B.A.A. & UE Cornella Collaboration

November 19, 2011

B.A.A. has collaborated with Spanish club UE Cornella which is based in Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, and is an affiliate of the Spanish Football Association.

With the agreement between B.A.A. and UE Cornella, BAA will organize camps for players and coaches, organize team tours to UE Cornella, organize and provide opportunities for short and long-term personal experience at UE Cornella for the players as well as implement the UE Cornella technical curriculum into their program.

The latest well known player to pass through the UE Cornella program is CFValencia left back Jordi Alba. Alba has made 2 appearances with the Spanish national team under Vicente del Bosque with the latest appearance against England at Wembley last weekend.

John Doran, President of  B.A.A., said: “This is another step in moving the club forward and it’s one of our Goals to build strategic partnerships both domestically and aboard. We have had a couple of other opportunities but we were looking for a partnership that was the right fit for B.A.A. – Here it is – and what an exciting prospect.

“Both clubs are very much aligned in their approach to football and child development on a broader scope. This opportunity is immense as it not only gives our children more technical development but will also give them academic and life skills – Geographically, Culturally, and Socially – They will learn so much from integrating with other children and will bring bonds and experiences that will last them a lifetime.

“Bermuda will benefit much from this partnership. A special thanks to the Board, and our sponsors – especially Lindo’s -without their support the program would not be what it is today and finally to Kenny for making this a reality! We are looking forward, and are excited, to making great ties with UECornella.”

Kenny Thompson, Football Director of B.A.A., said “I am pleased and extremely proud of this relationship with UECornella which provides a unique opportunity for all of our players to continue their football, social and cultural development with a top football club in a top football environment.

“This collaboration creates a very realistic step by step pathway for the players to maximize their potential. Our partnership offers players additional and necessary exposure in a top quality and challenging training and match environment that is required for their optimal development.

“As we continue to provide an environment whereby we develop and nurture players to maximize their potential, our coaches will also benefit in the same way from regular exposures and associations with our friends at UECornella through coach development opportunities.

“We are excited for this opportunity for players and coaches. It is with great pleasure to be working with UECornella. Thank you Andres, Alex and the UE Cornella family.”

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  1. James says:

    Cool and good luck with that! Now on to much more important things.
    The English FA, The PRIME MINISTER of England, Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, Harry Redknapp (sp) and just about every top Manager and player in the EPL slam FIFA President, Blatter for yet another outrageous statement, a statement that should ANGER every BFA official and the vast majority of our players and yet SILENCE. Were are you Bermuda press?

    • FrankTalk says:

      yes it was a big deal – in England.

      In spite of the nonsensical things Blatter says it is true with in the FIFA statutes themselves not to mention the statues of the local FA’s there is anti-discrimination policies, procedures and attitudes.

      So from that point of view Mr Blatter can say what he likes because it has no effect on what is actually being done in the game. Besides he was just elected with 186 votes out of 205 I think you can take that to mean he has the full support of the local FAs and the ridiculous comments he makes clearly have no impact on that support.


  2. James says:

    I stand corrected, apparently Clyde Best has stood above the rest and addressed this matter in his column. Where are you BFA, where are you Concacaf.