OBA ‘Alarmed’ By Fishing Proposal

February 27, 2012

The One Bermuda Alliance is “alarmed” by Government’s proposal to allow foreign fishing boats to catch fish in Bermuda’s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone for two main reasons, Shadow Minister of the Environment Michael Fahy said last night [Feb.26].

Senator Fahy said the proposal “would appear to fly in the face” of the Government’s proposal to create one of the world’s largest maritime reserves, and also said fishermen in deep water mainly use long lines to catch fish, with the lines up to 50 miles long with thousands of baited hooks attached.

The Senator said long line fishing has been attacked by international conservation groups as the “the by-catch involves the slaughter of thousands of unwanted creatures.”

A PSA from international conservation group SeaStewards on long line fishing in the world’s oceans:

During his speech at the post budget press conference on Friday, Minister Marc Bean said in an effort to find new revenue for Bermuda, the Ministry will develop an offshore fishery and “seek to implement a licensing regime” for international vessels to fish in our waters.

“$483,000 will be dedicated to the development of a shore side facility for the processing of fish which “will be a necessary component to ensure the success of the offshore fishery,” said the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Minister.

Minister Bean also said they will seek to implement a licensing regime for international vessels who fish inside of our Exclusive Economic Zone [EEZ].

“A critical component of such a regime will be the need for adequate enforcement of our EEZ. We are exploring options by which this enforcement will be effective, and I expect it will be through a combination of maritime and aerial capabilities.

“We hope that by facilitating the development of our own offshore fishery, combined with increased control via licensing and protection of our EEZ from international vessels, the Government and people of Bermuda will benefit by increased economic activity and revenues,” said Minister Bean.

Senator Fahy said, “In her budget speech, the Premier mentioned that the Government had started talks aimed at licensing foreign fishing vessels that catch fish in Bermuda’s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone.

“The OBA is alarmed by this idea for two main reasons. First, it would appear to fly in the face of the Government’s very welcome proposal to create one of the world’s largest maritime reserves in Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

“The Pew Environmental Group, from whom the Government has sought assistance in creating the zone, hopes to turn 94% of the EEZ into a marine reserve. The benefits will be enormous – including the ability to market Bermuda as an environmental haven. We support this initiative wholeheartedly.

“Second, fishermen in deep water mainly use long lines to catch fish. These are fishing lines that are sometimes as much as 50 miles long, with thousands of baited hooks attached. They are left in the water for days at a time.

“This method of fishing has been attacked by conservation groups the world over for what is called the by-catch – the fish, turtles and birds that are hooked and killed, but not wanted by the fishermen and thrown away.

“If there were just a few of them, that would be one thing, but very often, the by-catch involves the slaughter of thousands of unwanted creatures. Researchers say that the recent decline in the shark populations – some say that 90% of them have disappeared – is chiefly a result of long line fishing,” said Senator Fahy.

“Some countries have closed their ports to longliners. There is a move afoot in the international community to have the United Nations ban this type of fishing.

“Bermuda has actually been down this road before – Bermudians will remember vividly the fishing vessels that used to call here years ago with dozens of shark fins dangling from their rigging. As I remember it, that licensing venture fizzled out for two related reasons.

“First, there wasn’t enough of a fish population in deep waters around Bermuda to attract fishermen in big numbers, and second, there wasn’t enough interest (and licensing income) from fishermen to justify the administration of the scheme.

“Perhaps we didn’t know enough about the damage longliners were apt to cause when we first got involved, but we do now – a simple internet search will turn up all the information that is needed.

“But if the Government is intending to license fishermen regardless of the methods they intend to use, we would be squandering a hard-won reputation for being at the forefront of enlightened maritime thinking.

“We were, I would remind the Government, the first country in the world to pass legislation to preserve wildlife – petrels and cedars, back in the 17th Century – and we passed groundbreaking and now much-copied legislation to protect fish from fish pots in the 1990s.

“The OBA is looking for clarification of the Government’s proposals – it seems to us you either support the Bermuda Blue Halo project or you don’t – you can’t really have it both ways,” concluded Senator Fahy.

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  1. Shaking the Head says:

    Hopefully the Gevernment has had consultations with local fishermen, fisheries wardens, harbour radio and the like to obtain their views. How will this be controlled? As Michael Fahy says, these longliners decimate ares of wildlife and once one gets in the others will follow. Bermuda does not have the resources to control 200 miles radius, and if it did it would cost more tha the economic benfit. Bermuda has difficulty patrolling its inshore controlled areas as it is. For example, last year the fisheries wardens had a budget, but by mid year had run out of money for fuel so couldn’t go out as often. Surely it would be more cost effective and beneficial to support local fishermen before inviting foreign boats in. Will the foreign boats need work permits?

    • Anthony Dean says:


    • Union Member says:

      Sounds like more traditional thinking @Shaking Head–its a no brainer that governemnent is consulting with Fisherman–if you know the folks that work in the department responsible for this project you wouldn’t have even stated your first couple of sentences. For everyone else reading this post, the fact that the fisherman are not kicking up speaks volume. Let it rest OBA and please provide us with ways you will stimulate the economy and ensure average joe is taking care of. Young people like myself are weary of the continual bashing; that doesn’t make you better. Come up with solutions at the end of your criticisms and then maybe I can read OBA commentaries with a bit more respect.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Studies have been done on this already. Long Line fishing is not sustainable here. If money is all we’re after then I suggest that something else must be looked at. I don’t have a solution but are marine life has tourism benefits that once taken will take decades to come back.

        This is not the way forward.

      • 32n64w says:

        The fisherman aren’t “kicking up” because the remaining 6% of Bermuda’s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone that won’t be protected are for local consumption/use.

        This idiotic (throw it up against a wall and see if it sticks) effort is just another example of the depths the PLP Government will sink to to mortgage the long term health of our environmental & maritime resources for short term (i.e personal) political gain.

        As a young person you should be especially wary of the massive economic burden the PLP Government are saddling yours and future generations with. If you honestly cared about the long term livelihood of this island the intellectually bankrupt PLP are the last party you want at the helm.

      • Bewildered says:

        @ Union Member. There are boats out there now from the East Coast of the USA catching our fish stocks and taking them back to the USA. I expect you know that though. If it is happening now with no controls, then why hasn’t the Government implemented the licensing that they are now proposing? They have had, after all 13 years to do it. Probably because the area to patrol is too large. Having said that maybe we could start the Civil Service downsizing by shifting 100 of the ones using GP cars and sell the cars. Then buy a few boats, which would stimulate the economy and those 100 could them to go out on patrol. That wouldn’t cost the tax payer much because the money is already being spent on keeping them doing nothing.

        • Union Member says:

          @Bewildered, you are exactly right….it IS happening now and we should now benefit from it. As a young person who has done studies in environmental studies…I get the science. A few patrol boats wont stimulate the economy, the ocean is too vast, you need technology and international agreements to be effective, this is where the stimulus lies. Again I can see I’m debating with those have NOT read the proposed research or documents showing trending of fish stocks. As the old saying goes…those who bark the loudest get the most attention…it is SOOOO evident we gots lots of barkers on this post….

          • nonsense says:

            @Union Member, I may be wrong, but to me it seems you’re in favor of long lining. If you really studied environmental science as you say you did, you obviously failed. Fish stocks world wide are in real trouble and allowing long lining will only make the problem worse. I suggest you read Four Fish by Paul Greenberg to get a better understanding of what’s really going on.

    • Katrina Smith says:

      I totally Agree With!!!

  2. Family Man says:

    Poor PLP, they don’t know if they’re coming or going. One thing one day, the opposite the next day. Their supporters don’t know what to think.

    We support the Blue Halo Project, largest maritime reserve in the world. Oh, wait, today we want to support an international long-line fishing industry and we’ll launch our own drones to monitor it.

    Come on Bermuda, drug test our politicians. They must be on some wild hallucinogens.

    • ganja mon says:

      What is the big deal..These boats are already fishing there..Might as well make money off of them. This could scare them away because they might not want to pay for fishing in areas they have already had access to.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        The ones that fish out there now sneak around & move on any signs of being spotted. The American coast guard know what our area of the ocean’s laws are & assist in them. If their allowed to the fishing vessels would come in fleets to our waters. This would make a bigger impact on the ecosystem than a few spotted ships would.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    Of all retarded PLP initiatives, this is perhaps one of the most idiotic.

    • Barracuda says:


    • star man says:

      No, the proposed selling of Bda air-space fly-over rights was at least as idiotic, I should think.

      The PLP never met a dumb idea they didn’t like.

      We need a change.

  4. C..ing is B..Leaving says:

    After a century we are back into the ambergris business .

  5. Hmmmm says:

    This is crazy for all the reasons mentioned. Another flip flop is worn by the PLP. They must be smoking something to come up with this nonsense.

  6. Anon Ymous says:

    First of aLl, it would be interesting to get comment from Dr. Tammy Trott from the Dept. of Marine Resources (hopefully real opinion and not just the party line) – already concerned enough about local fish stocks to canvas the islands recreational fisherman, let alone the introduction of foreign commercial fleet.
    Secondly, even if this scheme was successful, why would Bermuda require a processing plant to support it? As far as I’m aware, the big commercial vessels generally clean and pack their own catch which then stays on ice for the return trip to their home port without ever docking here. (Not certain on this so I could be completely incorrect).

  7. Lea says:

    this is a bad idea. I don’t understand how this is a good thing?

  8. mixed up says:

    I’m not at all surprised by this new idea. It was only a matter of time before they considered this to make up for all their over spending. the term “selling our soul” comes to mind!

  9. Rummy says:

    I agree with all the comments above.

    Be carefull of the lures you cast.

    Something will bite you in the ass and you won’t like your catch.

    Catch of the day, could be your last.

  10. Guy Carri says:

    The foreign boats don’t give two Sh!ts about Bermuda. Let them fish here? So they can decimate all and then move on to somewhere else? All in the name of a couple bucks?!! Get real. They better come to their senses quick on this one. Hopefully just some fluff to add in there to “show” they’re doing something.

  11. Sarah says:

    Basically they are saying if youre a fisherman, youre out of luck – there goes your income!! They will spend so much money policing the waters it will end up being such a WASTE! Not to mention those long liners are very controversial !! THey kill everything in sight!

  12. Really?? says:

    Another Blow for the PLP

  13. Hmmmmm says:

    “Where there is no vision the people perish”. These comments are precisely why we’re in the mess we’re in. We all think we’re so special. Numerous jurisdictions have a sustainable fishing industry, properly controlled and policed. How ridiculous do you all sound? We are an island. That means surrounded by water. Because of its unique position and geography, Bermuda has the potential to develop this industry and succeed at it while still preserving stocks for the punts to Bertram crowd who fish for a living or recreation. We don’t have to feed the world, people. Maybe one or two niche markets. Have some honey in your coffee to sweeten up your thoughts and outlook. There’s more to the economy than IB trickle down sometimes.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      This is a short term fix and you know it ask any in the fishing industry. LONG LINE FISHING IS NOT SUSTAINABLE HERE.


    • Bewildered says:

      I’ve an idea. Why don’t we grow onions and export them to the USA? You know they’ll love the taste and texture. It will employ lots of people, especially if we go back to hand farming to save money on tractors and fuel. Then we could also resurrect the Easter Lily trade? Very Bermudian.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      I’ve got some business ideas too.

      Let’s reclaim some land, put salty water on it, and when it evaporates we can sell the salt. Don’t need expats to do that, and I am told that it will bring in a gross of $25m-$28m a year, maybe, one day.

      Or, we could get into the Space Business. We could go and watch some few launches, to see what happens, go to the paris Space Symposium a few times, and then charge money for being in the Space Ship business. It will probably become the third leg of the economy. I am told that it could be worth as much as $25m-$28m a year, gross, one day, maybe.

      I also have another idea. We could open a series of retail shops and restaurants. We could undercut all the greedy retailers and restaurant owners who insist on charging high prices and sometimes employing foreigners. We will employ only Bermudians, give them high wages, 10+ weeks vacation a year, 14+ weeks sick leave. (But no pension). We could charge 75% less than everyone charges now. $3 for a burger is plenty. That way, we would be employing probably hundreds of Bermudians, and we would have a lot of business because we would be charging less than all the greedy retailers. It can’t fail. I can’t understand why nobody has already done it.

      Or, we could set up an import business and charge $1 per item for importing anything you want. Anything! That way, we would charge less than Mailboxes. I am sure this would be a successful business model. People would be bound to use it. I can’t imagine why this hasn’t been done before.

      • Lazy Fools says:

        Wow, so many great ideas! You should run for office (PLP of course)!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Thanks! The ideas come pretty easily when they don’t have to make any sense whatsoever….

  14. Fish R Man says:

    This is a terrible idea. It took almost two years for the tuna to return after Ewart Brown’s “experiment” last time. This will destroy fishing in Bermuda not just tuna but all species. It will be difficult to host marlin Tournaments (the island largest and most lucrative tourism event at the moment) when all the fish are gone because they have been poached by these vessels.

    This is truly a grasp of desperation as well considering the Gov has been trying to push down restrictions on local fishermen in regard to catch limits. Now they are doing this which is completely in the opposite direction. I am convinced they do not know what they are doing at all. This will kill Bermuda’s fish stock and fishing tourism. Mark my words.

    • My two cents says:

      Please fill me in on Dr. Brown’s experiment that destroyed our tuna because I never saw anything about this. Was it his ling line fishing idea that did this? The idea that we have yet to see reports/results?

  15. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    I’m glad the PLP are trying to find ways to make our economy better!

  16. Relevant says:

    For all the commentors, please READ the Spatial Marine Planning Document before spitting out false info. The Ministers is proposing liscensing because it ALREADY happens. The difference is that this will provide revenue as well as job opporunities for those who enforce. Remember at the Annual Exhibition last year they were actually handing this out to the public and asked for feedback! I and others i’m sure put there two cents in. I’m not political but I can say this is simply a continuation of what was already started…so please stop being so quick to degrade and let folks like myself decide who they’ll support based on facts…

    • Relevant says:

      BTW there’s prob only a couple of fisherman, if any, that go beyond the 50 miles from shore…next time you pick up your local catch…ask them.

    • 32n64w says:

      Are the “facts” not that the PLP committed to protecting 94% of the Bermuda’s 200-mile maritime exclusive economic zone with the balance made available to local fisheries?

      If something is currently illegal are you suggesting legitimising the theft by profiting from it through regulation?

      • relevant says:

        It’s not illegal to take if there’s no Reserve or legislation governing it.

  17. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Burgess has his air space fantasy,now Bean has his for the ocean.

    What are these esteemed gentlemen smoking,inhaling,or injecting?

    • Family Man says:

      And don’t forget Furbert went to see a shuttle launch so he’s now an expert on space tourism. Wait till you see the revenue they’re expecting that little venture.

  18. Trident says:

    This really is the most boneheaded idea – what are the government thinking?

    • star man says:

      The clowns in Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party couldn’t manage a corner hot dog stand. They have a spectacular lack of vision & business acumen.

  19. 32n64w says:

    Another ill conceived, poorly considered and thoughtless PLP initiative reflective of an intellectually (and near financially) bankrupt Government.

    PLP – taking more and more for themselves leaving taxpayers with less and less since 1998.

  20. Freedom says:

    I dread to think what would happen if they allow any Japanese fleets to fish here – There goes the annual whale migration that Bermuda should be marketing better for tourism and education! What a shame!!

  21. Hudson says:

    Makes sense – the rest of the world is banning long lines and the PLP invites them in. Sort of reminds me of the Uigher deal… The stupidity and short sightedness is astounding.

    • sinking fishing boat says:

      the uigher where a great deal, the U.S. paid top dollar for those people to live here..maybe they have more? at 12 million a piece all that bermuda needs to do is adopt about 100 more and the debt is cleared! and i bet they can find some that wash pots, wait tables, work on golf courses and any thing else you make them do…..

  22. Family Man says:

    I’d love to see the detailed financial proposals / business plans they put together for some of these ideas.

    They really did prepare one right? They’re not just winging this are they?

    • star man says:

      Essentially, they are throwing ideas up against a wall hoping one will stick. That’s their idea of a plan.

    • Got to go says:

      That’s what I’m talking about… All these ideas that have come up during the budget need detailed information given to the public. The minister says things like, “so I’m told” , what does he mean by that? Is there data and financial information about these proposals? If so please provide us with this so that the public can evaluate them properly informed comments. As it stands, all these ideas: fishing, airspace, etc. sound like a bunch of people got high and came up with some non-though out ideas.

  23. Triangle Drifter says:

    Fisheries can’t even cover within 5 miles of shore to police some of the local fishermen who will take the last thing out of the sea with fins if given the chance. How would they ever keep track 200 miles around us?

    For what return on costs?

    Another hairbrained idea from a broke desperate PLP which sounds good the electorate wose only exposure to fishing is fishing off the rocks.

  24. LaVerne Furbert says:

    A Strategy for the Sustainable Use of Bermuda’s Living Marine Resources

    In this document, the Marine Resources Section of the Department of Environmental Protection proposes a strategy to address the sustainable use of Bermuda’s living marine resources. This strategy develops the principles outlined in the 2005 policy document known as the White Paper1, addressing gaps, taking account of new developments and including international and regional fisheries management trends.
    The strategy follows four lines of approach:

    Co-ordinated management approaches, supported by research, will address all aspects of resource extraction and are presented in such a way as to build up from the management of individual species through the management of different fishery sectors. Spatial planning principles will help ensure the sustainable management of the wider marine ecosystem. (Themes 1 – 4)

    Diversification of the local seafood market and improved food security will be pursued through the investigation of new harvest opportunities and the promotion of aquaculture activities. (Themes 5 – 6)

    More efficient post-harvest handling of seafood products will be conducted through a new Shoreside Facility. Adding to the value of harvested products will be promoted as a way of improving the profitability of commercial fishing without increasing harvest levels. (Theme 7)

    Enhancing legislation, policy, enforcement capacity and outreach activities will support management measures. (Themes 8 – 10)

    • Trident says:

      Hey chuckles, thanks for regurgitating a badly written press release.

    • jumpup says:

      Nice title. I guess that make it all true.

      Themes 1-4) So human engineering of the ocean is the plan? We are going to increase one species by killing another one. Hmmm.

      Themes 5-6) What new products? Are we creating species? Or do you mean we will have turtle and whale down at Lindos? Maybe some Flipper too?

      Theme 7) The cost of building such a facility on waterfront property is unfeasible. The waste and smell from mass processing of any fish processing plant would be a huge detractor from the beauty of Bermuda.

      Themes 8-10) What does this even mean? Hire more politicians …to Co-ordinate management approaches, policy and outreach?


  25. Family Man says:

    Lots of fancy words. Any hard data? How did that long line fishing work out in 2007/08? Can we see the numbers?

    I see you’re now proposing the promotion of aquaculture activities? Seriously?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Why don’t you go to the Government website and read the document in its entirety before complaining.

      • Chris says:

        Lets put aside the DEVASTATION this will cause to our oceans for a sec… Ms Furbert how in the hell do you suppose we pay for this???? Are we going to have volunteers out there looking out for us. Also the above document, was it written by the Japanese Fishery Department???

    • Union Member says:

      I can’t believe I’m writing this…but for once I whole heartedly agree with Ms. Furbert. @Family Man, sorry my friend, the words are not fancy, this is what is in the curriculum today for Middle and Secondary students. The funny thing is that this document has been out for commentary for AGES….where were all these commentators. Once again my fellow countryfolk are showing me that they don’t speak up when there’s opportunity, but they complain and HATE when potential change will occurs. At least we young folk are consistent!!!!!

      • Family Man says:

        Consistent? Not in the names you want to use on this site. Make up your mind, are you Union Member, Relevant or Son of LaVerne?

  26. True Bermudian says:

    All you people kicking up forget the PLP governing golden rule for the environment:

    “As long as I get paid and my pockets get fat like my belly, the Bermuda environment be damned.”

  27. anonymous says:

    There is a great documentary I suggest people should watch called “The End of the Line”. It should give a little insight on Global fishing. We need to stop thinking of what we need now and concentrate on what our children will need later.

  28. James S says:

    With a radius of 200 miles that is 125,600 square miles of ocean to Police.
    Good luck with that! Six people on the Police marine section with a boat that never goes offshore and a few fisheries wardens. How will they get paid once they are beyond 8 hours? Weeks of overtime? Oh sorry, I forgot the drones…….

    • True Bermudian says:

      The only drones are the fools who will vote this corrupt party back in.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        You’re funny!!

        • La Changed says:

          I’m sorry sweetie, I’m a terrible grouch before I’ve had my morning donut and then my Union mandated snooze.

  29. My two cents says:

    So much for my high hopes with Marc Bean. He is no different than the rest.
    How it must feel to hold a post in which you are further destroying the very thing you are supposed to protect. All of the ministers of environment since 2005 had made decisions to destroy Bermuda’s environment. This is an outrage and their future grandchildren will ask them why and they will have no answer good enough to tell them. It’s a pity as I really thought Minster Bean would be different. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

  30. Gregon Minors says:

    Hold the phone folks-How many people know the differance between Industrial fishing which the group in the video wants to ban and commercial fishing which is what takes place in Bermuda?Everybody is screaming bycatch\raping the ocean-I’m not saying it does not happen but you can’t paint Bermuda’s longline fisherman with the same brush that you paint these industrial fishing operations with.
    It seems that some posters on this forum have first hand knowledge of what goes on in Bermuda’s longline scene,where did you get your info-Google? I’ve fished on 2 of the 3 Bermudian longline boats and do not ever recall anyone onboard to observe what we caught or what would be considered bycatch.
    I can’t sit here in my recliner and say what goes on in your office,so how can some of you claim you know what goes on in my office(boat).Bigger hooks,bigger baits and short soak times limit bycatch.
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with commercial fishing but I am very much opposed to Industrial fishing in any form

  31. Jim Bean says:

    hey laverne. you should actually read that paper and see how much is talked about and nothing done! where is the final results of the long line fishing study?

  32. Tides of Change says:

    It is time to show the PLP the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d give me salary for a year for them to pack up now, leave the country and never come back!!!!!

    • star man says:

      No… we gotta take away their travel documents! They must stay here and suffer like the rest of us!

  33. Kim Smith says:

    This proposal also flies in the face of the almost constant whining that foreigners are coming in here and taking everything that belongs to us!

  34. Tommy Chong says:

    This is a disaster in the making. We already have overfishing on our shores where every weekend there are hundreds of premature mackerel & other premature fish being caught. Now our environmental minister wants to encourage overfishing off shore also. Our marine environment won’t stand a chance. Furbert needs to talk to his team mate because its useless spending millions on tourism promotion when the tourist will not want to visit an island without sea life. This is plp’s biggest problem they don’t work as a team instead they all want to steal the show at the cost of our nation. If this is allowed to happen we will lose our turquoise water to the red tide which brevetoxin’s will kill all wildlife.

    Oh Man!!!! I’m not one to reference the Bible to support arguments but the passage in Revelations about the oceans turning to blood is starting to become apparent.

    Here are a few environmental facts that should be considered. Fact number one BP’s oil spill has had significant damage on the wildlife in the gulf of mexico & northern part of the caribbean sea. Fact number two no legislation has been put into place to stop further oil mining in thegulf of mexico & northern part of the caribbean sea. BP have actually been given permission to set up MORE mining in this area & on louisiana’s coast line. This means wait a few more years & the water around the west indies will be unsafe to swim in. Where are the tourist to go once this happens? Bermuda? Not if our bean brain environmental minister sets forth his plans of destruction. I wish our ministers would look more at going green instead of making the green.

  35. Wee Pow says:

    Interesting.. OBA is alramed with foreign vessels catching fish within our 200 nautical mile boundry but yet wants to allow foreigners to purchase land in our 21 sq mile island.

    Worried about our fishing stock.. which is commendable but yet could care less about our own people being able to afford to buy property.

    What does the OBA stand for?

    • star man says:

      Can you afford a three to ten million dollar house? Thought not. The OBA stands for “Smarter than the PLP!”

  36. Trident says:

    sarah, 32n64w, sandgownan, t drifter etc have been posting negative comments about this govt. for years. it is not based on the govts performance it and it is not organic, it is a coordinated agreement that they have with each other to clog up sites like this, the rg etc with lies no matter what the action of the govt. this article could have been about nuclear power and they would post the same comments and just change a few word. they are angry retired old bdans, paid OBA flaks and retired ex pats who cant vote and many who dont even live in bda anymore. as we do at the voting booth, ignore them. marc beans father and brother are old school fisherman – he knows what hes talking about. its time for US to move on and leave the cyber h8rs to stew in their misery. Look at any story in this site and look at the posts, they are identical in their hatred with a change only in subject. VOTE PLP. understand that it is not coincidental that every morning these same people get up and start saying the same thing about the PLP, about black politicians. They do not go to your church or social clubs, they do not attend your family events and their kids do not go to your kids schools. IGNORE THEM. have a nice day.

    • star man says:

      You are so far off the mark, Vance, you sound almost pathological. Over & over again: the same old lies you’ve been telling for years. Trust me, nobody is believing your posts, so why waste your time?

      Bermudians have moved on, haven’t you noticed? Have a nice day up in the Cold Country.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Is this the Vance you confused me for the other time? Now I feel insulted. I have much more insightful post then this individual.

    • star man says:

      Actually, after forcing myself to read more of your drivel, I feel you are insulting the many black Bermudians who see the truth and post here. Good one.

      Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party is done. They have nothing more to offer. We cannot afford them! Time for a change.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Hey Wince,
      You know, I missed you. Been awfully quiet since the last election. Mommy wheeling you out again to whip up the masses into a frenzy?

      Look up how to use an apostrophe will you, your vitriol is hard enough to read at the best of times but the grammar is appalling.

    • My two cents says:

      “it is not based on the govts performance”

      Sure it’s not man. The govt is doing such an awesome job at running this country that nobody should be complaining not even the opposition. We should all be happy with raising taxes during a recession and 1(and growing by the day) billion of debt in five years. Yep folks nothing to see here just good governance, transparency, and good debt. Everything is fine! Good, now I can rest easy at night. Thanks for clearing all this up. What was I thinking!

    • 32n64w says:

      “they are angry retired old bdans, paid OBA flaks and retired ex pats who cant vote and many who dont even live in bda anymore”

      “They do not go to your church or social clubs, they do not attend your family events and their kids do not go to your kids schools.”

      Completely untrue VC, but you already know that. Given your choice to live elsewhere (and therefore be ineligible to vote in Bermuda elections) why don’t you refrain from the hypocritical and baseless accusations.

      Also, I see you have offered absolutely no rebuttals or a reasonable defence of the PLP/BIU poorly conceived and unsustainable plans. Your hatred of all things non-PLP/BIU severely curtails your ability for critical thought which isn’t surprising considering reality has an anti-PLP bias.

      PLP – Taking more and more for themselves leaving taxpayers with less and less since 1998.

  37. Trident says:

    here is “tommy chong” the other morning commenting on transportL

    “Tommy Chong says:
    February 26, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I agree! Government should be adding public transportation routes not taking them away. What numbskull does this? A tourist asked me in the late afternoon just the other day what St. George’s restaurant do I suggest for dinner for his family of five. The tourist also told me they wanted to get there by bus from Hamilton. Sadly, I had to explain that all routes to St. George’s stopped early & they’d have to take a $35 taxi ride back to town. I also explained how there aren’t that many restaurants left in St. George’s since governments limitation of ferry routes there. I did try to be a good ambassador & said they could go there during the day & see the historical beauty that St. George’s still had to offer but that still left them with upside down smiles because our public transportation put a damper on their plans.

    Ministry of Transport doesn’t need drug test they need IQ test because they don’t have the ability to use the brains they were born with.”

    here he is thsi morning commenting on fishing:
    Tommy Chong says:
    February 27, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    This is a disaster in the making. We already have overfishing on our shores where every weekend there are hundreds of premature mackerel & other premature fish being caught. Now our environmental minister wants to encourage overfishing off shore also. Our marine environment won’t stand a chance. Furbert needs to talk to his team mate because its useless spending millions on tourism promotion when the tourist will not want to visit an island without sea life. This is plp’s biggest problem they don’t work as a team instead they all want to steal the show at the cost of our nation. If this is allowed to happen we will lose our turquoise water to the red tide which brevetoxin’s will kill all wildlife.

    Oh Man!!!! I’m not one to reference the Bible to support arguments but the passage in Revelations about the oceans turning to blood is starting to become apparent.”

    here he is commenting on gangs in bda:

    “Tommy Chong says:
    February 22, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    Of course they want to skirt around the big picture. After 70 plus years of prohibition they don’t want to admit their drug policies are not only faulty but also cause more crime & violence & are racist. If any politician admitted that they might have to lock themselves in the house & board up their windows. Why do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only governor to approach this topic in the states. Because he knows nobody wants to mess with the terminator.”

    he knows about fishing, air traffic and gangs? NO. it is his job to do this. you can look at any story and see a similar pattern.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      LMAO!!! You must be a gym instructor with all the spinning your doing with my words. LMAO AGAIN!!! Before you type anything you better get it approved by Mad Dawg, Rick Rock & others who have gone against my post supporting ideas I feel are good coming from plp ministers. Not to knock their opinions as everyone has one just as I do but just to show you how preposterous your accusations are. As I have typed before I’m NOT a supporter of OBA or PLP I’m just a supporter of good ideas which this fishing proposal IS NOT. I DONT CARE if marc beans father and brother are old school fisherman thats like someone supporting a waling approval by saying their father and brother are old school walers. People need to stop supporting Government parties like their english league football teams that their grandaddy & daddy supported & look at if their ideas are for the good of the nation. This is not a game this is or environment & future.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I would also like to add if this is supposed to be my job I haven’t received pay yet. So as ODB from the wutang used to say, “They better give me my money” LMAO a third time.

      Since when has OBA been for decriminalization as your out of content third quote from me was supporting. Holy Herb Smoke Cheech!!!! If they where for decriminalization I might become as bias & close minded as the full fledged supporters for plp & oba are. Never mind all the bad ideas lets legalize the ganja & call it a day!!!! NOOOOT!!!!!

    • Rick Rock says:

      Vanz, you’re stalking Tommy Chong, which shows how off base you are.

      Tommy makes his own mind up. I don’t agree with him about everything (far from it), but I have definitely seen him take positions sympathetic to the government sometimes, and positions against it sometimes. You are suggesting he is paid, that is it “his job to do this”. You’re wrong. Tommy comes on here and expresses his opinion because he has one, and he wants to weigh in. I’ve disagreed vehemently with Tommy a few times, but I don’t question his motives, or his right to weigh in.

      You’re stalking people and suggesting they’re all in cahoots with each other. These are paranoid delusions. Lay off.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Thanks Rick! This guy seems to just have one oar in the water.

        • Family Man says:

          I think it runs in the family, or at least 3 generations of it.

  38. Ocean Observer says:

    I think Senator Fahy is correct to point out the contradiction in Minister Bean’s proposals. This Government has been applauded for getting behind the Sargasso Sea Alliance and the Pew Foundation’s Blue Halo initiative but the Minister’s proposals appear to confound these international efforts on our behalf. The decision of the Government to support that SSA and Pew initiatives reflected a change of view on the protection and use of our offshore fisheries and we should follow this course. Ms Furbert is quite correct to point to the 2005 White paper on Marine Resources, which contains valuable recommendations, but she should acknowledge that as time progresses policies must change when new information is gathered or different circumstances prevail. The key points in regard to our offshore fisheries are food security and job security because if Bermuda protects the fish that pass through our Exclusive Economic Zone then responsible fishermen, who use appropriate techniques and gear such as Mr Minors, will catch them for our consumption and his reward. We need to support the long-term benefits to Bermuda and Bermudian fisherman and not sell the resources for a short-term gain, with the potential for depletion and with a hefty price tag for infrastructure development. Two days ago the World Bank committed to raising $1.5 billion to protect and study our ocean fisheries, we should be positioning ourselves to benefit from this new funding source.

    • star man says:

      I doubt that Minister Mark Bean was even aware of the Sargasso Sea Alliance and the Pew Foundation’s Blue Halo initiative, they change Ministers so quickly. I certainly wasn’t aware of it.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Thank you Ocean Observer for your comments. I didn’t know about the World Bank’s initiative. Why aren’t we looking at things like this???

  39. Rummy says:

    Same o;d people from…….

    Never mind.

  40. PwndDwg says:

    @Trident – Nice try. Trying to suggest that all the critics of the PLP government are old white men who aren’t quite as Bermudian as you is as stupid as is it racist. But you know what, I am a youngish black Bermudian who does see white people around quite a lot. Pretending they’re invisible ghosts or gremlins that are to blame for all our woes is not the solution to a problem caused by an entrenched black labour party that has repeatedly failed to collaborate and make the most of all talent and experience in Bermuda – whether old, young, black, white or expat.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This is very true even the government site shows the numbers as proof of lack of support for Bermudian workers. Below is a list straight from the government site showing how under plp more work permits were approved than under ubp. Even in the midst of so many IB businesses leaving the numbers of permits still trumps the numbers during the hay days of IB in bermuda. I’m willing to bet anything that the majority of work permits for 2011 are not IB permits but non specialist workers. This is why minister minors is trying to fix what her party has broken because she knows its plp’s fault so many are unemployed. Do the math trident.

      2011 – 8,608

      2010 – 10,127

      2009 – 11,001

      2008 – 12,968

      2007 – 11,730

      2006 – about 9,800

      2005 to 2006 – 8,400

      2002 to 2004, about 7800

      2001 – 7,900

      2000 – 6,700

      1999 – 7,412

      1998 – 7,263

      1997 – 6,907

      1996 – 6,597

      1995 – 5,998

  41. Trident says:

    star man: “Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party is done. They have nothing more to offer. We cannot afford them! Time for a change.”

    i looked at some of your posts on bermuda sux and biaw from the last election. you said the same thing yet the plp still won, and with a larger percent of the popular vote and the UBP folded, the mid ocean folded, and your leader joined the plp, the BDA folded. you make no sense. if no one believes in the PLP why do they keep on winning, why cant your lot get a single plp member to switch sides, why i schris furbert still prez, derrick still vp. if the people wanted that changed, it would be changed. must drive you lot crayzay. btw who is vince?

    • My two cents says:

      Simple son, they want a piece of that friends and family plan. Yes they won in 2007 but let’s see if after a 1 billion debt and a cog at the wheel and the great destroyer gone because he too scared to show his face round here if people will fall for it again. Two things

      1) If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.
      2) Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you!

    • Hmmmm says:

      Trident = the PLP’s b!tch

  42. Trident says:

    dear pnd dog, read then react, my post talks about those who post on these sites, not “all the critics of the PLP government”. read, then react. and i stand by my comment on who mostly post negatively on these sites, angry white men. ask around.

  43. Trident says:

    sandgrownan, 2007 on bermudasucks.com:“…I’m done with it, I’m bored with it and I don’t give a crap anymore.”

    as i said, angry.

  44. HeyBye says:

    Once the fish stocks are totally depleted more then they are now, we are finished.
    Bda will not be able to return to the land for substance,it is covered in concrete as we head towards third world status.

  45. Trident says:

    “Bda will not be able to return to the land for substance,it is covered in concrete as we head towards third world status.”

    good thing we got rid of bermuda concrete

    • HeyBye says:

      Who was handing out the building permits and over building low income housing,driving down values? The majority of Bermudians have their savings invested in real estate, which now they are at a loss.
      Concrete does not get made or poured by itself, without the orders to build.
      Foreign concrete was used in the last days of the building boom; so by closing Bermuda concrete did not achieve a thing, except for getting rid of jobs.

      • Wee Pow says:

        I dont understand, if you buy a house for the sole purpose of living in it and giving something to your children and grandchildren.. then if the housing market flucuates so be it.

        If you bought property for the sole purpose of making a profit, or to use as income, like any investment YOU ARE TAKING A RISK.

        • sandgrownan says:

          You don’t fully understand. Typically, you buy what you can afford, hoping it will appreciate, then you can “trade up” as your family grows. The PLP have killed that option stone dead.


        • Mad Dawg says:

          Wee Pow, buying a house is a risk, which the buyer must accept. I’m assuming you will agree that anyone finding it hard to repay a mortgage right now should not be lining up for government financial assistance. Government financial assistance should not be given to people who got themselves into a financial mess.
          You would agree with that, right?

        • @Work says:

          You don’t understand. You should ask a loan officer how it works.

    • 32n64w says:

      By “got rid of” I’m guessing you mean appropriated it for the exclusive benefit of party insider(s) even though the PLP/BIU were adamant that for the lease to continue the company must agree to invest further in the physical plant, move the stacks and offer up to 20% of the equity on the BSX for public participation?

      And how many years later has it been since these demands were publicly made and exactly what has been by the PLP-insider shareholder(s) to comply with them. In a word … nothing.

      Trident speaks with forked tongue.

      PLP – Do as we say not as we do.

      PLP – Taking more and more from themselves leaving taxpayers with less and less since 1998.

  46. Katrina Smith says:

    I ReallyHope this Stupid Ass Idea does Not happen!! sheesh man!! *smh*
    Its defitnitly time for PLP to sit the Hell down!!! They have done enough damage!

  47. Trident says:

    as always, we live in a democracy, we’ll let the voters decide who they want to be governed by. simple as that. see you at the voting booths.

    • Rick Rock says:

      See us at the voting booth? Why, do you think some of us are going to come up to Canada to vote?

      You can’t vote in Bermuda, right, since you don’t live here? Or have you falsified your residence information here somehow?

  48. Concerned Citizen says:

    You people are absolutely MADD, Crazy, Crazy- This Government is trying to come up with ways to increase revenue’s and income for the Government and its citizens on this island and all you all can do is run on with pure sh#t. If any of you knew anything about our waters you would know long line fishing is done in extremely deep waters, so there is no chance for any damage to our reefs. Secondly there are a number of countries that are fishing in the same Zone, Countries like Japan Canada USA Taiwan. They are catching fish year round, fish like king fish and tuna. Now let me teach you something else these fish are migratory fish meaning they don’t only Spawn in Bermuda. So there is never going to a possibility of overfishing when spawning grounds are protected.

    There is a name for people like Star Man, Trident and 32n64w, the name is CAVE: Citizens Against Virtualy against Everything.

    Keep it up Minister Bean, at least someone in your Goverment is thinking out of the box

    • star man says:

      You really don’t have a clue. Don’t embarrass yourself further.

      “CAVE: Citizens Against Virtually against Everything.” Ha-Ha!

      My mission is to point out the truth and route out corruption & cronyism. AND get our money back!

      But the truth hurts so many can’t handle it. And karma is real.

      BTW, when the OBA get in I’ll be doing the same with them. You watch.

  49. Concerned Citizen says:

    Just in case you miss the point above-

    You people are absolutely MADD, Crazy, Crazy- This Government is trying to come up with ways to increase revenue’s and income for the Government and its citizens on this island and all you all can do is run on with pure sh#t. If any of you knew anything about our waters you would know long line fishing is done in extremely deep waters, so there is no chance for any damage to our reefs. Secondly there are a number of countries that are fishing in the same Zone, Countries like Japan Canada USA Taiwan. They are catching fish year round, fish like king fish and tuna. Now let me teach you something else these fish are migratory fish meaning they don’t only Spawn in Bermuda. So there is never going to be a possibility of overfishing when spawning grounds are protected.

    There is a name for people like Star Man, Trident and 32n64w, the name is CAVE: Citizens Against Virtualy Everything.

    Keep it up Minister Bean, at least someone in your Goverment is thinking out of the box

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Do you think the long line fishers have a catch & release program? How are fish that are caught supposed to migrate to their spawning grounds? Like Al Gore says people like you are like frogs in a slowly boiling container of water. I hope you take a printout of this post & save it for your next generations to read.

  50. Cancer says:

    Not to worry on this one guys. The following year this policy will be reversed by the flipPLoP party because it wasn’t thought through properly. Don’t be overly concerned!

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Cancer: The problem is, even if it is reversed, which it probably will be, an incredible amount of damage can be done in a year. The world’s oceans have been under severe stress for quite some time. Many reefs are dead or dying. Even sharks are an endangered species now! Never thought I’d be feeling sorry for a shark.

      Through Mr. Stevenson’s work, the attention of the world has turned to Bermuda as a way station for whales, another endangered species. I can just imagine the Japanese, who refuse to sign the ban on whale fishing, sitting out there waiting to catch them as they migrate North. And we are talking about licencing them?!? In a year, they could be extinct. Instead we should be looking at how to market Whale Watches.

      • Pastor Syl says:

        Sorry – reviewing my comments – the “them”s and “they”s are misleading – Although I wish Japanese whalers would become extinct, those sentences should read:
        “I can just imagine the Japanese, who continue to refuse to sign the ban on whale fishing, sitting out there on the 200 mile line, waiting to catch the whales as they migrate North. And we are talking about licencing the Japanese whalers?!? In a year, those whales could be extinct.”

  51. proudbermudian says:

    Not a thing to worry about, PLP will be out in the next election anywho!

  52. Cancer says:

    Pasta Sly – Gotcha! Thanks for that

  53. UncleSam says:

    Something sounds fishy!! If this was profitable then why are there not more Bermudians doing the Long-lining from here? You mean to tell me boats are motoring hundreds or thousands of miles to fish in our EEZ. Just draw the EEZ on a map of the Atlantic Ocean and explain to me who and why??? Driving past all those other fish to come catch ours? This just doesn’t seem to make any sense on any level. Makes you wonder what the real reason is…

    • Tommy Chong says:

      You think someone wants to catch square groupers? Naaah! You couldn’t possibly be thinking that. We don’t do those things here. :-D

    • Gregon Minors says:

      @ Uncle sam I holeheartedly believe the number 1 reason for more Bermudians not getting into this style of fishing is that most of the fisherman today are quite comfortable pokeing around the platform\reef and I know a lot of the older guys consider a banks run a long distance trip,if the weather gets a bit “sporty” it’s a short run to the moorings,home every night and lets not forget smaller boats,smaller engine,less fuel needed,less fuel burned,less product needed to turn a profit.
      I don’t know of too many guys willing to go offshore for 5-8-10 day trips period.Sometimes it can be quite challenging to get\keep crew-this stuff is not for the faint of heart or those with little faith.Lets say we take dave out on a 10 day trip and dave gets sea sick-well sorry – if dave is not really sick,we’re not coming back . Same goes for the weather if it starts to blow 30 knots and we can fish SAFELY we will,if it gets to the point of the conditions being unfishable-(a small front) we’d just lay up and let it blow through .
      Most people that I’ve come across are just not built for that kind or “work”,those are just 2 examples of what happens going offshore and neither cost money.I’m not going to get into the logistical and financial side of what it takes but fuel,bait ,gear and the INSANE amount of ice it takes to process pelagic fish all add up to steep bills and I guess it comes down to risk vs reward. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself-”Do you feel lucky”?-well do ya

  54. Specialgirl4you says:

    Comments from OBA/UBP fans/supporters sound extremely “desperate”. None are dealing with the issues, but instead just attacking, thinking they are stopping people from voting PLP. But reflections on the comments sound sad, and extremely desperate. This approach will not win them any votes. Objectively it sounds more like the old UBP rearing their ugly heads again. Sad Sad….While they attempt to degrade, demean, debase, the government, none provide any creative or intelligent ideas or plans for Bermuda moving a heading This is were their comments sound so disingenuous. It almost sounds like they hate Bermuda. Why would Bermuda talk so bad about their own country? SO desperation appears to be their only ace in the hole. SAD SAD……..I hope the level of debate can be elevate if the OBA/UBP fans are capable of such.

    • Latrine says:

      Your comments appear “illiterate” with your “overuse” of inverted “commas”.

      Your final phrase makes no sense unless ” be elevate” is Bermujan for something (note the appropriate usage of punctuation there.

      What is it with PLP attack bores and there appalling grammar – Vanz/ Trident Lavoine and Specialneeds Girl 4 all?

      • Specialgirl4you says:

        This is not a research or English class, grammar is not “significant” on the bloggs. It is more about the “level of the debate”. Sticking to facts that supports one’s position on an issue. If you hold certain persons to specific level of writing style, this must also be done for those on the other side of the fence as well. Lets be mature, and raise the level of debate. These comments come across in an extremely distasteful manner. Mr. Cannioner needs to reach out to you folks.

        • summer lover says:

          @Specialgirl4you, Debaters speak in sentences that are grammatically correct. I cannot understand a word you say/write because it is rife with errors. Not only that, I cannot take you seriously as it shows how inept you are.

  55. Argosy says:

    This idea, like the Bermuda airspace one, is just plain silly!

    Who is coming up with these wild “initiatives” and do they seriously expect sane people to believe they are viable?

    It’s hard to grasp the fact that the Minister of Finance thought fit to include them in the Budget….

    Long overdue to have some thinking persons in charge to steer us in the right direction.

  56. Specialgirl4you says:

    You do not have all the facts, nor does Senator Fahy or Mr. Richards. Quick to critize, but not quick to gather all the correct facts first. Lots of facts are missing out of Sen. Fahy’s statement. Where is Sen. Fahy’s ideas and suggestion for the future of Bermuda? I suggest we all seek out real facts around this issue, before we dismiss it as fairly good option and idea.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ specialgirl4you: that is part of the ongoing problem – we don’t get all the facts. Transparency dictates providing “all the facts” but we never get them.

  57. dontask says:

    This is insane!! All thes years the govt has been puttin bans on us local fisherman and now you put your dammselves in a whole leap of debt you wanna do off the wall thing.. Fishin is what I do for a livin and this is goin do distroy all our local fishin trust me!!! disgusted!! what woould posess you to make the retarded decissions!! I hope I can still support my kids after this goes in effect!!! We bermudians should all sign a petition and fight against this!! next thing you kno they will be hookin all our RockFish on their lines…. We are limited to how many we catch and now your just goin to let outsiders come in and catch hundreds in a few minutes while us local fisherman are limited by the day!! BS I tell! We need a Govt that are for the people of bermuda and notfor themselves…

    • Lorna says:

      I agree! What in the world are you all doing? This govt is out to get money in to cover its porr handling of the past—why not sell the whole darn island! Madam premier et al you are all not worth voting for. You will never get my vote in the next election.!

  58. Biology Major says:

    This is a TERRIBLE idea for the diversity of fish species in our ocean! It’ll lead to overfishing and the possible extinction of some of our favourite fish species. International fishing companies will take advantage of our wide range of species, overfish them and what does that leave us? WHERE does that leave us? It destroys a part of our culture
    Money is not the motivation.