BELCO’s Website Hacked, Back Online Now

October 30, 2012

[Updated] BELCO’s website has been temporarily shut down this morning [Oct 30] due to it being hacked, however there has been no impact on customer account information. The Company advised that their IT department is looking into the problem and apologized for the inconvenience.

A statement said: “BELCO wishes to alert the public that its website,, has been hacked. Customers are advised that the site has been temporarily shut down, as there may be malicious code on it. BELCO’s IT department is looking into the problem and will advise when the site is returned to operation.

“Customers who normally pay via its website will need to use other payment methods, until the IT department declares the site safe. There has been no impact on customer account information.

“Again, BELCO advises the public that is shut down until further notice, and apologizes for the inconvenience.”

Update 3.37pm: BELCO’s website is back online. A spokesperson said: “BELCO wishes to advise the public that its web site,, is once again online and safe for customers to access.

“The site was taken off-line earlier today, when BELCO’s IT department discovered that the home page had been hacked by a mischief- and attention-seeking group known as Turkish Ajan, who are responsible for hacking many major, international organizations.

“The intrusion on BELCO’s web site proved to be harmless, as only the ‘index page’ was affected. The ‘index page’ simply handles the initial loading of the home page.

“Today’s events had no impact on customer information. Although customers use the web site as a door to access account information, BELCO’s Customer Information System (CIS) is independent of the web site.

“BELCO’s web site is hosted in the U.S. by is one of the world’s leading web-hosting providers. BELCO performs regular vulnerability scans on all operational systems, and has highly skilled hacking and security experts regularly checking its IT infrastructure.

“BELCO wishes to thank customers for their patience with today’s brief interruption to web site service. Questions about the web site may be directed to”

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  1. Chart says:


  2. Just Us says:

    I wonder if the hacker got as far as hacking everybody’s bill off the list…

  3. Watching On says:

    And the hacker didn’t change my bill to zero? Oh man at least I can dream.