“Digicel Internet” Now Available

November 17, 2011

Digicel is now offering  internet service plans starting from $25 per month [for 1MB].

The internet service is marketed as ‘Digicel Internet’ and is provided by internet service provider Transact Limited, which was recently acquired by Digicel. 1 MB is $25 per month, 2 MB is $60, 3 MB is $80, 4 MB is $90, 6 MB is $110, 8 MB is $120.

“Digicel is thrilled to offer this service to the people of Bermuda who are eager for better value for their internet service,” stated Digicel Bermuda CEO, Wayne Caines.

“We have made a name for ourselves as a company that is committed to delivering value. We built this reputation by applying our principles to the cellular market, the mobile internet market and now the internet market.”

Digicel Internet is not restricted to only Digicel customers; anyone may sign up for the service and do so directly from Digicel on Church Street or Court Street. Existing customers of Transact will also be able to receive customer support and pay their bills at both Digicel stores.

Mr. Caines continued, “Just as with our cellular business, we are especially proud to be able to offer 24 hour customer support for customers of Digicel Internet. We realise that our customer’s lives do not end at 5pm so neither will our customer care.”

“Also important to our customers is reliability of service and, to that end, Transact has recently taken steps to maintain quality of service by expanding its capacity and also implementing additional redundancy measures. All this was done to give customers of Digicel Internet the best possible experience.”

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