Emancipation Day Programme Honours Heroes

July 25, 2013

The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs today [July 25] announced the official programme to commemorate Emancipation Day 2013. The programme will honour Community Heroes from Pembroke Parish and will be held at The Berkeley Institute on Sunday [July 28] commencing at 7.00pm.

Heather Whalen, Senior Community and Cultural Affairs Officer, stated, “Last year, we shifted the programme focus and it was well-received by the audience.

“Instead of featuring aspects of slave experiences, we have refaced the event to bring attention to those people of African descent who have contributed significantly to the development of their respective communities.”

She added, “Last year, we focused on Sandys and St. George’s Parish residents, clubs and organizations. This year, we will celebrate the contributions of “Community Heroes” from Pembroke Parish whose selfless efforts helped to build their communities.”

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A spokesperson added, “The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs along with the members of the Emancipation Committee are of the view that the Emancipation Act of 1834 offered so much more to the black community than freedom.

“It gave each individual the opportunity to make a difference and affect their personal sphere of influence. Thus, with the theme “The Trail of Our People: The Social Dynamics of Self-Reliance” it is our aim to raise awareness about the people who have shaped and molded our island home, Bermuda.

“Families of the honourees will be acknowledged and are encouraged to attend. The programme will feature music, entertainment and dance as well as the biographies of the Community Heroes”.

This year’s Community Heroes are:


  • Dame Marjorie Bean
  • Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson
  • Victor and Edna Mae Scott
  • Rev. Dr. Merle Brock Swan Williams
  • Millie Neverson
  • Julian Tucker
  • Alpheaus ‘Ardie’ Black
  • Mayor Cecil Dismont
  • Alfred Brownlowe Place
  • William Henry Thomas Joell
  • Vernon Jackson
  • Horace Francis Leopold Musson
  • William Francis Wilson II
  • Agnes Mae Robinson
  • Canon Thomas Nisbett
  • Lancelot Hayward
  • Earl Cameron
  • Alma “Champ” Hunt
  • Ruth Seaton James
  • Judge Earle Seaton
  • Wesley Leroy Tucker
  • The Brangman Sisters – Olga, Mona, Mary


Founders of the Berkeley Institute

  • Samuel David Robinson
  • Joseph Henry Thomas
  • Richard Henry Duerden
  • William Henry Thomas Joell
  • Eugenius Charles Jackson
  • Charles William Thomas Smith
  • William Orlando F. Bascome
  • John Henry Jackson
  • Samuel Parker Sr.
  • Samuel Parker Jr.
  • Henry T. Dyer

Founders of the Progressive Labour Party

  • Wilfred “Mose” Allen
  • Walter N. H. Robinson
  • Hugh “ Rio” Robinson
  • Robert Austin Wilson
  • Albert “Peter” Smith
  • Dilton Cann
  • Edward deJean

Founders of the Bermuda Workers Association

  • Gerald Brangman
  • Robert Austin Wilson
  • William A. Davis

Founders of the Bermuda Union of Teachers

  • Adele Tucker
  • Matilda Crawford
  • Edith Crawford
  • Rev. Rufus Stovell

Leaders of the Bermudiana Theatre Club Protest

  • Carol Hill
  • Hilton Hill
  • Georgine Hill
  • Eva Robinson

Young Men’s Friendly Institute

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