34 People Complete BCB Coaching Certificates

July 20, 2013

The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] announced that 34 participants have completed the Free International Cricket Council [ICC] Level 1 Coaching Course conducted by National Coach David Moore. Those that successfully completed the course were current and former International cricketers, such as Joshua Gilbert, Jason Anderson, Dwayne Leverock and Ryan Steede, Women International, Rebecca Gibbons and Under19 international, Kwasi James, domestic players, parents, school teachers and other cricket lovers.

Coach David Moore said, “It is very encouraging that so many people have passed the Level I course. I was very excited to see such enthusiastic and committed people looking to enhance their knowledge of the game to benefit those children that they work with. While it is tremendous that our cricket fraternity that includes international and domestic players, parents and cricket lovers achieved their qualification, I was particularly heartened by the number of committed school teachers that gave up their time to attain their qualifications.

“Teachers such as Ms. Godet from St. Georges Prep, Ms. Dunstan from Clearwater Middle School, Ms. Minors from East End, Mr. Custodio from Warwick Academy, Mr. Stewart from West End Primary School, Ms Amanda Lohan from Heron Bay School, Mr. Crenstant Williams from Harrington Sound Primary and Mr. Davis from The Bermuda Institute will contribute greatly to the development of the game for both boys and girls in Bermuda schools.”

The following completed the Level 1 Coaching Course:

  1. Aaron Adams
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Garvin Aparicio
  4. Melvin Best
  5. Tyshaun Brown
  6. Joseph Butterfield
  7. James Celestine
  8. Troy Custodio
  9. Rohan Davis
  10. Monica Dunstan
  11. Terry Fray
  12. Rebecca Gibbons
  13. Joshua Gilbert
  14. Catherine Godet
  15. Kwasi James
  16. Dwayne Leverock
  17. Micquita Minors
  18. Leonard Postlethwaite
  19. Deryck Raymond
  20. Ryan Steede
  21. Collin Stewart
  22. Damon Walker
  23. Imran Waseem
  24. Dennis Williams
  25. Errol Blake
  26. Junior Warner
  27. Emmerson Braithwaite
  28. Crenstant Williams
  29. Corey Hill
  30. Amanda Lohan
  31. Rajeev Goonewardene
  32. Devrae Noel-Simmons
  33. Lorenzo Simmons
  34. Jermaine Outerbridge

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