Ministry: Heritage Wharf Work ‘Progressing Well’

April 7, 2013

This morning [Apr 7] the Ministry of Public Works said that that work is “progressing well” on the Heritage Wharf project. The work, which is projected to cost $22.36 million, is due to be completed for the arrival of the 4,000 passenger Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship on May 15th.

“Since the start of work on these structures only two weeks ago, a significant amount of work has been completed. Preparatory work of installation of noise mitigation has been undertaken,” the Ministry said.

“This takes the form of bubble curtains to dampen any noise transmitted through the water into the marine environment. Outside of this is a silt curtain which prevents any construction activities from affecting the water turbidity [visibility] around the site.

“Piling templates have been constructed comprising six driven piles and large steel frames have been constructed and welded in place for two berthing dolphins [the mooring and breasting structures].

“Eight of the permanent works piles, which are 3 feet in diameter, have been driven to a depth of 120 feet to the southern dolphins. Pile driving has also commenced to the northern dolphin. Welded extensions are being added so that all piles can be driven to their full length.

The Ministry said the welding is “quite intensive which requires teams of two welders to work in tandem for eight hours to compete and 100 percent of the welds are tested to ensure compliance with our quality control criteria.”

“Preparation of forms and fixing of steel reinforcement for concreting has commenced on the precast elements of the work and some of these will be cast this week. In the coming weeks we will commence filling the driven piles with concrete fill. The piles contain reinforced concrete and will have studs welded to them as shear connectors. These will be reinforced into the concrete caps of the dolphins.”

Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz said, ”All this has taken place despite the challenging weather conditions that have reduced the number of days that we could operate on the water. Fortunately we have been able to work with the construction team to work more efficiently during these periods of bad weather, preparing materials and equipment on land in readiness for the clear days that allow work to progress.”

The Minister continued: “Our schedule is driven by the arrival of the Norwegian Breakaway, the newest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. The Government is confident that we will deliver a structure that befits a ship of this stature and that the dock will be prepared to receive this ship from its maiden voyage on the 15th of May this year.”

“It is intended that the all piling works be completed prior to the arrival of the ship. However the public should expect to see further works continuing after this date as the dock is further upgraded for progressively higher design wind speeds.

“By mid-season we will have a structure that will be competent for moored vessels in wind speeds of a sustained 45 knots. To reach this level of strength we need to complete concreting works to two additional mooring dolphin structures, one to the north and one to the south of the main dock,” the Minister said.

“These structures also allow clean unobstructed lines for the mooring ropes of the larger vessels. In addition we will be installing important safety upgrades to the dock, providing deck furniture in the form of safety railings and ladder access to the water for recovery of persons in the event of any accidents.”

‘We are extremely pleased with the collaborative approach to working on this project that has been evident from all parties on the site with all contributing to progress and driving the project forward to completion. This project is one that the contractors have very much taken ownership of and are clearly looking to produce a completed structure to be proud of,” Minister Moniz concluded.

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  1. SoMuchMore says:

    thank you so much for keeping the public updated on this important and time sensitive project. wonderful!

  2. Pure Madness!!!!! says:

    This is sooo typical of the government (and i’m not just talking about today’s government). They’ve had approximately 5 months to get this situation resolved and they wait until the 11th hour. Like really, smdh!!!! And if the ships do cancel, people would be placing blame again… Just can’t win…. SIGH!!!

    • logic76 says:

      Last time I checked the current government hasn’t even been in office for 4 months.

  3. Observer says:

    @Pure Madness, This project has required months of planning. One certainly cannot even mention the current government in this conversation – they have only had enough time to get the contractor a get on with project. The dock has been free since October. Of course surveying etc needed to take place. An earlier start should have been the case. However, I am not an expert and maybe all this time was needed to prepare. That being said, we all knew the bigger ships coming well before October. So I guess I agree with you. However OBA certainly cannot be blamed in any way for the late start.

  4. Elizabeth Von Trumparani says:

    The OBA getting this done in a quick efficient manner is making the PLP look bad and that is of course racist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Xman says:

      The color of a mans skin or Racial make up is not got a dame thing to do with the reconstruction repaired of
      this project. — the color is Green [ MONEY] – and if you didn’t know it we need plenty of it.

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    We have had enough of the name calling and finger pointing for far too long and it is good to hear positive things happening as oppose to nothing as we’d experienced under the P.L.P.Leadership.
    Now with the O.B.A. as our new Govnt and to you Minister Trevor Moniz
    for keeping Bermuda abreast of all that’s going on up there in Dockyard,
    I take this opportunity thanking you all.

    • Xman says:

      true words have been spoken – all the name calling and Political mess is not what’s important here
      it’s about getting the job done. — because part of our Bread & Butter is on it’s way and needs to dock.

  6. Xman says:

    One way or the other
    THE JOB has to get done.– it’s part of our lifeline.
    and Quite frankly I couldn’t care a hoot what Politics’ are played into it
    IT HAS TO GET DONE! — the right way this time and in good time.