Results: Schroder’s Swimming Championships

May 18, 2013

Under overcast skies the Schroder’s Summer age group championships continued on Saturday morning [May 18] with very fast swims to reach tonight’s finals. Charlotte Faries was able to hit her A time today that qualifies her for her invite to the National training team.

“Three individual records were taken in the heats and we can hope for more tonight”, said National Swimming Coach Ben Smith. “Finn Mosley lowered his own record in the 200 backstroke from 4:14.30 to 3:34.62. Emma Harvey was back in record form shaving 4 tenths off her own record in the 100 IM going 1:14.26.

“Philip Hagen continued his recorded setting ways in the IM with his 1:05.11 which lowered his own record. We also saw the Sharks 13-14 girls relay swim the 4×50 free in record time. Maddy Moore, D’Andra Seymore, Jessie Thomas and Shannon Hassell made up the team that took the record from 2:00.27 to their time of 1:57.43.

“The Shark boys joined together in the 15-16 age group to lower their own record from 1:49.01 to 1:48.48 this team was made up of Jesse Washington, Philip Hagen, Shannon Botelho and Ferdinand Arnold. The Harbour Quartet for the 11-12 girls with Emma Harvey, Lynsey Palmer, Alyssa Paynter and Ashley Irby took the record from a previous Harbour team setting a new time of 2:06.65 beating the previous time of 2:08.01.”

Schroder’s Swimming Championships results [PDF] follow below:

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