UBP MP Charles Swan Suggests National Lottery

November 6, 2012

The first form of gaming the island should pursue is a National Lottery in which the funds are used for the development of our youth in sports, the arts, music and educational endeavours, UBP MP Charles Swan said.

Earlier this year, Premier Paula Cox tabled the Referendum Act 2012 in the House of Assembly, saying it would be followed by a referendum on gaming in Bermuda in due course.

Mr Swan said: “Notwithstanding the governments intention to table legislation on a referendum on gaming, I notified the legislature some months ago of my wish to lay my motion ‘That this Honourable House support a National Lottery for the express purpose of funding the development of our youth in sports, the arts, music and educational endeavours beneficial to the future of our island and its people’. The motion was tabled on Friday.

“I have long expounded on gaming – which covers a wide range of entertainment – and pointedly the need for a National Lottery – which is a bit more specific,” continued Mr Swan.

“You will know that both my colleague Kim Swan and I polled our respective constituencies for their views on gaming in Bermuda. The results, which were based on a larger sampling than national polls get, where overwhelmingly in support.

“It is my belief that a National Lottery should be the first form of ‘gaming’ that our island pursue. I believe that it is a ‘milder’ form of gaming entertainment, would generate quite a lot of local interest, and would reap real benefits for our youth.

“All at a time when Bermuda could use a bit of impetus, and Bermudians a boost in national pride,” said Mr Swan.

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  1. Kevin G. says:

    I would support a national lottery. Agree with comments made in article including benefits. While weekly? winning purses would not be huge ($15-20K perhaps?) would still benefit local economy due to multiplier effect i.e. local vendor selling winning ticket could receive a cut (say 5%) of jackpot; winning individual would likely spend some of winnings helping local economy (i.e. buy a new boat; make renovations to house etc etc). Article mentions other benefits like lottery supporting local education, music, sports which all makes sense. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Like the famous Nike slogan says, ‘Just Do It’!

  2. Future says:

    We already have a lottery. It is called an election. Every half decade or so you get to choose amongst a bunch of false choices and pretend to yourself that these choices make a difference. There are a handful that win. Not the candidates as you might think, but those in the business world clique that get to funnel away serious cash from the taxpayers without their knowledge or consent and not in their interests. This is the essence of a lottery. A helluva lot of people paying a bearable individual amount so that a handful of people can amass a huge amount.

    Tick that box and move on.

  3. street wise says:

    I believe Bermuda is too small of a market to support a successful lottery.

  4. street wise says:

    … unless you sell Bda Lotto tickets internationally, via Direct Mail, like Malta has been doing for decades.

  5. D Jones says:

    Good idea