Police Respond to Incident at MAWI

January 29, 2011

[Updated] This evening [Jan 29] the Bermuda Police and Fire Service are on scene at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute [MAWI] in Devonshire after a patient made his way onto the roof and was threatening to harm himself.

MAWI Bermuda Jan 29th 2011-1_wm

Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said that first responders were called to the scene this evening after receiving reports that a patient had gained access to a roof. A Police negotiator is on the scene, and is talking with the patient. We will update with further information as available.

Update 7:30pm: Police statement: “Police and other first responders attended an incident at Mid-Atlantic Wellness institute a few minutes after 5 on Saturday evening. It appears that a patient made his way onto the roof and was threatening to do harm to himself. As a result police negotiators were called to the scene and began a very detailed process of talking with the patient. As a result the man was brought off the roof and inside without injury to himself or anyone else.”

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  1. Been Watchin says:

    “Burch & DeSilva on 2010 Crime Statistics” How is this post related to the MAWI incident? Are the emergency services negotiating with one of those two? I know they both have a lot of pressure on their heads right now!

  2. reality says:

    I hope he/she wasn’t planning to jump. Two floors will just about harm you. And what was going on outside?…..I didn’t hear the joke.

    • Bigman says:

      Kids were playing across the road and the microphone picked it up!!

    • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

      I quickly disagree. One floor height may break a leg, two floor height will break a leg or two. One broken leg can kill you from blood loss due to a compound fracture (bone puncturing an artery).
      My 30 yrs of emergency medical experience has taught me that
      many people have died from ‘simple’ injuries.

  3. Terry says:

    Wal yah nut “been Watching ” too much……..

    Yah so critical.
    Burch and DeSilva have been wanting to ‘jump’ for a long time. Go for it………