity and hope. Thanks for dedicating your time to helping this island.

  8. Scott Pitcher says:

    Well done Sylvan. I look forward to working with you in this election. The BDA has a strong team and a clear vision. Let’s make it happen!!!!!

  9. Weldon says:

    Looks like a fantastic team!

  10. D. Martin says:

    Sylvan, congratulations from a fellow BDA member and supporter. I was so proud to listen to your excellent words yesterday, and applaud you for your honesty, committment and willingness to stand in what is sure to be a difficult constituency to win. I know you have what it takes and there are many who share your dreams for change, transparency and a BETTER WAY for Bermuda.

    My biggest sadness today is that Bermudians continue to vote Party and not necessarily for the candidate who is more qualified, honest, transparent and committed to the well being and best interests of the constituents he/she must serve. My dream is that people will open their eyes, hearts and minds and have the courage to vote for the best man for the job, rather than on party lines…

    Good luck to you, Sylvan. You ARE that man in 26!!

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Hi James Simmons,
      Names does not make a conversation, comments do. I love my pen name and have not requested your support, and to be honest, it does not matter if you or others take me seriouly. I just throw things out there and try to hook a fish. Understand my name!!!!! Please try another tact.

  11. Chardonnay says:

    Seems to me “Dragging a Lure” is pulling an empty hook but isn’t smart enough to figure out that if he just pulled in his line and put on some honest, decent bait that Bermie fishes are desperate to eat – bait like integrity, success, forward-thinking, drug-free, etc. – he might catch something worthwhile. But “Dragging” will no doubt keep pulling his tired old PLP lure, loyal to the end to his Party while the BDA rocks his world and Sylvan Richards becomes the BDA MP for Constituency #26. (Wanna taste our bait? It’s yummy!)

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      To Chardonnay,
      The Surrogate Child BDA are not rocking Contituency 26. I believe that you and the rest of the BDA are influenced by the blogging comments. The bloggers come from all areas of this island and like to give their 5 cents on most topics therefore welcolmed. You and your party are delusional in believing that blogging = votes + party popularity. You must be new to politics and voters behaviour, your emotional comments are showing. I made my prediction on a different Bernews story regarding the Dec.15th.election.The following was my prediction:
      PLP 383
      BDA 259
      UBP 172
      Let’s get brave and make your prediction based on the assumption “BDA rocks his world and Sylvan Richards becomes the BDA MP for Constituency #26″. (Wanna taste Lure’s bait, it cheap, irresistible and effective).

      Come on Bite I know you want too. I,ve hooked BDA’s Mark Pett. twice.

  12. Peter Barrett says:

    As an update, I am very pleased to share with Bermuda that the BDA is growing from strength-to-strength as more and more Bermudians understand the importance of having a political party which places our children’s future first (it sounds corny, but true). A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but our ridiculous public education system is “managing” our kids instead of nurturing them. Our kids are managed like widgets and we wonder why they become angry and dissolutioned. I have learned a lot canvassing for our candidate Sylvan Richards. I have learnt that we have scrapped the day release programs in school providing our kids with the opportunity to connect with the community, learn new skill sets, secure solid summer jobs and grow as learning individuals. I am sick of wondering why past governments have given up on our kids (and watched the gangs grow). Instead I have joined the BDA and focused my efforts to ensure they become the next government; the government that will view our kids in terms of their potential; in terms of their greatness; in terms of all the talents they have to offer. Each child is different, and we need to nurture that…not ignore it. We sit our kids in these palatial concrete blobs, shove the French Revolution down their throats, whilst ignoring completely Bermuda’s rich cultural history….and we wonder why our kids feel “managed” and culturally sterile. Maxwell Burgess once said that the public high school system is Bermuda’s home grown apartheid. These days I’m beginning to see why. When the voters go to the polls on Dec 15, I want them to feel the warmth of their grandchild’s hand in the palm of theirs, and I want them send a message to both of the legacy parties and vote BDA. We all know by now that complaining and moaning is getting everyone nowhere. If you want real change; if you want to send the right message; if you want Bermuda to be navigated back on course, then the answer is in the voting booth.

  13. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Mark will win and the Bda will come last^^

  14. Watching with Interest says:

    Sylvan Richards is clearly an impressive candidate, and the first one to be put forward by the BDA. If the BDA can maintain this standard it augers well for our future. Graeme Outerbridge may well be right about the result this time because the BDA is starting from Ground Zero, but unless the PLP can really turn things around in the next 12 months then watch out PLP because the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Our new Premier and her Cabinet are on honeymoon at the moment, but all honeymoons end, and if the grim reality is that the PLP continues as it has for the past 4 years then we will soon see a major change in our political landscape – and the BDA may just be the party of the future.