Premier Receives Woman of the Year Award

April 27, 2011

At the 3rd Biennial Women’s Empowerment Summit being held today [Apr.27] in the Bahamas, Premier Paula Cox was honoured as the Regional Female Leader of the Year.

Oyster Publications Ltd., producers of the yearly event, hailed Premier Cox’s contribution not only to the political arena but also to the progress of women in it.

This morning Premier Cox delivered the Keynote address to attendees at the conference breakfast, and following the breakfast she was presented with the award.

The Premier said, “It is always a pleasure to be acknowledged amongst peers for the contributions one makes. I am honoured to be chosen as a standard-bearer for both leadership and the progress of women in the political arena. I believe it is the work we do today that reflects on the passage of tomorrow, and I am certainly encouraged by the recognition given by my peers.”

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  1. Watching and waiting says:

    Please get back to Bermuda and deal with the peoples business

    Bahamas for awards
    London for a Royal Wedding

    Didn’t we all criticise the former Premier for a lavish travel lifestyle.
    Seems nothing changes

    … and by the way, buses are still being cancelled as we speak, how pathetic.

    • The peoples choice says:

      what do you people think the Premier’s job is..To sit around in Bermuda and do nothing???

      If you got invited to the Royal wedding, would you have said, “I have things in my country to attend to”? wtf is wrong with you people..Your damned if you do, and def damned if you dont !!

      • Bullseye says:

        “Sit around and do nothing?” At one point she was a cog – now she will not dictate to her ministers. You’re right – there must be nothing for her to do and apparently she prefers it that way. Onto the awards!!!! YAYYY!!
        As far as the “Wedding”. Wasnt the PLP about Independance and preaching how the Queen has her heel on our necks? Why would you go to the wedding, yet in the next breath put the UK down? I don’t go to peoples wedding if I don’t like them. Unless they really do like the British. It’s awfully confusing isnt it?

        • Scott says:

          if she didnt go, people would complain that she’s so stuck about indpenedence that she’s embarassing us for declining…

          if she does go people say wtf, she’s for independence.

          just for once i think peopel need to realize, even if they dont want her to go, that she should go.. .this is the royal wedding that is the biggest thing in teh western world at the decline based on how she wants bermuda to be would be stupid.

          • Scott says:

            ..i do however think this award is rediculous. is this the same group that gave EB a tourism award, at the height of our (tarnished) platinum period?

            • The 411 says:

              Scott. Read the story. The award is given by a group of women to women leaders. Thus while he (Ewart Brown) may have assumed a number of identities, a woman was not one of them.

              • Summer says:

                Paula Cox has bankrupted Bermuda. Why are we rewarding bad behaviour???

  2. Hmmmmm says:

    One of two things must be so:
    1. She and Ewart are identical twins with equally lavish tastes and egocentric tendencies, OR
    2. This is actually part of the job and Kim Swan, Craig Cannonier or whatever loser they produce next would have to do it if they were in office also.

    1 just ain’t so. 2 is the reality; and trust me, it hurts her more than you to realize that this is actually part of the job.

  3. hmmm says:

    I don’t see how receiving an award, and giving a keynote address are “lavish”. The wedding is debatable, but I say “why not?”

    • crazytalk says:

      “Why not” you ask…How about these reasons…
      Because there isn’t enough money to pay for fuel for ferries.
      Because 3,000 Bermudians have become unemployed under her watch as Finance Minister.
      Because Bermuda has run up $1.2bn in debt under her watch.
      Because last week she explained to the country that she did not think government ministers should take a token reduction in salary because it would be an “empty gesture”. Presumably she also thinks that curtailing travel would be an “empty gesture”.
      Because the govt is too incompetent to run a proper bus service now, which has already got negative press in mainstream US newspapers.
      That is “why not”.

      • The peoples choice says:

        everyone keeps saying 1 billion, now 1.2 billion..Show me a site or an article stating the gov’t is in debt that much..Or is it hog wash??

        • The 411 says:

          One word. Read. Take a look at the government produced financial statements and you will see where the figure comes from. Secondly, the financial agency analyses will also speak to the $1.2B figure. Where have you been?

          • LOL (original) says:

            At Alaska Hall drinking all the kool aid

      • Bullseye says:

        well said “crazytalk” Now is not the time for pats on the back. Have someone accept the award for you because your country is in turmoil. That would have shown perspective and grace.

  4. They say says:

    She should be crowned woman of the year. She actually had some of us believing she’d help us following her disasterous predecessor. She had us all coming and going.

    Hail to Ewart the second.

  5. Real Talk says:

    Congratulations to Premier Cox. I don’t see why she shouldn’t attend this or any other function in which she is representing Bermuda. This is why we have Government Ministers, etc who run their various ministries whether the Premier is on the island or not.

    • Rockfish #2 says:

      I suggest she arrange a conference call to Ministers Lister and Minors re. The potential damage to our tourism industry as reported in several US newspapers.

      Are these two Ministers on the same page?

  6. Terry says:

    And the irony of all this is that it will continue until the people march. But….this could be part of the “PLAN”.

    Lybia, Seria, Iran, Eygpt, Ivory Coast, Kabul, Damascus, Istanbull, London, Germany, Dahrain, Hoges Corner USA……….

    Your gonna need a bigger fan………………..the shits comming and you have no one else to blame but yourselves………Totota……………….

  7. Bullseye says:

    Ever think that these might be the good ol days? Ewart figured it out. The well has run dry. At least Paula will have an award, beautiful photos from the Royal Wedding and a glorious pension.
    Seriously – these will be the good times we will look back on in five years. So enjoy them now!

  8. United Bermuda Democratic Alliance Party says:

    Once our new party is formed – we will solve all these problems.

    • Watching! says:

      I assume you will provide the public with a platform outlining EXACTLY how you intend to solve all these problems?

      So far, you have shown S**T! It is easy to sit back and say you are the Messiah but unless you come out and perform live miracles I suggest you keep quiet because all I hear is..blah…blah…blah…

  9. Not An Onion says:

    In my humble opinion, I know there are events which a Head of State (in this case the Premier of Bermuda) must attend whether it be as Country Representative or on a personal level.

    If Premier Cox was invited to this event on a personal level then I must assume and with all due respect hope that this was a TOTALLY personal expense paid trip.

    I admit that due to the lack of transparency, unaccountability,total disregard of proper fiscal management and numerous ‘unethical but not illegal’ statements which tend to surface after FISCAL QUESTIONS ARE ASKED BY THE OPPOSITION OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER this PLP Administration has in effect caused the continuous ‘RED FLAG’ opinions from some member of the public whenever PUBLIC funds are spent.

    Just wish that the PUBLIC was more vocal 11 years ago, MAYBE, we would not be in the position (both financially and socially) that we find ourselves in today.
    As said in my country ‘The horse already gone thru de gate’ not saying he can’t be stopped but we will definitely need very brave and strong ‘cowboys/girls’

    Bermuda let’s congratulate the Premier on receiving this award it could definitely be to the benefit of Bermuda on a whole. As my Mama taught all her students “when awards are received it means that you have to live-up to a higher standard than that which placed you in the position for it in the first place” hence Premier Cox should use this as an opportunity to NOT just be the “standard-bearer” but the ULTIMATE ‘STANDARD-RAISER’ a word to the wise is enough.

    Thank you

    • crazytalk says:

      Paula Cox is not a Head of State.

      She is certainly not the Head of State for Bermuda.

      She might think she is. She might wish she were. But she is not.

      • The 411 says:

        She is the elected LEADER of our country. She was invited in an official capacity to an event to which even President Obama, the leader of the largest nation of the free world, was not invited to attend. Although philosophically she or the PLP may oppose British reign, (I am a supporter but I dont support independence and I do support gaming) while we are still one of her children, we must manage this relationship and attending the wedding is the right and proper thing to do. Any other position is simply ignorant.

        She is the ELECTED LEADER of our country.

        • crazytalk says:

          But she is not the head of state. When you use caps, are you supposed to be shouting?

        • YES MATE! says:

          The leader of the largest nation in the free world is Dr Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India with a population of 1.2 BILLION. Barack Obama and the U.S. come in a very distant second at just over 300 million. That’s the 411 on that.

        • 32n64w says:

          Absolutely not true. She is party leader and has been elected by a handful of PLP delegates.

          The country did not elect her as leader.

  10. Nicole says:

    Why are people acting like the leader of BERMUDA, an British overseas territory is not obligated to go attend the ROYAL WEDDING! You people are dense! I don’t see how this is personal lavish lifestyle.

    • crazytalk says:

      Yes, you people certainly are dense.

      • Nicole says:

        Don’t address me.

        • LOL (original) says:

          Don’t comment on the public thread then.


          • Nicole says:

            LMAO you are such a loser LOL.

            • LOL (original) says:

              Takes one to know one I guess. What sets me apart from you is that I can see both sides of things and some times more. I also admit when I’m wrong and when I agree to things people I do not usually agree with say when I know them to be true. Some times I get offended by sh#t but I human after all.

              LOL I love my life with my family I’m doing ok not great I have bills to pay like everyone else my family is as diverse as it gets and we get along fine. If being happy is a sign of being a loser yup I’m one.

              ps remember to LOL some times might lighten your mood and does the body good like milk unless you lactose intolerant. (this was not a paid for UBP commercial and the use of milk was a coincidence) LOL

  11. crazytalk says:

    Another thing about it, while we’re on the subject. On Friday this week, the people of Britain have a public holiday to enjoy the wedding. In Bermuda, although we are a British Colony, we don’t. The reason, let’s face it, is because whenever royalty is mentioned, the PLP love to say how much they dislike royalty, dislike being a colony, dislike having to cowtow to unelected leaders, and all that. Fair enough I suppose, even if I don’t agree with it.

    But then whenever there is a Royal Honour to be got (a Knighthood or whatever), or as in this case nice trip to rub shoulders with famous people at Royal Wedding, they can’t wait to buy a new hat, hop on BA, and make sure they take full advantage.

    The hypocrisy blows the mind.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Cayman has a holiday on Friday too…

      • Scott says:

        cayman is being run by Britain at the moment isnt it? from what i understand of almost recent events.

        • crazytalk says:

          No Scott. Cayman runs itself, like us (but more professionally).

          You may be thinking of the Turks & Caicos, which is currently under the control of the UK because the Premier (coincidently a friend of Dr Brown’s), was a complete crook, robbing the country blind.

          A pure coincidence I’m sure.

          • Scott says:

            indeed i was thinking of them.

          • Hmmmmm says:

            You must think no-one here has ever been to or is familiar with Cayman. Cayman copies everything Bermuda does legislatively. Their new Constitution is nowhere near as advanced as Bermuda’s and they are overtly run by the UK in many areas. They do handle immigration though and are now outnumbered by Jamaicans and others in their own country. Careful, we’re not all ignorant.

            • LOL (original) says:

              Yet the Caymen has PATI already?


            • 32n64w says:

              “overtly run by the UK in many areas”

              Exactly which areas? I’ve been to Cayman over a dozen times and have had business dealings there for more than a dozen years so would love to know where the UK overtly runs their country so I can let my Cayman friends know.

              Remember, please be specific, I wouldn’t want to offend them.

      • Paula Cox's Orange Pippin says:




    • Nicole says:

      So? We are a British Colony, we are not Britain however. What’s so hard to understand about that? While we are still a overseas territory we have to honor that. Has Paula Cox herself expressed going independent or are you putting that on her based on past premiers and politicians? It’s a holiday because it’s the actual day of them getting married, why do we need the holiday? Then we wonder why we have the “lazy Bermudians” label.

    • Watching! says:

      Well I bet we would support a Public Holiday as well!

  12. Think about it says:

    Ummm, what has she done to deserve an award in the first place? And you all are silly if you think things will be any difference between her and Brown. Don’t you realize that she was in control of the money back then(and still is) and let Brown do all sorts of b.s. with our money? So what makes you think she will do anything differently.

    You all need to wake up, this woman does not care about her people. She told you that when she said she will not take a pay cut. The woman makes around $300,000 per year, and she doesn’t want to take a 10% decrease? Come on now. She’s loving this position and her money too much to be thinking of you all.

    This country is going down the drain REALLY fast, and something drastic needs to be done to fix it. If not, I’m glad that I have an exit strategy.

  13. liars says:

    what about Dame Jennifer being wuth a “contingent” in Jamaica right now touring a University?!

    She couldn’t edjumicate anyone 10 years ago….Nore could she run the country either……..why is she flying around the world again free of charge? Couldn’t she make it in the real world?

    I wonder if any of them could make it in the real world after such a wild binge?

  14. liars says:

    Nobody’s touched base on this “acting Premeir” thing today. Why is Micheal Scott being called the acting Premeir, when, Derrick Burgess is the Deputy Premeir?

    Why you ask? Because nobody in Government is here running it……Hmmm is that what “the consultants” do?

  15. Terry says:

    BREAKING NEWS…….EWART BROWN will be the RING Bearer……………

    Dr. Brown said today via Gombey Nooze……”I will be there to offer my best wishes. We have seen the Platinum period and now I am on mine. It’s a cycle and I am proud to present the afterbirth. Enjoy…..”

    “Ring Bearer”…….Ding a ling…..Damn still no body home….

    Breaking Nooze…….Triminghams break out the tank tops as the smiths retreat into the last vestage of Ass Coopers………………Johnny Barnes is still under paid as he directs people into the forbidden city/sittee…..Dr. Ken Yoo See Eat, says…”Big shittah gonna …….( edited) One man sushi is another mans pooseee…..

    It’s all relevant………don’t shoot the messenger, just take away their vehicle to deliver it……..

    HOOOOOOORAH……24th May the ……………………………..birthday………

  16. LMAO says:

    Has anyone bothered to look at who’s actually granting the award?

  17. Shirley Richardson says:

    To all of you haters and tea party wannabes, Premier Cox is a beautiful,intelleigent,honorable woman. The leader of this country, and for those who continue to demonize and criticze her, I can only say that you are showing your own ignorant,pathetic (and for some)racist attitudes. Premier Cox deserves the prestigious accolades,that she is receiving from others in the caribbean regions, it’s unfortunate that many Bermudians can’t appreciate the beauty and accomplishments of their own people.for those who truely believe that our leader deserves the nasty insults, that have been written on this website, at least have the (TESTICULAR FORTITUDE.) TO SIGN YOUR REAL NAME.

    • Sarah says:

      Take a minute to consider how laughable and inappropriate the phrase “testicular fortitude” is in this context.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Take a minute and realise Shirley is what she critises others of being…………….


  18. liars says:

    Shirley, you must be a paid PLP supporter! Because there is no racism in any of our statements lady so stop over playing that card you ingnorant bermudian, its no excuse for you and your people anymore. You have power and you’ve put “testicular fortitude”at the for front of all decision making. Hey if you guys over at the Alaska Hall need some balls , just come down to Front street and take a look at all the Real Hero’s of bermuda. They are “balls deep” in this lsland……..What is paula invested? What about all the rest, l wonder if they invest in Bermuda? All l see is them flying all over the world in the world’s worst ressesion talking about “it would be a hollow gesture to Not continue wrecking Bermuda and dividing Bermudians. Dividing even the Black community that used to stick very close together… you all killing eachother and robbing eachother. your “testicular fortitude” as that is also yet another embarrissing government statement.

    All hail these dumb wanna be’s

  19. liars says:

    also “signing our real names” would mean possibly having the door of you house kicked down.

    FREEDOM OF SPEACH….and seperate church and state LIARS!

  20. Concerned Bermudian (not the original) says:

    Shirley, every leader we’ve ever had, black & white, has been criticised – it goes with the territory. But congratulations for getting race into the discussion.

    Being critical of our current Premier does not make one racist. PLP would like you to think it does, but it doesn’t

  21. Think about it says:

    I don’t like Paula Cox ONLY because she’s black. Shirley saw right through me. How did you know?

  22. Bermudian Pride says:

    I have no quarrels with the Premier receiving this prestigious reward and attending the Royal Wedding. However, I must question if she is truly deserving of the reward as there are many other extraordinary women in Bermuda that to my opinion are much more deserving of the award. How was the Premier’s name put forth to be selected over countless others within this island?
    As for the Royal Wedding……I’m sure as an individual, being invited to such an event is an extreme privilege. However, as the Premier of a country, your primary responsibility is to the well being of the country and its people. If attending momentous events becomes a greater priority then the resolution of issues plaguing your country, then I’m not sure if premiership is a post to be held by that individual.
    I am not a supporter of any particular party, but rather a prideful Bermudian. As long as the wellbeing of Bermuda is being taken to heart, then you will have my full backing. Irrespective of party, race, gender, etc.

  23. shirley Richardson says:

    I’m not a bit surprised at the push back from my post, bermuda is still a democracy, so I have no fear of my door being kicked in,and I stand by my opinion of Premier Cox, It seems that so many of you are so unhappy. I love this country, and will continue to stay positive, regardless of the economic situation.We should all be grateful, we are not in Iraq,Japan,Libya,or some war torn country. my suggestion, if your life is so miserable here,{PLANES LEAVE EVERYDAY) iS THAT NOT A BERMUDIAN SAYING? lol

    • Never says:

      Yeah , I bet you and a lotta others would just love it if a whole bunch of us left . Would make yall real happy now wouldn’t it ..

      Yep , jus part of the plan …