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February 2, 2012

Premier Paula Cox hosted the final of a series of Town Hall meetings to discuss the upcoming National Budget last night [Feb.1] at the Francis Patton School in Hamilton Parish.

Premier Cox was joined by Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport Derrick Burgess, Minister of Education Dame Jennifer Smith, Minister of Business Development and Tourism Wayne Furbert, and Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean.

Also in attendance was Sen. David Burt, Sen. Jonathan Smith, Sen. Vince Ingham, PLP MP Randy Horton, former PLP candidate Anthony Richardson, PLP candidate Linda Merritt, One Bermuda Alliance MP Pat Gordon Pamplin, BIU officer Louis Somner and more.

Yesterday’s ‘big catch’ — the 920lb Bluefin tuna — got a mention in the meeting, with Environment Minister Marc Bean speaking on the development of the fishing industry.

Minister Bean said, “Such is the potential for offshore fishing that I will have you know today, a master fisherman from the West End landed a 930lb Bluefin tuna.

“To put that into an economic perspective, if we were able to store, freeze and process that fish and get it to the Japanese market in particular, that one fish would have brought $60,000 to $75,000 for that fisherman. Just one fish.”

Premier Paula Cox, Part #1:

Premier Paula Cox, Part #2:

Minister Marc Bean:

Minister Wayne Furbert:

Dame Jennifer Smith:

Minister Derrick Burgess:

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  1. your joking says:

    Great…our new government plan is to over fish our waters……guess they are so far under water that is all they see…..

    • Can't Take It Anymore says:

      A bit harsh your comment, but based on the above info I can see why you said what you did. Not the best reporting of information by Bernews; you had to be there for yourself to formulate a proper response. There was a lot more info conveyed at this meeting. Not sure why Bernews made such a big reference to the fish story as it was not the important issue that was being talked about.

  2. Freedom says:

    bermuda’a most experienced liars and spin masters

  3. Franklin says:

    Errrwhat? I have some pretty serious doubts about “the Japanese market” being willing to pay $65-$82 PER POUND for frozen fish. Yes there have been higher prices, but for different species and LOCAL catch! Spin spin and more spin

    • Can't Take It Anymore says:

      You may want to check the market again before you make any further comments. So you know, a 500lb blue fin tuna was recently auctioned for around 700k, US, in Japan. This specific type of fish is top of the line where sushi is concerned and the Japanese love it!

      • ooops... says:

        …and that was at the inaugural auction, that happens once a year poppa and for only one fish:

        Check YOUR facts first.

        • Franklin says:

          suggest checking YOUR facts – that fish wasn’t caught halfway around the world

          The Japanese market will pay crazy prices for the freshest best quality fish available – not something caught and poorly frozen by some ace boy in Bermuda. Sure, we could get the equipment to do that sort of thing properly, but that would require a volume of fishing that is totally unsustainable to make it economically viable.

          ooops indeed

        • Finally left! says:

          i especially like the last bit when they admit to losing a lot of money simply to keep foreigners away.. sounds familiar.

    • united says:

      Franklin, that is true my friend. A month or two ago some fisherman got I don’t remember how many thousands of dollars for a seven hundred plus tuna.

  4. Cancer says:

    I keep sayin they ain’t got a clue! Jokers for real

  5. sandgrownan says:

    Marc Bean is clueless.

  6. Lazy Fools says:

    I thought the environmental minister was supposed to PROTECT the environment, not EXPLOIT it!

    Either way, what a great idea marc! Forget feeding our own people! Let’s catch fish and ship sell them to customers 7500 miles away! While we’re at it, we should invite Japanese whaling vessels into our waters. That would surely bring in the money!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Desperate ideas from a clueless government devoid of talent, thought and staring like a deer at the headlights.

  7. Cancer says:

    I must say tho looks like they had a descent crowd

    • LOL (original) says:

      Wondering where all the 18 – 30 year olds are in the pics.

      LOL youth must participate or we will continue the same old same old.

  8. ooops... says:

    Fishing? Sounds alot like what Jamaica did when they were struggling…

  9. mangrove tree says:

    Marc Bean is not clueless , he is a fisherman, and his family are fishermen and farmers.So if he talks about fish and fishing he might know a bit more about the subject than the trolls who inhabit the Bernews comment section.

    The fish caught was a Bluefin tuna. it is highly sought after for use as sushi , primarily by the Japenese.
    Its high oil content means that it is better raw than cooked.
    Due to the difficulty in getting fish from here to the Tokyo fish market in marketable condition , blue fin which is occasionaly caught here is bought by the local restraunts who sell sushi.

    Yes ,a Bluefin in top condition would bring that much in the fish market in Japan.
    it is usually caught, bled , and blast frozen in a manner of minutes to preserve the quality, and arrives at market in such condition

    The Japenese fish through out the world for these fish.
    The fish are pelagic, ie, they dont sit under a reef in the southwest, but travel the whole Atlantic , basically if some one here doesnt catch it, some one else will hundreds or thousands of miles from here.(the tragedy of the commons)

    ( a caveat, I might be wrong on this)Bermuda has a quota of something like 4 metric tons of blue fin assigned to us by ICAAT, so it wont take a whole lot of 1000 pound Bluefin to make the quota, after which thats it no more fishing…

    • Kam says:

      Thank you for this bit of info.

    • Bermyman says:

      Nice insight! Do you think that it is a sustainable and viable option to fish blue fin tuna in Bermuda and export it to a foreign market? And if we were to embark on such an economy what would the overall impact to our environment be? That is what the Environmental Minister is suggesting. Something tells me he has not really thought that one through. I am sure he knows a lot about fish but does he know a lot about foreign export.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Do ya think! A PLP muppet not thinking something through…

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Price of Bluefin has plummeted in Japan and SE Asia…his numbers are off.

    • mrwiggin says:

      We should definitely not be looking to see how we can catch more of these fish. Tuna populations, especially in the Atlantic, are already compltely decimated.

      The economic benefits of increasing catch quotas are completely misleading when you throw around numbers like $750,000.

      Tragedy of the commons (if we don’t, someone else will) is NOT a viable argument for catching more of these fish.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      Well said @ Mangrove TRee,
      The OBA/UBP TRolls, are so busy just trying to attack the government, that they are seldom able to be free of bias and examine the issues with real facts. Everything is about their thirst for political victory, at the expense of Bermuda. It is possible this may become our third pillar of the economy.

  10. Franklin says:

    Close to 400,000 (a record) cruise ship visitors pumped almost $85m into the economy!!

    Who says Bermuda is hurting? That’s $212 per person, just think of how much money we could get if we got another 100K in here! Or brought in say… 10K people through the airport with a tourism product that people actually want.

    • united says:

      Nice try, but look at the affects on the hotel and restaurant industry, the moped rentals. Yes, lots of tourists but Bermuda has become some of those places in the Caribbean where customers come off the ship, walk around spend almost nothing in the gift shops and restaurants, take the bus or ferry take a walk and go back to the ship.

      So, yeah, great number of people but nobody stays long enough to save the industries that in the past made Bermuda what it WAS because she is a shell of the past.

  11. Young Black Student says:

    This was posted by someone called Triangle Drifter, on “OBA MP Louise Jackson To Retire” This type of person is supporting the OBA. This is what one of their supporters think of blacks in this beautiful Country we all call home. That be black or white. As a young student who can vote now I must ask myself due I really want to vote for a party that has such scum knocking my race down by making racial comments. Bernews please allow this to be posted thank you, people on here need to tune it down, before it gets ugly election time. That goes for both sides.

    “Triangle Drifter says:
    February 2, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Given that so many of the koolaid drinkers are so happy to see her go speaks volumes on her effectiveness.

    The PLP sure does not like scrutiny.

    Lets hope that the OBA has somebody just as energetic to take her place”.

    • Finally left! says:

      Whats racist about that?

      • Finally left! says:

        LOL i bet you’re talking about the koolaid part eh? hehe funny how ignorant you are and quickly assume racism.

        • Young Black Student says:

          I guess as a young black student I’m ignorant.

          Remember this………..the young 18 – 25 year old are the ones who will decide who wins the next election. Not the older generation. All of you are already sat in your ways. Don’t push us!


          • Bermyman says:

            Nothing to do with being young and black but a lot to do with being brainwashed into not seeing the greater picture. Both of our futures are now burdened with a huge debt inthe billions of dollars. The politicians that ran up that debt are all rich and collect large paychecks you and I pay for. At the same time the economy is struggling and you and I have fewer jobs available to us. The costs of housing is out of our reach. Tourism is non existent at a hotel level and many derelict hotel sites remain, which would otherwise mean more jobs and money for our economy. Our public education could be better and we could even have a university to properly equip our young people for the future. But we dont! The government have failed you and I in every way when they had every opportunity to make it better. We have higher violent crime and and a larger degree of social problems at the same time we have Ministers who seek to use public funds for their own gains. International business no longer trust the government and their knee jerk reactions to immigration policy have caused many key businesses and individuals to leave the Island. Those companies and people make jobs for you and I across the board.

            You need to think with your brain and vote for the smartest people out there not just because they are black or whatever color. As a student you should understand the PLP have a very poor report card at present. They had a chance and they simply did not deliver on their promises.

            We will really be in a hole if they get in at the next election.

            • star man says:

              Once the PLP ARE GONE, you’ll see new hotels being built here.

          • Finally left! says:

            YBS… dont get pissed off at me..

            you made an ignorant statement… i said you are ignorant for making the statement… the fact that you are young, or black, or a student really has no bearing on teh matter. Old white Job guy could have said what you said and i’d have said the exact same thing..

            You seem to have this defensiveness that is very unwarranted. you mad ea mistake and got called out on it. Say “ok, im sorry” and move on.. now you have been educated about this metaphor.

            Frankly i dont give a crap about your 18-25 sector because i am only a few years above that. I am not the “older generation”.. and i dont knwo what the hell you mean by “dont push us”… as if you will rally that age group and somehow overthrow anyone outside that age bracket.

            Yes i’m listening, but you are not talking seem to just be talking from the point of an angry person with all emotion, no clear thought.

    • your joking says:

      um..not sure how this is racial……if you are refering to koolaid drinker it is probably after every time the character drinks Koolaid he goe “oh yah” …meaning every time PLP speaks no matter what is said the PLP faithfull (Laverne..Rhonda..etc) say “oh yah”…..nothing to do with colour or race……..but for some it is always about race…..So should I vote for a party who’s supporters make everything about race?…..and no I am not a big fan of OBA….but out of two bad apples they seem to be the least rotten for now…

      • Maddog says:

        Young black we are not depending on your vote your probably can’t even come out of your house.So sad.

    • Finally left! says:

      The Koolaid reference is a reference to a late 70′s cult… The metaphor “koolaid drinker” describes someone who will follow their leader without question, and and wihtout any critical thinking on their own.

      The cult was asked to drink Koolaid that they knew was laced with poison, and pretty much all died.. in other words, accepting every word of their leader, even though they knew it was suicide.

      • Think About It says:

        Doesn’t make sense speaking, he’s already a Kool-aid drinker who has made his choice to vote for the PLP

    • mrwiggin says:


      CONGRATULATIONS!You win last place in the let’s-subtly-pull-out-the-race-card-to-distract-everyone-from-the-actual-issues competition.

  12. My two cents says:

    Ridiculous, just another environmental minister that wants to destroy the environment. How ironic every PLP environment minister since doc ruled has made decisions detrimental to Bermuda’s environment. And it is extremely sad that people don’t care.

  13. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Young Black Student: Please show me how that comment by Triangle was race related. It was anti PLP for sure, but where does it mention anything about blacks? Perhaps you are just determined to bring race into it. You’ll make a fine member of the PLP if that’s the case. Race is all they have to argue any point.

    • Young Black Student says:

      @Cedar Beams

      Remember young people think different. Thank you for knocking me down. This is why we young people don’t listen. Your always quick to put us down with out explaining the over all picture and teaching us.

      You assumed I was a race case but infect your wrong my friends are black & white. The ones that are trying to get ahead and make better choice in this beautiful island listen and learn.

      Very wrong of you to place a title on my head before I have decided who to vote for!

      • Finally left! says:

        That is not why young people dont listen. You started this whole nonsense by instantly jumping on someone for saying a supposed racist remark.

        This is the type of thing people TRY to teach.. do NOT take everythign you hear as racist, because 99% of the time it ISNT.

        That is a lesson that has tried to be taught for ages… so dont pretend people dont try.. the PLP are simply good at convincing you to take this defensive emotional stance.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Google Rev Jim Jones & cults to learn something about where the koolaid reference comes from.

        Nothing to do with race. An awful lot to do with ignorant people. Before you jump on the word ignorant be sure to understand the difference between ignorance & stupidity.

        Neither one has anything to do with race.

        I will confess to breaking the 11th Commandment; Thou shalt not critizise the PLP.

        Too bad. I had some pretty objectionable comments for the UBP too.

  14. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    As triangle drifter said, “PLP sure doesn’t like scrutiny”. But don’t try and pass it off as racism – that is just old. Get into this century.

  15. sad says:

    lol lol we there is a stereotype, black people love koolaid however Young black student, there was an American Cult leader in the 70′s Jim Jones, who led a group of his followers to Guanya is South America, were they were in a compound for many months. He then told them that the end was near and they no longer could be apart of this sin sick world. he served them all actual cool aid some knowingly and others unknowingly and many many were killed this included innocent children. So now, when people say, do not drink the cool aid : it means do not blindly follow a leader because the end result could be death, or distruction. google Jim Jones cult leader.

    • Young Black Student says:

      @ Sad thank you for explaining.

      I assume the rest of the people who posted the response know the real AKA Triangle Drifter. Then again Koolaid, watermelon is a list of stereotypes, regarding African-American people.

      Since koolaid is cheap, that’s supposedly what Black people drink exclusively, it’s what is affordable, supposedly!

      No one on here knows what he/she was defining when then stated Koolaid and that includes me. Only Triangle Drifter knows the real term behind their statement! I’ll listen to my heart until then.

      Thank you again Sad.

      • Bermyman says:

        @ YBS

        I don’t think the intent was to be racist in the slightest. But if you want evidence of racism, there is a guy called Rolfe Comissiong within the PLP and he called someone else a House Ni##er in a public place. Nice! He was also the race consultant under Dr.Brown. I think you need to maybe step back a bit and think about what people on both sides are telling you. I don’t think that people within the OBA are racist, I think they have the most diverse representation as a party in Bermuda consisting of both black and white. On the other hand the PLP have set themselves up to only concentrate on Black people. I am not saying either party is right, but one party is all one color and has a number of publicly quoted racist remarks towards other black people and white people who do not support them. So think about that for a second. Do you want to vote for a party that tells you all white people are racists (when they are not) and that if you don’t vote PLP then you are as racist as a white person because all black people should vote PLP!? At the same time when they do get into power they use your hard earned money to fly first class all over the world on trips, they get given a car, cell phone and a very well paid salary at your expense. They want you to believe that people are racist so you will vote for them and they can have a very nice lifestyle. As Dr.Brown said, ” we had to deceive you” .

      • Young 'Ambiguous-Ethnicity' Student says:

        Seriously mate, how do you get through life assuming everyone is a closet racist.

        Unless you’re trolling, and I seriously hope you are, maybe you should start thinking with your head and not your obviously blackened heart.

        Oh no! Was that a subtle hint of racism? Quick! Thump your chest and get upset!

        Seriously though, get over yourself.

      • Bermyman says:

        Sorry, one other thing. You are not African American. You are are Bermudian. You have a different heritage and your cultural legacy is different. At the same time white Bermudians are not Southern White supremacists. I think sometimes the PLP would like us all to believe that were the case.

      • Think About It says:

        I know what he meant, idiot. We all do. All the bernews regulars do. He was talking about PLP supporters, not black people. Stop making it seem like he was, because he wasn’t. Stop trying to play the race card. You’ve already made up your mind that you will vote for the PLP, so stop speaking.

        p.s. If you, your parents, your grandparents and your great-grandparents were born here, you are not African-American. Don’t say you are, because you’re not.

      • Finally left! says:

        What do you mean no one knows what Triangle drifter meant? Its called a phrase.. metaphor… its a commonly used term…

        When someone says dont shoot the messenger, do you somehow think they may have meant “dont pull out a gun and murder the mailman”.????


        here ill help..

        Nowhere in there does it mention a derogatory term for black person..

        so YES we know exactly what he meant.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        OOPs, didn’t see this post till after I posted the last a few minutes ago.

        YBS, see, one should not jump to conclusions, though that is the jumping sport the human race is best at.

        Assuming is another. It was my assumption that everyone understood the koolaid, Jim Jones, cult followers. refference.

        BTW, the black/koolaid link is news to me. Learn something everyday.

      • Hey Young Black student, stay in school as long as you can.. you need it, also, the PLP bloggers use koolaid drinker as well, where have you been, down de road..

  16. Cancer says:

    @Young black student – you’ll make a perfect candidate for the PLP! Your just the type of person that their looking for. Someone who throws in the race card for imaginary self driven reasons. You guys use this card just to get reelected. I’m sure Ralph and Laverne would take you right under their wing as an understudy along with trident – Rhoda – specialgirl4u and d-reader. However you must be training under d-reader because he, like you cuts commentary posts from other websites and posts it on Bernews. The whole lot of you are so sad! Find a new way with different deck of cards!

    • Young Black Student says:

      @ Cancer

      I have read what you have posted on here many and so have my friends that are black and white.

      I’ll tell you something that you may not know. We think you are a very negative person. The OBA doesn’t need a supporter like you making them look bad. That’s free advice from a 19 year old.

      • Red Flag says:

        @ Young Black Student: Pay no attention to the likes of cancer and other OBA blog trolls. They are the most disrespectful of people. Instead of them taking into account your young age and the fact that you simply did not know the origin of the statement made, they decided to do what they do best and attempt to tear you down hoping to silence you. You did two things that they have no tolerance for 1) you called out a possible racial slur, 2) seemed to lean more towards voting for the PLP, both of which make you a instant enemy to them. They could have easily just told you the origin of the term and changed your perception of it, however being a young black person speaking on racism automatically makes scum in their eyes. It is sad.

        I know why you thought it was a racist comment and they do too. It is a common stereo type placed on black people, that we all love kool-aid. It has been used many times as a racial insult towards blacks in a different context. Maybe not in this case but that is left to perception. Just because some use it in reference to the cult who drank poison, does not mean that everyone who says it means it that way as some do use it as a racial insult. You can’t challenge anyone on here on it though(as you have seen) because they will blast you for such a suggestion. They have a superiority complex when it comes to race, meaning you can not accuse anything said as racism, unless the accusation is directed at the PLP, or a black person or unless a white person says its ok to view a comment as racist. The only exception is if its a black OBA member who speaks on racism.(note the comments made by the OBA leader on racism in reply to the thrown speech, where he said much of what the hated Rolf C has been saying for years)

        Be encouraged Young Black Student, continue to look at both Parties to determine whom you feel best to Govern and vote accordingly. Also continue to challenge what you feel may be racial attacks and demand clarity. Do not feel that your voice should go unheard because some people fear a strong young voice. You do not have to apologize because you felt a comment was racist even if it were not, because when you don’t know, you don’t know and have every right to challenge it. Keep speaking up and seeking answers as I can see its not about race to you but about being informed with what’s going on in your island.

        • Finally left! says:

          Red Flag you are only encouraging the behavior that divides us so much.

          YBS did not just “called out a possible racial slur”… he blatantly called the writer a a racist based on what YBS’s own stereotypes were.

          He did not ask “he is that racial”, instead he jumped the gun. That is a problem with bermuda. People are too quick to attack someone as a racist wtih no merit at all, and then they are actually commended on it.

          I dont care that he’s black and that he supports PLP. That’s a whole seperate debate, but when someone comes on here and lower’s the tone and is blatantly wrong, it strikes a nerve.

          As you seem to try to justify by saying “koolaid drinker” is used as a racially derogatory term, i just say you are pulling that out of your @$$. i have NEVER heard it used that way…and i think the stereotype is really only perpetuated in black media…. so you can drop taht thought that its soem white slang word…. liek the whole stupid planking fiasco.

          I do encourage YBS to look at both parties..challenge what needs challenge.. but do not OPENLY CONFRONT someone as a racist when it is not the case. Yes he should apologize.

          Hell i can say on a rainy day “its really dark and miserable out”.. well black is dark color… does that mean im saying all dark things are miserable? black people are like a rainy day? am i racist??? Assumptions like this are tearing down our society.

          • Think About It says:

            @Finally Left- Pay no attention to that fool. Judging by his whole post, his himself (or herself) is a PLP kool-aid drinker who will dismiss everything you just said. All I got from reading that whole post was “It’s ok to think that everything and everyone is racist.”

            I’ve never seen a group of people who have NEVER personally gone through the hardships or slavery and segregation bitch so much about the white man and racism Lol

            • Red Flag says:

              @ Finally Left and Think about it, You obviously didn’t not understand my post or just refuse to accept my opinion but it matters none to me as I’m sure rational people do. Just because you have never heard Kool-aid drinking used in a racist way does not mean it hasn’t. It has in fact been used as a stereo type many times to the point where it has been used in movies where they poke fun a racial stereo types. I have heard jokes about it and even have heard black people poke fun at it when joking about “ghetto blacks”, so don’t tell me I’m wrong just because you haven’t witnessed it. That goes to show that you feel that in order for something to be perceived as racist YOU have to give the ok.

              I make no apologies for telling YBS that he has a right to challenge what he feels is a racist comment. That is his right as a human rather you agree or not. The comments directed at him for his suggestion were far worse the his perception of the term, and he could have been right. You have a right to voice your opinion and so does everyone else. You do not know what I have encountered in my life as it pertained to racism so you have no right to dictate how I perceive things.

              • Finally left! says:

                Well you openly admit that “black peple poke fun at the stereotype”… so how on earth is this racist to begin wtih? the stereotype is perceived by the same people that it describes..

                I do not fault you for telling YBS to challenge what he feels is racist… Thats not the issue here.It is his human right for sure..

                the issue is the up front and blantant accusation of racism on someone for using the term that has no racial motive.

                its not about WHAT he challenges, its about HOW he challenges. As i said before, people say that racism exists in bermuda.. and fair play i would agree… but when you take accounts like this instance… someone saying someone is racist because of a koolaid metaphor.. to me thats just creating false positive racism. Pepole claim theres racism and it just doesnt exits.

                Unfortunately that claim is what makes the situation, and the divisiveness that much harder for us to work otu.

  17. Cancer says:

    @young black student – note- if you say something that’s incorrect or which doesn’t make sence I’m gonna correct you and put you in your place no matter what your age is. Don’t try to make the OBA out as a negative racist party because we dont play that and I’ll turn the tables back around on you! Fair is fair!

  18. sad says:

    young black student, you are clearly a very impressionable person, It was a misunderstanding (logical one) if you do not understand the cultural context of the term cool-aid. I think it is interesting how you have been jumped upon for your comments about race, when if you talk to most people of color, we identify it as an issue. Yes, people of both, PLP and OBA affiliations. Whilst, everything in is not a result of race, it sadly is an issue. It is an over manipulated issue, but non the less an issue.

    Does Racism exist in Bermuda, yes, are we overly sensitive and create racism were it does not exist at times, yes. However, it is dangerous for people who say get overit and stop using the race card because the down play the serious nature of the issue.

    not everyone who smiles in your face is your friend
    and not everyone who frowns in your face is an enemy.

    not everyone who is white is a racist
    and not every black person a cool-aid drinker

    not every christian is going to heaven
    and not ever sinner is going to hell.

    we must stop using blanket thoughts and statements to define us. (Bermudians)

    • Young Black Student says:

      @ Sad

      Thank you for your words of kindness, wisdom and setting the record strait much appreciated.

      Have a Bermuda day,
      Young Black Student

    • Finally left! says:

      What you say is true… ITs the manner in which it was brought up…

      It kills me that some blacks instantly think somethign derogatory said by someone is racist.

      Its one thing to suspect, and ask for clarification… its entirely another to, as you say “jump upon for your comments”…

      Triangle made a comment that has 0% to do with anything racial.. yet YBS sprung on him, assuming him to be racist.

      It is not the challenge against a racial comment that people are offended by, its the automatic insinuation of racism when it doesnt exist.

      Yes racism exists in bermuda, but is it not counterproductive to actually create more racial issues where they dont exist? If i’m trying to stamp out sometihgn, its not a good idea to go around creating more of it in your head.

  19. Joe Public says:

    Wow I missed all this. Since you all answered the YBS statement and you are correct. Please educate them on___

    1. why all the black higher ups left the UBP = OBA?

    2. why you change the name in one night and all the white Bermudians jump ship in masses over a 24 hour period? Tell the truth now lets keep it real.

    3. why the economy in the USA is doing bad so what effects the USA will effect us?

    4. why you are labeling The Premier as a racist leader when in true form she has used the race card like the past leader DR. Brown, who said and did what he wanted.

    5. why Jim Woolridge wrote in his book “the little white boys don’t mind you being in charge as long as they can tell you what to do – “The House That Jack Built” by the Jim Woolridge. Wasn’t he one of the top dogs in the party?

    6. why would the man who runs the papers relative try and set up Brown & Burgess this was ZBM news?

    Now if you can explain that to the student he/she may vote for you.

    I await your SPIN.

    • Joe Public says:

      Also list all the UBP dirty clothes on why you change the name.

      I’ll go first.

      Someone created a cheque and took deliberate actions to make it appear that the former Premier and current Minister was engaged in wrongdoing.

  20. Cancer says:

    @sad thanks for spreading your wisdom – yes the race card does raise tempers in Bermuda and young black student does appear like he is ready to accept explanations – I can appreciate that!

    But to Joe Public I will not try to change your opinion about the OBA because PLP hardliners will always feel the way they do no matter what faults this government throws on the table however I doubt very strongly where you can find any OBA supporter or member calling the current premier a racist. That title certainly labelled for the good doctor who first started all this nonsense. The only problem that some of us have with this current premier is that she refuses to admit there was and is alot of issues n in her administration and continues to cover it up. That in a lot of people view is why she has lost a lot of respect from the people that can no longer support the PLP

  21. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    The UBP is now an all black party…..TRUE many of the OBA are Ex UBP members….False all WHITE People did not join the OBA….My name is Graeme Outerbridge I am not a member of the UBP or OBA or PLP^^

    • Maddog says:

      We know you are not a member of the PLP WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK GRAEME OUTERBRIDGE..


  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Sooooo…..was anything of any signifigance discussed at this meeting or was it an excercise of of “look here, not over there where the mess is?”

  23. Wise Mind says:

    I had the opportunity to attend the meeting last night. I have heard and seen in person, the Premier, Ministers Furbert, Burgess and Smith, but this was the first time i had the chance to listen to Minister Bean. @ sandgrowan and others who seem to be fixated on the negative, it is a shame that you did not attend the meeting. Minister Bean gave a rational, thoughtful, and IMHO, very enlightning contribution on the potential for off-shore fishing directed at the export market(aka foreign exchange)! in addition, he spoke of the sargasso sea initiative and the need for his ministry to find that difficult balance between protecting our ocean environment and harnessing what resources we have within our exclusive ECONOMIC zone surronding Bermuda. To be honest, i was very impressed with Minister Bean throughout the meeeting as he seems to be a very genuine, and intelligent man. In fact, when i got home, i called a good friend of mine who just so happens to be a sitting OBA MP, to ask him of his thoughts of Minister Bean. He revealed that he, along with 90% of his colleagues in parliament, hold Minister Bean in the highest regard, and praised him for his depth of knowledge and intellect on multiple issues While i have never voted according to “party lines”(im considered a swing-voter), i must say that Minister Bean gives me hope that the new generation of politicians emerging on the scene have what it takes to steer bermuda through these tough times. While some might not like the idea that he represents the PLP, he is far from clueless, in fact, from what i witnessed last night, he is brilliant! If the OBA has any young candidates of his pedigree, then combined, i feel our future is in safe hands.

    • Finally left! says:

      To be honest… i do like hearing of stories of PLP mp’s that OBA members like, and OBA mp’s that PLP member’s like. gives me hope.

    • sandgrownan says:

      A rose amongst thorns perhaps?

      Did Marc Bean talk about the deficit? Did anyone? Did anyone address the interest?

  24. Cancer says:

    Yes Mark Bean is probably a good man. Probably one of the best within PLP but I feel sorry for him the way Ras Makayl gonna run him out of town! Lol !