TripAdvisor Ranks Horseshoe Bay #8 in World

February 20, 2013

TripAdvisor has listed Horseshoe Bay Beach as one of the top 25 beaches in the world, in a ranking list which was determined by feedback from travelers on the travel supersite. The rankings were released today [Feb 20], and show that Horseshoe Bay is also listed as #3 on the Best Beaches in the Caribbean list.


Horseshoe Bay Beach is ranked 8th in the world by Trip Advisor readers, with Rabbit Beach in Italy, Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Baia do Sancho in Brazil, Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico, Playa de las Catedrales in Spain and Lopes Mendes Beach in Brazil holding the 1st – 7th spots.

One review said, “Ah, one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda.. Because it is simply beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking.. there is a beach itself, then there is a little cove, amazing natural water enclosure, perfect for kids to splash in. Then there are cliffs that are very easy to climb and indulge in ocean views and sounds.”

Another reviewer said, “I have been to beaches all over the world, but this beach is the most beautiful I’ve seen. The water is crystal clear and the most beautiful shade of blue that I’ve ever seen. My children loved the little cove that is adjacent to the main beach.”

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  1. Charming says:

    Our Horseshore Beach ranking the 8th beach in the world,lovely and I agree!!!

  2. Bermudian says:

    I’m still a huge fan of Long Bay Beach. The fact that you can look down the beach and see just endless sand, not to mention the baby beach just adjacent to it. I use to go there almost everyday as a kid to play and jump off the rocks! Since moving, I miss that beach everyday during the summer time!

  3. Did he do it? says:

    You are joking right? Rabbit beach is better than Horseshoe Bay! No way!

  4. Myzterri says:

    This is why we need to market Bermuda better, because Horseshoe Bay is not the only treasure we have. I invite anyone to walk out past Turtle Bay and discover the beaches-I believe 3 or 4 that are out there.

  5. Matthew Hall says:

    Can’t WAIT to go back to Horeseshoe Bay Beach someday! #ILoveBermuda

  6. Ty says:

    I too agree that Horsehoe Bay Beach is by far one of the most beautiful beaches ever. Although I can see how Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos ranked higher. I was actually in awe when I went there a couple of summers ago. I though to myself “dang” I thought Bda had some beautiful beaches but all I could say when I saw this one was WOW…

    I’m just curios as to how we ranked 3rd in the Carribbean beaches when we are not even in the Carribbean. I’m not mad at them but just curious.. I’ll take all the adulation that is given to us right now. We definitely need it.

  7. Bobmarlin says:

    Horseshoe Bay 8th in the world,rubbish.It is BEST in the world!

  8. i am a bermudian beach lover!therefor when i travel i make it a point to check out the beaches.i have seen black sand beaches n some that wud rival bermuda’s but only as a 2nd place winner. i sincerely that bermuda has the best but it is also more than just beaches,sea and sand bermuda has a lot to offer n i dont overstand why these things r not capitalised on more.

  9. colin hogg says:

    i was lucky enough to visit bremuda years ago as part of a youth exchange between bremuda and scotland , it has to be one of theee best places in the world , better than america , better than canada ,better than all other parts of europe i have been to . The people are even better than the island , if thats possible , and to this day some 20 plus years on , i still have contact with this amazing place . thank you bermuda

  10. SoMuchMore says:

    Great news for Tourism.

  11. Some observations says:

    and just what is the dept of tourism/works dept/Parks dept etc etc going to do about that sad sad place where you buy burgers etc – what about some decent facitilies for the 8th best beach in the world??

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Horseshoe is a beautiful beach, no question, but I assume Horseshoe is being compared with other commercialized beaches of the world because there are many more beaches much nicer than Horseshoe starting with any of the beaches between Horseshoe & Warwick Long Bay.

    Not being a beachy person I have not been to many, especially the cattle beaches like Horseshoe, but I have been to a few beaches on largely uninhabited islands in the Bahamas. Simply gorgeous!

    • Gerri says:

      So in other word – you are not in position to comment!

  13. 4DPpl says:

    Yah guys need to step it up at that sandwich shelter… could be such a wicked spot not to mention stupid profitable… revamp it and give it a little class and character and boom vicked place to chat breeze and flex for tourists and locals

  14. Gerri says:

    TripAdvisor is sooooooo wrong! When you consider all factors, including – beauty; safety; water temperature & clarity; fineness of the sand; accessibility; and on & on – This has just gotta be No. 1. I’m sure the only reason it ranks behind some of the other beaches is that those beaches have been visited by more people. I do agree Grace Bay in T&C is a pretty fine beach but believe all the rest should score after this beach.

    • Gerri says:

      I visited Grace Bay in T&C some 20+ years ago – and it was AWESOME! But just looked at some recent photos – the beach is now lined with hotels!!! Strike that beach AFTER Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda has done an incredible job (for the most part) of protecting its shore line from development.