Emergency Services Respond To Middle Rd Accident

August 23, 2012

[Updated] As of 5.15pm this afternoon [Aug 23] there are traffic delays on Middle Road in Devonshire this afternoon [Aug 23] due to a car accident. Police and other emergency personnel responded to the incident, and remain on scene at this time. We will update with additional information as able.

Update 6.02pm: The section of road along Middle Road in Devonshire temporarily closed due to a single vehicle collision has since been reopened to normal traffic flow, the police said.

Update Aug 24: A police statement said: “Around 4:15pm on Thursday, August 23rd police and first responders attended a reported single vehicle collision on Middle Road in Devonshire near the junction with Oleander Lane. It appears that a jeep was being driven along Middle Road when it collided with a roadside pillar.

“As a result the driver, a 71 year old Pembroke man, received an arm injury. He was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment and further medical assessment. The jeep was extensively damaged and traffic was diverted away from the scene via Brighton Hill and Chaingate Hill for approximately an hour before that section of road was re-opened. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

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  1. g-gurl says:

    From St.Georges to Dockyard and in between – there seems to be a RUSH to get where your going ! SLOW DOWN FOLKS ! Not like you drive to NEW YORK ! DUH !!!!!!!

  2. safe says:

    i just came from the hospital and am happy the driver is safe. he is 71 and was not speeding to or from st georges so please get your facts before posting comments for the world to read.

    • Down de road says:

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch GGurl was just making a reference to how people in general drive, nowhere did she indicate that person was speeding so you get your facts straight before flying off the handle. I’m happy the driver is ok

  3. Slow Down Bermuda says:

    glad that driver is ok but Bermuda please slow down and enjoy our beautiful island xoxox

  4. Da plumber says:

    Most collisions are not due to speed its frustrating
    When ever there’s a crash the 1st thing out of
    People’s mouth is speed get the facts then place a comment
    Hope the driver has a quick recovery.