Police Recover Another Firearm

September 12, 2011

Only three days after seizing two guns and ammunition, the Bermuda Police Service has recovered another firearm – this time from the Club Road, Smith’s parish area yesterday afternoon [Sept.11].

A police spokesman said, “Acting on intelligence, police officers attended the Club Road, Smith’s parish area around 4:15pm on Sunday, September 11th and recovered a firearm. The firearm is being forensically examined and inquiries into the matter are ongoing.”

“The Bermuda Police Service continues to encourage the public to assist in making Bermuda safer by providing any information they may have that could lead to the recovery of illegal firearms.”

“Anyone with any information regarding illegal activity is encouraged to call the Bermuda Police Service at 295-0011 or alternatively the confidential and independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Eastern says:

    Thank God for this great news. Hopefully it will be only a matter of time before more will be found. We could never know how many young men’s lives have been saved by the discovery the guns that have recently been found.

    Keep up the good work Bermuda Police and those individuals that are helping the authorities with information.

  2. Thankful says:

    Great job BPS, and to the public that is assisting, thank you

  3. YES MATE! says:

    Good job Bobbylon! Any arrests to go with the gun seizure? Keep up the good work.

  4. joonya says:

    Awesome! Keep it going BPS!

  5. Missy says:

    Its about time the BPS did some real Police work!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      The Police aren’t the problem. It is a reluctant, apathetic public that doesn’t assist but it looks as if the tide is changing on that. I hope I am right.

    • Tuba says:

      You are a tool.

  6. sandgrownan says:

    The rozzers are on a roll….

  7. Truth (Original) says:

    …and they all fall down. Excellent momemtum BPS ! Keep the info coming Bermuda !

  8. Real Talk(original) says:

    Wait. According to the Police there are only a ‘handful’ of weapons being passed around… Either the police have made a serious dent in that ‘handful’ over the past couple of days or there are more firearms on the island than they would care to admit.

    Three guns in a matter of days is quite the haul.

    • Oh well says:

      ok ok fine get over it already! How many times are you people going to say the same things?!? So there are a few more guns than originally thought, the point is there are 3 less than there once was on the street. Just be thankful for small blessings!!! You’re gonna keep reaping about a statement made almost a year ago? cheeeeshh! It’s getting soo old already!

      • Real Talk(original) says:

        “…the point is there are 3 less than there once was on the street.”

        No. That’s only part of the point.

        If there are in fact more guns on the island than originally thought then that should be of great concern to everybody as the Gun Fairy isn’t just leaving them under people’s pillows at night. There are only a couple of ways that things can get into the island which leaves much speculation as to whose palms are getting greased. Once THOSE people are brought before the courts then I will feel better. Until then it’s a bit like cat and mouse with the mouse constantly one step ahead.

      • sad to see says:

        Oh well ,
        you go!!! Thats the same thing i was thinking who cares what was said the main thing is they have them and it can save lives that all that matters GOOD JOB BPS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Face the Nation says:

    Landlords need legislative teeth to move families out of homes where drugs and/or fire-arms are recovered . Even if your son or daughter is caught with a fire arm off property the law needs to back up landlords or real estate companies in removing these people .
    I work to hard to be subjected to living next to idiots with guns and drugs . It’s like living next to a ticking BOMB .

  10. Say Say Say says:

    Great news. People are starting to talk. Its all good. Well done BPS.

  11. oleeee' says:

    Thank you Lord!!!!

  12. The mon says:

    Um when you look at whats going on not really think about you if a law like that goes into affect parent are going to have to step up to the plate and put these kids out which would make it easier for the police to flush them out also givin that child a chose and I am saying child but some of the are grow people clean up or get out. People today can not afford to lose their homes moving cost alot of money.