Sailors Named as Carlos Rogers & Kwesi Hollis

December 29, 2010

Officials have named the men aboard the missing yacht as 41 year old Carlos Rogers and 36 year old Kwesi Hollis. Both men are Bermudians.

The U.K. registered sailing vessel ‘Carefree IV’ was last sighted approximately 210 nautical miles South Southwest of Bermuda on the 18th December, when they alerted a passing merchant vessel to their plight for food and water. After replenishment of supplies, the crew indicated they were inbound for Bermuda, arriving possibly on the 23rd December.

The boat, which departed the Dominican Republic on the 1st of December, has not been sighted since the 18th December.

Citing a number of reasons for concern including the condition of the vessel, the apparent lack of experience of the crew and their lack of an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, Bermuda Harbour Radio’s Rescue Coordination Centre asked the US Coast Guard to assist in locating the vessel last week.

On Thursday and Friday [Dec 24], a US Coast Guard C-130 aircraft stationed at Elizabeth City searched more than 10,000 square miles of the Atlantic near the last reported location of the “Carefree IV”, some 210 miles southwest of Bermuda. It did not turn up any trace of the missing vessel.

This latest marine incident comes on the heels of three Bermudians being detained by the US Coast Guard earlier this month, having departed the Dominican Republic with millions of dollars worth of marijuana.

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  1. Truth is killin' me says:

    “This latest marine incident comes on the heels of three Bermudians being detained by the US Coast Guard earlier this month, having departed the Dominican Republic with millions of dollars worth of marijuana.”

    Does that mean that these two incidents could be inextricably linked?

  2. Itcouldhappen says:

    hmmmm…..I hope they are found to be ok.

  3. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW says:

    Sounds kind of fishey MMM might just b linked who knows. I hope they r aright doe.

  4. Crissy says:

    OMG I really hope they find them soon.

  5. mixitup says:

    Can you all stop assuming! These are people! Our people! Lets find them first!

  6. Observer says:

    Hope they are found well and sound.

  7. The 411 says:

    Shame on you Bernews for the inference. The way that last sentence was constructed implies that these men on the CareFree were involved in the same illicit activities of the first set of guys caught off DR with millions in drugs. We don’t know that. Have no cause to believe that or to speculate.

    My prayers are with these missing men and their families during this very difficult time. I ask you to join me in prayer. The rate at which we are losing our young black men will reap some serious consequences. See that Facts & Figures just released which jives with govt demographic survey….fewer black children being born, early deaths for so many young black men, fewer born bermudians which means what? more non-bermudians who can call bermuda home….and in another generation…their offspring will be Bermudians…(sorry- went off on a tangent)

    My first thoughts with Coast Guard,and all others searching for our countrymen.

    • S Brown says:

      Your comment “more non-bermudians who can call bermuda home….and in another generation…their offspring will be Bermudians” makes no sense.

      90% of ‘black bermudians’ fall into this category. Most BLACK Bermudians can trace there ancestery to St. Kitts and Barbados, and thats within 1 or 2 generations… so what are you really trying to say? So if these ’1st generation’ Bermudians forget their roots and become xenophobic it will be okay right? Newsflash.. Bermuda has been a mixing pot for sometime now… and you may not like to hear this.. but it makes us who we are.

      Ignorance is bliss.

      Furthermore, in most developed countries the birthrate is declining. It is not like in the old days when the wife stays home and looks after the kids. Women have careers and are breadwinners so they cannot afford or have time to have several children.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Your logic that because fewer black children are being born these days ultimatelty results in less Bermudians seems to insinuate that you believe that only black people can be considered to be ‘real Bermudians.’

      Hate to break to you but there have been white Bermudians as long as there has been a Bermuda. Same goes for black Bermudians.

      Sucks doesn’t it..that is having to admit that there are people that do not look like you that call the same piece of rock home and can be called Bermudians just like you…but that’s the “real” 411 my friend…so get over your intolerance and come back to reality…reality sucks (for you at least it appears) but fantasy is just stupid…

      As stated above – Ignorance (i.e. intolerance/xenophobia) is bliss…

    • bernews says:

      The 411 – we left this comment as we knew we could better answer it later. Its now Jan 21 and the Police statement is below:

      ‘Police officers have intercepted two vessels this morning during a marine operation, one being the Carefree IV. As a result five individuals have been arrested, including the two man crew of the Carefree IV and a significant quantity of suspected drugs has been seized.An investigation into the matter is ongoing‘

  8. Terry says:

    Thats right Bernews. Shame on you.

    We should be worried about the low birth rate and ex-pats taking over the island and joining the plp so they will have total control, not only in the House.

    Do the figures on 210 miles, fuel et al.

    I too hope their safe.

    • Nishclishbang says:

      Awww, come on. You do the figures, prior convictions, coming in from the DR, not prepared fully…..look, I hope they are safe, its as clear as day.

      Also, I don’t se too many ex-pats joining the PLP mate!!

    • Bermudian says:

      I believe you mean ‘they’re safe’ not ‘their safe’.

  9. Just Disgusted says:

    JUST LIKE TYPICAL BERMUDIANS . . . men are lost at sea, children are fatherless and all you can think about is the negative GOSSIP!!!!! Just for once, step outside of the narrow little box we call home and have some compassion for what the families are going through, especially the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEESH!!!!!

    • Concerned says:

      THANK YOU!!! How did we get to politics when thi sarticle is about lives..COME ON People!! SMDH

  10. Curious says:

    This is to 411 – I understand your statement about Bermuda’s young black men are dying at an alarming rate and agree that this is sad and unfortuante. However I don’t like what you are insinuating, correct me if I’m wrong but are you implying that if your not black your not Bermudian? I have a black Bermudian father who married a white English woman and I’m one of their offspring, and consider myself Bermudian. Bermuda is built off of multi cultures Portugese, West Indians, and the list goes on. Remember Bermuda doesn’t have any indigenous people therefore all our ancestors came from somewhere else in the world whether they are black, white or anything in between. Why people always have to bring race into a topic is beyond me your comment should have been left well enough alone with your prayers for the safe return of these men and their families.

    • Just Disgusted says:

      I don’t think you took the statement that 411 was making in context correctly. The point of the statement is the ever so serious issues that “black males” are facing in Bermuda. Clearly when we look at the statistics the issues are not affecting other races and cultures as they are facing black males. In regards to foreigners, I think 411 was referring to those persons that are flooding our island in droves such as Indians, Phillipinians for example. True enough we are all indigenous but the reality for those of us born to two Bermudian parents in Bermuda, regardless of what our ancestry is, we have no where else to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unlike those who come to Bermuda and make it their home. When the going gets rough, they can always pack up and GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the reality.

      • Oh really says:

        Just Disgusted, while Bermuda remains an Overseas Territory of the UK, Bermudians have the freedom to live and work, not just in the UK, but in the EU. That’s a heck of a lot more opportunity than is presented to the Indians and “Phillipinians”. I find your emphasis on the words ‘go home’ quite telling too.

        • Just Disgusted says:

          Uuuuummmmm duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just occurred recently and by the way UK and EU is NOT home or even an alternative for me as a Bermudian. If the examples I used are offensive suck it up . . . it’s the truth.

  11. Google It says:

    The inference may be a bit hasty and I hope they are found safely, but I invite everybody to google these names and see how they’ve made a name for themselves in our courts and unsurprisingly not in the sailing arena.

    • john says:

      Very interesting!!

    • Just Disgusted says:

      Why is it any of you all business. Do you all have nothing else to do?????? Damn!!!!!!!!!

    • hi says:

      Point a finger 10 will point back at you….

    • Nishclishbang says:

      Yep, spot on google it. A nice winter sail across some of the nastiest seas in the world, er helloooooo………..

  12. US Observer says:

    To Google: Here Here!!!

  13. Terry says:

    Yes Google, don’t have to do much really, thats a given if you know locals.

    I’ll save my other comments for when things come to light.

    What are all those sat/bouys doing off the south west…………………..Maybe Tom Winklbarry can update us………………..

    Wahoo anyone?

  14. itwasn't me says:

    the only inference is that both boats were comming out of DR… mention of drugs, guns, red light women on board the missing boat. ya’ll too sensitive….

  15. hi says:

    So what the **** are you saying? Because my cousin got in some trouble it don’t matter that they are lost at sea???? Your pathetic….. I hope you never need anyones help!

  16. areUserious? says:

    @ “GoogleIt” ..Google smoogle whether or not they have a criminal past as opposed to a sailing past is not the issue at this point and time…I would think that their health and well being along with their safe return would be paramount? If you hope for their safe return as you’ve stated why put a negative spin on it and invite everyone to google their names? No one is perfect and we ALL at one time or another have fallen short of the glory of God let’s just concentrate on the issue that has been posted and wait to see what the outcome is before you start making sarcastic comments. Have some form of compassion for the family as they go through this trying time..remember they are someone’s Father, Son, Brother or Uncle.

    To the family.. I love you guys, stay strong, stay blessed and keep the faith..Peace and Love…

    • Crissy says:

      Praying for a safe return for Kwesi and Mr. Rogers gosh…..

  17. Concerned says:

    My Prayers to the Family & Friends of the gentlemen lost at sea…May God be with and lead you home safely….Amen

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Up until these two incidents the popular inference is that drugs are being sailed into Bermuda by migrant sailors stopping off in St Georges on their annual passages to the north, usualy during the stable weather of spring. The other popular local claim is that boats participating in the Newport & Marion races are carrying drugs in.

    There has never been any evidence of any boat of any of these groups being found with drugs of a quantity any more than would be for personal use.

    In the past month we have had two small ill equipped, ill crewed Bermuda boats making the trip from the Dominican Republic (hardly a place known as a recreational destination). One gets caught with a very large quantity of drugs onboard. The other gets assistance at sea then disappears in very stormy seas (no real surprise there).

    Apparently at least one of the two who vanished has a criminal record. I am sure they were out there, at the worst time of year, getting inspiration on the Lords ocean. They were such good boys in the process of turning their lives around.

    There seems to be an awful lot of smoke (of different types) here.

    • Just Disgusted says:

      You know what . . . quite frankly no one asked you to give a diagnostic evaluation of the trip the reason the men were on the south seas etc. t the end of the day, somebody’s son, somebody’s father somebody’s uncle and family member is missing. We can all sit around and be judgmental of what we think or feel was the purpose, however at the end of the day none of that matters right now does it, because there potentially gone forever.

      It amazes me how people can be soooooo insensitive, cold and down right cruel. I pray in you all’s perfect little families that no one goes missing or that tragedy diesn’t strike and you have to read the nasty insensitive comments that people like you post on here!!!!

      Ooops what was I thinking, that could never happen to you in your famiiy huh!!!!!

  19. Truth is killin' me says:

    Sometimes when the truth bites people in the ass they get very upset and defensive. Happens all the time. Sometimes it is better to just STFU!

  20. areUserious says:

    @ “Truth is Killin me’ perhaps you should follow your own advice and STFU!

    @ bernews watch your back because it appears as if SOME of those making comments are out to take over your job! give them a couple of sentences and “woo wee” look at what they come up with…a great big “conspiracy theory”

    We don’t know why those young men were out there so who are we to judge? right now some of you are working on assumptions and trying to fit pieces of a puzzle together! The whole point of the article is to inform us that there are two of our young men missing at sea! instead of bringing them down, assuming, judging and the like why don’t you naysayers pray for their safety and well being so that their families can have some form of closure..pray for their safe return!

    Some of you are so quick to judge and post such negative S)*T that it completely baffles me. Don’t ever say never because one day a load of S*7T might just land in your yard and your going to want soemone to have your back!

    As far as the Dominican Republic not hardly being known as a recreational destination that may absolutely be correct in the sense of a family vacation but many of our men travel to the Dominican Republic for other recreational activities (act like you know). If you read any other articles related to this you would know that one of the missing men have been there for a while and has been assisting his family in obtaining information regarding the death of another famiy member that had visited there previously.

    Like really who are you to judge? Whether or not they have a criminal background is not the issue! whether they were doing right or doing wrong they do not have to answer to you!

    Since you are so perfect having never made any mistakes in life and you have it going on try perfecting yourself just a tad more and open your heart and offer some form of compassion…you never know whats waiting around the corner for you or whats going to land on your door step!

    I wasn’t there and neither were you so I cant say what is really going on but what I can do and what I continue to do is to uplift this family in prayer during this trying time!!!

    To the family again I say stay strong, keep the faith and stay blessed..Peace and Love