Firearm Found in Cobbs Hill Area

November 9, 2010

This morning [Nov 9] a firearm was found on the exterior area of a property in the Cobbs Hill area.

Police state that at approximately 7:45am, Police responded to a report of an incident, and confirm that a firearm was found. Police forensics and canine unit are on scene now.

Updates to follow…

Update 9:44am: We do have footage from the scene, however have made the decision not to upload it to assist in protecting the resident’s privacy as we unofficially understand an area resident may have contacted the Police and turned in the firearm. Unofficial reports suggest that the firearm was found in a mailbox on a property in the area.

Police would not describe the type of gun found, citing investigative concerns.

Update 11:30am: Official Police statement:

Around 7:45am on Tuesday, Police recovered a handgun in the Cobbs Hill Road, Paget area. It has been forensically recovered and will be examined against all outstanding crime scenes. An active investigation into this incident is underway.

Once again we urge the public to provide any information regarding weapons and locations; the information will be treated sensitively and if necessary officers will talk anonymously to anyone who is fearful of repercussions. Also, anyone who may have any information regarding the location of a firearm is encouraged to contact the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477; the hotline is answered in Miami Florida to ensure callers’ anonymity.

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  1. just not right says:

    Well thank goodness they finally found one.
    I wonder how many guns there actually are in Bermuda, and how many are just passed around.
    If it was an “incident”, does that mean the gun was fired? I hope no-one was harmed…

  2. Brasco says:

    Those Flashlights do work…..Good work Though

  3. insiDe man says:

    If they are able to bring drugs into the island, they are able to bring in weaponry. There are too many unchecked channels.

  4. percival says:

    @insideman… could not have said it better….how can you protect your country if you dont begin with your borders

  5. Bermyman says:

    Where there is smuggling, there is corruption, thats how these weapons get in. Someone gets a big payday to make sure they arrive at their chosen destination. That money comes from selling weed and coke. Mostly weed is the source of income,coke is a bi product of marijuan income, why? Because so many Bermudians smoke it and pay $$ for it. If you can sell something @ 200% the value for taking a risk, you are in a money making business. Why do you think most of these guys get into dealing when they are young? They can make more money than most people their age. Being on the illegal side of things brings them outside the law. Decriminalise Marijuana, legalize and control so that they no longer make this kind of money, watch the guns, coke and crime dry up.

  6. TruthbTold says:

    Post the video, no big deal now The Royal Gazette posted pics.

    • bernews says:

      Actually, the RG doesn’t have pics of the actual scene, by time they arrived it was blocked off by Police. That house pictured in their photos isn’t the property in question.

      We personally think its great someone turned it in, and don’t want to do anything to discourage people from coming forward in the future to turn in guns. We would love to see more people turn in firearms…

      Its the same reason we don’t print witness names nor photos in court stories, as being out on the street talking to many people who witnessed crimes we are well aware many people don’t want to come forward as they don’t want retribution, so if we can assist in our small way by not printing identifying details – we do.

      • common sense says:

        obviously they just want this saga to continue. They like your reporting, and who knows, then you might get a video to show the house getting shot up tonite. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION BERNEWS

        • Dee says:

          DOUBLE THANKS!!! Good thing Royal Gazette got there late cuz they don’t care and find it very hard to use common sense and consideration.