Man Charged With Causing Motorcyclist’s Death

February 12, 2013

Yesterday [Feb 11] in Magistrates Court 24-year-old Vanell Jason Ingham was charged with causing the death of Jason Darrell — who passed away following a collision on Harbour Road on 26 January 2013.

Mr Ingham was charged with causing the death by driving without care and attention, and was not required to enter a plea as the charge can only be heard in the Supreme Court. He was given $10,000 bail and will reappear at a later date.

Accident Bikes Harbour Road Bermuda, January 26 2013 (1)

31-year-old Jason Darrell died following a motorcycle collision on January 26th. His death marked the fourth road fatality of 2013.

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  1. ooo ok says:

    This clown allegedly took my friends life away! Pay attention out the there on the streets for them cars at gates, speedy motocyclist, cars stopping short. Remember ppl we’re drive on the left side of the roads so when we are trying to pull out of a gate you ALWAYS have to look RIGHT first out of a gate!!! I come across too many ppl who look left and see that its clear and don’t look RIGHT first and jus pull out in front of the person who’s closest to you. Jus really take the time out and check it, wenever you come to a gate you really have to pay attention to the people to the RIGHT of your first and than the left because we drive on the left hand side. Most ppl I see look left without seeing the car to the right which causes the person confusion, its jus basic common sense ppl WAKE UP! 5 ppl and the year jus started this is rediculous, sooner or later ppl who jus pull out when someones approaching is going to start road rage ppla being followed home because that’s how I feel when someone does that to me, they are attemting to murder you without paying attention so plz ppl wake the hell up!

    RIP J Rock…. My boy!!!

  2. Just asking says:

    Why would the driver of a blue truck pull up between another truck/van and a car at the stop sign at the top of Dutton Avenue. I am sure drivers were looking and wondering what was going on with this driver.

  3. yourPointis? says:

    Who is allowing Dumb and dumber to comment? Cause You both dont make no sort of sense.. (Just take a Minute Read over it an come back)
    Sweet Lord Jesus Help up.. R.I.P The lost.. Keep ur head up JVI

    • ooo ok says:

      Sounds like you need to re check your spelling you say sweet lord jesus help up wat sense that makes? Haha takes a dumby to know a dumby… Dumby you sound like a culprit who don’t pay attention.

  4. Unreal says:

    R.I.P JRoc! Enough said!

  5. Picks says:

    Before you all post your comments, please learn how to spell and use proper grammar.

  6. Tru to the game says:

    Are you serz….First of all u need to get ur facts str8 bout d accident… Bcuz the car was lettin Jason out wen that fool overtook the car… So where did u get ur info from… Unless u was the driver of the car shut ur mouth yo… Jason was my bonafide my right hand man….n he didn’t deserve to have his life takin…. Cleo n my baby girl star will forever b my heartbeats….. So watch ur mouth Maria Jacobs bcuz what ur sayin isirrelevant….