Bermudian Kingsley Tweed Lectures At Oxford

July 13, 2016

Bermudian Kingsley Tweed  delivered a lecture at the University of Oxford on the Bermuda Civil Rights movement from a global perspective as part of a History of Race and Protest course led by Dr. Imaobong Umoren, with the documentary on the Bermudian desegregation movement “When Voices Rise” by Errol Williams also screened.

Kingsley Tweed  Bermuda July 12 2016

A spokesperson said, “The History of Race and Protest course focuses on the struggle for Black Civil Rights in the twentieth century as well as examining other civil rights issues within the movement such as those of class and gender.”

“One of the most interesting aspects of the course is its trans-national approach which looks at the interlinkage of Civil Rights movements across the world.”

Pembroke College, Oxford

Pembroke College, Oxford Bermuda July 12 2016

“Dr. Umoren is the joint Pembroke-TORCH Career Development Fellow in Women in the Humanities. She is currently writing her first book about the world travels of a group of Caribbean and African American women intellectuals in the twentieth century.”

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  1. watching says:

    Has Mr Tweed ever been invited to give a lecture at Bermuda College? I think his experiences would be well received and that many Bermudians would love to hear them.

  2. Never never says:

    Many Bermudians would love to hear him and some won’t some people are not there yet. They just can’t handle the truth it makes them uncomfortable. Leave me I don’t want to know or I don’t want to look at that it makes me also have to admit maybe just maybe it’s not all in their head. SMH Is the ostrich our national bird lol lol hahaha

  3. Second says:

    I personally know of some Bermudians 40 +years who are very interested to hear of his experiences so they can get a better understanding of their background. Would be excellent if this could happen

    • Sandra Williams says:

      We actually have the DVD documentary produced by the late Errol Williams for sale. In-box us on FACEBOOK; contact Sandra Williams or Kitwana Williams (Errol’s daughter) Kingsley is a main feature along with many others who arranged and took part in the Theatre Boycott of 1959.