Photos: Junior Anglers Fishing Tournament

August 19, 2012

The Annual Junior Fishing Tournament put on by the Bermuda Anglers Club this afternoon [Aug 19] saw dozens of boys and girls ranging in age from 3 to 15 weigh-in their fish at the end of a good day’s fishing.

Organizers said that about 150 youngsters had registered, and at the end of the weigh-in they thought that about 100 had shown up to collect the promised t-shirts, but not all had entered fish for the weigh-in.

A total of 66 weighed in their largest fish, some still very much alive. There was a large variety of species including wahoo, tuna, flounder, cowfish, snapper, bream, snakefish, turbot, garfish, bonefish, pompano, chubb, mackeral, grunt, pilchard, triggerfish & jacks.

The competition was a ‘rain or shine’ event and went ahead despite several rain squalls that went over the island and its surrounding ocan.

The weighed-in catch ranged from two ounce white grunts caught by handline or rod-n-reel from the shoreline up to a deep-ocean 70lb yellowfin tuna caught off a boat out near the ‘banks’ and landed by 15 year-old Joss Lines.

Other fish included an 11lb grey snapper, a flounder with both its eyes on one side and and a cowfish that was still alive at weigh-in and was returned to its natural habitat immediately after being weighed-in.

The prize presentation will be at the Royal Hamilton Dinghy Club at 10.00am on Saturday 25th August. The overall winner from the shoreline, along with a guardian, will enjoy a half day fishing trip on the Jolly Roger Charter Boat.

You can view more of our fishing coverage here, and all our fishing photo galleries here.

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  1. Janet Maynard says:

    I entered my great niece & nephew, and they had a great time. Although unable to fish for a long period and fished off the rocks, it was an enjoyable afternoon.
    Thank you Diane Antonition for sending out the email. Hopefully more adults will continue to get their children involved.
    With all the negatives going on their are so many positve things going on for the young folks. We as adults need to take the time and see what is available to them and do it as a family outing.

  2. Fruity says:

    My sons had a BLAST!!! Please email all the pics – the boys would love to see. Go Team: Out Cold caused by Chivas!!!! :)

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      Ummmm…this was a kids’ event right? Chivas??

      • Fruity says:

        Name of the boat – to clarify. Feel better or still thinking that children were drinking or even around others doing so?! and that it would be allowed :S wow.. clearly your one of those that looks for the negative in every situation. SMH

  3. Future says:

    This is great. But it must be said, no way dat lil bye pulled in an 11lb grey dog by himself! Amazing catch.

    • Mike says:

      True story! After the fish pulled off about 50′ of line there was a knot around the yo-yo spool… no slack to play with. Just barely stopped the spool as it flew out of the bucket. All he could do was hold onto the spool for dear life, with dad holding onto him! The fish arced back and forth a few times and then came straight back and hid under the floating dock we were on. The lil bye took in the slack and dad did the wireman’s job. The whole thing took less than 2 minutes. With moorings and dock anchor chains all around us, it was VERY lucky catch indeed!

  4. gary says:

    thanks,, a great day for the family ,very well organized by Kip the rest of the organization .

  5. A Pearman says:

    Where’s a picture of Arianna Pearman who was also a prize winner?!! Love to see it posted for her! Tx!

  6. will says:

    pic 40 is definitely worthy of a meme