Man Given Probation For Drowning His Dog

February 27, 2013

A 24-year-old man appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Feb 27], where he was given two years probation after admitting to drowning his pit bull.

Nasir Brangman originally appeared in Court last month, where he pleaded guilty to charge of unlawfully killing and causing unnecessary pain and suffering to his dog Bruno.

At that time, the Court heard that in November 2012, the pit bull had killed a neighbour’s Pomeranian. The defendant had then taken the dog to Clearwater Beach where he drowned it.

After Police had been called in, the dogs body was recovered and a necropsy confirmed that it had been drowned. The defendant said that he had paid $2,500 to the Pomeranian’s owner, and told the Magistrate that Bruno had also attacked other dogs in the neighborhood.

Brangman was represented by lawyer Richard Horseman who suggested a conditional discharge or a $1,000 fine, while the prosecution suggested a custodial sentence.

In addition to the probation, Magistrate Archie Warner ruled Brangman must take programs that were to be recommended by the Department of Court Services.

Brangman, an engineer, apologized to the Court saying “I was trying to make things right.”

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  1. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    I’d like to take Nasir Brangman for swimming lessons!

  2. me says:

    What a sick person! It is people like him should be banned from owning an animal for life!

  3. Bullseye says:

    How about a good lashing? Discipline has gone out the window and this was extremely cruel.

  4. Truth (Original) says:

    This is a deplorable sentence ! Where is the deterrent ?

  5. polo says:

    he needs to get his self right…… fool

  6. Orbit says:

    Good ol’ Archie

  7. JT says:

    Good I’m glad thats all he got. He shouldn’t have been chaarged in the first place.

    • You are such an idiot. Maybe you should be taken out an drowned like that.
      Wake up you a%$.
      People like you should be shipped out of the country.
      Put you in the bush where the animals can deal with you.

      • ABM says:

        A bit harsh don’t u think? The SPCA do the same thing, only with a needle. Before God, killing is killing!

    • ES says:

      i totally agree with you JT im glad thats all he got

  8. JT says:

    Lot of you are full of sht. When a dog attacks another dog first thing you say is it could have been a child and the dog should be destroyed. Now you talking this st.

    • Um Um Like says:

      You’re missing the point. Put the dog down, fine. Take it to the vet though. No need to torture it.

      • JT says:

        No you missed the point. Seems some people care more about the dangerous dog’s welfare then the human’s. This does not require a lashing nor jail sentence, maybe something else but not that.

        • Um Um Like says:

          You’re outnumbered JT. Did everyone but you and the dog killer miss the point?

          You didn’t even address what I said. Take the dog to the vet, don’t do it yourself!

          • Um Um you, JT can’t see beyond his nose.
            No use trying to make JT understand.
            Maybe one day a dog will take a chunk out
            of his a$$.
            Love to see it.

      • ABM says:

        To be killed no matter how it was done is torutre.

    • Psychosis says:

      It’s his fault that the dog attacked ANY animal or human. It’s his fault if the dog wasn’t properly trained. It’s his fault that the trained/untrained dog was not properly secured. I think that along with probation he should have been given a lifetime ban from owning any animals and also serve at least 100 hours of community service at the SPCA.

    • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

      I like a few moments alone with you,that’s ALL it would take!

      • JT says:

        Ya what would you do? Absolutely nuffin!

      • JT says:

        I’d like you to spend a few moments alone with a dog like that and see how you feel after that.

    • DreamCatcher says:

      I agree with you JT. It was ludicrous to have him held in remand. Straight BS – he didn’t set the dog on fire or something that would be deemed cruel.

  9. openmind says:

    grow marijuana and go to jail, drown a dog and get a slap on the wrist… go figure! how about a march to get rid of archie, and demand a re-evaluation of the justice system… your sentence is all to dependent on what archie’s thought of the law is (or his mood that day)… certainly would be more useful than marching for old policies (which have proven to be useless) to be put back in place… top to stop hitting the snooze button and wake de hell up!

  10. Argosy says:

    Another laughable Warner senence.
    He soul be removed from the Bar.

  11. observer says:

    am just happy he didnt go to jail, its a just ruling….yes he killed the dog which the dog wardens would have done anyway….I think his anger got the best of him as he tried to sort out his problem with his neighbor.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      ..he drowned the dog. That’s sick and inhumane. The ruling doesn’t reflect the gravity of the crime.

    • ES says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!

  12. 1minute says:

    Why wasn’t he banned from having a pet?

  13. Kim Smith says:

    Could have also given him community service to the SPCA. Again, a waste of an opportunity to make an impression on this individual.

    • not always says:

      Do you give child abusers community service at daycare centers??

      • Psychosis says:

        There is a difference. He was trying to be responsible( i think) but went about it the wrong way. I don’t think he is the type to molest or beat the animals if left alone with them. Community service may have given him more appreciation of the way animals should be treated and although I think a lifetime ban of ownership of animals should have been handed down, I think he would have at least been able to educate others after learning through the community service.

  14. BdaBluLdy47 says:

    Mr Brangman…you are an educated man, did you not think to take the dog to the vet to be euthanized? I GET that he had to be destroyed due to behaviour on his part, and once he bit the first time it should have been responsibly dealt with. The way you chose to dispose of him was most inhumane. My anger over the treatment of Bruno makes me want you to have at least a taste of what you put him through because I know it took some force to complete this horrid deed and Bruno must have fought desperately for his life. Shame on you! Heat of the moment or not, Bruno was being a pit bull….you? You were just plain mean and inhuman! The slap on the wrist you received is much, much less than you deserve.

    • Johnny says:

      At least he didn’t kill an animal with the only reason being to make money off of it. You all act like you don’t eat meat or have a leather jacket. I guess it’s ok to kill animals when all you want to do is make money. And don’t give me that crap about we need meat for food, because we all know that we don’t need meat to be healthy.

  15. not always says:

    He spent some time in jail, he will have to live with the image of the dog fighting for it’s last breaths for the rest of his natural life. Locking him up wouldn’t really do any good, he needs to be made to go to counseling, so this does not become typical behavior for him or escalate. He showed remorse, which is far more than these little thug murderers do when they leave the court house to go to westgate. He was not disrespectful, and he did make reperation to the owner of the other dog. Perhaps there should have been a monetary fine attached. Just please do not feel that community service at the SPCA is a good idea. He defintely should not own or be around animals for a good while, if ever.

  16. B3rmud!@N says:

    Glad everything turned out okay about time Archie got one right

  17. Bobmarlin says:

    You get locked up for possession of small amounts of marijuana.You drown a dog and get probation.Am I missing something here?

  18. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Most of you people make me sick!

  19. SexyBlacque says:

    I am sure Nasir is remorseful and realizes the way he handled this situation was not the correct way. The Judge has ruled and the ruling has afforded Nasir the opportunity to continue on with his promising career and to become a better person in the process. In this case, incarceration was not the answer, even though some of you feel he should have been incarcerated. Another asset to Bermuda would have gone to waste.

  20. Wtf says:

    It’s just a dog WTF, where u people when that trash truck driver slap the sh%# out of that school girl. But you all will stand up for a dog!!!!! He took matters in his own hands. How about we stand up against this gun crime!!!

    • Doug says:

      It’s just a dog is a pathetic argument

      • Johnny says:

        I bet you more people are pleased that this young man will not have to spend more time in jail than there are who wish he got a worse punishment.

        • ES says:

          YUP!!! I am so glad thats all he got… and the thing is everyone who is sayin he shoulda got worse don’t know nothing about him except this one mistake that he made… no sense in arguing with them because its been done thats all he got whether they like or not they’ll get over it! :)

        • ES says:

          also the ppl who are sayin he shoulda got more are probably people who’s only real “companion” or “family” is a pet whether it be a dog or a cat…. you know ppl who call their dogs their children…. :S

  21. Mike says:

    Did a young man just get sentence to 2 years probation for stabbing another young man and collapsing his lung?

    What am I missing here?

  22. almostthere. says:

    too bad Mr. Brangman had to be putin jail for doing to his dog what was to be done anyway…this society is so effed up !!!!worry about a dog what about people, all of these ugly bloggers who god don’t love are always taking up a beastly cause// screw the lot of you damn you all to hell, the hell you invented !!!

  23. lady pleads guilty to childs death…did you all forget about that. Nothing happened to her. That was an appropriate sentence for Brangman. He did what the vets were going to do anyway…why do you people love animals more than human life…where are you when the murder vigils are going on?

    • not always says:

      incorrect… the vets would not drown the dog. The inhumane way the dog was killed is the issue. Why can you people not understand that?

      • ABM says:

        We get you, but killing is killing no matter how you try to rationalise it. Needle, hanging, electric chair, shooting, stabbing, drowning, running over with a car. If you intentionally do these things to kill the person or animal, then you are committing murder. The SPCA do the same thing, its just that people choose to ignore it because we’ve been conditioned to beleive its humane. Before God, killing is killing!

        • OMGosh! says:

          Animal life is no where as valuable as human life. Yes killing may be killing, but God never punished Abel for killing a lamb, He punished Cain for killing his brother. My gosh people. Yes it was inhumane, but once a dog tastes blood, there is no going back. Sorry he didn’t want to pay money to kill his dog (cause I doubt it’s a free service). He did what he thought he had to, wrong or not. He paid the neighbor, felt remorse, etc. Those of you would would want to drown Mr. Brangman for killing a dog, SHAME on you!

          Stop loving pets more than you love people. God said love thy neighbour, not Spike, as yourself.

  24. Farm boy says:

    This dog attacked another animal, doing what sort of comes natural to a dog. Not like the dog was ever told, “thou shalt not kill” or hey, “it is unlawful to hurt someone else”. Ok, the dog does something really bad then you put it down. I am sure this guy had a close relationship with his pet and putting his pet down was probably one of the hardest things to do.

    He took responsibility for his pet’s actions, he probably felt that if anyone is going to put him down then it will be him.

    The bleeding hearts of the world forget what it is like or have never known what the majority of the people who live ioutside of cities have to deal with on a regular basis. You prefer to let someone else take care of your issues, you forget what it is like to take care of your own problems. Coming from a rural/farm environment, you take care of these matters yourself; too many cats on the farm you put the kittens in a sack and drown them; your dog kills to many hens, you put him down; you need to put food on the table, kill an animal to eat it.

    Now before you get all excited, think about how long that fish hangs on the hooks before it dies, how many dolphins and other sea animals are killed so that you can enjoy your fish; cattle are lined up one after the other waiting to be killed, you think they cannot smell what is coming! People speeding, drinking and driving! Selling drugs or even carrying knives to commit offenses ar e way more dangerous than this guy. How much money and effort were wasted on this conviction?

    • not always says:

      rest asurred that if you are found to be drowning kittens in a sack or killing any other animal in a cruel manner you too will be prosecuted. The issue isn’t the fact the dog was put down, it was in the manner in which is was done. I do not argue your points on the fishing etc, but there are laws in place on what is humane and not humane in the treatment of companion animals. Drowning is not putting down, it is inhumanely killing. That is the problem here and that is why he was charged.

      • ABM says:

        So you are saying that I can kill something and it will be okay if I did it in a “humane” way as opposed to an “inhumane” way? Really?

      • ABM says:

        Okay, what if he did what the SPCA did and injected it with a poison to kill the animal, what then would you all be saying? Would you still be saying the same thing or would you applaud him?

  25. Observant says:

    Archie Warner again…same guy who gave probation to a sex offender. Nice.
    Time to go, Archie.

    • Observant says: bad..not probation, but a 6-month suspended sentence.
      As far as I’m concerned, still a very slight slap on the wrist, accompanied by a ‘don’t do that again’.

  26. Make up your minds..... says:

    First Mr Warner jailed Nasir… you all complained. Another judge let him out on bail after a week or so. Now Mr Warner gives him probation and orders help for him and you all still complain. Make up your damn minds!!!

  27. Crazy Lady says:

    It is so unbelievable that this young man got time for this., while the lady who killed someone else’s child is let so. Hmmm can anyone tell me just what is wrong with this picture? Is a dogs life that more of value, then a child’s?

    • not always says:

      The only answer I can come up with to this question is, the lady, though willfully, neglected the child, the death was not intentional. The dog was forcably drowned with the intent to kill it. (simpy answering the question as I see it, not condoning her sentence or lack there of)

  28. yay! says:

    i disagree on how he did it, i dont believe in drowning anything, it a messed up way to go! but in his defence taking it to spca is very expensive and after paying 2500 out for another dog that got killed. if the spca did a free service this would never been a problem.

  29. BSB says:

    What a strange thing to do, why would’t he just put the dog down? or drop it off at the spca. throughly confused…anyone with the capacity to drown a living, and I’m sure thrashing, resisting creature is a lil off in my books. not sure he deserved jail time but surely he should talk to someone.