Two Guns, Ammunition & Drugs Recovered

September 8, 2011

Earlier today [Sept. 8] Police recovered two guns and a quantity of ammunition after executing a search in a Devonshire home.

A Police spokesman said, “Acting on intelligence, Bermuda Police Service officers executed a search warrant at 2:30pm today [Thursday, September 8th] at a residence on Friswells Road in Devonshire.”

“As a result, two firearms and a quantity of ammunition were seized. A quantity of controlled drug was also recovered. A man is in custody as a result of the seizure of these weapons and controlled drug.”

“The Bermuda Police Service continues to encourage the public to assist in making Bermuda safer by providing any information they may have that could lead to the recovery of illegal firearms or drugs.”

“Anyone with any information regarding illegal activity is encouraged to call the Bermuda Police Service at 295-0011 or alternatively the confidential and independent Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Stefan Smith says:

    Hopefully this helps them to solve some of the recent murders.

  2. freddyg says:

    Get em !!! Great to KNOW !!!

  3. wondering says:

    wicked ting dat!!!


    well done BPS and I trust that this brings some foul men or women to justice for something or the other….less guns = less potential crime.

  4. Nice!! says:

    Good job BPS and whoever assisted them in getting more guns off the streets. Keep up the good work!

  5. Back to Life says:

    Good job BPS , thanks to the public as well. We are starting to unite, speak out (even if only anonymously thru crime stoppers). Enough is enough…we’ve said it for three years now, we are staring to mean it. If we and the police keep winning these small battles, eventually we will win the war.

  6. Mr.Curious says:

    Less guns on the streets is always a good thing,but i wonder how BPS just happen too find them,or obtain a search warrant somebody’s keeping them very well informed smh never the less two less guns does make our island and cummunty a safer place just feel sorry for whoever it is that caught with these guns,and drugs better get a qc…

    • enough says:

      So you ‘smh’ that someone gave police specific information that led to the reovery of gun, ammunaition and drugs. Really??

      You also feel sorry for whomever it was that was caught with them. Really?

      I ‘smh’ and feel sorry for you because you ARE THE PROBLEM.

      • Arthur - Atlanta says:

        Lighten up on that ‘feel sorry’ comment people. You all must be non-Bermudians if you have never heard that ‘feel sorry’ saying and don’t know the true meaning of it.
        As bermudians we have hundreds of ‘unique’ sayings with different meanings and that is just one of them. For example when we say ‘my boys put some licks on your boys, or my team beat your team today, we are not talking about a fight but a sports game defeat.
        So again lighten up and stop reading through the lines for something that is not there!

        • enough says:

          Well feel free to educate me; “….just feel sorry for….” means when discussing someone arrested for possessing 2 guns, ammunition and drugs (allegedly)??

          While you’re at it, explain the apparent disapproval (“smh”) when referring to someone keeping police well informed regarding the whereabouts of guns etc. I’m sure that’s a Bermudian twist on ‘Well done’, ‘Congrats’, ‘Your country should be amazingly proud of you’.

          You know, sometimes, people just mean what they say; don’t always have to put Bermuda shorts on it.

    • Ambitious Girl says:

      Well they obviously can’t post that information about how they got the lead on the person. But at the end of the day it’s good to know that they have taken 2 guns off our streets.

      And why feel sorry for those found with these guns and drugs????

    • Real Talk(original) says:

      Seriously!? “feel sorry for whoever?”

      SMH too…

    • Thankful says:

      You can’t be serious, you feel sorry for the person that was caught with the guns/ammunition and drugs?? you are a jackass. I bet you wouldn’t feel sorry for them if one of those bullets just happen to hurt or even kill one of your family memebers. Great Job BPS, and to the person that gave the information Thank you, wish more people would take their head out the sand and do the right thing!!!!

  7. LIz says:

    Well done BPS now if these guns are in any way connected to any crimes can you please use this opportunity to throw the friggin book at him. Charge him for every last crime they are connected too please and let his high paid QC work for the money he is making at the tax payers expense.

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ liz – sorry to bust ya bubble. how u kno he did de otha crimes? don’t work like dat sorry…u can’t charge sumbody for somethin dey didn’t do.

      • Wondering says:

        Isn’t it – if you are found with it – - it is in your possession – it belongs to you. What you gonna say – I was holding it – no good… charge and charge hard….

      • LIz says:

        @ bermyshotta that’s to bad thank you for clarifying that for me. In that case possession SHOULD BE 99% of the law. If he is in possession of a fire arm that the BPS/Prosecution can prove a link they should prosecute him for the crimes.

      • Andrew Woodworth says:

        *burst, *your, *your, *How, *you, *know,*the, *other, *It, *doesn’t, *that, *you,*somebody, *something, *he.


      • The mon says:

        lol stop typing just stop typing Just because we cant see you do not mean you still don’t look dumb to us did you listen what happen this fool was running around with one of his guns and didn’t think people in his area had the ball to say anything I guess he was wrong SMH feel sorry for people like you for real.

  8. It is me says:

    Bad boys, Bad boys…..what ya going do…….what ya going do when they come for you?

    I like the days when the Police were the baddest thing, and a person would shite themselves at the though of any interaction with them. Now days the law has made justice a joke and the bad boys now know what the hidden bad boys know. That a good lawyer is a get out of jail free card. All they have to do is wave some illegally gained money (the proceeds of any criminal activity) around and you will get a top contender (lawyer). Vicious cycle it is (joke).

  9. James says:

    Well done BPS!!!

  10. BIG YAWN!!!! says:

    I won’t feel safer till all of the corrupt politicians, cops, judges, and their puppet masters are locked up!! Infinite LOVE is the only truth, everything else is ILLUSION!!!

    • enough says:

      I’m sure it’s not an illusion to the victims, their kids, parents, brothers and sisters of those murdered by guns (and maybe these guns specifically).
      Your attitude is the ‘big yawn’ here.

      • BIG YAWN!!!! says:

        I’m sorry I wrote something with only two lines that was too deep for you to comprehend!! In no way was I disrespecting the victims or families of gun violence, did my comment have anything to do with that…. I’m just saying. I was only saying that a report like this does not make me feel safer unlike other comments. Know thyself and peace be with you.

        • enough says:

          Yeah, piercing insight there BY; too much for my little brain.
          Let’s just leave it all up to LOVE and GOD and whatever else cos that’s panning out real well.

    • AJ says:


  11. Bermudians jus Talk says:

    Even if those tools have bodies on them like we have seen in past cases,Because this is BDA person in possesion of weapon wont get charged for crimes committed by that weapon!!!SMFH!!Only place in world!!

    • Real Talk(original) says:

      Um… No. Hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not only in Bermuda that that happens. The prosecution in any jurisdiction has the burden of proof and mere possession is not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are responsible for, or even had knowledge of other crimes that may have been committed… I buy a second hand car. Turns out that the car was used to commit an armed robbery prior to my buying it. Do you charge me with the armed robbery? No. You would have to prove that the car belonged to me, was in my possession, disposal, etc at the time of the robbery in order to be able to connect me to the crime…

      • Watching Patiently says:

        a second hand car is not illegal to buy though, so the analogy is a bit flawed. In the states if someone had proper documentation and bought a second hand gun that was previously used for murder, i would say he was not necessarily responsible either.

        in my opinion, as having the gun here is illegal to begin with, any crimes made by that guy should be on the person in possession of it.

        It may trample on some civil liberties folk, but in my opinion we need to make being in possession of a firearm more of an issue then it is. And this is a quick way to hopefully make people think twice about obtaining or hiding one.

        • Real Talk(original) says:

          … so I have a gun in my possession (that I found) that I intend to turn in to the police… before I can turn it into the police I am subjected to a stop n search and the gun is found. It was used in 3 murders. Using your logic as I am in possession of the gun I am responsible for the 3 murders committed.

          My personal preference would be an automatic life sentence (with minimum of 25 years before parole, akin to the sentence for premeditated murder) for unlawful possession of a firearm. Simply pinning previous murders on the guy who happens to have the gun (particularly in light of evidence that the guns are passed around and used by multiple people) won’t necessarily get murderers off the street… it will simply ‘close’ police files.

          • amen says:

            Why would you take possession of a gun you found? That’s like finding a marijuana plant, putting it in your car to “turn in”. Both are illegal so I would just call the police, not the emergency 911 but their actual phone number to come get it. What you said is a really dumb thing to do. I’d never drive around with a gun I found. It’s illegal and even if you didn’t commit those murders yes you would still be charged with possession of an illegal firearm. You live by some flawed logic and analogies.

            • Real Talk (original) says:

              …the logic used is no more ‘flawed’ than the logic that individuals can be charged for murders because of possession of a gun in the absence of any other evidence…

              • Waiting Patiently says:

                lol actually your logic is a bit flawed.

                why on earth would you drive around with a gun you found “intending” to turn it in, and get stop and searched before you can get there? why not 1) call police or 2) stop FOR the police at the stop and search and tell them you found a gun. You make it out as if you were hiding it until you got to a police station….

                also when i say pin it too the guy,i dont mean it that simply. If someone throws a gun at you, you catch it adn the cops see it, i wouldnt say you are on the hook, but if you are hiding the gun or holding it somewhere for someone or yourself.. then yes, that is criminally handling the weapon.

                even wtih that aside, two guns and a bunch of ammunition?? do you think this guy just found these and was starting a collection to turn in, but wanted to save gas money so he waited until he had a box full??? Information said there were two guns and ammo at a house… use logic. this guy was NOT about to turn these in. Use the facts of the case, not some far out, improbable, scenario to try to illustrate a point.

  12. FRS 4 Life says:

    Stay UP Bra… Love The FRS Family

    • The mon says:

      you know if you love so much you can go join him you know everybody knows how Bermuda Thugs get down lol

  13. LOL (original) says:

    I would like to see the BPS publicly melt the guns down so we know for sure that they do not end up on the street again.


  14. Keep It Real says:

    If he holding TWO guns, how he gonna smoke de weeeeeed??!!! Take him away! Guess what? Whoever pricked, good job!!!

  15. Free Thinker (Original) says:

    Good job to both the informants and the Police. I only hope the Minister and the Top-Brass in the BPS stop kidding themselves and us about the number of guns they think is out there. While we were saying it’s a lot, they were saying, it’s only a few. I guess their opinions, were based on the repeated ballistic matches they got from one shooting incident to another. I am sure some of this was the fact that we as a people, seem to always be in denial about how bad things are here.

    If we constantly dig our heads in the sand every time we have a crisis, we won’t be able to see what’s really happening and as such, we won’t be able to act proactively, to prevent the situation worsening. If we were to go by their belief that they were only a couple or just a few guns out there, by my count, the island should have been gun-free by now.

    In any event, more guns are off the street. But don’t start rejoicing as yet because the circumstances, which brought them here in the first place, still exist. Also with the economy the way it is now, we might be adding a next dimension, that may see even more people arming themselves, not just to gang bang, but to commit robberies to feed themselves.

    Don’t even ask how are they going the get the guns. I said it before and I will say it again, if you can bring in drugs, what’s so difficult about bringing in guns.

  16. GPS says:


  17. Shut Yo Mouth says:

    This is how it’s done foot up the backside and take names later . Now move the whole family out . Drugs ‘n’ Guns = Eviction , if the house is owned by the family , then the fine must send the home owner to the Bank .

    • Wondering says:

      There is something in place – where all assets are freezed of the person who has committed the crime – not sure if it has anything to do with murder – thinking more to do with income received from a crime(?)(drugs/money laundering/…..)

    • are u dum says:

      you must be dumb..he stays with his family brothers parents so you think the police should force them out because he was doin illegal activity think hard before you speak and stop hardly thinkin

      • Shut Yo Mouth says:

        As serious as people are about dealing in drugs and protecting their disgusting trade with deadly force (guns), I’m serious about my post , evict the WHOLE FAMILY , maybe than STUPID MAMMA and WEAK DADDY will pay attention to the activities of their IGNORANT OFFSPRING .
        No innocent law abiding citizen should be forced to live next to a time bomb . And I’m thinking of your safety as well , even though you seem to be too stupid to realize it .

  18. Always Watching says:

    I agree that all crimes related to that weapon (S) should be brought against the person found with it. That way the individual will be more inclined to give up his friends who are involved OR the previous owner of the weapon.

    REAL TALK IS WRONG :-if you can prove you brought the car before the commission of the crime than the police will look at the previous owner. Get my point.

    • Real Talk(original) says:

      I think you mean AFTER the commission of the crime…

      But it’s not up to you to prove that you DIDN’T commit a crime as much as it is up to the police/prosecution to prove that you DID commit a crime… Simply possessing a weapon that was PREVIOUSLY used in the commission of a crime does not mean that YOU committed the crime.

      You can bring charges against a person all you like, but you would NOT be able to bring a person before a jury and demand that they be found guilty of murder simply because they were found in possession of a related gun on their hand in the absence of other evidence to corroborate the charge. The charges are two separate (and possibly unrelated) matters.

      So no. I don’t get your point.

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ always watchin – real talk is right…ya jus dont agree wit him opinion dats all. who says dem guys WILL talk…n wat if they actually DON’T KNOW who previously had de gun?? den wat?

    • Waiting Patiently says:

      at the moment, Real talk is right for the most part. The charges can be laid, but chances of jury/conviction are pretty small..

      that being said, i think someone should. Hnadling a gun in bermuda is not like handling a used car. It its highly illegal in the first place. The law should change.. you in possession of gun, you in possession of any crimes associated with that. Simple solution, dont hold only guns.

  19. greatjob says:

    It’s good to finally see that people are tired and not afraid tell the Police what they know. I wonder what cases these guns are connected to and yes if you are found to be in possession of a gun (which is illegal) then you should be prosecuted for that offence…..bottom line. If I found a gun, there is no way I would travel with it…ah hello… I would call the Police. There’s been too many senseless murders it’s about time. BRAVO to the Police on a job well done and BRAVO to whoever turned them in, you are and should be respected for your efforts.

  20. Winnie says:

    Good job BPS every firearm off the streets is a potential life or lives saver, again good job.