Videos: International Day Against Homophobia

May 17, 2013

[Updated with videos] Dozens of people have gathered outside the House of Assembly this afternoon [May 17] to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

The day is celebrated around the world and was chosen as on 17 May 1990, the General Assembly of the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders, which the international body said served to end more than a century of medical homophobia.

The event is hosted by Amnesty International, Centre for Justice, Rainbow Alliance, Two Words and a Comma and the Vision Ministry.

A statement from the Centre for Justice prior to the event said, “Government has announced that an amendment will be tabled in the House of Assembly this Friday. This is thanks in part to the support for this from people like you.

“However, the change that we have been advocating for will not be finalized until it is signed into law. The amendment will need to be debated and voted on in both the House of Assembly and the Senate before being presented to the Governor for his signature. To help keep the momentum going, we need your help.”

The day coincides with the day that a bill will be tabled to amend to the Human Rights Act to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Some of the island’s religious community has expressed their opposition to the bill, with the AME Church saying they oppose the Human Rights Act amendment to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation as “legislation that endorses homosexuality violates God’s Word.”

Speaking at yesterday’s National Day of Prayer, Bishop Duncan said, “I now implore our newly elected Government to exercise biblical caution and spiritual restraint as you seek to approve what God’s word does not endorse, and as you seek to legislate what heaven has deemed inadmissible from the inception of time.

“With all humility of heart, I submit to the OBA that it is too early in your political governance to make such a critical error and what can only be termed a lethal mistake.”

Update 3.12pm — Hannah Collins With Rainbow Alliance:

Pastor Sylvia Hayward-Harris, representative of the Vision Ministry and Two Words and a Comma:

Chen Foley from the Centre For Justice:

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  1. AME's are a-holes says:

    “Human Rights Act amendment to include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation as “legislation that endorses homosexuality violates God’s Word.”.”

    NO a%^$## it protects the HUMAN as a HUMAN. its not say go out and be gay.

    • Why the prejudice says:

      When will it stop: prostitutes, adulterers,etc might soon be asking for the some form of human right.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Adulterers already have human rights. No one is discriminating against them.
        Prostitutes are breaking the law. Gay folks aren’t.

        This is a ridiculous, hateful question.

      • DevilsAdvocate says:

        Here’s the difference, “prostitutes, adulterers, etc” all choose, gays don’t. But let me guess you don’t believe that…

  2. Muslima says:

    I am a Muslim agreeing with the Bishop. God’s Law IS the LAW.

    • asdf says:

      you dont like it? get the $$$$ out.

    • Sorry Sir says:

      If that’s “God’s Law” then I prefer to stay agnostic.

      • you are lost says:

        Will pray for your soul

        • swing voter says:

          don’t waste your time praying for the agnostic, he’s probably a hard working college educated law abiding citizen. Instead, why not pray for your gang-banging son, nephew, neighbor, boyfriend, while you dial crimestoppers

    • Concerned young Christian says:

      In response to this I ask you, should there still be slavery? If you believe God’s Law is the The Law then it is ‘ok’ to turn another race into slaves if you conquer them.
      This is in the bible in the book Timothy and another i forget the name of right now.

      Also what you have to think about is that there are soooo many religions out there. Should we be forced to follow their religious laws? If your church does not want to deal with LGBT people then don’t!

      My church happens to allow LGBT’s to be minister’s so that this island still has a law or absence of a law preventing Discrimination because of a person’s sexual orientation, is against what my church believes. Religion should not have a say in politics, this is not a country run by religion, because of the failures in the past. Therefore religious figures should not be able to pressure the government into or out of policies.

      • Read your Bible Pray everyday says:

        If you’re going to refer to the bible, you should always recite the scripture you are referring to.

        I assume you are referring to 1 Timothy 6:1

        All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered.

        No where in the scripture, nor throughout the bible says it’s ok to turn another race into slaves. In ancient times, slavery was not associated with any particular race.

        Slavery was never promoted in the bible, in fact it was denounced. I suggest your read the entire chapter of Timothy again to get a better understanding of God’s law, and stop making up scripture just to support your argument.

        God bless.

        • Athiest says:

          So the bible doesn’t promote slavery, eh? How about the following:

          Ex. 21:2-6 – in these passages, God established the rules regarding Hebrew slaves. They must be set free in he 7th year. However, any offspring that a slave has during his period of servitude belong to the master.

          Ex. 21:26-27 – in these passages it is written that the beating of slaves is permissible. Even if they die, punishment can be avoided if they survive a day or two after the beating (see Ex. 21:20-21). The other cavat is to avoid excessive damage to their eyes or teeth.

          Ex. 22:3 – the impecunious thief is to be sold to pay for his theft. A clear indication that the Bible values property rights over human rights!

          Lev. 25:44-46 – God told the Isrealites that they could make slaves out of their non-Israelite neighbours. The ‘heathens’ and ‘strangers’ are to be their perpetual possessions. “You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit as a possession forever”

          Dt. 15:12 – “And if thy brother an Hebrew man or an Hebrew woman be sold unto thee, and serve thee six years, then the seventh year thou shalt let him go free from thee.” If the slave isn’t Hebrew, does this mean they can be kept forever?

          These are just some verses. So don’t try to say that the Bible doesn’t promote slavery!

          You are free to believe what you choose – and your choice to do so is already protected by the Human Rights Act. However, the Bible is so full of contradictions and inconsistencies that it has no credibility for any free-thinking person. It requires total blind faith to believe the contents to be infallible. A book written by iron age men has no relevance in determining modern law.

          • Tiger Lily says:

            I thought during the periods you refer to, there was no Law until Moses presented the 10 Commandments which became a guideline for man.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Then let’s follow what the 10 Commandments say about homosexuals…

        • Mad Dawg says:

          What about 2 Timothy 11 and 12? Says that women should be quiet and obey men. Can we follow that from now on? I think that means LaVerne has to stop posting here, because I command her to stop.

          • Tiger Lily says:

            Women should be quiet while in church. The men and women sat in separate sections of the then church. If a wife wanted to say something to her husband she would usually cause a disturbance during the sermon. Therefore they were told to be quiet.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              Even if it only applies in church, it says women must be absolutely silent in church. No talking, praying, or singing. I wonder if the AME church is following this? What about Titus 2 5, which says women have to be pure, self-controlled, busy at home, and subject to their husbands?

              It’s obvious. Women are supposed to be silent, obey men, and wait on their husbands hand and foot.

              Of course I’m sure the AME church would like to ignore Timothy altogether, particularly where he says slaves must obey their masters, particularly if their masters are Chistian.

              Oh what a tangled web.

              Also, Paul apparently didn’t like jewelry, and forbids elaborate or braided hair styles.

              So it would presumably be ok if we never hire women for positions of authority, according to Christian teachings in the bible. Particularly if they have jewelry or a nice hairstyle.

      • you are lost says:

        read your bible more and not what your organisation approves

      • theothersidebda says:

        How does a church allow someone to be a minister that is openly sinning and thinking it is ok to do so? If your church believes the Bible, they would acknowledge the practice of homosexuality is defined as sin and is not an acceptable act. Similarly, fornication (sex outside of marriage) is a sin. Does your church also say to its youth, “go have a good old time with your bodies?”. I am totally supportive of NOT discriminating against homosexuals; their choice to sin is no different than anyone else who wishes to have sex outside of marriage or from the ‘white lie’ that I myself have told. But as a church, if you endorse people of authority who openly and unrepentantly commit sin and say it is ‘ok’, then I haven’t a clue what Bible you are reading.

        PS – God enslaved the Jews as punishment for their slavery AND as part of his bigger plan for the Jews to recognize their need for Him. The Bible doesn’t endorse slavery. Are you questioning God’s plan for his people?

        • Mike Hind says:

          A) The Catholic Church has done EXACTLY what you describe in your first sentence.

          B) No one is asking the church to endorse anything.

          What the church is doing is demanding that everyone follow THEIR rules.

          All folks are asking for is equal protection against discrimination under the law. That’s it.

    • Let's Think About This... says:

      But the country is not run on God’s law therefore you can’t apply it to everyone. If this was a country where we forced everyone to be Christian and the government was run according to the Bible, then understood. However, it’s not. Don’t use the Bible to justify the discrimination of groups in our society.

      • Tiger Lily says:

        Duhhhh – many laws still practised today are based on biblical foundations. When men strayed, we lost our way. And will continue to do so because God gave us freedom of choice to do whatever we want.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          Duuh. Most of our laws are nothing to do with the bible. You give the bible too much credit.

          I sort of akready know I shouldn’t murder, steal, or cheat on my wife. I don’t need a church minister to remind me.

          Laws about not discriminating, for example. That is nowhere in the bible. I don’t think it says in the bible I should offer jobs to Bermudians first, or treat all races and religions equally in the hiring process. So we need laws to make sure things are done right, because if we relied on the bible we’d have chaos.

    • Ryan Giggs says:

      Nope, wrong. God is a made up thing that hundreds of years from now people will look back on and laugh at our primitiveness. The law is the law, but the truth is people should be able to love who they want.

      It’s a lot less crazy for a man to love a man than to love a made up god.

      • you are lost says:

        hundreds of years from now you might be in hell with the devil who is deceiving you. Will pray for your soul Ryan.

        • Ryan Giggs says:

          And while you’ve wasted your life in a church that means nothing, i’ll be dead, lifeless, there is no more. Actually, so will you because we die, and we rot. And you don”t really believe there is more, I just don’t think you can face it.

          Sorry to bring such bad news, so FFS, MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE DULLARD.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      I’m sure the Bishop has some special Bible verses for Muslims…

  3. Bermuda is retarded says:

    Homophobia in bermuda is not only a huge deal but happens every day with the ignorant people there.

    Really AME, we are trying to make everyone equal and you feel more entitled than someone who has a sexual preference through birth? shut the $$$$ up !

    • db says:

      Are you serious no is born gay ok, just and excuse im tired of people saying please stop. Its a choice.

      • Come Correct says:

        I don’t think its either. I think life changes people. Your experiences and your reactions make you who you are.

        • Tiger Lily says:

          I agree

          • Come Correct says:

            It just makes sense to me. If you give a dog a treat followed by an open hand eventually its natural reaction will be to flinch or flee after receiving the treat. So if a male or female is treated like sh!t by the opposite sex over and over and their mind deploys a sub conscious defensive mechanism which prevents them from being attracted to the opposite sex, or in your minds eye, that physical or emotional pain, how can you hate a person for that? How can you discriminate against a person for wanting to be happy. Scientists are still trying to figure out the human brain and how or why it does things, so do you think that sub conscious defense mechanism is something easily reversed? Just my opinion/observations though…

            • Mike Hind says:

              ANY evidence? Or is this just more “I think it should be like this, so it is, in my mind”?

              • Come Correct says:

                Read my first and last sentences smart a$$. I don’t think anyone really knows for certain and I’m certainly not a behavioral analyst. Personally I really don’t care because I like p@$$y so why would it be a case of “I think it should be like this”?

                • Mike Hind says:

                  The problem is that you’re spreading misinformation, even though you’re veiling it behind “just my opinion”.

                  And there’s no need for belligerence and rudeness.

                  • Come Correct says:

                    Uh no buddy its just an opinion. That’s y the first post start with I don’t think. Key word being “I”. I know someone who argues just for the sake of arguing and he really irritates me, one is enough in my life so I’ll ignore the rest of your posts. Some of the greatest minds in history were told they were wrong and had unbelievable theories and we got to where we are today because they didnt let people like you stop them.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      Keep on spreading that misinformation and ignoring those that call you on it.

                      You’re on the wrong side of history and time will show this.

                      Enjoy your hate.

                    • Mad Dawg says:

                      It’s an opinion, but a stupid one. With all due respect.

                      I didn’t wake up one day and say “having considered all the choices I have, I think I’ll be heterosexual”. No-one does. You just are. You either fancy the opposite sex or you don’t. It isn’t a choice. It’s an absurd idea.

            • Well well well says:

              TOTALLY agree with @Come Correct

        • db says:

          I agree.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Evidence of this?
        Or is this just a case of “I don’t like it, so that’s how it is.”?

      • Mad Dawg says:

        So is religion. So I guess you’d be fine if freedom of religion were removed from the Human Rights Act. That way we’d be free to discriminate against religious nuts. After all, it’s their choice.

      • Let's Think About This... says:

        I guess no one is born straight either then since humans can’t be born with an orientation in mind.

      • Athiest says:


        Even if you were right that homosexuality is a choice (which I don’t believe), that has no relevance to sexual orientation being added to the Human Rights Act.

        Religion, beliefs or political opinion (all choices) are protected.
        Marital status (a choice) is protected.
        Whether you were born out of lawful wedlock (a choice by your parents) is protected.
        Whether you have, or are likely to have a child (a choice) is protected.
        Whether you have a criminal record (a choice whether or not to commit crime) is protected.

        So ‘choice’ is a total red herring in this debate.

  4. Go ahead government leaders and opposition, I double dare you to take on the roll of the Almighty and see what follows:

    Our fore fathers and Mothers have longed debated this issue and have mostly come to the same conclusion. They are not in control of this universe and they did not make themselves, so legislating something that goes against the very act of nature will cost you.

    This is not fear tatics or gay bashing, it is simply truth. I would say that we have definitely come along way with this issue looking at some in the photos, in the past you had men trying to look and dress like women, and women that looked so butch that they could pass for men.

    Now it is every suit and tie you can think of and good looking women, who are to fine to even think of them as lesbians, Oh I make no apologies for speaking the truth, but after all said and done it is still wrong.

    2 SLITS cant produce and 2 RODS cant produce, But real love comes from my heart to yours because I was once were you are and not ashamed to say. If it had not been for people who stood beside me in the error of my ways and truly showed me Gods love, I would have not left my life style because I enjoyed every minute of it and that is real talk, but I knew that my life was wrong and the things I was doing was not hurting no one but me and at the end I will have to answer for the deeds done in my body.

    Remember if you are so meant to be this way, please help me understand the re-produation of human life and how it works,because if I did not stay in my old life style long enough to learn that important fact, I would really like to be taught.

    • asdf says:

      it has been said homosexuality comes from overpopulation. we dont need a trillion more idiots plaguing this earth anyway.

    • Basil says:

      Yes please do take on the “Almighty” and see what follows. Nothing will follow, except a more balanced, educated and tolerant nation.

      • you are lost says:

        Be careful Basil…God has the power to show you who is God. Will pary for your soul.

        • Ryan Giggs says:

          no, there is no god, idiot

          • Tiger Lily says:

            A fool is the man who believe in his heart that there is no God. I remember the first person who told me he didn’t believe in God. He said he also didn’t think there was a God and that man just evolved from some animals. I’d never forget the daily bashings we took from him regarding Christian beliefs. Well one morning went to work and the boss shared how this fella had a serious traffic accident. She was called out of her bed because he had no family here. It was some hour in the morning. She got to the scene as the ambulance was there. She said all she could hear this man screaming O God help me repeatedly. She said she got a chance to see his face and he asked Will your God help me? She said a prayer and he converted his belief.

            • Gareth Bale says:

              Yeah, whatever. You are a backward person, insecure in that they need to believe in some being above us. Think about it hard, its RIDICULOUS.

    • wolf says:

      You must be the stupidest mother@***$% on the planet. Go to he%$.

      • I was actually on my way there, some years ago but I found out that there was no airconditioners there, so I choose to go North instead,but thanks for your well mannered stupidity.

        • wolf says:

          Well mannered stupidity?
          You must be referring to that sorry excuse for an argument you wrote up.

        • Hey says:

          To see Santa ?

        • you are lost says:

          Well answered Duane Santucci

    • Mike Hind says:

      It’s actually NOT truth. It IS gay bashing and fear “tatics” [sic].
      It’s also completely ignorant of… well, everything.
      You speak about fashion, with no actual knowledge of fashion or even the remotest understanding of it. “Trying to look and dress like women” is a ridiculous statement as “in the past” it was men that drove fashion. High heels, when they came into vogue, were considered the height of masculinity and became a women’s style when a turn towards masculinity in women’s fashions happened.
      And then… “good looking women, who are to [sic] fine to even think of them as lesbians”? This isn’t truth, it’s just drivel.
      Then you go on to insinuate that it’s about “re-produation”[sic] of human life, another bizarre claim that has nothing about this issue – which is simply creating another bit of protection in the Human Rights Act… and stopping people from being able to discriminate.
      Trying to make this about Marriage Equality is off-topic (and ignorant.)

      • Tiger Lily says:

        Sorry Mike – I do not like a— sex. That is the bottom line. It is not a natural thing. Neither can a dil– quite do it for me – ain’t got nothing to do with bashing. I eat natural, look natural and try to do what comes natural for a man and a woman.

        • Mike Hind says:

          This has been covered. The “It’s unnatural” argument has been debunked time and again. Repeating it won’t make it true.

          And just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

          The fact that you’re promoting it as unnatural and thus basis for discrimination IS, in fact, bashing.

          • Tiger Lily says:

            Fact is every man and every woman is equality covered (except if they wear tatoos or body piercings or choose to wear their hair in multi colours or abstracts designs). That ain’t bashing.

            • Mike Hind says:

              No. They’re not. That’s the whole point of this.

              You are incorrect.

              And what do tattoos have to do with anything?

        • Mad Dawg says:

          I do not like religious zealots. But I accept the fact that I can’t discriminate against them. It’s their choice to be religious zealots, and as long as they don’t try to force it on me, let them waste their time on it. I’ll ignore it and get on with my life.

          See? It’s really quite easy. Find it in your heart to accept people.

    • Gareth Bale says:

      Duane, you are a %$#@

  5. smh says:

    you got an obsession with the A word…..Don’t have to be sigmund freud to guess what side you are for. Oh well Have fun, tell lucifer we said “Hellllar” .

    • asdf says:

      i dont know if you realized but you believe in a book written so long ago with no proof yet you bash people because of it. keep your opinions to yourself especially because the gays arent hurting you. You’re fighting for the right to continue hating on people.

  6. Young future leader says:

    Finally. I’m tired of looking around me and coming face to face with hate! Adults should be ashamed, filling the minds of the youth with such hateful thoughts. WE are all human and we are all entitled to protection. We are suppose to love all thy neighbors and not condone them. We are not the judges GOD IS. Being gay is no greater sin than any other sin. Telling little white lies makes us all equal in status to that of someone who commits murder according to the Bible. So churches and all the religious folk who oppose. YOU are NOT the LAW. Most do not choose to be gayor bi etc just as we don’t choose to be straight and just as some don’t choose to be A-sexual (not attracted to either gender). We just have to except that we were all created differently and we need to start minding our own businesses. After all when we go to GOD we go AS WE ARE.

    • Roger says:

      Er, being gay isn’t a sin at all actually. Young future leader of what? The Nazi Party?

      • theothersidebda says:

        Er, the definition of sin is anything that is contrary to God’s Word. So yes it is a sin. You can choose not to believe in the Bible (and hence the word sin has no meaning to you) but that doesn’t change the fact that the practice of homosexuality is against God’s Word, and thus is sin. And don’t forget that there a host of other things that society accepts: sex out of marriage, adultery, etc. that are considered ‘ok’ by most (sadly some even in the church) but they are still sin. That is not to say we should discriminate against homosexuals or adulterers because we shouldn’t…but we also shouldn’t try to dismiss these actions as not being sin because then we are just deceiving ourselves.

        • Gareth Bale says:

          God’s word? Mickey Mouse’s word, no such thing mate, wise up it is 2013, not 1850.

      • Let's Think About This... says:

        You’re calling people sins now instead of their actions being sins, and they being sinners? That’s mean. God didn’t create sins.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Hate is the partner to love. Like Me & You and Left & Right. Hate comes in all ways. We are reminded to love our brothers and sisters but we can hate their lifestyle. I love, hug, kiss and be kind to all of my lesbian and gay friends however, I do not partake in the activities that they indulge in behind closed doors. I personally feel uncomfortable sitting at the dinner table while two men french kiss in front of me in a restaurant. I don’t appreciate it if it was a woman and a man. Neither do I want to be walking or driving and be held up by two men in a deep embrace and groping at each others genitals – all examples given have occurred in Bermuda – I don’t hate it, but I stomach it like I do liver and onions. NOT VERY WELL.

      • Mike Hind says:

        If you have a problem with it when it’s a straight couple, too, then this point has nothing to do with the topic.
        We’re talking about equal rights, not public displays of affection.

  7. Frankie says:

    I think Triphobia might have been inadvertently ommitted – phobia against those who are oriented towards straight, gay and trans relationships.

  8. Mike Hind says:

    You are all more than welcome to believe that it’s an abomination. That’s what the protection of the HRA gives you.

    What you CAN’T do is demand that I – as a supporter of equal rights – and others believe the same thing. That is wrong.

    No one is asking you to be gay or even accept it.
    We’re just asking that there be equality in protection.

    Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM it.

    I should not be forced to follow the rules of your church.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      I would have supported the amendment to the law for legalize it first!

      • Mike Hind says:

        I don’t understand this sentence.

        Legalize what?

        • Tiger Lily says:


          • Mike Hind says:

            NOTHING to do with this topic or anything I said. Why are you bringing that up?

            Do you have NOTHING to say in response to my post?

  9. Ginger says:

    God is LOVE!!!!!!
    God loves everyone! That’s what I was taught at school. Were my teachers wrong???

    In the words of the genius, John Lennon, “All you need is love, love is all you need”.

    Gay people are people, simple as that! They deserve the same respect that all humankind do.

    I am appalled by the naivety of soooo many people :-(

  10. frank says:

    first let me tell you all god did not create no mistakes he made adam and eve when god saw adam lonely in the garden he created a mate for him and that was eve a woman not another adam he created eve so that they could mate and have children,i am not hate ing on any one these are facts.the lord also said when people turn from their wicket ways i will hear their prayers and heal their land .bermuda needs healing and it does not look like the present goverment wants bermuda to be healed is this the change that we want for bermuda.

    • Family Man says:

      So I assume you’re not a cricket fan?

    • Mike Hind says:

      I think you’re mixing up “fact” with “what the bible says”. Two different things in this case.

    • Roger says:

      Ha-ha-ha, hilarious, Adam and Eve…

      Of course, adam and eve, Mickey and minnie, hansel and gretal. It’s made up people, big fairy stories.

      • Gareth Bale says:

        SPOT ON. Who the f is god? No one, that’s who.

    • Athiest says:


      You can refer to Adam and Eve as part of your belief in creation by a supernatural being – but you can’t claim it to be a fact! The creation story has been roundly disproved by science (evolution). The only source of ‘evidence’ for creationism comes from the Bible – and the Bible can’t even get its story straight.

      There are a number of contradictions in Genesis, so which of them is correct? They can’t all be!

      • you are lost says:

        Science can`t prove anything…… Science tells you that man evolved from apes but how come we have stopped evolving. Visit the website to prove the bible is 100% straight

        • Mike Hind says:

          Who said we stopped evolving?

        • Mad Dawg says:

          100%? Ok, so God woke up and made the whole lot in a week. Then he wrote it down in a long book that contradicts itself. And he made diseases that ruin lives. He made microbes that kill people. He made greedy people, evil people, murderers. All this was done about 5,000 years ago. We know about God. He wears white robes and sandals, and looks like an old man.

        • Athiest says:

          Actually, science DOES NOT say that we evolved from apes. Evolution says that apes and humans evolved from a common ancestor. Apes evolved along one evolutionary branch and humans evolved along another.

          Apes have 96% of the same DNA as humans.

          And we haven’t stopped evolving.

          And the Bible is not ’100% straight’. It is full of inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Just one example for you to consider. I suppose you believe that Jesus was born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem, because Mary and Joseph had to travel there from Nazareth due to a Roman census that was ordered by Caesar Augustus during the reign of King Herod. That’s a central point to the whole story of Christ.

          Problem is, historical records can prove that there was never such a census under Herod’s reign. But don’t let actual historical facts stand in the way of a good story. The author’s had to construct the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem because Hebrew prophecy said that the messiah would be born there – hence the need to create a reason for Joseph and Mary to be in Bethlehem.

      • theothersidebda says:

        It takes more faith to believe evolution with its limited ‘evidence’ than the faith required to believe in creation and its supporting evidence. It amazes me how we teach evolution in school as ‘fact’ when if you look at the theories and one or two bone fragments found hundreds of miles apart, we have the ‘faith’ to believe this fairytale is solid fact…yet, we label people who believe in God’s Word as ‘mindless’ and ‘foolish’.

        • Come Correct says:

          Actually evolution is taught as a theory not a fact. To be honest though, I evolved from what I was yesterday. I’m now stronger and faster than I was before and if I keep it up, when I have children I will potentially pass those characteristics on to them giving them an advantage and something to build on becoming stronger and faster than I ever have been. Did you know that by running your bones will over time become stronger to adapt to the impact forces on your body as a result? Humans and animals alike adapt to their surroundings. Adaptation is a form of evolution but yet there’s limited evidence? If people hadn’t questioned and stepped outside of the boundaries of religion id probably be cutting your hair with a rock.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Look up what “Scientific Theory” means. I’m not sure that you get the definition. It’s not a guess. It’s a concept backed up by replicatable data.

            And you’re also a little shaky on “evolution” as well.
            We don’t evolve ourselves, in our lifetime.

            • Come Correct says:

              Then please explain it to me all knowing one. Are you a f#@kin scientist? The evidence I gave about bones adapting to impact is proven scientific fact. One example. If you punched a wall over and over, obviously not hard enough to break your hand, over time you body will adapt by developing rock hard callouses to protect that area. Just because one person has a theory of evolution doesn’t mean that how it works. It means its a f#@kin theory.

              • Mike Hind says:

                Yes. It would adapt.

                That’s not what evolution is.

                And again… look up what “scientific theory” means.

                And the only “one person with a theory of evolution” round here is you.

                The ACTUAL scientific theory of evolution is based on ACTUAL findings and reproducible data that back up the initial premise. It isn’t a “Hey, I think this is true!” thing, it’s a “Hey, there’s a tonne of data and evidence that leads towards this conclusion” thing. And, when something shows up to contradict that conclusion or some of the data, that gets thrown in, too.

                As for the original post you responded to, it’s ignorant gibberish as well, showing a complete lack of understanding of the concept.

                You don’t need to be a scientist to understand concepts and definitions.

              • Mad Dawg says:

                Is that really what you think evolution is?

                It’s no wonder you’re so clueless about it.

                • Come Correct says:

                  I’m actually done with talking to small minded people today. I gave few examples in relation to evolution. If you can put the pieces together I doubt have time to do it for you. Last I checked this was a comment section not a platform for me to give a lecture on my theories. It was a few comments not a book.

                  • Mad Dawg says:

                    Evolution is the gradual change in inherited charecteristics over dozens or hundreds of generations by natural selection. It is not the building of callouses over a few weeks by punching a wall. And by the way, those callouses will not be inherited by your children.

                    • Come Correct says:

                      Hey thanks for proving my point. You’re right the calouses wont but the abiliy to generate them at a faster rate will. If you are a fighter and have developed these, you have evolved. What about the bones, am I wrong there too? Everything about your body is encoded into your DNA and passed on, if it is a positive trait then bang, you have evolution. Like I said before I gave two examples in RELATION to evolution, I didnt write a book on bernews about it, I really dont care enough.

                    • Mad Dawg says:

                      Come Correct. Nope. Nothing you said in your post 7.22pm has anything to do with evolution. If you are a ‘fighter’, to use your example, and you train to build big callouses, muscles, and maybe bones (I’ll take your word for that), none of that gets into your DNA. None of it will be passed onto your descendents.

                      Take another example. If you lose an arm or an eye, that doesn’t affect your DNA either, and the missing arm or eye will similarly not be passed on to your descendents.

                      You do not have any grasp at all of what evolution is.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    No. You didn’t. You made up something that has nothing to do with evolution and, now that you’re being called on it, are lashing out with insults and ad hominem attacks.

                    You’ve shown time and again that you have no idea what evolution actually is, yet you not only continue to lecture and spread misinformation, you denounce those who are setting the record straight.

                    It’s ok to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about. No one knows who you are.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Um… what “supporting evidence” is there of creationism?

  11. Cow Polly says:

    homosexuality doesn’t violate my god’s word. My god loves everyone and my religion welcomes everyone, it doesn’t discriminate.

    • Gareth Bale says:


    • Straight woman says:

      yes God loves everyone but he hates the sin, that’s where people get confused

  12. kat says:

    You are all sick! I hope you… in the hottest part of hell with a hot rod up… if that’s what you like. Trying to push your prev ways on everyone else. BACKOFF!!

    • kdfdfdf says:

      Oh the irony in your bigotry.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Um… it’s YOUR side that’s pushing your ways on everyone else. Not ours.
      Get it straight.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Mike Hind, if they where straight then there would be no issue….. Just sayin..

        • Mike Hind says:

          Yep. But they aren’t. That’s where the problem lies.

  13. San George says:

    Your parents and those who care for you should tell you and the world you are not gay – you are beautifully made. Rather than nurture, condone and embrace bad behavior. We want the best for all of our children.

  14. jt says:

    Let’s take away the right not to be discrimminated against due to religious practice. Now that would be interesting.

    “Sir, you appear to be qualified for this job.I just have a few more questions.Do you beleive in an almighty power?”
    “Yes, he is the Lord.”
    “And you beleive he created the world in a week?”
    “Yes, the Bible says so.”
    “And you worship by drinking of his blood and flesh.”
    “Yes, as commanded.”
    “And what about the science proving evolution?”
    “The scientists are liars.”
    “I’m sorry sir, but I cannot hire you. You appear to be somewhat unstable.”

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Didn’t even want to weight in on this topic cause I doesn’t matter to me at all but @jt I would like to see this credible proof that evolution is how life began and is responcible for the expressions of life on this planet today. After studing chemistry I think people that believe in spontanious collections of atoms binding together in just the right way to create the life forms on earth have just as mutch “faith” as religous people do.

      LOL Give us the link let me see the research.

      • jt says:

        Science is closer to proving that than anyone is to proving magicians in the sky. But I’ll give it to you, no absolute proof to inital creation – the proof for evolution, however, is sound and certainly refutes creationism stories. In any event, the point being made is arbitrary discriminataion.

        Gays should just call homosexuality a religion, that would solve it. Who could say it wasn’t?

      • Athiest says:

        Seriously? Evolution by natural selection is scientifically established as a FACT. To what level did you study chemistry – and when?

        Evolution is so well established that creationists have had to resort to attempting to differentiate between macro evolution and micro evolution. The abundance of evidence forces them to accept micro evolution but they seek to distance it from macro evolution as that would mean that creation by a supernatural being was disproved.

        Microevolution is used to refer to changes in the gene pool of a population over time which result in relatively small changes to the organisms in the population — changes which would not result in the newer organisms being considered as different species. Examples of such microevolutionary changes would include a change in a species’ coloring or size.

        Macroevolution, in contrast, is used to refer to changes in organisms which are significant enough that, over time, the newer organisms would be considered an entirely new species. In other words, the new organisms would be unable to mate with their ancestors, assuming we were able to bring them together.

      • Athiest says:

        @LOL (original TM)

        If you would like to see credible proof of evolution, read “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. That will give you the evidence that you are seeking.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Or… you know… just read, like, ANYTHING.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        So atoms spontaneously bind together to make life forms? Where exactly did you learn this?

        Frikkin nutcase.

        • Mike Hind says:

          You’re the only one saying that this is what happened…

  15. Oscar Wilde says:

    All you need is love!!

    And some lube, hi-energy dance tunes, poppers and some cheap chardonnay. Bingo.

    Love is all you need.

    • Ryan Giggs says:

      LOL, GAY LOVE, lube it up and push it up the harris. Burgle the boy!

      Especially all you repressed black folk, come on, speak it loud. BERMUDA IS GAY, BLACK AND PROUD!!

  16. swing voter says:

    people please don’t listen to guys like Duncan. His church is surrounded by sin on every side, why not start with the gang bangers cuz I ain’t never heard of no gays shooting up each other or robbing tourists for a hit of crack (no pun intended). Duncan and his lot should be condeming all sins that affect our quality of life i.e. illiteracy, unwanted children, absentee fathers, drug dealing and murder…..c’mon Duncan stop cherry picking your fights and deal with the stuff that plagues your congregation.

  17. blessings says:

    I Love the Scriptures
    Read Romans chapter 12
    Then 2nd Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14
    Finish with 2nd Peter Chapter 3
    This is good education that I chose to live by

    • Gareth Bale says:

      And I’m a man, I don’t believe in god and I like to kiss men. There, we are different.

    • Mike Hind says:

      When it comes to equal rights and this topic, I choose to live by Jesus’ words about homosexuals: “…”

      • swing voter says:

        so if some extravagant gay people show up for worship service at your church, then what will you do?

        • theothersidebda says:

          Welcome them and preach the Gospel….that ALL men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…no exceptions…all (gay, straight bi) people sin and are in need of a Jesus for the forgiveness of sin.

        • Mike Hind says:

          I don’t have a church.

          But if I did, I’d welcome them as fellow worshippers.
          Isn’t that what Christianity is all about?

          And, what does that have to do with equal rights?

  18. blessings says:

    I believe all three of you feel that what you enjoy, will disgust you to stop. This is seriously abnormal. It is dirt.

    Our Creator designed our bodies specifically for food and water to go in our mouths.
    And waste matter to come out of our bowels

    • swing voter says:

      and, please voice your disapproval for pre-teen sex, teen pregnancy, irresponsible single parents, illiteracy, multiple abortion, adultry, gang banging (no pun) and absentee fathers. BTW you might want to start with your family members.

    • Come again? says:


      Are you trying to insinuate something about the 3 people who were filmed yesterday? About their sex lives? If so, you lead a sad, sad life, making assumptions about people you don’t know based on your own personal prejudices.

      I have a few questions for you.
      What are your thoughts on oral sex (mouth to vagina or penis) between heterosexual couples? What about heterosexual anal sex? What about heterosexual oral/anal sex? (mouth to anus)

      Maybe YOU have a really boring sex life, but all three of the activities I mentioned DO take place within heterosexual relationships. I can tell you this as a fact from a combination of personal experience and from talking with friends and former partners. Coincidentally, these activities ALSO take place in homosexual relationships!

      Maybe YOU feel that such sexual practices are “abnormal.” Your opinion on anyone else’s sex life, though, is irrelevant!! And it has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand, which is giving basic human rights to EVERYONE, regardless of their sexual orientation.


      Everyone, including you, blessings, has a sexual orientation.

      The creator designed our bodies for pleasure, by the way. ;)