Upcoming: Convening of Youth Parliament

November 14, 2012

The 2012 Convening of Youth Parliament will take place tomorrow [Nov.15] at the House of Assembly at 4.15pm, featuring the an address by Youth Premier Ryan Robinson Perinchief.

Modeled on Bermuda’s official Parliament, the Youth Parliament of Bermuda was founded in 1985 and meets on Wednesday afternoons at the House of Assembly.

The event is invitation only but the general public can listen to the ceremony live on the Parliament website. Along with the Youth Premier’s Address [Speech from the throne], there will be a speech from the Youth Opposition Leader, and Guest Speaker Carlton Simmons from Youth on the Move.

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  1. Lynns says:

    What time is the address?

  2. Empower the Youth says:

    These young people have some great ideas and a powerful message, too bad the current and opposing parliamentarians simply patronize them and pay them lip service. Seems that the ‘adults’ have gotten the country in a fine mess, perhaps we should actually listen and adopt some of their recommendations for a change………..

  3. PILATRICKS says:

    I agree! I feel like these young people are being silenced by some “political figures.” We must keep a close eye on them this year! I will be listening tomorrow!

  4. A young man says:

    More organizations like the Youth Paliament need to be put in to place, because the youth needs a voice to be heard! Congratulations Youth Parliament