Scott: Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

November 22, 2012

Today Lawrence Scott –the PLP Candidate in C#24 — responded to his OBA opponent Alexis Swan’s comments about youth unemployment statistics: “I can say only that ‘imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery’!

“Consequently, the PLP party, government and I are truly flattered that the OBA candidate for Constituency-24 has chosen to both support and promote the PLP’s policies and performance in assisting the youth of Bermuda.

“It would appear that her research has determined that when it comes to the solutions for our youth employment challenges, she has decided to reiterate the policies and programs that the PLP government already has in place – and put the OBA’s name on it.

“In particular I speak to the PLP’s “Payroll Exemption Program” which provides payroll tax exemption for any Hotel, Restaurant and Retail employer and employee,” continued Mr Scott.

“In addition to any employer in any job sector/industry that hires an “apprentice” would receive payroll tax exemption for each apprentice hired – providing a clear incentive to hire our young.

“So it seems as though the OBA is promoting and applauding the PLP’s handling of this situation. They know a good policy when they see it…and so do the Bermudian young people who have seen the Government ‘Stand Strong’ for them in education, training programs and recent industrial certification of young men who were sent overseas and returned to jobs in the construction industry.

Mr Scott concluded: “Finally, let me say that she can’t go wrong when she stands strong for PLP policies!”

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  1. Pilgrim says:

    Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble
    Who needs turkeys when we have a government full of them!
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody

  2. Vote for Me says:

    In other words, the OBA’s comments about improving opportunities for young people through payroll tax exemptions and clamping down on immigration violations is already in place under PLP. Therefore the OBA should propose something new if they want the voters in 27 aor anywhrer else to vote for them.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      “In particular I speak to the PLP’s “Payroll Exemption Program” which provides payroll tax exemption for any Hotel, Restaurant and Retail employer and employee,” continued Mr Scott.

      Sorry you have misread or are misleading people she is referring to IB as well as local business. That is the difference they are not just saying the blue collar workers but also the white collar jobs the one where our young can make some real money and not just be a hired hand of laborer. That is the difference it is an expansion of the initial idea yes but once again the PLP’s idea did not go far enough…..


      • Vote for Me says:

        @ LOL
        You perhaps are not aware of the enhanced Bermuda College training for accountants and others to upgrade their skills, the combining of the labour and training and immigration to better match job seekers with employment opportunities, the continued term limit policies to make sure there is always an opening for qualified Bermudians, improved scholarship amounts to support Bermudians that go overseas to further their education etc etc.

        If we are sincere and objective, the PLP have several initiatives to assist young people. The reality is that we have a motivation challenge with many of our young people and they do not believe they should be required to work hard to achieve and progress.

        • street wise says:

          “… the continued term limit policies to make sure there is always an opening for qualified Bermudians …”

          This policy DOES NOT create openings for Bermudians in IB. Term Limits have been a disaster, and is one of the major reasons IB is re-domiciling to other more business-friendly jurisdictions. Did you not read the latest interview with IB executives in the RG? What did they say?

          If Term Limits are not scrapped, say goodbye the rest of IB.

          Vote wisely.

          The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No future.

  3. Gatorade Jeff says:

    Lawrence Scott – that is the smuggest comment I have heard in all the election talk so far. You have nothing to be proud of on youth unemployment, have you forgotten that 15% of the working population are unemployed, a figure much higher amongst youths? You deserve nothing with comments like that, apart from to lose.

  4. Knobby says:

    Perhaps Mr. Scott can advise us as to exactly how many people have gained employment from these programs and provide a detailed cost analysis explaining just how much money has been spent against the number who are now gainfully employed after completing the courses.

    Can we have some answers please, real answers, preferably without any puppets!

    • Portia says:

      The answer is virtually none. The PLP is misleading the public by stating that these new programs have helped employ people.

      I will give an example. The Government boasted about the Cisco Academy which started this summer as a means to provide training in the IT field. I can tell you for a fact, that of the 3O or so people who enrolled in the first course, which ends in August of next year, ONLY 2 OR 3 of the people were unemployed. Everyone else that Government is paying for to take this class was already gainfully employed, at companies such as Northrock and other IT firms. So how does that help the scores of people in the IT field who are currently looking for work??

      Ridiculous waste of money. Especially when you consider the fact that the Cisco certification can be obtained after studying for say, three months, yet Government is paying to run this program for an entire year!

      P.S. I also heard the same about the Drywall program, that many of those men were already employed when they signed up and were sent to Atlanta. Yet Government took kudos for them being employed when they got back! If I’m wrong about that, correct me, but I am not wrong about Cisco. I know someone who signed up for the prgram.

      Government is NOT helping people to get jobs by running these programs. They are only spending money to make themselves look good, to appear that they are helping the unemployed, but really they are not!

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

        First let me let answer your first concern. You state that the PLP is misleading the public on these programs and they have not lead to any rise in employment. Yet the OBA is touting the same programs. This means that neither party has an plan to encourage employment, if what you are saying is correct. So what exactly was your point for that statement?

        Second, you state that only 2 or 3 people in the Cisco are unemployed (and in the Drywall program). You ask how does this help the scores of people that are looking for IT work. Well this lets me know that you have no economic sense. You see when the EMPLOYED people gain these certificates, they have the ability to be promoted, move on to other jobs in Bermuda or move on to other jobs worldwide. AS the US argues over their immigration reforms, they have found out something important. Higher skilled workers CREATE jobs. They promote larger initiatives within organizations, which need more supporting roles and encourage HIRING. High skilled workers make more money, meaning they consume more and create the need for more retail positions. Higher skilled workers are in positions to buy and build houses, creating constructions jobs (for drywall people as well). Higher skilled workers who make more money, pay more in taxes, boosting the economy. The jobs they vacate are taken over by the “scores of people in the IT field ” as you put in, meaning they are able to gain more experience, become higher skilled and create the cycles that I noted previously.

        Lastly you state that the people in the Cisco Academy can just go get their certificates after a few months of studies. I am glad to say that you are correct in that assessment. However, to go on to prove your short-sightedness, do you even know what the entire curriculum of the Cisco academy is? Do you know of all the instruction they are getting? Maybe there are many other classes that they are taking to provide a foundation for their certs. Maybe they are getting hours of hands on training that will be VITAL towards their success.

        • Portia says:


          Economic sense tells me that companies are actually doing very little hiring of junior level positions here. If they WERE, then we wouldn’t have over 30% of young people out of work, would we? How often do you see a junior level or entry level IT position advertised in the RG? Very rarely!

          Your whole theory about training people so that they can make more, spend more, move up and be promoted to make room for more junior people is flawed, because, as I pointed out 1) companies are not hiring many in junior positions and 2) you have more senior people taking positions for which they are over-qualified, accepting LESS money, simply because they need the work. Thus, they are NOT spending more, stimulating the economy etc. (But I’m curious – how does that whole theory work with waiters and nail technicians, two other programs the Government is pushing? I had no idea waiters made BANK!)

          And, no there is nothing short-sighted about my comments on the Cisco Academy. I personally know someone in the program, and yes, he showed me the curriculum – everything there is material readily available on the internet that a student can study on their own. The Government Cisco students are sent away to do the reading and learn the material, and then the instructor reads it with them when they come back to class. In fact, a couple of students complained because the program is too long!

          So stop trying to justify it. Cisco/ Drywal/ Nail Tech/ Waiter programs was NEVER about employing people – it was walys about votes. And wasting money.

      • @ Portia,

        I would say you are correct, but not entirely. I believe what many Bermudains have found is that they have been working in a certain industry, but they were probably not certified in their field. I could be wrong, but I think that is why some of the stats you used have people who are employed. On the side of creating new jobs, I agree, but we can’t forgot to help the people employed who want to better themselves.

        • Goose says:

          So it’s Government’s duty to bankroll career advancement for those in the private sector?

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ Portia
          You are mixing up the responsibility and the private sector. If Bermudians were already employed in IT and drywall installation but it took government to provide relevant training, who is at fault? You should also consider the longer term. Once the employees upgrade their skills, they may be promoted, which provides a more junior job for new entrants.

          If we think about it, the community is giving the private sector (in some instances) a free pass for not properly training their staff.

    • Richard says:

      None! it’s funny how all pro-Bermuda stuff just pops up the year of election So we gave PLP a chance time for you guys to go.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Just wondering, not being negative or anything, just asking the question.

      How many of the Drywall Techs that we sent overseas are currently employed in that field? Just wondering if that plan worked or not?

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    You’re missing the point you moron. It doesn’t matter how many nail technicians you train, or payroll exemptions you offer to struggling sectors, THERE’s NO F&$KING DEMAND. NONE.


    • Come Correct says:

      A payroll tax exemption doesn’t make people want to buy Bermuda, possibly giving a tax break on import duty to retail stores would. Seriously why would I pay the 300% markup when I can order online and still get stuff cheaper even with the increase in import duty? You need to make people WANT to buy Bermuda. That means reasonable prices!

      FYI Mr. Scott, apprentice doesn’t mean young, it means unskilled of any age, whithout an age bracket its another ill-conceived fail.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      Totally agree!!

      This thing about the Minister talking about the “government achievement” in conducting nail technician courses….can you imagine any other government in the world talking about jump starting the economy through “nail technician courses”.

      Such a government and its leader would have been impeached in the same hour.

  6. Black Soil says:

    LOL – so the “real PLP” is the OBA?? It’s time for a change!!

  7. Time Passages says:

    You only flatter yourself Sir. Nobody would ever copy anything this disasterous Government has ever done.

    Your vanity is beyond compare.

  8. Bermyman says:

    If the PLP have handled it so well, then why are so many young people unemployed? The US is in recovery and we are still in decline.

    We need new Hotels and international business to provide jobs directly and indirectly. This has been promised but has not happened under the current PLP administration.

    It obvious that business leaders and hotel developers do not have confidence in the current government, particularly in their ability to provide a stable economy and a sensible level of debt for a nation with no natural resources.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Bermyman
      You are clearly not aware of the estimated $500m invested by the Green family to buy and rebuild on the former Waterloo site and the recent purchase of Hamilton Princess with the commitment to spend another $50m on upgrades. That has to be the biggest endorsement of anyone.

      • Bullseye says:

        How about considering they got it for a fraction of what it is worth thanks to the PLP. Then the gamble is when gambling comes in they will reap big rewards.

        The PLP just made it cheap for them.

      • Rockfish #2 says:

        That may be true, however we are still waiting for construction to begin on at least ONE of the new hotels promised by the PLP Government!

        • 1minute says:

          Who needs hotels when we have certified Nail Technicians & Dry Wallers….

      • Curious says:

        Or they got them at rock bottom prices and they think that over the next 30 years they will gain back their investment.
        Buy low and just wait to sell high.

      • Bermyman says:

        I am very aware. Waterloo house will consist of luxury apartments and offices which existing businesses will move into. Not a new international company which will employ more people or new hotel. Likewise, the HP already exists and yes was purchased by the Green family. HP is the only hotel on the Island that is close to fully booked most of the year. And that is because of business travelers. But it is not going to significantly stimulate the economy? If it was not for the Green family then where would we be?

        Why is there no Hotel in St. Georges or Sonesta or Town as was promised?

      • 32n64w says:

        “$500m invested by the Green family”

        Where is the source for this $500m estimate? Or is it just another made up number from the PLP?

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Everything is $500m. That’s the number they use for everything.

      • Vote for Me says:

        The $500m is my best guess since the actual numbers are private. If you consider the basic price for a building the size of Hamilton Princess and related land, plus the cost to purchase, demolish Waterloo and then build the commercial building, plus the extra $50m promised to upgrade Princess, the $500m estimate is probably on the low side.

        Regardless of the actual amount paid, no one can argue that the purchase repesents one of the most definite bets on the island’s future. For the rest who like to post based on opinion the investment by the Green family can not be denied!!

        For the other hotel developments, we should all be aware that the PLP proposed a referendum on gaming in the throne speech. We should therefore not be surprised, if for the first time, we have dual items to vote for on election day – which party and whether to allow gaming. If we develop the waterfront and introduce gaming, we may have quite an economic boom over the next 5 to 10 years!! If agreed, it will have a definite impact on the social aspects for Bermuda but that is for another post.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          It’s using this type of math that you end up justifying the $1.2bn of debt added since 2007. When every new building costs $several hundred million you get there pretty quick. In your mind, anyway.

        • Ringmaster says:

          The Green family owned Waterloo House and the land. The Hamilton Princess was in danger of being shut down, so they very astutely bought it cheap. In my opinion $500 million is way too much. You couldn’t replicate the Hamilton Princess for the price the Green’s paid so of course it was a great deal. A bet on the future yes, because there is no more waterfront property such as the HP. Any new hotel will have to charge way over the HP rates to get their costs back. That’s why the “Par la Ville/St Regis” hotel will never get off the ground because of cost.

          As to Islamic finance to develop the waterfront as suggested by someone, get real and don’t insult their intelligence.

    • @ Bermyman,

      I believe the main reason we have not had more hotels coming to our shores is because of the gambling laws. When companies like that want to build a large hotel, they want some revenue to off-set the costs (CASINO). I hope the laws change very soon, as gambling is already on the island. Seahorses, Gametime, Clubs and Churchs who have bingo or raffles. It’s all gambling, no matter how you slice it.

      • Rockfish #2 says:


        Nonsense—When the hotel developers promised us hotels, they were fully aware of our gaming laws!

        They are now facing reality.

        • Rockfish #2 says:

          Apologies to “Bermyman”—–this was meant for “A Bermudian”.

          • @Rockfish #2,

            Unless you are a government official, how do you know what has been said behind closed doors? I am sure the gambling laws had to be discussed, as it’s becoming more of a talking point now. Take a look around the world, many of the hotels that are being built have a casino in them. All I am saying is that the gambling laws of Bermuda can be a deterrent, and probably has been in the past. And the last time I checked, a promise is just a promise, nothing else.

            • Rockfish #2 says:

              @ A Bermudian,

              You have missed my point completely.

              When the developers were discussing the concept of building hotels here, the return on investment had to be serioulsy discussed. We are talking major money here!
              Therefore they made the decisions to proceed in spite of our gaming laws.Clearly they thought a profit could be made regardless.

              Allowing them to provide gambling subsequently would simply mean a larger profit.

      • Sad Truth says:

        Incorrect, the reason ground hasn’t been broken(unless you count demolishing the Club Med I suppose) on any new hotels is that no developer in their right mind will start a major project like that under the inept PLP government. You think these guys don’t do their homework and read about one disaster after another in our country with regard to crime, education(potential local employees), work permit policy(potential foreign employees), cost over-runs, union issues, etc ..

        There is enough risk in starting a hotel here given that Bermuda is over-priced and tourists can go to Florida/Cuba/the Islands down south at half the cost of coming here. Add the other concerns about the Government above, good luck getting anyone to give us hotel development money ..

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ Sad truth
          ‘back at you’. It is quite possible that the introduction of gaming will be th egame changer for many of the hotel developers… we will have to wait and see.

        • @ Sad Truth,

          Are you sure, or you speaking from your opinion? Again, many of you people keep highlighting Crime like it’s the PLP’s fault. What people need to do is look within their own familes, and I am sure you would find a reason why crime is high.

          And as far as education, if they really done their homework, they would know that blame lies at the doorstep of the old Government. Many might not want to admit this, but most of these young men doing these crimes came from Cedar Bridge (where most of this madness started).

          • Ringmaster says:

            I don’t diasgaree that Cedarbridge is a disaster, but Cedarbridge was built/completed in 1996. The PLP took over power in 1998. Dame Jennifer Smith, the first PLP Education MInister sat on the committee that approved Cedarbridge. If it was that bad, why didn’t the PLP stop the change in 1998, and why did they then build Berkley?

    • johnny says:

      So many young people are unemployed because greedy business owners whose prices for goods and services are through the roof, are hiring cheap foreign labour and paying them next to nothing. I mean if you look at all of the unskilled jobs, a large percentage of them are held by unskilled foreigners. Is it really necessary for a place like Buzz, which has several locations, and hires several unskilled workers, to have so many foreigners on the payroll? These are the types of jobs that could be held by our young people, but i bet some of you don’t even care about that.

  9. Desmond says:

    Arrogant, opportunistic turncoat…

    • Vulpes says:

      I think that is Michael’s brother you are talking about (a former UBP candidate now in the PLP) and not this young gentleman with the same name who is former Premier Alex Scott’s son – a good reason too to vote for the other guys, though at least Alex is not a crook.

  10. Better Bermuda says:

    ummm ok. i live in constit 24. guess i know who i’m voting for now!

  11. JT says:

    So if the OBA win and add another 1.2 billion in debt then the opposition PLP will congratulate them and be flattered to be imitated. Got it.

  12. Johnboy says:

    “most sincerest”?????

    Please tell me this is misquoted!!

    • Come Correct says:

      Nope, its definitely the ‘most dumbest’ thing said since Laverne’s candidacy was announced.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Vote for me because I’m the most nicerest and we’ll be more better than them…..

  13. Y-Gurl says:

    Perception of imitation is the sincerest form of conceit

  14. Imitate who exactly? says:

    Who the ______ wants to imitate Lawrence Scott? or his running man dancing routing at the PLP Warwick Rally a few weeks ago the video is on Bernews

    Humble yourself Lawrence as its an open secret that not even Alex was supportive of your campaign until he realised it would assist friends and family planning

  15. Pretty P____ says:

    by the way…………….I love Nandi Davis, shes hot

    Try and Imitate that Scotty

  16. JT says:

    Release the GCSE results BEFORE the election so we can determine for ourselves if we are standing strong in education. We all know why they are being withheld from the public.

  17. Mad Dawg says:

    Is he flattering his dad by running in his constituency?

  18. Encyclopedia says:

    The thing about the line “investing in our people” by borrowing on an overdraft (debt) to pay salaries to government staff, is really disguised “welfare”.

  19. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    cant change something that is not broken ..well done Ms Swan but if you was in school and submitted a paper and did not cite your source it would be known as Plagiarism so Ms Swan stop the plagiarism and give credit to where credit is due…..

    Cheekums Bie now dey be stealing plans and calling it their own…i wonder if Crockwell put her up to this

    • Objectively Speaking says:

      Actually you can and should seek to change things that are not broken…it’s called improving a product/strategy. There is always room for improvement unless things are working perfectly and I highly doubt anyone could/would make this claim…at least…not honestly.

  20. Bieber says:

    They (PLP)just get more and more pathetic each day! Geesh!

  21. argosy says:

    Mr. Scott.

    Stop talking about the OBA and simply run on the PLP’s record!

    Yeah, right, thought so…..

  22. William says:

    It is a wonder that the now educated youth did not rise up , go down and kick their collective derrier ….lol

  23. Opressed says:

    Nobody, sane or insane would imitate the PLP. An embarrassment to all who live here.

  24. Former PLP voter says:

    Nasty arrogance. I hope you lose Mr Scott.

    • nuff, nuff, dun says:

      Agree, loose words, ignorant sentiment, green candidate.