Arrests Made After Drug Bust on North Shore

January 21, 2011

[Updated] The Bermuda Police Service made a drug bust this morning [Jan. 21] in the North Shore area. The Marine Police were on patrol and stopped a boat and seized what they believe to be a quantity of narcotics.


The Police cordoned off the area of Penhurst Park, and numerous Police officers, including an armed officer, were visible on scene. Police confirmed that they have suspects in custody.


The video below shows a look at the scene, and Police Inspector Kuhn Evans gives a statement:

Update 11:00am: The photo below depicts a package that was visible on the dock. It is unclear at this time whether the package contains the suspected drugs or not, however we will attempt to clarify that..

bermuda drugs

Update: Police confirm the arrest of three persons aboard the boat in this incident, and the arrest of two others aboard the Carefree IV. The audio of the official Police statement from Police spokesman Dwayne Caines is here.

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  1. Truth is killin' me says:


    • what's next? says:

      That’s what I thought – especially seeing how Carefree is now in St. Geo… minus the two people who were on board. Coincidence?

  2. Just Sayin says:

    So with more seizures the price of these ‘narcotics’ will undoubtedly go up in street value. Making it more lucrative for the drug dealers no doubt. At least someone is making money in this economy.

  3. Patricia Pimentel says:

    Praise The Lord….another haul kept from our streets!

  4. l j says:

    Go head Bermuda Police; job well done!!!

  5. Whoyafoolin says:

    Well done Police! Keep up the good work!

  6. Truth says:

    Great Work BPS !!

  7. Itcouldhappen says:

    Hmmm….I wonder who they were? Any guesses?? Anyone? Care to take a Free guess?

  8. Jenny from the Block says:

    So, where did they find this? Did they pull it out of the water?

  9. Pitbull says:

    SMH!!! REALLY SAD!! WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN??????????????????

  10. Bermygirl says:

    Was what was obtained merely a distracting concession for what actually got through….those boys can’t POSSIBLY be that stupid….

    • LifeIsLove says:

      Let’s nominate them for the Ultimate Darwin Award! They soooo deserve it!

    • Scott says:

      remember, they probably didn’t know about the media attention they were getting. While possibly running drugs was indeed stupid, there’s a good chance that they thought everything was fine… and didnt even know the whole islands eyes were on them.

      • Arthur - Atlanta says:

        Come on and wake up Scott! Do you really think that if the ‘contacts’ that were going to meet them did not know about all of the media coverage and would have told them via cell phone what was going on in the media for the past month!!

        • Scott says:

          hrm..did not think about the guys on land/whaler here… touche

    • Truth says:

      They could.

      • navin r johnson says:

        reminds me of the clowns who robbed a bank in Southampton a few years back and tried to escape in a Boston Wailer…people sitting at Riddells Bay having lunch when the alleged robbers ran across the 18th green and into the woods with the Police hot on that trail…..stupid beyond belief…..Good for the Marine Police job well done……

  11. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW says:

    I always thought something was fishy about those guys from day one. Just wanna say good work by the Bermuda police force job well done…..

  12. Call as it is says:


  13. Choir Boy says:

    Hate to laugh at someone’s misfortune – but I did when I heard this.

  14. Well says:

    Its not SAD at ALL

    Its STUPID and IGNORANT of them to risk their life for the LIFE STYLE they want .. EVERYONE knows that if you get involved in the DRUG TRADE there is the posibility that if you get caught you will get locked up and BECOME ‘BUBBA’S’ best FRIEND

    and especially if they are doing it for someone else

    and the FAMILIES wondering where R my SONS; why would they sail this time of year to the Caribbean; why didn’t get more ASSISTANCE from the vessel which gave them food and water; where have they been since they were last spotted and DIDN’T have any engine power

    MOTHER’S saying “” NOT MY SON “”

    MOTHER’S should be saying you DIG your GRAVE now LIE IN IT

    But they be in court along with their ACE BOIS and GIRLFRIENDS in TEARS

    Whats going to happen to my SON – Well, let me ask BUBBA at Casemates

    Well, ‘Bubba what you going to do’

    Bubba, ‘I want that light skinned one; he’s cute’

  15. serg says:

    Why fight against it!!!! MAKE ALL DRUGS LEGAL and give people freedom of choice.Unfortunately NO POLICE,FBI,CIA,DEA can stop the flow of any drug no matter the BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of dollars Wasted ever since 1930‘s. When people wake up and realize that money can be used better elsewhere.Prohibition of drugs is whats created people like pablo escobar,john gotti,yankee and many more.Statstics show that the WAR ON DRUGS HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE THEN THE DRUGS THEMSELVES!!!! If drugs were regulated and controlled all this war wouldnt take place.its an individuals choice if they want to destroy themselves by takeing matter what we are all inclined to do things that others dont like but who are you to make that choice.I hope that one day in my lifetime i will see all drugs legal world wide.starting with weed the least harmful of any substance yet it is criticised and lied about.I am sorry to say that as long as drugs are illegal people get rich off someones personal preference.SOLVE THE MURDERS!!!

    • White Jesus says:

      Replace the word ‘drugs’ in your comment with any of the following;
      Child pornography,
      Child prostitution
      And then suggest that a war on any of them should be abandoned so that the perpetrators can be left to their own vices. No we can’t stop all imports, we can’t prevent all murders, but we will damn sure seek and prosecute the criminals. Hell NO we will not legalise the destruction of our society. You can happily go ta hell my friend. Sincerely yours

      • serg says:

        LMAO Your name says it have obviously been brainwashed..the only destruction of society is classing these drugs..over 20 million people have died in the war on drgs since jimmy carter declared war in th 70s, some police,some innocent and some in the drug game.but realistically you can not compare drugs to interfering with children or rape lol what are you on. i got locked up at 17 for 8 ounces of weed my firs ever offence and i was given 3 years.what did that do. the only bad thing about this is that people dont see you cant win..i would gladly go out and get a 9-5 if drugs were legal.

      • UncleElvis says:

        The only problem with the comparison is that all but one of those things you listed are nonconsensual. The victims haven’t made a choice.

        You’re comparing apples and cucumbers.

    • Truth says:

      Serg, the problem is when your freedom of choice negatively impacts the life of those around you. Eg. A man chooses to smoke crack. No one forced him to do it. He, as a result of his habit, breaks into a ladies apartment, beats her down and steals from her to support his habit. his freedom of choice is now someone else’s problem and we need to protect against that. Like it or not, many people make poor choices and it is not in a vacuum.

      • serg says:

        unfortunately that has been proven wrong m8..portugal,netherlands,germany france, switzerland and canada have all sceen a major decrease in crime since they changed there drug laws.they have all seen a decrease in drug use and more people have been willingwithout threats of jail admitted themselves in rehab and have a higher success rate of keeping clean. this has also produced fewer people in prison created more jobs and better rehabs..california estimated that if they were to legalize weed that would bring in 15 billion a year,some dealers are makeing that in a week.if its legal it holds little value like alcohol cigarettes and pharmaceuticals.its worth nothing and therefore its not worth it

      • Uncle Ruckus says:

        Exactly. Serg serves you right dummy. 3 years obviously wasn’t enough. Make all drugs legal? You’re a moron and obviously that “8 ounces” ruined even more of the few brain cells you had, so much so that you can’t even formulate a sentence. Stop lying on weed yourself, it’s a drug and it is harmful! Deal with it or do another 3 year bid. You tell us “what did that do”.

        • serg says:

          haha its about 10 million plus that think like me..and why not take advantage of the systems flaws..since when does weed kill your brain cells, are you relateing to the study ronald regan done in the 80s,were they gave monkeys 5 joints at once through a gas mask a day for 3 months which resulted in the monkeys suffocating and thats what happens when your suffocated you loose brain cells..recent studies show that it actually stimulates your brain cells,helps brain cancer,and THE AMERICAN INDEPNDENCE DECLARATION WAS WRITTEN ON HEMP PAPER.your former queen victoria ate hashish cakes for her menstrual cramps,ab lincoln was known to grow weed and hemp..if u can honestly say that weed has done more destruction to society then cigarettes and alcohol than i am a fool.

          • Tigga says:

            Serg – you ARE a fool – your facts on Portugal etc. are FLAWED – there is absolutely no evidence to prove that drug use has decreased other than BS surveys. The only way they used to account for drug use was through arrest numbers. If you’re not arresting them then you cant count them…..! Put down the pipe and check out the UN report for a FACTUAL assessment.

            • serg says:

              your saying anything the un has not done a report since 2005.fact drug overdose in portugal has gone from 400 to 200 per year,hiv through needle injection gone from 1400 to 400 per year drug use in the last 10 years has risen ONLY 7.8 percent..instead of locking up drug addicts they rehabilitate 1998 there were 28000 people in treatment 2011 that has risen to 35000 not bad 10 years down the road,portugal has managed to save 1 billion dollars in the last decade through the new drug policy,crime has lowered 50 percent..there are more murders in bermuda then in portugal and with drugs being legal they have managed to produce the best football player in the world today,christiano ronoldo,in argentina and brazil were weed is legal,look how many world class players they have produced…self control and responsibility erases any addiction..

              • Tigga says:

                So what do those figures say? Overdoses down – uh – so? HIV down – so? Clearly the decriminalization has benefitted existing users in terms of intervention such as rehab and clean needles, but You are talking about Drug use which has RISEN – (even though you say ‘only’ 7.8%) How is this a success. To be fair, it (by which I mean cannabis and ecstacy use) has also risen in Neighbouring Spain and Italy where there is no decriminalization – but this shows that your theory that decriminalization has had any kind of impact on usage is flawed. Decriminalization runs the risk of making use of drgs like cannabis and ecstacy less of a stigma and thus more socially acceptable – is that a success?

                As I said earlier – the statistics are obtained by highly unreliable surveys. More specifically, there were no general public surveys conducted in Portugal prior to the change in the law in 2001, so use them with caution.

                What about crime rates? I recognize that there is no solid causal link between drug use and crime and that statistics are determined by reporting practice, but I understand that crimes related to drug use have risen.

                Your reference to football players is about as useful as a lighthouse in the Sahara – these people dedicate themselves to a lifestyle and it is through their dedication only that they have succeeded.

                • serg says:

                  do you have any idea what you just said?weed is decriminalized in spain and italy so that neighbour notion goes out the spain you can grow any amount you want in the privacy of your home it is a constitutional right to grow in italy up until 2007 all dgus were decriminalized and since then crime has risen,murder rate is higher and it has left a gaping hole in its economy.check your facts beforehand is a success in portugal no matter how u look at it..yes drug use among 18 to 55 has risen 7.8 percent and 3.5 percent of that 7.8 percent are government officials that had to hide there useage under the old law.but childern under 18 has dropd 35 percent…how is that not a success?iand as far as the football players i pretty much agreed with matter the circumstances and surroundings we live in,dedication and self-control goes a long way

                  • Joe Delmonte says:

                    Dont talk nonsence, weed is decriminalised in spain, is it hell.

            • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

              you are gonna beleieve what the UN tells you…haha
              are you sure that you havent been indoctrinated with some mind controlled information …start by searching for the real truth
              Tigga because what your reading or believeing is what THEY want you to believe..come on wake up expand your mind …dont just sit there and and take for granted that you are informed correctly by what they put in front of you… so maybe you should put the rock glass down for a while screw the top on tight sober up and do some research buddy.

              • UncleElvis says:

                Exactly where else should we get our information, then?

                Where should we “do some research”?

                Where do we find “the real truth”?

          • D. Everett says:

            Serg you really are an idiot after reading all of your posts, I guess your weed has definitely killed the little brain cells you did have, answer me one question you are bragging about legalizing drugs, can you travel freely outside Bermuda since your vacation at the 5* hotel in the west? I doubt it. why would people jeopardize their freedom like that, for goodness sake you live on a fricking 22sq mile Island where can you go if you wanted to take a vacation???

            • serg says:

              lmao i live in england..and jus so you know america is the only country that thinks weed smokers are terrorists.i have lived out here 3 years now..2001 when i got out of jail fist day i got out i went away and have not had any trouble.even after i got out i still played for the national squad until 2005.. i have seen most of the world twice,dubi,tuisia,ghana,puerto rico,australlia,new zeland,aya napa greece,ibeza,barcelona,milan,thiland and mylasia thats just a few

              • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

                hahahahah yah! serge who is the idiot now,D Everett Coop…former US Surgeon General…hahaha

                • D. Everett says:

                  And you my friend are another A-hole. encouriging this type of illegal behavior, you are probably one of the selling illigal drugs to our children. waste of human life, and Serg only left Bermuda to run away because he know he couldn’t continue living the lifestyle he did here in Bermuda,

                  • serg says:

                    lol i only left bermuda because there is no hope and no future for my children in bermuda.why should i allow my children to grow up on a island were most of the people are brainwashed,why allow my kids to grow up in an island that has same policies as america which is the worst country in the world and the most hypocrite in our time.why would anyone want to live in bermuda all of there life that is just son plays for arsenal schoolboys at 8 years old would he have had that chance if i kept in bermuda,my daughter is top of her class and thanks me everyday for bringing her out here where she does not hear gunshots evey and alot more bermudians should realize that bermuda is not what it used to be…i know that eventually it could end up in a childs hands and no i dont agree with that.BUT IF DRUGS REGULATED AND CONTROLED AND SOLD IN STORES THE CHANCES OF CHILDREN USEING DECRESES DRAMATICLY!!

                  • UncleElvis says:

                    Nothing like reverting to baseless personal attacks to completely ruin your argument.

                    Well done.

          • ken says:

            @ Serg and others who believe in the stupidity of making drugs legal,,the war on drugs will continue and should continue at any cost its no way a society should just give up and let the people on drugs dictate how we should live our lives,they have no say ,and will never have any say.
            If you dont like it then pick a room up westgate and get comfortable.All this violent crime going on and your saying that we should make changes in our drug laws. Where did you get your facts from? Dont believe everything you read, dont be that easy.The media is not always the real news and it is not always correct.
            The drugs has a lot to do with all the murders, you cant say solve the murders, then on the other hand say make all drugs legal that is stupidity you CLEARLY do not know what you are talking about.Getting tough on drugs will eliminate future murders anyone with any common sense can tell you that.
            IM not answering if you reply to my post this topic is too stupid for me to be even discussing right now.

            Congrats to the police on all these new arrests keep going!!!

            • serg says:

              lmao they have been geting tough on drugs for nearly a century and all it has done is create murder mayhem and drug think that cocaine used to be sold on shelves and it was in just about every house.m8 i have done my studies and know the facts.there is no such thing as a gateway drug thats foolishness,its like saying i had sex with a girl so i should try sex with a man,no it dont add up m8..if drugs were legal all these dealers would have no choice but to get a job..and if you drink or smoke cigarettes your a hypocrite for arguing those are the worse.and who are the sponsors for DRUG FREE AMERICA none other then ATF alcohol tobacco and firearms industry and thats a FACT

              • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

                yah serge your wasting your time trying to convert the arrogant and ignorant…lets bring back prohibition of alcohol and see how many of these so called …. well actually i cant say the word on this public media service without being censored or edited, (like they said …they will face defamation lawsuits..but rest assured its not defamation if what you say is the TRUTH) the tough part is proving that the ones in control of ALL of us are the ones we need to deal with. Its a well know fact that those who have power for example …Who would you go to ,to report that the Queen or the President was involved in illegally activity..huh???? maybe someone can answer that, who polices the people at the top,,huh?? when you reach the top rung of the ladder and look up WHO do you see?? no one.. i’ll leave it at that… just remember in a perfect world knowledge is power…but in this capitalistic world MONEY is POWER.
                Serge, you like many have insights into both sides of the fence where all of these comments trying to debalk you have only one eye open. i could go on all day and night with this but i’ll end it here .
                to all you drug dealers if you want a legitimate business do as they asked many years ago ..and pay taxes on your product like the rum runners finally agreed to after many years of trials and tribulations with the Governments of the day. its too late now though they have become educated to the fact of its too much money to be made keeping it illegal

          • Uncle Ruckus says:

            @SERG Fool please stop. You sound silly. 10 million people out of BILLIONS? Millions also like someone else said think incest, child porn, etc is okay. DEAD at you talking about some old studies and Ab Lincoln. Sorry friend this is 2011 and I know many a potheads. People do drugs and alcohol to get high because they can’t deal with the real world and it’s an escape. And yes all of them that I know are pretty dumb. You as an example wouldn’t have done 3 years if you were smart. This isn’t a discussion of cigarettes and alcohol though now is it? FYI I feel the same way about those as well. Two wrongs don’t make a right genius. So weed, coke, heroin, cigarettes AND alcohol should ALL be legal! Wow what a world that would be. Imagine if your pilot on you imaginary trips was high on weed AND drunk! Imagine what they would have been like. I hope you enjoyed the last years of your teens sitting in prison for “harmless weed”. LOL

            • serg says:

              I Thank god i got locked up at 17 i agree i was young dumb and stupid..the lesson i leaned from that was to never do anything for anyone.i was a decoy for the 10 pounds that got through lol and so what that was my choice and i took responsibility for my actions.and when i mentioned ab lincoln i am puting out great people of our time that found the actual weed tree itself to be a miracle plant.if you want up to date BARRACK OBAMA USED TO SMOKE WEED OCCASIONALY AND THOSE WORDS ARE OUT OF HIS MOUTH…and how do compare drugs to rape and child porn,all those thats been caught with child porn are your everyday people that are drug need to wake up..i done my time in jail and aint been back i was released in 2001 it aint a revolveing door for me lol

            • serg says:

              and if you knew how to read i said there are 10 million OTHERS THAT THINK THE SAME WAY I DO make money the easy way…..

      • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

        Truth!..Truth! couldnt be further from the truth.
        if it was legal and controlled by the government…now read this carefully…why would he break in to a ladies house and beat her down to support his habit…?? when he could go to the clinic or pharmacy to be supplied with his needs…all im saying is that takes the violence out of that equation. one problem solved huh?
        just remember that the system as it is today inherits or breeds that behaviour.

  16. lastchancenobreaks95 says:

    Ay serg, i’m right there with you brah…. Another thing that gets me is when they say WEED IS A GATEWAY DRUG… We are the fools brah….they are the smart ones. Ever since ppl started making alcohol it’s been tearing famlies apart, ciggs have been killing ppl ever since it was invented. WHAT HAS WEED DONE TO ANYONE???? When you get locked up for weed,it’s not because of what it did to YOU or YOUR FAMILY. It’s because of these LAWS we have.Government has been changing & adding the laws for sometime now, What about changing the drugs laws a bit…def for weed handling(selling). It would help!

    • serg says:

      i feel you brov.i dontsee why bermuda is sticking to americas drug policy its madness..i been caught with weed 5 times over here in england,the police themselves tell me its a waste of paper work write my name down give me a caution and tell me go buy more after they take it jail no stop list..maybe BDA needs to take a page out of britans policy on weed

      • Uncle Ruckus says:

        So why did you do 3 years in prison? lol Look at the way the two of you who think it’s okay to smoke weed type. All the answers you need right there.

        • serg says:

          i didnt start smokeing weed until i went to westgate..i smoked my first joint in jail on my 20th birthday.importing weed was all about the money..i probably would have never started if i didnt get lockd up.that answer ya question?

  17. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Makes no difference at all as our laws turn drugs into gold on the streets….another shipment is probably already on the way^^

  18. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Drug abuse is a health issue not a criminal issue….We have it all wrong as usual^^

  19. Real Talk says:

    Gonna b some Good Weed on d streets now…… all courtesy of Bermuda’s (edited) You wait more of them will be building houses and buying taxiis, via this seizure, you watch. They should make it law that the public know what is done with these drugs, i,e. public being allowed to watch the controlled burning of the seized substances. Lets talk about a recent case, the police raided a home, found a quantity of weed(lbs), in the downstairs area, and found a couple hundred grams of weed in the upstairs area. You guessed right a man was convicted, and charged, but wait he was only charged with the 200grams that were upstairs, a few pills, and resin. So what happened to the weight that was downstairs, your guess is as good as mine, smh dirty, (edited). These (edited) walk around with a big “S” on their chest, they get to pepper spray and taser you, for no reason, and then the victim gets cleared of assaulting police, so why was these actions right, shouldn’t the officers be held accountable? I’m black, and only 22. A couple years ago Bermuda was different, police showed respect and that they cared. Today, if your a male and BLACK, your for sure going to get harrassed by cops, they target us, and show know respect, “Get off a d bike”,”not now, right now”. They gotta give respect, in order to gain it, because i would rather die on my feet, then to live on my knees, instead of letting them Rodney King all our black males. I have no criminal convictions to date, but we all make mistakes, and when that day comes I would rather b judged by 12, then carried by 6, real talk. Bermuda wake up, oh ya I almost forgot, Regiments in, no drug testing up there, but they got tons of guns and ammunition, I guess drug testings meant to segregate the work force, not to better it. WORDS FROM THE YOUNG

  20. Enslaved by that paper!! says:

    why cant they understand that if you take the profit out of the equation …then there is no equation, its plain and simple. How many of you know that of all the continents of the world is just waiting for one in particular to take that step of legalization…and guess which continent that is…? if you dont know the answer then just stick to reading coz you shouldnt be commenting…the answers are obtainable…but are suppressed from the general public to assure total control and to prevent a long overdue uprising of the people.
    The sad thing is that the majority of you all dont even realize that you are enslaved and will be until the end of time. Another example is if you dont have the funds you can forget about living in a house , forget about receieving health care, forget about having food to eat …so what is left …elimination, mission accomplished …kinda sounds like Adolph huh?

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Put down the pipe. You are a slave just like everyone else.

      • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

        come on now….everything that you just read went in one ear and out the other…are you telling me that because of one error in my composition of one word that i used YOU instead of WE that the meat of the subject was invalid or overlooked… thats typical of an uneducated to you is ABC’s and 123′s tch tch tch
        oh i see your favourite saying is “put the pipe down”…i guess you’ve had to use that quite a bit in the circles that you travel in..hahahaha
        have a good night uncle…coz u sure know how to start a ruckus

  21. Enslaved by that paper!! says:

    hahaha its a f#@kin joke all the time money an effort to take some plant material away from the streets when tonage of coke heroin and other man made pharmaceuticals just make their way into the hands of the wrong people… when was the last time you looked at the news to see the the confiscation of those aforementioned killers of mankind ??… the system is designed to fail and it shows with the amount of comments made by people that are clueless..cant you see that the powers that be are laughing at these guys eliminating each other….like i said before their plan is working but these gangstas cant see that either..oh well anotherone bites the dust

  22. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Why would anyone want to smoke anyway? Weed or cigarettes? They both stink and both are disgusting. Sitting there puffing on those things, inhaling toxic smoke. Dumbest thing ever.

    • Enslaved by that paper!! says:

      that is your question?…im glad coz now your trying to learn something that you are absoulutely inept about but the rest of your statement is just your opinion which very unfortunately is not pertinent to the subject therefore warrants no response.
      But yeah, “why would anyone want to smoke weed or cigarettes” well i would say ask 72% of the population of BDA, why they do it.

  23. Common Sense says:

    Congratulations to the Police on doing their job according to the laws of the land; they have no alternative as long as drugs such as cannabis are illegal.

    However, Serge has a good point. No matter how many millions of dollars we throw at the problem we will NEVER be able to stop illegal drugs for entering the country – the drug trade is too lucrative as long as drugs are illegal. Those who talk about legalizing drugs such as cannabis are absolutely right in saying that alcohol is much more dangerous and causes more accidents, deaths, and wasted lives than marijuana could ever do. But we consider that alcohol is legal because we put some limitations on its use such as no under-age drinking and prosecution for drinking and driving.

    Other countries, Canada included, have eased back on prosecuting for small amounts of marijuana, and other are testing the waters to see if it would be more effective to treat drug use and drug addiction as a medical issue rather than as a criminal issue.

    I suggest that Bermuda set up a commission to review our drug laws, to study the effectiveness, or lack of effectiveness of decriminalizing drug use, and to examine whether or not we can find a way forward that is better than the present situation which sees us incarcerating a substantial percentage of those at Westgate for offences relating to marijuana – at huge cost to the tax payer. And we all know that anyone in Bermuda can purchase illegal drugs 24/7 so our drug laws are all but ineffective. We are also losing our young men to needless violence, mainly because they are involved in the distribution of illegal drugs.

    It’s time to stop making ignorant comments about the view of others, and seek new ways to solve the tremendous problems that we have with drugs because one thing is sure – we are fighting a losing battle at this rate.

  24. tendalizing truth says:

    Im totally against drugs but Serg is not to far off the mark with his comments. Many of you in Bermuda are seeing the negative ramifications of drugs from an aged microscope.

    Most countries have changed their drug policies in which they eradicate drugs through a more sympathizing approach as oppossed to a cat -n- mouse battle and its actually working.

    Drug usage and the hyprocracy on the fight against drugs has out grown its contained perimeters by tenfold… Its to much usage, to much money to put a lid on this shapeless jar.

    Drugs directly and indirectly has became a sustaibanle denominator in the worlds economy for the last 20 years …need i provide world facts?

  25. serg says:

    lets get everyone straight I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF HARD DRUGS, its not and should not be a criminal issue its a health issue and money is being wasted on stoping it.what drug programs does bermuda have,,,harbour light,camp spirit which is only available during the winter and a few outreach programs,what are we doing to make it a deterrent very little..from day one we have been lied to about what drugs do to people.REAL TALK!!Anyone heard of the REAL RICK ROSS not the raper either.Rick Ross made 1 million dollars a day in the 80s selling drugs for the CIA to fund their CONTRA WAR AND THATS A FACT.REAL TALK!! alcohol tobacco and firearms industry SPONSERS A DRUG FREE AMERICA.The Billderburg group and boheamein club two secret societies that run the world they dictate what goes on.George Bush,Obama,Dick Chaney,princess diana,queen victoria,brad pitt,marylyn monroe,john kerry,brad pitt are all related and the list goes deeper then that,u c an trace the bush family tree back to ab lincoln and joan of ark.

    • Skeptical says:

      Read a bit more on the Bilderburg group including the non-conspiracy theories. It might give a more balanced reporting on this group.

      • serg says:

        i have read all there is to know about them…all of there meetings are held in private why is that?what dont they want the rest of the world to know?the new world order is in effect and it is written on the back of the american 1 dollar bill on the left around the eye and pyramid in a language no1 speaks says ( our organisation is a success in the new world…on september 10,2011 donald rumsfield could not account for 2 trillion dollars that went missing and the next day the twin towers are blown up by a PLANE lol along with the number 7 building that was in between 3 or 4 other buldings that did not get touched how does that happen without haveing a controlled demolition?george bush lied 3 times about were he were he was when the first plane hit why would he do that?the pentagon a plane was suppose to have hit that but there was no debris from the plane found on sight…Check out the illuminati project..

        • Skeptical says:

          Again, look into things from the non-conspiracy theorists perception and a balanced consideration of the topic may arise. Conspiracy theorists can find a conspiracy in any given situation which can be debunked by traditional theorists. Just saying….

  26. Derek Simons says:

    Damm U Guy’s.

  27. navin r johnson says:

    Serg did you by any chance spend some time in the hold of the Carefree IV?

    • serg says:

      and why would i do that? those guys are DUMB…if that was me and i got lost at sea i would not be stupid enough to bring drugs back

      • navin r johnson says:

        because you sound sound dopey I thought maybe you were in hold of the boat sampling their wares

  28. youngblackbdafemale says:

    Let’s face the facts people…

    Serg is right!

    The “war on drugs” will never work; and it hasn’t since its inception in 1914. (Yes I said 1914 – look up the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914.) A US survey said that three out of four Americans believe the “war on drugs” is NOT working.

    So the question remains, why do we continue to spend an insurmountable sums of money on the “war on drugs”. (look up A study conducted by a Harvard professor of economics estimated that legalizing drugs would inject $76.8 billion a year. Imagine what the Bermuda could do with all the money it costs to fund the “war on drugs”! That means money for education, money for social security and the list goes on. Would we even be in debt?!

    The idea of leagalizing all drugs may seem a bit far-fetched for some people, but the fact remains that the drugs have been here since the dawn of man. It is about time for Bermuda to become proactive. Change needs to be made! There are far too many fathers/mothers/sons/daughters becoming victim to draconian drug laws. Bermuda needs to think outside the box in order to save our ailing community and provide a better life for ALL its citizens!

  29. hi poop says:

    yo ppl u should be thankful they r alive to all u poke bermudans