Two Women Deny Receiving Stolen Goods

May 2, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [May 2] Chanel Smith,24, and Vanessa Blyden, 22, pleaded not guilty to unlawfully receiving jewelry and other items while knowing or believing them to be stolen.

The allegation was that Ms Smith had received items valued at over $6,000, while Ms Blyden had received items valued around $1,600. The Court heard the items included jewelry and Louis Vuitton bags.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner ordered bail set at $3,000 and a surety for each defendant and also ordered that they surrender all travel documents.

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  1. Seriously.... says:

    Likely found out at cash for gold.

  2. tricks are for kids.... says:

    LV Bag to go with her “hair” I suppose……

  3. Warden says:


  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Bun dem!!!

  5. peer says:


  6. Not normal says:

    Ratchet hahahahaha

  7. lol says:

    Mercy this girl is funny!!! She’s coming steppin out with her hair all did. Fresh LV hand bag and blinging new earings. And she’s probably sneaking in the side door at the club to avoid cover too!!

  8. Ty says:

    She probably attempted to steal all that hair so she could disguise herself as Cousin It to get off the receipt of stolen jewelry charge.

  9. J says:

    Why don’t all you people just shut up an stop watching the girl cause you must want to be like her if ya always on her s$%t trying to run her down like none of you don’t steal stuff everybody steal so get a life an grow up

    • Just another guy says:

      No everybody does not steal.

      • PEER says:


    • justsayin says:

      Speak for yourself and your sticky fingered friends. MOST people don’t steal stuff. This is real life – grow up!

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      “Everybody steal (sic)”!?
      No wonder this country is screwed.

    • justMYopinion says:

      Everybody in YOUR social circle must steal…..Everybody does not steal don’t believe that….

    • mixitup says:

      Just when I thought there was hope for this next generation this worm open her mouth talking about everybody steals! *slaps forehead* A mess!

    • Fansy Face says:

      You must be a thief cause I surely don’t go around stealing. Shame on her, she needs to go and get a job and pay her way. Lock dem up.

    • Warden says:

      Lay down j u sound stupid .. your dumb broke friend got caught you might be next .. she prolly steals with u lol gang of broke b%$#es lofl.. bbg broke b%$#h gang j and vanessa lol ratchet girls lol

    • Somerset OG says:

      J? You need to steal some time to go get educated. Read a book and grow up. Improve your life. Only dumb people steal because they’re not smart enough to do the right thing. Everybody you know must be dumb and have terrible grammar. Your way of thinking shows that you will have a bright future making babies and defending your low income housing unit from roaches. TEAM BAYGON.

    • jon says:

      I dont steal mate

    • @ J says:

      na yo I don’t steal got a Job, no one is watching your friend it is a Public website on top of that I’m got Free internet I don’t have to Steal to write what I’m writing “get it? Looool “TGIF”. J get a life

  10. Pastor Syl says:

    @ J. Not everybody steals. Perhaps because the people you know steal, or perhaps you just don’t know anyone who doesn’t steal, so you think it is a universal activity, but there are many more honest people around than you are aware of. I thank God for that!

  11. ganja mon says:

    Pretty girl but damn she dumb. Send her up the stream, make an example for all this lil %$# growing up now days!

  12. Noway says:

    Damn Nessa ya killin me now its to muchhhhh

  13. nok says:

    Sound like ppl are defending bs let someone steal from you than. I am pretty sure you will be disappointed.N no I am not a thief.

  14. silence says:

    Lol/smh!! The probably took it cash 4 gold for there ace boys. I thought vanessa worked. This is beyond ridiculous. You all try to look fancy with your nails done weave done and dressed to kill but you are caught up in something like this. Even if you was told to take it cash 4 gold how much stolen gold is going around & everyone gets caught at cash 4 gold!! You girls must not like ur freedom! Too late to cry & apologize now!! What’s done is done

  15. Chuckling says:

    J. Is right. Just about everyone of us steals. When come to work late or leave early… We are stealing. When we come back from lunch late we are stealing….we are are stealing. For those who wear the name Christian and don’t RETURN a tithe…… STEALING. Robbing God.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It’s morons like this that attempt to justify the idiots that break into houses.

  16. W says:

    Silly rabbits, karma still a foreign concept to you? steal and you will be stolen from, a thousandfold.

  17. Mi Mi says:

    Point blank she wants attention so now she is getting it and for those of you who think people are jealous or hating on her you are just as stupid as that sounds.

    If it was someone else and not your friend or family member I am sure you’d have your own opinions so if she was ‘woman’ enough to do this dumb BS than she needs to be ‘woman’ enough to deal with whatever comes along with it.

    Don’t like it too damn bad! She is making herself look like a big joke!

  18. What? says:

    I do not under any circumstances condone theft, but please people, stop acting as if you’ve never in your life stolen anything. The little things like taking something out of your fridge that you didn’t put there count!! I’m not going to go any deeper but stop lying behind your screen names.