Murder: 15-Yr-Old To Appear In Court

November 1, 2011

A 15-year-old teenager will appear in court tomorrow [Nov.2] in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Malcolm Outerbridge [pictured] who died after sustaining injuries in an attack on Friday, October 28 in Warwick.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said, “The Bermuda Police Service continues its’ investigation into the murder of 18 year old Warwick resident Mr. Malcolm Outerbridge.”

“Detectives from the Serious Crime Unit have spoken to many area residents and other witnesses in progressing this case, and are grateful for the assistance received from the public so far.

“A fifteen year old Warwick resident will be appearing in court tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd November in connection with this matter. A second man has been bailed.

“However, officers still need to ensure that they have spoken with all the persons that were walking on the Railway Trail between Khyber Pass and Rocklands Road, Warwick, on the morning of Friday 28th October, 2011. In particular, a number of persons have been seen to be walking on this section of the Railway Trail between 10:30am and 1:00pm.

“If you saw the victim and any other persons in this vicinity on Friday 28th October, 2011, between these times, we are urging you to contact the Serious Crime Unit.

“Whilst charges are expected against an individual in this matter, we urge members of the community to still come forward with information that can assist the enquiry team, especially persons that may have seen the victim – Malcolm Outerbridge – with other persons on the day of his murder.

“The Bermuda Police Service would like to assure members of the public that whilst this was a brutal killing of a young man, detectives believe that the killer(s) were known to the victim. There is no suggestion that the victim was randomly killed by an unknown assailant.

“The Bermuda Police Service is continuing heightened patrols in this neighbourhood of Warwick, and area residents are reminded that they can contact their local Community Action Team (CAT) member by calling the Somerset Police Station on 234-1010 – to discuss issues of general concern that impact the local neighbourhood.

“Members of the public that wish to assist in bringing these murder suspects to justice can speak in confidence with a detective from the Serious Crime Unit by calling 295-0011.

“Alternatively, anyone with any information regarding the murder of Mr. Malcolm Outerbridge can call the independent & confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Numb says:

    15 years old? I’m numb. Dear Lord, what is happening to the young men of Bermuda? What are these boys thinking? I am in total shock. This is just awful.

    • Dumbfounded says:

      While I personally know that it is a boy up for trial, Keep in mind that the report did not specify. It said “teenager”, not “teenage boy”. Many people seem to think that the young men are the only ones acting up around here; as a teenager myself, I can assure you that the young girls are no angels either.

      • Numb says:

        Ugh…that could be true, which makes me even MORE sick to my stomach about this murder. So sad what has become of Bermuda and our people. So sad. It didn’t have to be this way.

  2. Just saying... says:

    If this person is convicted, they are a minor. So does that mean that they’d be treated as a minor for such a gruesome crime!? I hope not.

    • LIz says:

      I hope not they should be charged as adults. Show them shame them…

  3. mixitup says:

    I am beside myself.. What in the World has this Island become!

  4. ForeverYours says:

    Mal everythings working out the gone get them one by one I promise you that everybody misses you and the person that done this was beyond jealous of you and to know they could do that it makes me sick and that little boys gone get what he deserves his lucky I didn’t get my hands on him!
    Rest In Peace My Handsome Family♡
    See you at the crossroads xo

  5. Terry says:

    And um ‘just saying’………..get freeking real a#$hole.

    The person has not even been afforded his rights to plea. Yet you worry about consequences?

    I give up with you lot. I really do.

  6. Terry! ForeverYours is family, so your the freeking a#$hole,what u don’t no is your dam business, jealousies is a bitch, & take it how u read it,eye 4 & eye, tooth 4 a tooth, that’s how the $hits in Bermy gone.

  7. Terry! ForeverYours is family, so your the freeking a#$hole,what u don’t no is your dam business, jealousies is a bitch, & take it how u read it,eye 4 & eye, tooth 4 a tooth, that’s how the $hits in Bermy gone. RIP little Cuz luv u man

  8. Emeka47 says:

    If the facts are correct and the investigation reveals enough to prosecute, then I got to see what happens in this case. If my memory recalls, we had several teenagers in Courts over a murder a few years ago. The Courts could not decide if they should prosecute them as adults or children. It was a complete mess of the Judicial System. What happen to these youth? They wrecked havoc and crime on our community.
    If you commit a heinous crime as this one, then you should be prosecuted like every other murderer, be they teens,girls, boys or adults. Nothing matters other than justice and closure for the greiving family!

  9. Random 16yr old girl says:

    wow……….less than 12 months younger than me……..and why was there a police van by rubber tree if there is no one in it?!?!?! R.i.P Malcolm you will be missed. [tears]

    • Cassy says:

      Thats what I said. The police van was just a few hundred feet away. Maybe if someone was in there they may have seen something suspicious. It’s not their fault though, they are only human. I hope they convict who ever committed this terrible crime. Sorry to hear about the loss of a young man who was trying to make something of himself. My condolences to his family and friends.

      • James s says:

        Police don’t convict, courts do.

      • richard says:

        Cassy I was told they do the same thing with it on Court Street just park it and leave it yeah it got camera on it but Cameras can’t help you when something happens.

  10. Terry says:

    No more tears. Thanks. Appreciate that. What a wonderfull compliment to bestow on me. Thanks again.

    Emotions play a part. I should feel differant with comments because you say they are family? They want revenge.?

    Man the life boats.

  11. Terry I say no more, 2 what u think, how u feel, what u say about what I wrote. Like I said take it how u read it. U can comment on this, but I have nothing further 2 say 2 u. Mon 2 mon R so unjust, u don’t no who 2 trust, ya best friend can be ya worst enemies. RIP Mal we miss u so much

  12. SMH says:

    15 years old? words cant even explain how i feel about this!! His little behind should have been home completing schoolwork. Idk who this lil boy is or who his parents are or what circumstances he is in to make him allegedly do such a thing. But this should be a wake up call to all the guardians of these young fellas roaming the streets. Keep and eye on who they associate with, the video games they play with, EVERYTHING. He may be your baby boy under your roof but hmph, you’d be surprised by the amount of crap goin on in the world corrupting these lil boys heads.

    With all said, my condolences go out to Malcolm’s family. I cannot even imagine how you feel but you are in my prayers and many other peoples.

    R.I.P Malcom

  13. Worried for the future and now too says:

    As shocking as this should be , and indeed , is to many people , the fact is that anyone who’s been an astute observer of the behavior of a large number of our ‘youth’ for a good few years now should realise that there’s a whole lot of seriously dysfunctional young people on this island .

  14. STEWEY BABCOCK says:

    Like I said , this young man died for nothing . May the law give consecutive sentences for every damn charge if this punk is convicted . I’m stewing in anger behind this young mans senseless death .

  15. Carse Yer Wote (Original) says:

    What is wrong with teenagers today that they don’t realize the value of human life – not even their own?

    Very sad, Bermy is in the sh*t and people dont realise

  16. James says:

    @ mixitup..New York, London, Manchester ,Toronto, Naples, has joined the rest of the world

  17. Dominic says:

    First of all, condolences to all that are suffering as a result of this incident, as well as all other similar ones. That said…

    -Don’t blame the police for parking a van (whether or not they were in there). You don’t sit in your car 24/7 do you? If this clueless government were not so corrupt and had not overspent for so many years, perhaps we would be able to hire additional police officers to sit in vans 24/7, parked all around the island to prevent such incidents. That said, would this have occurred if the government hadn’t overspent, which resulted in undercutting police funding?

    -Shouldn’t parents hold some sort of liability for their children’s actions? I’ll leave that one open for discussion.

    We Bermudians are becoming more and more like the rest of the world and less and less like ourselves.

  18. concern says:

    i would like to ask why is his mother being the spoke person were is malcome daddy i know he must feel bad but the media has made it look like mrs outerbridge is a one man band she is married and to the parent s of the 15 year old remember yous houd face the world to ans for what your child was into because the shoe could be on the other foot . and stop blame government or the police question your children about were they are going and who with i have adult children and i ask all the time cause my boy is no goody toshoe and he know i all way on his back.

    • D. E says:

      @Concern, Malcolm Sr. was and has always been involved in Malcolm Jr. life, he is just a very shy quiet person and doesn’t really speak much. KNOW YOUR DAMN FACTS BEFORE JUDGING PEOPLE!!!!

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Had you ever considered that the young man’s father may be so deeply in grief that he can’t face the media at the moment??? How dare you. We should all be grieving for this family and supporting them in their time of sorrow, whether we know them or not. You, ‘Concern’, are part of what’s wrong here, making judgments instead of embracing our community. Makes me sick.

  19. bernews comments kill me! says:

    lets hope the judge doesnt let these guys get away with murder like the kellon hill case!!! If CONVICTED MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THESE GUYS AND GIVE THEM EACH 25 YEARS!

    • teenager says:

      To bernews comments kill me!:
      Let me tell u something. Don’t bring up that Kellon Hill s**t yo.
      Case dissmiss yo! Someones locked up for it.. So shut up!
      The ones that are out. Are out for a reason yo! Don’t go there.
      This is a different situation.. Keep it clean yo!

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    The way Bermuda is going we must have one of the highest murder rates in the world. Bermuda is certainly worse than US cities like Detroit & Washington. Bermuda must be getting close to Iraq & Afganistan for chances of getting killed per capita.

    What happened? Well, what do you expect with a soft on crime Government that makes no apologies for being unethical & a judicial system that has a political appointee at the top?

    Who put them there?

    • Mbaya Avunaye says:

      This is no time for comparison. One murder is one to many. Gone too soon. Paradise Lost.

  21. Second says:

    So sad!!My heart goes out to both sets of parents. Young lives wasted – Malcolm gone too soon and the young one left to answer for his death woke up to find he stands alone, no buddies with you now! ALL FOR WHAT??

  22. tricks are for kids..... says:

    Blaming the police? blaming government? let’s put the blame where it really lies? How about at the feet of the young person that actually committed the crime. Life is about choices and the young man in question CHOSE to stab Malcolm multiple times. If he was angry at Malcolm he could have CHOSE to walk away but instead he CHOSE another route of which now he has consequences to face. You cannot blame the police for not being in the van at the bottom of the hill because even if they were sitting there how would they have known something was occuring through the tracks from where their location. They received the 911 call and responded immediately. It is NOT the fault of the police OR Government!!! stop making and using excuses! THAT is why we are in the state that we are in! Everytime something happens we always look for a “scapegoat”. CHOICES is the key word.

    To “concern” who is looking as to why Mr. Outerbridge hasn’t spoken out he just lost his son in a brutal manner. Just perhaps he is too overcome, and rightly so, with grief to respond at this time. Perhaps his wife, although it is hard is coping a bit better and that’s why she is the spokesperson..did you think of that?

    To Mr. & Mrs. Outerbridge my deepest sympathy. Malcolm RIP

  23. .am says:

    My guess is that this happened /because/ he was fifteen and, if caught, would be prosecuted as a minor. Because of the nature of the crime (clearly not self defense and you have to be a little more callous in nature to stab someone than to shoot them ..bladed objects also aren’t the sort of thing you find in your pencil case these days unless the education system has changed that much) I’d be surprised if they didn’t try him as an adult due to premeditation.

    Wave a 20 year sentence in front of him and I doubt he’ll be quite so keen to keep certain details to himself.

    Be interesting to see how this unfolds. The police are apprehending people a little faster than I recall of late .. I’m wondering if that’s based on sound evidence or they’re just trying to keep the public from getting restless.

  24. Fairy says:

    This whole thing is unbelievably sad. Rather than fighting with one another, Bermuda needs to be standing together to stamp this mindless violence out.

    Come on people, no more harsh words please and a little respect for those that are grieving at this sad time.