Course: “Role Of The Director And The Board”

July 20, 2013

Paul MundenThe Institute of Directors [IoD] Bermuda branch will be hosting a course on July 23 and 24, called “Role of the Director and the Board.” The instructor, Paul Munden [pictured], is being brought to Bermuda in conjunction with Capital G, who is running the course for their Board of Directors.

This course is an essential introduction to the role, duties and legal responsibilities of a director and the workings of a board. Participation in the course will provide those who are directors or shortly to become directors with the knowledge needed in order to better the direction and governance of a company. It will cover the differences between management, direction and ownership and discuss case studies examining legal aspects of the director’s role.

The course is being led by UK-based IoD certified instructor, Paul Munden. Mr. Munden is a Chartered Director and experienced commercial law barrister. Over the last 10 years, Paul has served as General Counsel and Chief Executive of the Business Link operation in London. Mr. Munden is currently the Lead Course Leader at the IoD responsible for designing the governance and director roles elements of the Chartered Director Programme.

IoD Chairman Roger Gillett said: “The Institute of Directors Bermuda branch is delighted to have partnered with Capital G on bringing Paul to Bermuda and is looking forward to presenting this course on board membership and leadership. We hope that through courses such as this one we will bring value to our members and provide them with the education and knowledge necessary to continually improve the boards upon which they sit.”

Ian Truran, Capital G President & CEO, added: “We are honoured Paul Munden has agreed to present this professional development course to our directors. Mr. Munden has advised on a wide range of complex and politically sensitive commercial law issues and has throughout his career championed the improvement of corporate governance standards in business and governmental organizations across London, making him an ideal speaker for this course.

“The role of a director continues to increase in complexity. This course is part of the ongoing training that our directors will be taking to ensure that we are equipped with both the practical and theoretical knowledge required to meet our obligations.”

This course is being offered to Capital G directors and members of the IoD Bermuda branch. The course counts toward the Certificate in Company Direction. An additional IoD course will be offered in Bermuda in Fall 2013. Interested participants should contact Rochelle Simons on 336 2447 or

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