Photos & Videos: St George’s Easter Egg Hunt

April 24, 2011

Yesterday afternoon [Apr.23] Minister of Education, and St George’s MP, Dame Jennifer Smith hosted her Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Somers Gardens, St. George’s.

Constituency 1 Easter Egg Hunt St. George's  Bermuda April 23 2011-1-33

Both her executive committee and various PLP members came together to entertain kids of all ages with various activities, as well as an Easter egg hunt. The afternoon was filled with different races, before the little ones were led to a special area of the gardens to began their search for Easter eggs.

Constituency 1 Easter Egg Hunt St. George's  Bermuda April 23 2011-1-29

The children were kept busy with the help of some teens from the St George’s area; doing activities such as running, bean bag and egg spoon races, Easter basket making, colouring, playing on a fun castle, the Easter egg hunt. Each child received a gift bag from Dame Jennifer, and the Easter bunny made a guest appearance, which thrilled the little children.

Constituency 1 Easter Egg Hunt St. George's  Bermuda April 23 2011-1-51

Video footage of some  of the races below:

Click photos to enlarge:

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Comments (14)

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you Bernews for the coverage. I hope your thye only one that sees my comments. Job well done.

  2. Ring Master says:

    Great for the kids that simple fun can be enjoyed, but, and this is I’m sure similar to Terry’s comment, was this by invitation only from the PLP/Dame Jennifer Smith? If not…….

  3. sigh says:

    The Dame consistently delivers to her St George Community. This Easter egg hunt is an annual tradition for the kids of St George’s.

  4. Dee says:

    To the St. George’s community? I don’t think so – it must be by her invitation only, and ONLY to her known friends/supporters, because I have NEVER rec’d an invitation to anything that she has ‘delivered’ and I live in St. George, or maybe because of my skin colour she assumes I must not be a PLP supporter – guess she would just never know….

    • Maybe you do not have kids that attend the Schools in St. George and ask the Head Masters at the East End St. George Prep and St. Davids if they have received invitations to the Easter Egg Hunt.

  5. bernews says:

    Dame Jennifer generally notifies the East End schools of the event, and spreads the word in other ways. Its an open invitation, and all kids are welcome to attend.

  6. sigh says:

    thanks Bernews…for clearing that up…people are so hostile and quick to cast judgements.

  7. sigh says:

    I bet that even if Dame Jennifer hand delivered a personal invitation to the white residents of St George, most would not attend simply because she is a PLP member.

    • crazytalk says:

      Sigh, Here are your words: “I bet that even if Dame JS delivered a personal invitation to white residents….(etc)…most would not attend simply because she is a PLP member”.

      So, it appears to be you who is “hostile and quick to cast judgement”, as you put it.

  8. Not An Onion says:

    Lord knows, I am ‘sick & tired’ of this race issue that tends to come up in ALMOST every situation/report.

    Why couldn’t this be an avenue to say thanks to the organizers for a “mini” fair which I am sure ALL the children enjoyed.

    Not one of them is thinking “the white/black girl took all my Easter eggs):


  9. D St John says:

    wow, you guys sound like Americans with all of this race related bickering. I was in Bermuda back in the late 80′s and I don’t remember all of this hostility? but then too, I was just an American based on NAS Bermuda, so maybe I didn’t get a good peep under the hood…good luck with that- it certainly gets us nowhere.